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You have made yourself in such a way that you are a result of an unconscious process, you are not a result of a conscious process. When you are a result of an unconscious process, you are bound to be a miserable accident. Yes. It’s time every human being takes responsibility to at least change this much
To be a full-fledged human being is to respond to every life around you to the best of your ability.
Empowerment without the necessary sense of responsibility can be a major disaster.
For all the other beings, everything in their life is set, Once you are born as a human, your life is in your hands, Nature has left that responsibility to us
If what is happening in the world is not the way you want it, at least what is happening within you must be the way you want it.
You do not have a duty towards anyone or anything. If you have love and care, you will do what is needed
Once you are a leader, the very you think, the way you feel, the way you act, every single thing you do affects millions of people, when such a privilege is conferred upon an individual being, I think it is fundamental responsibility of every leader to do something about himself within himself, to elevate himself in whichever way possible
If you have children, first of all, you have to establish integrity. Your words and your actions should match.
Freedom of speech is enshrined in our Constitution so that we use it to build the nation, not dismantle the nation. Every citizen should be aware of this responsibility
No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you

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For all the other beings, everything in their life is set, Once you are born as a human, your life is in your hands, Nature has left that responsibility to us
It doesn't matter who did what, what is happening within you, your experience of your life is entirely your making- this is your Karma
You being a pleasant piece of life is one hundred percent in your hands, if you take charge of it
If you realize your life is 100% your responsibility, there is no room for being resentful towards anyone
To be a full-fledged human being is to respond to every life around you to the best of your ability.
The most responsible way to live is that you are playful with life.
Being human means being capable of looking at every life form with a sense of tenderness
If you are growing into positions of power & responsibility, it is most needed that your eye is even on everybody & everything. Man, woman, animal, child, plant - everything you look at it as life & life alone & nothing more than that. If you look at it that way, you would do your best. It may not be ‘The Best’ but that’s all a human being can do.
Responsibility means being able to respond to the best of your ability to whatever situation you may face in your life.
Who you are is your making. Once you understand this, at least you must make yourself to your own liking
No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you
You have left your lives in the hands of the planets and stars. This kind of “let go” will let you down
There are many things human beings can design. But the greatest form of design is if you become the designer of your own life
Karma means you are the maker of your life
Your life and the experience of your life is entirely your making.
You don't worry about where the stars are, what is the arrangement. It is you, are you going to ride it or are you going to be crushed by it, that's a question

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If you conduct your relationships responsibly, with love and care, they will go well
"Inner Engineering" is an effort to make people realise that the source of all problems are within us and the source of solutions are also within us. This is a movement from Religion to Responsibility
When you have an important responsibility, you must have an inner strength that will not be changed or threatened by external situations.
Cinema has a profound impact on society. It should be conducted responsibly. There is violence & obscenity in society - you don't have to hide it, you can show it. But are you glorifying it or showing it in a way that people say, “This is not the way”?
Technology is being developed irresponsibly. Without thinking of the consequences they are doing anything they are capable of
When you do not know how to handle yourself, where is the need to produce another life
Your health should be your responsibility, not your doctor's responsibility.
There are two kinds of people - those who make things happen, and those who enjoy it if it happens well and complain if it doesn’t.
Whoever is willing to take responsibility for one more life is a leader. It is just a question of the scale
Every privilege comes with a responsibility. If you don't take the responsibility, you will lose the privilege
If one truly wants to be successful, then it's paramount to learn how to handle and enhance oneself because how we function in the world is subject to various realities, but how we are is 100% in our hands
Though causes for mental ailments are many & sometimes out of hand, culture of responsibility for one's wellbeing could go a long way
Your life and how you experience it is entirely your making. Only if this absolutely sinks in, will you make the necessary changes
The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being.
It is important for leaders to understand that they have taken not just their own destiny but that of many other lives also into their hands which is a tremendous responsibility
People are not willing to make sacrifices, we want the government to pull out a magic wand & create the solution
The youth need to understand that freedom is not an act. It's a consequence. Freedom comes out of responsible existence
No matter who you are, how the hell you were born, who your parents were, what kind of karma you have - if you are willing, you can build yourself up
Our engagement with Environment has become too one-sided. As we consume, there needs to be the responsibility of compensatory action
Our highest values have not been God and Heaven, but liberation and freedom. The world's future is in this kind of system where people will seek truth and freedom. This is essentially a movement from Religion to Responsibility that is happening across the world
If we bring a sense of inclusiveness among world leaders who are in positions of responsibility & power, then the world would be full of solutions, not problems
What happens around you is not always the way you want. Whatever happens within you is absolutely your making. This is called Karma. If you do not take charge of this then you become an accidental life.
We are not seeing humanity as a future possibility, we’re just seeing it as a regressive way, of something that we can extend into future of our own - a footprint. Those who want to leave footprints will never fly
You are responsible for everything that you are and everything that you are not.
If you want your life to run according to your agenda you better take your life into your hands, If you don’t mind going by God’s agenda that’s fine but that’s not true. Even if you go to the temple you are going there only to advise God what he should do today, if he’s seeking advice from you and running this planet I don’t want to be here
We just took democracy from the British and we think if they just put their vote and get their fingers dirty once in five years, everything is settled. No, we have not educated people. We are still a feudalistic society acting to be democratic
Victorious or Vanquished, must move from Rhetoric to Responsibility. All should focus on Nation's growth and prosperity
Motherhood is about creating the next gen. Food, attitude, ambiance and above all one's consciousness must be taken care of Responsible handling of making of a human being is must
You must understand you're manufacturing the next generation of people. How the world will be tomorrow is determined right now in your body. It's a tremendous responsibility
Just as right to live, right to die with dignity is also a fundamental human right. A huge empowerment. Must be exercised responsibly.
The time has come to move from religion to responsibility. From compulsiveness to consciousness is the path of true spirituality. And from a committed vote to a considered vote is the path of true democracy
May this immense privilege to decide who should conduct the governance of the nation not go in vain. I beseech every adult to exercise this responsibility to decide the future of the nation
It is important to acknowledge the sexual impulse, but also to conduct it responsibly.
Social Media is one of the most potent tools of change in the hands of citizens. May we use it responsibly to shape the world we live in
If we are a responsible generation then we must solve the existing problems before we pass
Whether it is your work, your marriage, or anything else you do – it is up to you to make it wonderful.
The responsibility of any kind of leadership is fulfilled only when one develops a certain level of Insight.
Democracy means every 5 years, you have a chance to evaluate whether the govt. has done something worthwhile. If they haven't, vote them out. But once you elect a govt., it is our fundamental responsibility to support the government and do the best we can for the nation
Language is a powerful tool, could be a weapon. Use Responsibly.
Human population has multiplied irresponsibly in the last hundred years. Where there is no space, there is more friction.
Every human organ is designed to last a lifetime. Why are we developing a culture that human organs are failing half way down? So this is a culture that we have to develop that individual people have to take responsibility to see that their bodies last for their lifetime.
Forever Cauvery has embraced & nourished us. A time has come when we have to embrace & nourish Cauvery.
As a generation of people, we have the responsibility & opportunity of restoring our severely-depleting ecology, one of the most urgent needs of the hour. Mobilization of finances, people & political class is paramount in making it a reality