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Trying to find the perfect partner is expecting the impossible.
Love is not a relationship. Love is a certain sweetness of emotions.
If you just become love, not love somebody then you will know the nature of love.
You should not get married because everybody is getting married. You should not get a job because everybody is getting one. You should not go to school because everybody is going to school. You should go to wherever you go with a specific purpose as to what you want out of it.. it should be about enhancing your life
You don't have to please anybody in this world, if you are truly joyful everybody is pleased by you
You don't have to please anybody in this world, if you are truly joyful everybody is pleased by you
If you are forming relationships to seek happiness and trying to squeeze happiness out of somebody and that person is trying to squeeze happiness out of you, now this is going to be a painful relationship after some time
When Krishna was there his wives complained, Every human being on this planet is going to disappoint, nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectation you have of them
With every transaction we have with each other, what is my profit is your loss, and what is my loss is your profit. It is always give-and-take; someone makes a little more, someone a little less. This is bound to happen. If we get angry and disturbed within ourselves whenever we make a little less in a transaction, peace is not going to happen.
If you utter the word relationship, people simply think it has to be sex-based. Nothing else is a relationship. Some sex-based relationship is the only relationship. This is unfortunate. This has happened because your identification with the body has become so strong

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If you are happy by your own nature, now relationships will become a means for you to express your happiness not to seek happiness.
Relationships have become a mutual exploitative process. You try to milk happiness out of somebody, somebody tries to milk something else out of you. If you take the responsibility of making yourself the way you want yourself to be.. you would be naturally joyful.
If you are forming relationships to seek happiness and trying to squeeze happiness out of somebody and that person is trying to squeeze happiness out of you, now this is going to be a painful relationship after some time
You don't have to please anybody in this world, if you are truly joyful everybody is pleased by you
You don't have to please anybody in this world, if you are truly joyful everybody is pleased by you
If you have become a joy by yourself and you are forming relationships because you want to express your happiness, nobody is going to complain about you because you are in the process of expressing your joy not seeking joy from the other person.
What most people are calling marriage right now is just a whole bundle of expectations about how the other person should make heaven for you. If you’re trying to extract happiness out of somebody, you will be disappointed.
If you really want to have absolutely fantastic relationships.. you need to establish yourself as a joyful human being
Relationships are not about extracting happiness but about giving joy to the other. Short journeys can be made alone, long journeys need reliable and resilient Relationships.
If your life becomes an expression of your joy, not in pursuit of happiness then relationships will be naturally wonderful. You can hold a million relationships and still hold them good.
Fundamentally, you are seeking a relationship because you want to be happy, you want to be joyful. Or in other words, you are trying to use the other as a source of your happiness.

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If you just become love, not love somebody then you will know the nature of love.
When Krishna was there his wives complained, Every human being on this planet is going to disappoint, nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectation you have of them
Love is not a relationship. Love is a certain sweetness of your emotion. Whether you look at a tree or a dog or a man or a woman or a child or just at the sky, why can’t you look at it lovingly? Because it’s not about loving the sky, it’s about the sweetness of your emotion. If your emotions are sweet, whatever you look at, you will look at it lovingly
To make a simple physical act beautiful, we have invented all kinds of decorations around it. Without those decorations most people would be unwilling to get into the physical act. Lot of people cannot simply face the basic physical act as it is, unless it is decorated they will feel it is obscene, they'll feel it is basic - which is a fact
If sex is in the body it is fine, it is beautiful, the moment it enter yours mind, it becomes a perversion, it has no business with your mind, it is something to do with your body, if it is in the body it will just fall into its natural place where it belongs
Love is not a joy; it is a deep, wonderful pain. Everything within you should tear. Only then will you know what love is.
Love is not a relationship. Love is a certain sweetness of emotions.
Once you have no expectations of what the other should do, you will have a successful love affair.
The best thing you can do for anybody is you must do what they want, isn't it? Hum? Not what you want.
If you become a solution, everybody will want you wherever you are, Whether it's your workplace, your family, on the street, wherever - whoever seems like a solution, that person everybody wants
If you become interested in somebody, You dissect them. Well you don’t do it physically because the law doesn’t permit it, but you mentally dissect them, isn't it? and come to a convenient conclusion, not truth, and one day when that conclusion falls apart, you will become bitter.
Now you’re calling your success with somebody as love, that’s a mistake. You have a success story with somebody – that is, you have created pleasantness in the atmosphere between you and the other person. You’re calling that love; no that is actually success because that needs lots of management.
Most people are competent of using love to fulfill the domestic needs but to go beyond that they are not ready. When one is ready and another is not ready or one is making an effort and another doesn’t have the effort, then it feels like somebody is becoming a doormat
We are trying to cloud our vision of reality with lots of decorations, we always add emotion to sex because without emotion it would be ugly
In sex based relationships what is usually passing off as Love is just a mutual benefit scheme
Trust does not mean that others have to do things the way you expect them to do them. Trust means to become vulnerable
Only the one who is beyond the fear of losing oneself can know love, can be love
When people live together without understanding each other, their survival instinct turns everything into a fight
If you love someone, you should do what they like for them. Not what you like.
If you are a source of joy by yourself & do not try to extract joy from another person, you will have wonderful relationships with anybody
To know the profoundness of love, at least a part of you should fall. Otherwise, there is no room for anyone else.
If you want your relationship to work, constantly remind yourself that the other is more significant than you
You think someone has betrayed you only because you have unrealistic expectations of them. If they do what they want to do, why do you think they have betrayed you? If you love a person, should you let them do what they want, or should they do what you want them to?
Nobody ever found the right person anywhere. If you get into that kind of unrealistic mindset “I found the right person!” – oh, you will be soon disappointed.
This is a dream of many people: unconditional love. There is no such thing – in every relationship, there are conditions.

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From your birth till the last moment, you are walking in a straight line, straight towards death, you may look this way at the mountains, you may look that way at the lake, you may look at relationships, you may fall in love, you may suffer, you may enjoy, but essentially every moment of your life, you are walking straight towards your grave
More conflict is happening within the four walls of the homes than is happening anywhere on the planet. Only thing is bombs are not exploding so you don't hear it. They may be giving each other silent treatment.
Whatever other people do, make yourself beautiful, you know they're doing nasty things and you're still wonderful (within you), this is fantastic. (But) They are doing nasty things and you think they're doing beautiful things, this is stupid.
Those who think women cannot be leaders are not married.
To stand up and fight does not take much intelligence. To understand and give in takes a lot more intelligence
A marriage is not an absolute thing that you can do once and forget. It is an active partnership.
Being together is the beginning. Working together is the middle. Dissolving together is the ultimate.
Your marriage, relationships work to the extent you are willing to involve and give yourself to the process
Relationships are necessary to exist in the world. Whether you keep them beautiful or ugly is the choice you have
The whole idea of wanting to be better than someone else is a very pathetic way to exist
Having expectations of others means you are trying to fix their lives. Don't do that. Fix your own life - that is freedom
If you want to live sensibly and joyfully, it is important to remember, marriage is a human arrangement, not a celestial one
If your relationship is about extracting something out of somebody.. there will be constant trouble.
Suppose you fall in love with somebody, your heart becomes sweet. But for how long? there is no guarantee. It can become extremely bitter, because of a love affair, because of situations or disease or death or loss or simply because of boredom. The person that you thought was most exciting,after a few years you look at them & wonder -‘did I do this mistake'
In marriages, there are divergent expectations. The woman expects the man to change. The man expects the woman to never change
If you are expecting the other one to understand and comply with you all the time while you don't understand the limitations, the possibilities, the needs and the capabilities of that person, then conflict is all that will happen
In everyone, there are some positive aspects and some negative aspects. If you embrace all this in your understanding, you can make the relationship the way you want it. If you leave it to their understanding, it will become accidental. If they are very magnanimous, things will happen well for you; if not, the relationship will break up.
You are always thinking of life as a relationship... you don't have a relationship, you just have an existence, the relationship happened because of your needs
What you need to make your marriage successful is not the perfect person. What you need is absolute integrity.
Marriage means weaving two lives into one. Thinking, feeling, and living beyond yourself can be a stepping stone to Ultimate Union.
The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include
Life is not always a straight line; you have to do many things to keep it going. If you forsake your understanding, your capability will be lost. Whether it's a question of personal relationships or professional management, in both places you need understanding; otherwise, you won't have fruitful relationships.
If you have a better alternative, damn the marriage but you have not come up with a better alternative because a stable situation is a must for a child.
The idea of building relationships is that it's of support on all levels of life. In emotion, profession, domestic situation, companionship, in arranging & organizing our lives, two people - two brains & two bodies - can do better than one person.
If you conduct your relationships responsibly, with love and care, they will go well
Fundamentally, the only thing you can give is yourself.
If you eliminate the need to get something out of Human relationships, if you naturally overflow with joy, you can have fabulous relationships with all sorts of people
When relationships are need-based, if what you need does not fulfill, you will start complaining and feeling bitter. If you eliminate this need within and you are a natural overflow of joy, you can have fabulous relationship with every kind of people
For me, friendship is not an advantageous transaction or give-and-take, for me friendship is a certain overlapping of life. A relationship which can touch another life profoundly
No one likes to be managed. But everyone longs to be included
A spouse is not a destination but a fellow traveler
You must enjoy every association and company that you seek, but you do not have to get stuck to anything
No relationship is absolute – it is always variable. You have to conduct it well on a daily basis.
Sex is a natural thing, it's physical, it's there in the body. But sexuality is something you invented, you created, it is psychological. There is no such thing, it is something created by you. Today it is sweeping the world, it is no more healthy, in so many ways it's become sick
The fundamental of your relationship is, you are willing to listen to the other person
The closer the relationship is, the more effort you should make to understand them.
Marriage is not bondage but a stepping stone for ultimate union
Unfortunately, the closest relationships in the world have more conflict going on than between enemies.
There is no relationship of love. There is love and then there are relationships.
People are forming relationships to experience a certain sense of completeness within themselves. When you have a good relationship with someone dear to you, you feel complete. When you don’t have that, you feel incomplete
Only body, mind, and emotions need company - that is the nature of the limited. If you go deeper, the limitless needs no company.
If your relationships have to be good, just see how to make yourself like a flower, that nobody can dislike
Sex is a small aspect of you, but today it has become a huge aspect, it has become life itself. In the modern societies, about 90% of energy is being spent either pursuing sex or avoiding sex, whichever way. It has become a huge way, it is just a small thing
I would say at least 60% of the sex in the world is happening out of insecurity and nothing else, not out of love not out of anything else, not even for pleasure, it is insecurity, two bodies coming together feels little secure for at least a few moments
Do not underestimate negative relationships. You have a deep bond with those you hate, fear, or envy
If you have sufficient exposure between genders, you will look at somebody carefully and take your time to form proper, strong relationships that will last
(LGBT, Homosexuality) What adults do in their bedrooms willingly and with mutual consent should be left to their choice
Love needs response – otherwise, it will not last long. Devotion does not need anyone’s help – you are simply on by yourself
A love affair is meaningful not because of what happens between two people but because of the sweetness that it fills you with.
Family means two people or four people are working towards each other's wellbeing
Marketplace or marriage - it will work only if it is beneficial to both parties.
The air doesn't love you, but it gives life. That's how you should become - simply nourishing everything around you.
For most love affairs, unfortunately, once the chemistry runs out, they wonder why the hell they're together
The wedding itself is not important. The focus should be on what you make out of it later.
People who logically examine their relationships cannot sustain them. Two bodies, two minds, two emotions can never fit perfectly.
You cannot live here without trusting existence. If you trust consciously, lovingly, that’s devotion
In any relationship, it is absolutely important to weed out the lies
Let's not mix up spirituality and relationships, because you cannot mix them - one is inside, the other is outside
People think “intimacy” means two bodies must be rubbing. Skin is the outermost cover of who you are. How can that be intimate? I hold relationships with people where my life energy reverberates with their life energy. That's really intimate.
Trees and humans are in an intimate relationship. What they exhale, we inhale, what we exhale they inhale. This is a constant relationship that nobody can afford to break or live without
In the west.. Your identification with the body has become so strong.. if you utter the word relationship they'd simply think it has to be sex based, nothing else, as you get more & more identified with the body sex or sexuality becomes more & more important as you become less & less identified with the body you will see the sex recedes
A relationship is a variable reality. It is not an absolute reality.
If you see things clearly, knowing that the whole universe is one, the way it is -not because somebody says so, because you see so -everything will change. If you see the reality of the existence the way it is, not the way you think it is right now, everything about you and your relationship with the existence will change.
The way you are right now, the very quality of your life is decided by the type of relationships you hold. You better make the needed effort to understand the people around you.
If your body seeks a relationship, we call this sexuality. If your mind seeks relationships, we call this companionship. If your emotion seeks relationships, we call this love. If your energies seek a relationship, we call this Yoga.
This need between the sexes, this need between the two biological entities of the same species is fine as a survival process, but if you're seeking anything beyond survival it'll never be enough