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Devotion quotes by Sadhguru

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Without commitment & devotion to what we are doing, individual human beings will not rise beyond their mediocrity
Only when tempered with devotion, love and involvement, is intellect a good thing. By itself, it is quite a nuisance
Life is involvement. Where there is no involvement, there is no life.
If you give yourself absolutely to what you are doing, you are a natural devotee
My whole life is devoted to every human being, every creature on the planet. Devotion is just a deeper love affair.
Devotees are fools who are not even thinking about their well-being. But they don’t have to think about it because they found their well-being. Only those who have not found it have to constantly think about well-being. A devotee is well, if he has to die tomorrow, he is still well. That’s how he is. He has found his well-being, he doesn’t need to think
Devotion cannot be practiced. It cannot be cultivated or cultured. When you are overwhelmed by something or somebody that you see something or somebody way above yourself, far beyond yourself, naturally devotion comes.
It takes a deep sense of commitment and compassion to nurse the sick. To make others' physical & mental wellbeing your priority is a different kind of Devotion.
Devotion as an act is vulgar. Devotion as a way of life is wonderful. If you are a great devotee, it is ugly. If you are devout, it is beautiful.
Devotion means that your way of being is not any more determined by who is standing in front of you. Devotion means just that somebody is there, nobody is there, whoever is there, whatever the situation you are still the same person.

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Devotion means you must become devoid of yourself. If that is not possible, at least you should reduce this heap. If you reduce this heap of garbage suddenly you see life explodes in ways that you have not imagined possible
If you have the fear that you could become bitter, you will only take baby steps in your life. If you know, ‘No matter what happens this is how I am, it does not matter what happens to me in this world, this is how I will be,’ if this assurance you have, only then you will take full strides into the world, otherwise you will always take hesitating strides in
Life is involvement. Where there is no involvement, there is no life.
My whole life is devoted to every human being, every creature on the planet. Devotion is just a deeper love affair.
Devotion as an act is vulgar. Devotion as a way of life is wonderful. If you are a great devotee, it is ugly. If you are devout, it is beautiful.
A devotee is very intelligent. There is a very deep life sense, a profound sense of life involved in it. He has understood that ultimately the most important thing is, if you make this experience of life extremely pleasant… all the time through your life, if you make the experience of you being here totally pleasant then nothing will entangle you
Devotion means you’re an absolutely open doorway to life.
If there is no devotion, you desperately try to cling to somebody. If there is devotion, you will see whatever you want is happening within you; the most beautiful things are happening within you. There is no time even to look around for anything because so much is happening within you.
On one level devotion means a certain sweetness of your heart. It's the best way to be for any human being. If you do not carry this sweetness in your heart, life will do things to you and you will become bitter. Don’t think you can insulate yourself. one way or the other life gets you.
Devotion is a place where you do not exist; life just flows through you as a certain sweetness and beauty.
Life becomes profound only when there is devotion towards something
Devotion is not a deal. If you become free from this calculation: "What will I get?", then you are a devotee. You will live a blessed life. Grace will come in a cascade, not in drops.
Devotion simply means, your involvement with life is so absolute that even you don't matter anymore. Devotion means you are devoid yourself
You want to dissolve into the process of life - you don’t want to have a good life, you’re not planning to have a good life - you just want to become explosion of life, you don’t care what you get and what you don’t get, then you become a devotee.
Becoming available to grace is not a religious process, it is a life process, it’s a life phenomena. Whether you are head on with the rest of the universe or you are with the whole life process or this magnificent cosmos, which is a living universe, is it behind you or is it sitting ahead of you as a hurdle in your life.
When devotion arises, life becomes profound
It is the fire of devotion which sets a human being free from the dualities of life.
Devotion is not a dissection of life, but a total embrace.

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Intellect wants to conquer the truth. Devotion just embraces the truth
One who doesn't make himself important is a Devotee
Devotion is when you hold the wellbeing of others above your own.
When your being is soaked in devotion, even a piece of stone will become divine.
If you live in devotion, you will slowly fall into the lap of grace
You can only be devout towards something that you hold way above yourself.
Being identified with the smallness of who you are is the only barrier you have
Devotion is needed, otherwise one cannot wait. If you do not look up to something, you cannot wait.
No great things have been done without being devoted to it.
Devotion demolishes karma and leads to liberation
Devotion is a tool to dissolve yourself into nothingness and become the very hand of the Divine.
Devotion keeps your emotion at the highest level of sweetness - an ecstatic way to enlightenment.
Devotion is just that.. you have demolished all the boundaries of self-preservation
Devotion is the sweetest emotion you can nurture within yourself.
Devotion is held as the highest form of emotion because it’s least entangling. It’s liberating.
A heart that is filled with devotion is fertile. It will naturally be blissful.
Devotion means keeping your intellect aside to let a larger intelligence function through you
Addiction shrinks you, devotion enhances you.
Devotees are extremists, but not against anything - for everything.
Fear and Devotion can not exist together, If there is fear there can not be devotion.
Devotion is another dimension of intelligence which unfortunately today's world has lost out on

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If you constantly bow down to everything, genuinely, not as an exercise, not because somebody has told you, genuinely if you bow down to everything that you see, within yourself and outside of yourself then you will see there will be no such thing as 'you' left. When you are devoid of you, you are always the same.
Devotion means a heightened state of receptivity because you are no more full of yourself. There is an emptiness in you, so something can touch you, something can enter you, something can reside in you.
Devotion is the spark that can fire up your chemistry and energy to such a level that it creates an explosion of ecstasy within you
Devotion is the power of inclusion, intellect is the power of dissection. Devotion is inclusion, intellect is exclusion
Shiva doesn’t need your devotion. It doesn’t make any difference to Him. It is just that, if you carry devotion in your heart you are devoid of yourself.
If you rev up your emotion without a stable intellect you will go crazy. A devotee needs a stable intellect & fiery emotion
Devotion means everything else has to dissolve. Devotion and the corporate world will not go. Devotion and family life will not go. Devotion and anything will not go.
If you fall in love itself you become very vulnerable but there are still some shreds of sanity in love affairs that you can recover. But if you become a devotee there is no sanity left and you cannot recover
Devotion is not drama. Devotion is a way of living. Devotion is the way you walk, the way you breathe, and the way your heart beats
A devotee is using the object of devotion as a means to dissolve into it. This is a technology of obliterating yourself.
What most people consider as devotion is just deception. They are trying to make a convenient deal with God.
To be in a state of devotion is a simple way to receive. To be in a state of defense is a simple way to avoid.
Devotion is a dimension that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way
Love needs response – otherwise, it will not last long. Devotion does not need anyone’s help – you are simply on by yourself
The depth of what we refer to as devotion is such that even if God is not existent, it can bring it into existence
Devotion means involvement with no limits, prejudice, and conditions.
God does not need your devotion. It is the need of the human heart to experience the peak of emotion.
Mastery of anything does not come without absolute devotion
Devotion is not a concept, ideology, or act - it is an agent of dissolution
Your love, life, work, or whatever.. if you do not throw your entire self into it, you will never really know it.
Bowing down to what seems powerful is natural. Bowing down to what seems weak and worthless - that's great. That's devotion
A devotee's perception is way better than that of a person who intellectually dissects, because devotion is a way of embracing the universe.
Bhakti yoga is a way of transforming your emotion from negativity to pleasantness
Devotion is a different dimension of intelligence. What intellect can take 100 years to know, devotion can know in a moment.
Devotion is an all-inclusive process. Devotion is about dissolving yourself, using another entity as an agent (for dissolution)
A devotee is not a passenger who gets off the train at every railway station. He stays on track. He is not a religious zealot; his devotion has simply organised his intelligence & energy in the direction of his choice.
Devotion is about you. Maybe you use another as inspiration, but you change your quality into a profound sense of sweetness
Devotion means you allow the Existence to flow through you, you allow the Grace of the Existence to flow through you. Intellect means you will divide everything into a million pieces and you believe you have understood.
Devotion is the intelligence.. you understand as a bigger intelligence and you have learnt to keep your little intellect aside, that is devotion.
The most idiotic on the planet claim that they are devotees. Stupidity is not devotion. Devotion is a different dimension of intelligence which has understood that intellect is a limited instrument, with this you cannot grasp the world.
Devotion is not an act, it is absence of your rubbish. When your rubbish stops, devotion is. Devotion is not an act that if you go and do pooja in a temple or pray in a church or stand upside down, that’s not devotion
Devotion means you have seen the limitations of who you are and you have seen the boundlessness of what it is (Existence)
Devotion is always been the quickest and most successful way. But only problem is they may look like nuts to the rest of the society. If you don’t mind looking like a nut, or if you have realized you are one whichever way then there is no problem being a devotee.
Devotion means your emotions have become very sweet. The ways of a devotee may look utterly silly, illogical & stupid for a thinking person. But you tell me, if you can spend the 24 hours in utter pleasantness, is that intelligence or going through all kinds of turmoil in your mind, which has nothing to do with the reality, is that intelligence?
If you are overwhelmed with sweet emotions, your physical body, your mind and the world around you will function at its best for you. Your body will offer its best to you, your mind will offer its best to you, the world will offer your best to you, what is beyond will also offer its best to you
I’m not concerned about people’s talent, we know how to manufacture talent, but that is possible only if you subject yourself without any will of your own to the process. We can make anything out of you
Devotion is not about God, it is about you, Whose quality does it change? Whose quality does it change, your quality or God’s quality? It's about you. It's about transforming you into a certain level of sweetness which cannot be contaminated from outside. Which cannot be made bitter by somebody else
No one has ever achieved anything truly significant in any sphere of life without being absolutely devoted to what they are doing
To be able to do everything that’s needed - having the necessary tools and the empowerment to do things about your life, at the same time having the necessary sense and grace to wait and be able to receive, both these things need to happen
Devotion is a way to merge into all that you are in touch with – breath, work, people, planet, and the very universe
Devotion means that your way of being is no more determined by anything or anybody. The situations in which you exist and whom you are facing right now will not determine the nature of your being, this is how you are, because devotion is that which is devoid of you.
You are looking at everything through your psychological mess & you understand your intellect as the only intelligence. Intellect is a very rudimentary form of intelligence; useful only for utilitarian purposes. To make a living, to survive in the world your intellect is needed. If you want to access any other dimension your intellect is not enough
If you have unwavering commitment or devotion, you’re much more useful because now talent can be manufactured, anything can be built. If you have that one steady foundation in you, that your commitment and devotion does not waver, if that one foundation is there, we can build any kind of structure upon that.
(Absolute) Devotion is one of the quickest ways to attain but you won't fit into normal social and other situations. It's not possible. If you want to fit into normal situations, your family and social situations and still pursue spirituality (devotion is not the way)
Devotion makes you hugely enhanced. Things that you never thought you could do, now you can do because there is no limitation on you. A devotee is also insane with ecstasy but he will never jump off a mountain, because his mind and his body is in full function because he is in such a state of pleasantness within himself
A devotee looks more like an addict than an addict. An addict can hide his addiction. A devotee cannot hide his devotion
For those who have nurtured the fire of devotion within them, there is no light and darkness, no up and down, no joy and misery
Addiction shrinks you, devotion enhances you. Both of them could be pleasant experiences. Addiction can give you moments of pleasantness. Devotion gives you a constant sense of pleasantness, but the most important thing is, it enhances you, expands you, makes you all inclusive. Addiction pushes you to a corner, makes you totally exclusive
Devotees are insane people; they're not reasonable people as far as the world is concerned. They're very beautiful people within themselves but as far as the society is concerned they're usually insane people
A mind which likes logic more than anything else, there is no use to talking devotion, it will only lead to deception, let us slice it down and look at what it is logically.
Every aspect of my life is soaked in Devotion. Devotion not for a God above, but for all that is around me
Someone who has too many questions should never talk about Devotion, because devotees have no question
You cannot live here without trusting existence. If you trust consciously, lovingly, that’s devotion
Devotion means it’s your intention to dissolve into your object of devotion. So a devotee is not expecting whether I’ll become a doormat or a crown on somebody’s head
In India we have a culture where by choice people name themselves as slaves. You know Ramdas, Krishnadas, this das, that das what is this? They’re openly saying “I’m a slave, I’m a doormat, I want to be a doormat.” They are not saying, “I’m afraid I’ll be used as a doormat.” They’re saying, “I want to be doormat”
Devotion is that dimension of intelligence where you know how to manage your sweetness irrespective of what the world is doing to you and the people are doing to you. If you don’t have this capability, you will not go very far in this world
Intellect is penetration. Devotion is inclusion. Devotion is deeper dimension of intelligence
Devotion is a different form of intelligence. What you cannot perceive through the intellect, you can perceive through devotion
You cannot grasp the source of existence, but you can merge with it. That is the nature of devotion
Devotion is the highest form of intelligence. When you overflow with sweetness of Devotion, then you function at your Best.
If you are in fear, obviously there is no devotion in you. If you are in devotion, there just cannot be any fear in you. There simply cannot be any fear in you if you are in a state of devotion
Devotional people are very insane people. You can't live with them. After they are gone you can worship them. When they are there, nobody could understand what the hell is happening with these people?