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People are capable of suffering just about anything- this is the nature of the intellect. Once you’re into the intellect, this is how life is. If you’re below the intellect, you won’t suffer so much. if you’re above the intellect, you’re a Buddha. If you’re below the intellect, maybe we can call you Buddhu
To avoid suffering, people are inventing many ways to go below the intellect. Excessive eating, alcohol, excessive indulgence in physical pleasures.. you’re trying to avoid the torment of the intellect for some time, but then life will catch up with you with more intensity. The only way out for this is to evolve beyond the intellect.
Do not get into this trap of intellectualizing the Existence. Do you know what is Existence? Does anybody know what is Existence?
All these spiritual books that you read are a sure way to see that you will never be spiritual. Because you will know all the jargon but nothing will happen within you, because you’ll intellectualize everything. Everything what should have been a living experience, you will make it into knowledge. That’s not going to work
Intellect is not the only dimension of intelligence that exists in human beings. Your ability to see every dimension of life depends on the keenness of your intelligence
As you can use the strength of your intellect, you can also use the strength of your emotions to do wonderful things
Devotion is the power of inclusion, intellect is the power of dissection. Devotion is inclusion, intellect is exclusion
There was a time, if you had big muscles you acted like a big man, today if you have big muscles, maybe we'll keep you outside of the gate as a security man, the same thing will happen to your intellect, simply because you have big memory you are not going to be of any great significance, the machines will do better than you
If you look at European philosophy in the last 100-150 years, if you read Dostoyevsky you will want to commit suicide. Brilliant, intellectually brilliant, but you will wonder why are you alive, because intellect is like that. If nothing beautiful ever touched (even small mundane things are tiring to keep going)
Whole approach of the intellect is "Go for the fruit". NO. Not the fruit, the Root, you nurture the root, fruit will happen as a consequence, you are shooting for the consequence without being interested in the cause, that's not going to produce long term results

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If you rev up your emotion without a stable intellect you will go crazy. A devotee needs a stable intellect & fiery emotion
If I give you a sharp knife, if you hold it on the wrong end, if you hold it the harder, more you hold it, it hurts more. That's all you are suffering- your own intelligence.
One who is above his intellect, one who is no longer a part of his mind, is a Buddha
A devotee's perception is way better than that of a person who intellectually dissects, because devotion is a way of embracing the universe.
Plain intellectual thinking is the peak of ignorance because all that you will know is to play with a few aspects and make others look like fools
Thinking is not intelligence, just intellect. Being spiritual means to rise beyond the mediocre - it is the most intelligent way to exist.
The more human intellect blossoms, the less room there will be for belief systems.
When you shed your body you don't have intellect and discretion; you just function by your tendencies
Samadhi is a state of equanimity where the intellect goes beyond its normal function of discrimination
Your intellect can never take you to what is right; it can only point out what's wrong.
You cannot know life by breaking it into pieces, but this is the nature of the intellect
Intellect is like a knife, it’s like a scalpel. Whatever you give it, it will slice it into two and look at it.
You are looking at everything through your psychological mess & you understand your intellect as the only intelligence. Intellect is a very rudimentary form of intelligence; useful only for utilitarian purposes. To make a living, to survive in the world your intellect is needed. If you want to access any other dimension your intellect is not enough
If a vacuum of 'I do not know' happens within you, Sadhguru will happen to you, you don't have to search because you don't know how to search. If you search with your intellect, naturally you will search for that kind of person with whom you're most comfortable
One who is above his intellect is a Buddha. Once you’re above the intellectual process, suffering is finished in your life because all suffering is manufactured there in your logical mind. when you’re stuck in your intellect you’re a nonstop suffering human being. Wherever you’re put you have a way of creating some kind of suffering
Devotion means you allow the Existence to flow through you, you allow the Grace of the Existence to flow through you. Intellect means you will divide everything into a million pieces and you believe you have understood.
Intellect wants to know, it doesn't want to believe in, you are forsaking your intelligence because your fear is so dominant, you feel comfortable in believing
Intellect is essentially an instrument to protect the identity that you have taken on.
The most idiotic on the planet claim that they are devotees. Stupidity is not devotion. Devotion is a different dimension of intelligence which has understood that intellect is a limited instrument, with this you cannot grasp the world.
The science of yoga offers us a way to harness the intellect without being enslaved by it.
If you apply only your intellect, ignoring other aspects of intelligence, you will get confused about every little thing in life
Stretch this intellect to its limit, you will clearly realize with this you can survive, with this you can look smart in a tea party, with this you can make money, with this you can find a job, but with this you cannot grasp the Existence
The very nature of the intellect is to put things apart. By putting things apart you can know the utility of what it is. If I analyze this person I can learn how to make use of her but I will not know her. Only if I completely include her I will know her, there is no other way.
Logic is the mind's baby, that cannot penetrate inward. It can give you lots of intellectual circus and keep you going, but it will not take you inward. Inward will not be touched by your logic
Thinking is a very minor thing, unfortunately in the west people have made human thought bigger than the cosmos, this is a tragedy, your thought is just a recycling of the data that you already have
Unless intellectual dimension is reinforced with an experiential dimension, it does not really become a life-altering process
Intellect is penetration. Devotion is inclusion. Devotion is deeper dimension of intelligence
Mysticism is a perceptional enquiry of experiencing that which is existentially true. Intellectual enquiry is a psychological exercise, could be unrelated to the existential
As human intellect matures and societies become affluent, human longing for a deeper experience of life will intensify and turning inward will be the only way out
As human intellect evolves, people will look to yoga as a solution for every dimension of life
Education systems must focus on cultivating all dimensions of intelligence. Mistaking intellect for intelligence is a serious error
Human intellect has sparked like never before. More people can think for themselves today than ever before.
Intellectually knowing "I am not this, I am not that" doesn't liberate a person. Something much deeper is needed (for Liberation).
Somebody becomes very intellectually active, he becomes identified with his intellectual process, the need for sex recedes in that man, somebody who is physically identified with his body in him the needs are very heavy, it's always so, where you are identified it is through that everything functions in you