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Perspective quotes by Sadhguru

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Seeing everything just the way it is gives you the power and capability to walk through life effortlessly.
The life within you is not there to serve your body, mind or emotion . The body, mind and emotion are there to serve life
The most sophisticated chemical factory is right here (within), the question is- are you a great CEO or a lousy CEO. If you are a great manager you will produce what you want from this , if you're a lousy manager, you do wrong things, you get anxiety, you get something else going on within you, because you don't know how to manage your chemical factory
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
There is no such thing as right and wrong in life. The question is, are your actions appropriate and inclusive.
When you came into this world, you came without a single investment. So whatever happens in your life, anyway you are in profit.
Ancient societies always saw disease as something wrong. But modern societies are treating disease as normal.
Sun came up on time today morning. None of the planets in this solar system collided today. In the whole universe no accidents, in this endless cosmos no accidents, everything going great but you have one nasty little thought crawling in your head and it's a bad day, you’ve completely lost perceptive with life
If you develop a strong character of your own, you will miss the character of the Creator.
Don't hold any ideas about yourself or anybody, just look at everything the way it is - you'll merge with everything

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Never look up to anyone - never look down on anyone. When you see all the way they are, you shall navigate life effectively
Whether it’s education, marriage, work, career, business, whatever – all these things are extra fittings to our lives to make it better. You would want to add something which makes you more beautiful. But people cling to these add-ons so badly that the burden of carrying extra fittings all over the place becomes painful everything seems exploitative
Do not try to build your life on ethics, morality or values. Bring clarity of perception into your life. Learn to see everything just the way it is
In my experience I am the richest person on the planet. Maybe I don’t have a bank balance but I own the whole cosmos within myself in my experience. I have the richest experience of life and this is important
Renunciation: Somebody is out to climb Mount Everest, He prepares for years & years. And then he is in the harshest of climate, denying himself every pleasure of life that normally people want to have, he denies himself all that to climb the mountain. Is he denying himself? Or is he making another possibility which you can never imagine real in his life?
There is no such thing as right and wrong in life. The question is, are your actions appropriate and inclusive.
All that is needed to open the doors of life is that you do not think too much of yourself
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
The life within you is not there to serve your body, mind or emotion . The body, mind and emotion are there to serve life
Because you attach so much value to your own thought and your emotion, you cannot see life the way it is
Suffering happens essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process
Whatever action you perform in your life, there is a consequence to it. There is no such thing as you must perform only this type of action and you must not perform another type of action. You can do anything. But you must be in a state to accept the consequences joyously.
People started this philosophy, 'Thank God its Friday!' If you are not enjoying what you are doing five days a week, then why are you doing it? It's a very brief life
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful. You do not have to add any frills to it – neither to your own life nor to anything else.
Either there is no miracle in life, everything happens between cause and effect, or everything is a miracle. If you have eyes to see everything is a miracle.
If you are not conscious, you can only see three feet in front of you, then it’s all real. If you can see the whole circle of your life, suddenly it becomes like a circus. Once you realize this circus, you don’t want to go through this circus again and again. you want to do something about it.
You shouldn’t be committed to the way someone else wants you to be. You must be committed to the way you want to be.
If you want to be truly successful, you must be able to see everything just the way it is, without distortions. If you can see everything just the way it is, life becomes a play
A love affair need not be with any particular person. You could have a great love affair with life itself.
If there is something in your life that means a lot to you, you should not postpone it for a single day
If, every moment of your life, you look at everything like you were just born, you will see everything crystal clear
Even if you’re in love with somebody, still this (self) is the most important piece of life, isn’t it? So pay some attention to this
When people think they are very good, they lose their sense of perspective with life around them.
Life is about the creation that is here, knowing it absolutely and experiencing it the way it is; not distorting it the way you want

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Wanting to go to Heaven is a deep bondage. Liberation is when even if you are sent to Hell, you still think it is Heaven
If you know how to keep yourself pleasant within, irrespective of what is happening around you, Ultimate Liberation cannot be denied to you
Whatever other people do, make yourself beautiful, you know they're doing nasty things and you're still wonderful (within you), this is fantastic. (But) They are doing nasty things and you think they're doing beautiful things, this is stupid.
If I think you are a good person, I will not see you the way you are, I'll see you the way I like it. If I think you are a bad person, immediately I'll start seeing things which don't exist... Only if you see everything the way it is you are in touch with reality.
Here (Ashram) you are doing it as an offering, it's a beautiful thing. There (home) you are doing it as a chore, it's an ugly thing. Both the same work, even what you do at home and office, why don't you do it as an offering?
People are capable of suffering just about anything in the world, If you’re not educated, you will suffer that. If you get educated, you suffer that. If you don’t find a job, you’ll suffer that. If you find a job, you suffer that. If you’re not married, you’ll suffer that. If you get married, you suffer that. If you don’t have children, you suffer that..
Once you put one above the other, you are not going to know anything in this world. Your whole perspective is distorted. So, that is the basis of competition, trying to put one above the other
From poverty to affluence is a hard journey. After making this hard journey, if we cannot live well and instead suffer our affluence, it is a tragedy. We might as well have suffered our poverty - at least it would have been eco-friendly
How come a lot of people do not enjoy the week - only the weekend? Simply because they are doing things only to earn a living; it does not mean a damn thing to them.
You’re looking at love as something that comes to you or you yield to the process of love, only because you appreciate a particular quality– a shape of somebody’s nose, their mind , thought, emotion, the way they speak, the way they do things. It is based on something that is acceptable to you. If they do something that isn't acceptable to you, love crumbles
Intelligence essentially means that your intellect is sharp enough to see life the way it is
People are suffering their thoughts immensely, because they do not know how to keep it pleasant, nothing has been done towards it. So, what is a possibility always becomes a problem if you do not explore it in the right perspective.
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful
Every possibility becomes a problem for those who do not explore the possibility in its right perspective
If you want to become free, you should never think of freedom. Only look at the ropes which bind you
If you look at the Earth from another part of the universe, we are celestial beings. It’s just a question of perspective.
Our education system was largely created just to provide clerks for Her Majesty’s service. There was no imagination behind it - obedience was the most important aspect
Within myself, I have never formed a single opinion about anyone. I always look at them like I am seeing them for the first time
Education is telling you your life is not important, you have to serve this society. What is a society? It’s just an assembly of people. But no, people are not important, society is important. Where is the society? I don’t see any society anywhere. I see this man & this man & this woman & this woman. I see only individual human beings
Tomorrow, If you wake up in the morning, is it not a fantastic thing? A million people will not wake up, but you wake up, is it not a great thing? The problem is just this that you are living with an idea that you are immortal
Today, everything in the cosmos is happening perfectly well, but you have one nasty thought crawling in your head and it feels like a bad day
Whatever happens to you, you can either treat it as a curse and suffer it or see it as a blessing and make use of it
If you think one piece of creation is better than another, you have completely lost it.
The notion that if you do something spiritual, your brain should stop working is simply wrong.
It's not because you have poetry, you have a rhythm, it's because you have a rhythm, poetry has come out
Today you think, “By doing this, I will be happy,” don’t ever think you will stay happy by doing that after some time. Everybody when they got their first job, what a beautiful day it was. But after a few years, sitting behind the same table, it’s taking your life - the same job, the same marriage, the same situations – they’re taking your life.
Your petty creation has become larger than the Creator’s creation. You lost perspective of life. That is the fundamental basis of all this confusion and suffering. If you see who you are, the micro speck that you are, you wouldn’t imagine that God is made in your own image and he looks like you and whatever
If everything within you has become pleasant, whatever is needed in that moment, you will do. If you need to say pleasant things, you will say that. If you need to say some hard things, you will say that, but without any unpleasantness in you. That’s important, If you’ll have to fight a war, you’ll fight it without any unpleasantness in you. That’s important
Whether you experience something as difficult or easy simply depends on how much it matters to you
Once you lose perceptive as to who you are and what is your space and status in this existence, you are a sickness by nature
I’ll bless you with a long life but you’re going to fall dead one day (So do not take this for granted, pay some attention to this life)
You believe you are a material person dabbling with spirituality. But essentially, you are a spiritual being dabbling with the material world.
There are some things we can successfully fulfill; there are some things we cannot. So what about it? Because you’re always concerned somebody is watching, if they see you making a fool of yourself, you will fall down
The very way you breathe, sit, stand, eat, walk, work – everything can become yoga. You can use any process of life to transcend your limitations
People who have everything, they suffer much more deeply than people who don't have anything.
Whether it is your body, your mind or the world - the idea of keeping a distance from it is to have a better perspective of everything
Any philosophy is a sacrilege against creation. It just gives people the kinds of explanations that they want to hear.
One needs self-esteem only to be a little one-up on someone else all the time. Joy of everyone doing worse than you is not success but sickness
No matter what happens, don’t see it as a problem – it is just a situation
They say "seeing is believing," but everyone sees what they want to see.
Look clearly and deeply – beyond all compulsions of your body and mind – what it is that you really want to do, and just do it.
One way of looking at it is that this human body is a chemical soup - either it is a great soup or a lousy soup
From an existential perspective, both “self” and “esteem” are a problem. Both are limited, fragile and insecure
Consciousness means just this - you are well lit inside, so you see everything just the way it is
Is your existence not magical? you don't know where this cosmos begins where it ends, in the middle of nowhere, in this tiny blob of mud which you call as planet Earth, you and me sitting here on a round planet & the damn thing is spinning and we're talking all this, is this not magic?
The greatest misfortune for a human being is when even if fortune falls upon him, he thinks it is a misfortune.
To surge, it is very important to know what went wrong in the past; to make sure such things don't happen to us once again. Lack of historical perspective could be an impediment in India's surging.
With these ideas, “Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Be compassionate to yourself,” you are asking for sickness.
Wind is just blowing, not to make you fly, not to make you crash. It just blows.
Whether it is good times or bad times, everything that comes to you is just a question of your perspective
Same things can become beautiful, the same things can become ugly depending upon who is doing it and how he is doing it. Isn't it so?
Cauvery is not our problem; Cauvery is source of our life. From now on, when we utter the word Cauvery, we should say Cauvery Tayi, not Cauvery problem
There are two ways to look at things, One is to see everything as sacred; another is to see everything as utter nonsense
Still, in most minds, a woman means body parts, an accumulation of body parts. A breast, a navel, a curve, long hair, something.