Don't just fill yourself with all kinds of bull, it doesn't matter who said it.

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 : Short, Truth, Wisdom Quote Only when you do not know yourself, the opinion of other people becomes important.

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 : Life, Short, Wisdom, One liners Quote The only way to know life is if you get to the other side of the mirror.

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 : Love, Philosophy, Wisdom Quote If it is impairing you rather than empowering you, then it is not Love, it is some convoluted idea

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e and insecure you feel : Philosophy, Truth, Wisdom Quote Your personality is a fake representation of yourself. The more you invest in it, the more incomplete and insecure you feel

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hen idiots become very confident the world is in danger : Wisdom, Belief, problems Quote The moment you believe in something you have a new kind of confidence, that's the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident the world is in danger

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 : Witty, Wisdom Quote Desire is not the source of all misery, unfulfilled desire is the source of all misery.

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