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If you get God's stamp on your philosophy, you don't have to turn back and look, you can just go on doing the same stupid thing endlessly. The moment you get God's stamp on your philosophy you don't have to use your intelligence anymore, you don't have to wonder what nonsense you are doing with your life
In any situation, whatever kind of situation you are in, if you realize you do not know, is there much room for conflict, Only when you think that you know, when you do not know and you think that you know, there is room for conflict
Both atheists & theists are people who neither have the courage nor the commitment to seek what is true. One will believe this way, another will believe that way, because it’s convenient. It gives you comfort, it gives you solace.
When you identify yourself with an ideology or a belief system; slowly your brain is turning into a concrete block. Calcification is happening, that’s why we call you a bonehead; How efficiently it happens depends on the efficiency of the preacher or the teacher. If he is very efficient, you will be a solid block where nothing goes in, nothing goes out
In the whole system of yoga – there are no concepts, there’re no philosophies, there’re no ideologies, there’re no belief systems – only methods to enhance your perception because only what you perceive is real, rest is all made up in your head. You are living in a psychological reality, not in an existential reality.
If I say something which is not in your present level of experience, what are the option you have? You can believe it or you can disbelieve it. If you believe what I say, have you gotten any closer to reality? Or if you disbelieve what I say, have you gotten any closer to reality?
Whatever you do not know, when you bullshit yourself, it’s called belief.
Belief offers solace. The search for truth offers the solution
Your property, your education, your beliefs, everything will drop when you drop this body. The only thing that goes beyond this body is your awareness
If you are a believer, you know your God is waiting for you when you die, why don't you go? why are you delaying your progress towards God by going to hospitals? It is because you are not a true believer

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The only reason why most people have not realized the inner realities is, they believe things that they do not know.
No matter how badly you contaminate human beings with belief systems and brainwash them, once their survival is taken care of, they always want to know the nature of their existence, and of everything around them
Once you start believing in something which is not yet a reality for you, you are bound to be in conflict with somebody else because somebody else is bound to believe something else
Once I believe what I believe is the truth, naturally, I will try to impose it on other people. I don't call it an imposition, I call it saving you from ignorance, I will try to put it on to you, just to save you, not to hurt you, but you will get hurt anyway because any imposition hurts
Religion is not about belief-system. All religions started as a method to turn inward. An inward step can be taken only by an individual. It's a very intimate thing; But when people try to organize this inward step, naturally it gets distorted.
The moment you believe in something you have a new kind of confidence, that's the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident the world is in danger
Someone else's belief system looks absolutely ridiculous to you, but they are laughing at your belief system too.
It doesn't matter which religion, which nonsense you belong to, the moment you get God's stamp on what you believe in, that's it, you don't have to apply your intelligence and see what you are doing with life
God is not a reality in your life; it is just a belief. What kind of God you believe in is just what kind of social situations you have been brought up in
When your mind is full of assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs, it has no penetration, it just repeats past impressions
Why are we wasting our time trying to confirm our assumptions? We must enhance our perception, only by perceiving we know, there is no other way.
You don't walk blind into situations unless you are a believer, if you are somebody with sense you look around, you will see what is there and what is not there, not just in God, in so many other things
Belief is Death
Of many crimes that humans can perpetrate upon each other, the worst of all crimes is Heaven, the very idea that there is a better place than this. To destroy heavens and make this planet a Paradise is Mission One. Let's make it happen
If the education process is such that there is no imposition of any kind of ideas or beliefs, a child will naturally look inward
Spiritual process is a seeking. Religion means assuming things that you do not know.
All beliefs will crash somewhere. Only reality will sustain itself.
If you are looking for solace, you believe. If you are looking for a solution, you seek.
The hallucinatory religion (of belief in heaven/ hell) has brought some solace within people, but it has not given any liberation
Belief essentially means you have become arrogant, to think that you know the beginning and end of the world, that you know beginning and end just because you know a story
Anything that is beyond survival doesn’t open up for you unless you strive. All the religions, spiritual traditions on the planet are just this striving. Unfortunately over a period of time transmitting it from generation to generation, things get twisted out & end up being just a heap of rituals & belief systems
If two people get into an argument both the people think the other person is illogical, that means in their mind there is a certain logical pattern, however illogical somebody may seem to you, but in his mind, he has his own logical pattern
Intellect wants to know, it doesn't want to believe in, you are forsaking your intelligence because your fear is so dominant, you feel comfortable in believing
Don't believe or disbelieve the story, just enjoy it.
If you are just trying to pass the social test, belief is a good way to do it, but if you really want to know then belief is not a good thing.
If you believe there is God, or if you believe there is no God, you are in the same boat, you believe something that you do not know. Everybody can believe whatever they want, it need not have anything to do with reality
People's brains have become calcified, because they are identified with things that they are not. They have gotten identified with some religious belief or an ideology or national identity or whatever. For all this, what’s the solution? Solution is only evolution
If you are a hard case, that you are not willing to settle for deductions (like a scientist) or belief systems (like a religious person), then you become a Yogi.
Yoga is the science of creating an inner climate. You don't have to believe anything or follow anyone
The more human intellect blossoms, the less room there will be for belief systems.
When you are a seeker you are not aligned to any one particular thing. you are aligned to the life process within you & that never goes wrong. Every life, it doesn’t matter how badly you contaminate them with belief systems, brainwashing & whatever you do, still an individual once his survival is taken care of, he wants to know the nature of his existence,
If you believe what I say, you will not get anywhere, if you disbelieve what I say, you will not get anywhere, only if you exercise your own consciousness you will get somewhere
Do not try to impose your thoughts and emotions, your philosophies, your belief systems upon your children. They have their own intelligence to find the way.
Mysticism means you neither believe or disbelieve anything, to bring back your sense of wonder and quest for truth
Belief is of social significance, to some extent of psychological significance – but existentially, it means nothing.
As philosophies & belief systems fail the test of human logic & intellect, the longing to know something beyond the Physical will rise & Yogic tools of transformation will become very important
Now, whether the man is born of a virgin or a prostitute, what is your problem? what's the man worth is all that matters isn't it?
Youth are only youthful when they don’t believe anything. They should be willing to explore; they must want to know for themselves
Self-belief will bring confidence without clarity, All the damage that’s happened to the planet is because of confidence without clarity. If you had little doubt, you would think 10 times before doing something. That would be a sensible world
You want the life to happen the way you want it, if you have any problem in life it is just that the life is not happening the way you think it should go.. Your beliefs are surface level, life can crack you.. (spirituality prepares you for life)
Religion is fro liberation isn't it? How can there be freedom when you cannot accept the biology of a human being? we even went to the extent of saying one cannot be Holy if one is born out of it.
India is not a land of belief in an ultimate entity, but of homogeneity. This culture understood that Life springs from every corner of the universe, not from one source
IF you believe that your opinion is much more sacred than people's will in a democratic society, then you have a fundamental problem
Spiritual processes need not be taught as a philosophy or a belief system. They can be imparted as simple methods which will naturally lead to a more inclusive way of experiencing life.
When you do not know everything becomes bright, it is just looking, your intelligence is all hyped up and looking, when you assume "I Know" everything settles down and you go on with your stupid life
If I say something which is not in your understanding, now I’ll be compelling you to believe me or disbelieve me. I don’t want to go into such obscenities. I think it’s obscene to demand that you must believe me
If I tell you that your beliefs are right, does that get you any closer to the truth? You feel better, but life doesn't get solved
'What I believe is Right, what you believe is wrong' isn't this the basis of all problems in the world? This is a big problem with human beings, they want to be right all the time
Once you truly realize that you don't know the nature of your own existence & larger existence, you will naturally seek, longing to know is naturally sprouting in your heart, so you are trying to settle that with concrete belief system, that is not our way
If you make up a story which isn't true & believe it's true, when your script comes to an end, then you’ll be at a loss. You being with the reality is the safest way to be
To leave people in a life of poverty, hiding behind ideologies, principles and beliefs, is extreme cruelty
You educate yourself, you pursue careers, you build families, you run after your ambitions. So many things you do, because somewhere you believe fulfilling those things will bring you happiness. After doing all that, if happiness is not multiplying, it is going down, that means you are a bad manager of yourself
Believing doesn't get you any closer (to the truth), disbelieving doesn't get you any closer
To believe that what has not happened so far, cannot happen now, is foolish. It's time that every Indian knows what is India and what is not India.