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Our children are the future of this world. It’s not about what we can get out of them. It’s about how we can empower them.
If the thirst for knowledge is kindled in the child, you cannot stop him from learning, he is going to learn anyway. But instead of kindling that, you are suppressing it, beating it down with your idea of what education is; because your idea of education is social status and money.
For most parents it is not about education; it is about 1st rank. They want their children to sit on top of every other child's head. They are not interested in learning, they are not interested in education, they are not interested in a career, they are not interested in anything. Their whole effort in their life is how to sit on top of the pile
When you are trying to race with somebody, you are only thinking of going one step ahead of him, that's all. You are not thinking of what your ultimate potential is. We are just ruining a whole generation of people with the kind of schooling we are providing.
When a child is born, it needs nurturing, training, and molding. So the need for family arose. Family is a very supportive base for a human being to grow. But for many people, family does not become a support, it becomes a hurdle. Not because family is a problem, but because of the way you hold it
If you set an example as someone worth looking up to, you do not have to do much parenting
You go into your schoolhouse & tell them A+B=Z.. children will crawl under the table and disappear, well if earth is soft they will dig a tunnel and go away, that is why they fixed concrete floors, but you tell them a story they will burrow themselves from their homes and come and pop up and sit here
Unfortunately, you are not sending your children to school because you want them to learn, but because you want them to earn.
Having children is not about reproduction - you are creating the next generation of people. This is a tremendous responsibility
If you are truly concerned about your children, creating a joyful and loving atmosphere for their growth is most important. Not providing them shiny boots, better clothes, video games or something else is important

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Education Quotes
Competition will make children determined and focused in one way, at the same time make them fearful of failure, fearful of being less than somebody else. Here you will see they don’t have that at all in them. Every one of them is a king by himself.
When it comes to children, if you don't feed them with false information, that would be the greatest service you could do. Parent means somebody who does not bullshit
The basic purpose of life and the basic purpose of education is to enhance one's boundaries of perception. I don't want the children to just survive after ten years of schooling. They must blossom and flower wherever they go.
People have not paid attention, they are just going by the information in their head, If you say Tree, they don't see a tree, Tree is just a word, Tiger is just a word, unfortunately we call it scholarship & education. Take that away & make your children experience more
You go into your schoolhouse & tell them A+B=Z.. children will crawl under the table and disappear, well if earth is soft they will dig a tunnel and go away, that is why they fixed concrete floors, but you tell them a story they will burrow themselves from their homes and come and pop up and sit here
We must create schools in such a way that children want to go there.
Today, we are teaching children to go after what's easy, not what they think is worthwhile
Learning is a natural human trait; when you learn something that you did not know, it should make you joyful. If learning is making people miserable, then we have not understood what learning is.
You are not sending your children to school because you want them to develop a thirst for knowing, irrespective of whether they are going to make money or not, isn't it? So you better change your attitudes about education.
If the thirst for knowledge is kindled in the child, you cannot stop him from learning, he is going to learn anyway. But instead of kindling that, you are suppressing it, beating it down with your idea of what education is; because your idea of education is social status and money.
Education is not about loading the child's mind with information, but about making the child's mind capable of razor-sharp perception, capable of knowing life in its full depth and dimension
You want your child to become a doctor. Not because doctors are needed in the world, not because you care so much to relieve the suffering that you want your child to dedicate himself as a doctor, but simply because you have a stupid idea in your head that in the social structure, a doctor or an engineer means some kind of prestige
Largely there’s no education in the world. There are ancillary units, supplying cogs to the main machine. Human beings are like fuel for a larger machine that we have created.
The idea of a school is to cultivate a child in such a way that the child can grow to his or her full potential
Education is about enlarging your horizons. This is not about giving children ready-made answers as information
For integrity to flourish in society, we have to nurture it – within ourselves, in our children, in our education systems.
Need of the hour - Education that will transform, not education to transport our children elsewhere
Education isn't about molding children the way you think they should be, but organizing the natural longing to know
If the education process is such that there is no imposition of any kind of ideas or beliefs, a child will naturally look inward
Learning is always a joyful process for any human being, unfortunately schooling is not a joyful process for most children
I would like to see every child grows up like that, not to grow up as a cog in a large monstrous machine we have created, but, every individual blossoms as an individual human being
Experiential learning through digital means is need of the hour to make education more interesting and palatable for millions of India’s underprivileged children
Children are fresh life. We need to transform our education systems from being extruder that turnout products to gardens that will allow this fresh life to blossom
If we are interested in the future generations, the best people in the world must go into teaching. What a child needs is inspiration, not just information.
Child suicides due to pressures of education is tragic and alarming

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Life Quotes
It’s important we understand that if we make this (oneself) piece of life a pleasant piece of life, this is the fundamental thing – if you do this, after that you decide whether you need marriage, you don’t need marriage, you need children, you don’t need children, all these things you decide later. When this is miserable, you have no business to multiply it
Look at everything as an infant does – absorbing everything, not judging anything, not labeling anyone
You want to live your life through your children. This is a sure way to destroy children. This is a definite way to destroy children.
Every child does have the necessary intelligence to live his life fully. You just create an atmosphere for him to grow into his intelligence, rather than imposing your nonsense upon him.
If you have a better alternative, damn the marriage but you have not come up with a better alternative because a stable situation is a must for a child.
A child is closer to life than you are. When a child comes into your life, it is time to relearn life, not teach them your ways.
We have to bring this into our youth, children and adults, that we do not conduct life compulsively. How we breathe, eat, walk or sit must be done in a conscious way.
You must be a challenging child for your parents. Whether they enjoy the challenge or suffer the challenge, it's up to them. Your business is to see that your life is significant and fruitful
When a child enters your life, it's time to learn. Because, between you and your child, who is more joyful? So who should be a consultant for life?
To go through life effortlessly, children need an atmosphere that nurtures inner strength
Having children is not the key to a fulfilled life. You can have a dozen children and still be frustrated.
It is very important that early in life, a child gets exposed to the right things, things that work from within.
It would be wonderful if this world was guided by little children, because they are closer to life than anyone else
If you're able to manage your work, your children, and everything, do it. If you're unable to, do what you can do. Everybody can only do that much. You want to do everything in the world, you will definitely go insane. How much you can do, each individual has to decide.
All these things (family, children, wife, husband) you created because you thought this is the source of your joy, isn't it? But right now that has become the source of your anxiety and misery. Then you better look at the fundamentals of your life once again
As a child, it is one of your most important duties, to remind your parents that in their life it is important that they turn inward, it is time they invested some time and energy upon their own inner well-being
Your child need not do what you did in your life. Your child should do something that you did not even dare to think in your life.

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If you set an example as someone worth looking up to, you do not have to do much parenting
Children don’t listen to the nonsense that you speak. They are observing how you live.
When you claim authority over your children, you lose their friendship
When a child comes, it’s time to learn, not teach.
Be a super star to your child
There are no bad children – only bad influences
If you make yourself into something truly wonderful, your children will look up and listen to you.
To bear and raise a child, you must have either enormous courage or enormous wisdom.
Unless you can truly enhance their lives, you should not have children
There is no standard rule for all children. Each child is different. It is a certain discretion
Children are very close to a spiritual possibility if only they are not meddled with
A woman does not just give a body to the child; she molds the child.
This idea that everybody must have children has to go
A land with rich soil & abundant water is the best gift we can offer to future generations.
When our children start committing suicide, we are doing something fundamentally wrong
As adults if we set the right example, children will just take to it.
If you want to really do something with your children, you must allow them to expand.
Children only need inspiration. It's the teachers who need correction.
It is not in human hands to create a being – you only facilitate a body.

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[About Cloning] There is a pleasurable way of creating children, I don’t see why you’re wasting billions of dollars in a laboratory. I am only talking about when still women are able to bear children. it doesn’t matter what you call it, you’re just producing a human body which is alive - means the life process is there with all the ingredients
How should you bring up a child? In whichever situation he is put, he should be able to live joyously, That is the way he should be brought up.
Schools are factories to manufacture certain kind of people, things got streamlined into assembly lines during industrialization, somebody thought children too should get into assembly lines
The problem (with you) is that you want your child to be intelligent your way, not his. Your idea of intelligence is that your child should become a doctor. Maybe he would have made a wonderful carpenter
The first thing to do when bringing up a child is not to touch your children, not to influence their minds with your distorted minds.
You don’t have to be super smart for your child to grow up well. You just have to be joyful, loving, and straight with them.
The best thing you can do for your children is keeping them the way they were born - an active intelligence, no conclusions
A child is someone who is fresh from the divine works. Try not to teach but imbibe the ways of the divine
Just giving a child nourishment is not enough. Somebody should smile at them, laugh with them, play with them. This is very needed otherwise children will grow up little sick in their head.
If you have children, first of all, you have to establish integrity. Your words and your actions should match.
It’s not compulsory for everybody to get married,I'm glad it is not necessary for everybody but if you get into it, especially if you get into children you must understand, it’s a minimum 10 year project whether you like it or you don’t like it. Otherwise you shouldn’t get into those projects, you don’t walk into a project, drop it half way & walk away
We have created an economic engine into which you have to feed your children as fuel. We have built a huge monstrous machine where your children are the fuel. You are anyway burning, you are preparing your children for the next load of fuel to be burnt
It is very important a child remains a child; there is no hurry to make him into an adult because you can’t reverse it later.
If you have come to the idea that when a child is born, it is time to teach, then you will ruin the child.
The longing to know, the longing to learn has to be brushed up within the child, not just feeding him with an enormous amount of information and expecting him to pass, pass, pass.
We want children to grow up keeping their intelligence intact - not suppressive education
This we should cultivate in the child- that the child learns to look at every aspect of life with absolute openness without prejudice, without any religious, cultural, or any kind of inclinations. With absolute openness, he will look at every aspect of life. If that happens, whether you talk spirituality to him or you don't, he will anyway turn spiritual
You should not raise your voice (on your children), they don't belong to you, it is a privilege, that they've come through you, it's a privilege you must enjoy, create the necessary atmosphere, a healthy, loving, Pleasant atmosphere so that they will grow of their own accord
If competence has to come to a child, all we have to do is allow his body and brain to grow to fullest capacity
Childhood is a time that we look back on with fondness - for the simple joys of life and freedom from responsibilities. But when we look at it deeply enough, are children really free? Or are they burdened by the expectations and impositions of the adults around them?
The way our education system is structured, it will invariably lead to disturbed minds
There is nothing romantic about childhood. Children can enjoy their childhood only if the adults create the necessary atmosphere
Drop the idea that your child belongs to you.. value the fact that another life has chosen to come through you
If we teach young children some simple systems of yoga, if we instill in them certain powerful yogic systems, they will respond much better than fully grown adults
From the day you are born, all kinds of people are trying to teach you something that has not worked in their life.
The best thing you can do for your family, your children, society, and the world around you is to enhance yourself.
When you do not know how to handle yourself, where is the need to produce another life
The sweetest part of having children is when they are growing up. This is the time when you should overflow with sweetness.
If you want to bring up your child well, the first thing is, you should be happy.
If you have a child, all you have to do is create a loving, supportive, and invigorating atmosphere.
A book is a wonderful tool which, especially as a child, takes you through so many experiences that you would be incapable of going through by yourself.
For two people to live together, to fulfill their needs, to produce children, to raise them, domestic level of love affair people can have. But if people want to have a love affair which will bring them to an ultimate union, then not many people are competent to do that
One significant thing that you can do for your children is to invest some time into taking them out into nature.
Do not try to impose your thoughts and emotions, your philosophies, your belief systems upon your children. They have their own intelligence to find the way.
We need to empower our girl children to take full responsibility for themselves. If it fills them with Joy, Pride and Nobility, let them do what they want
It’s very important children come in touch with some kind of spiritual process where a child is conscious before he gets hijacked by a hormones, he is conscious that there is something more to me than my body. This must become an established reality in his mind and his experience. Then he will handle the physical in a more graceful way
At a very early age children should learn to live consciously. Once they are conscious, they know when to use what and how much to use, its individual choice
Teachers have the privilege to empower children. The spark of inspiration is what students value a teacher for all their lives
Parents should get off their pedestal and start treating children as equals. This has to happen right from early childhood
Each being is an absolutely unique being. That is so for your child also. But now you are trying to put them all into the same compartment and compare them with something that they can learn - ABC or 123 or something - and make them feel better or worse about it.
We have made children believe from a very early age that if you remember something you're smart, no no, a tape recorder can remember everything, this camera can remember everything, this doesn't mean it's intelligent
All you want is - somehow you want your child to get 100%. It doesn't matter what happens to the child. You want your child to get the first rank. They are just trying to cater to it because you are paying them. They are just trying to fulfill their job. In the course of your activity, the child is getting ruined
Information Overload: When we were growing up - we never knew what is boredom, there was no such thing, we were just excited about everything that came our way. But you see today twelve-year-old kids, they’re just bored because they know the whole cosmos, they have seen it on their phone screen not even on a computer screen, They know everything
Every woman should do what she wants to do as an individual person. It should not be made into a trend in a society or the only right thing to do in the world. If a woman intends to have 2 children & raise them as an individual person, she’s free to do what she wants to do
We have to equip the child to live in the modern world and still not mess him up with the nonsense that's happening in the name of modernity.
Bringing up your child does not mean just sending him to school and getting marks and grades and nonsense. Your child in body and mind should grow up to full capabilities. That is when it’ll manifest in his life as success. Just marks will not manifest as success.
If a child grows without assuming anything, if he grows up without any nonsense, he's naturally spiritual. If he lives without the influence of other people upon him, if he lives by his own natural intelligence, turning spiritual is a very natural process.
You must understand you're manufacturing the next generation of people. How the world will be tomorrow is determined right now in your body. It's a tremendous responsibility
Compared to any other creature, human offspring is the most helpless life which needs maximum amount of support. You could leave a puppy on the street; as long as he gets food, he grows up into a good dog, no problem. But not so with a human being; he doesn’t need just physical support, he needs variety of support and above all the stable situation.
You want your children to be enslaved to what you call economic well-being, so the teachers are just doing the job for you... That's not education.
Quietly if you can listen to the sound of the trees, the breeze, the water, just the natural sounds, if you pay enough attention, tremendous things will happen to you.
It is almost a crime to have one more child today because the biggest problem is population
We need to raise our children to be true contributions to the world. The next generation should be better than us
Social transformation must go hand in hand with economic progress. Time to end gender bias towards the girl child & provide equal opportunities to all children
Education is the simplest ladder for millions of young children to climb out of hopeless economic & social conditions
Next generation should not be like you, it should be in a way that you cannot imagine it is even possible
If you want intoxication, you can generate it from inside – a kind of intoxication that makes you inebriated and super-aware at the same time. This is the kind of intoxication we should introduce our children and youth to
There has to be more seriousness about ecological solutions. If we do not take corrective action right now, we will pass on a legacy which we will be ashamed of & which we will be accused of & hated for by future generations
Children need not fit into caste, creed, or class. They have to blossom into their own nature
One of the most important things for the growth of a child is exposure to nature and to the elements. Without a healthy body, there is no healthy mind.
When you don't know how to read and write, you have to use your brains. We want to teach the children how to use their brains, not just to read and write. Reading and writing are important, but using your brains is more important
Making yoga part of children's growing up will go a long way in building stable individual and in turn a nation
Let our children Eat, Sleep, Play and Grow. They need not slave to fulfill our needs
When a child is handicapped either physically or mentally, the child is not suffering, parents are suffering, the child is incapable, but not suffering
The moment a child becomes reasonably conscious, the first thing that you must put into a child’s mind is, your life is about mukti, about liberation. Everything else is secondary because the only thing that you’re truly longing for is to expand in a limitless way. There is something within you which can’t stand boundaries.
If one travels through the countryside, there is a sea of young children clueless about what they want to do with themselves. Offering quality education is the only way to expand their horizon