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Nature quotes by Sadhguru

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The nature of life is such that if you unblock and allow it to flow, life is a beautiful experience. If you hold back, it becomes misery
One who has not realized the eternal nature must at least realize the mortal nature. Only when he realizes the mortal nature and confronts it, the longing to go beyond becomes a genuine force. Otherwise, all spiritual process is just bad entertainment
The beauty of the creation is that the ugly and the beautiful are always together. What is filthy and what is sacred is always together.
What we call as technology today is that - 'within the laws of nature everything that could be taken charge of someday we will take charge of.'
Nature did not make a mistake with you; it created a tremendous product. But still, you are yet to realize its potential
If we are in tune with the fundamental laws of nature, we will enjoy the process of life. Otherwise, suffering is inevitable
Yoga is a methodology to explore the nature of the creation
Nature has evolved us to a higher level of intelligence and awareness, but we are refusing to accept the promotion
The nature of a human being is such that only when his survival process is taken care of, his life begins.
Once you’re not able to think beyond your biological identity, the very nature of being human, the immensity of being a human is constrained and constipated into a very small process.

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Life Quotes
Desire's ultimate goal is unboundedness, the infinite nature, but because you are unaware you are giving it an unconscious expression for the longing that is wanting to become unbounded, you can't destroy your desire, you have to make your desire into a conscious process
If your humanity flowers, what is needed will anyway happen, you don't have to think of doing 'good things'. Like if a flower blossoms, you don't have to tell it shoot the fragrance in the air; it will anyway happen, nobody can stop it
For all the other beings, everything in their life is set, Once you are born as a human, your life is in your hands, Nature has left that responsibility to us
The nature of life is such that if you unblock and allow it to flow, life is a beautiful experience. If you hold back, it becomes misery
Spiritual process means your life is not driven by your physical nature. Life’s intrinsic intelligence needs to find expression
In the very nature of things, life can never get perfect - there is always room for improvement.
The very nature of life is such – every life – whether it’s an earthworm or a grasshopper or this tree or this blade of grass, just anything, it’s only longing is to find its full potential. And that’s all it should be – that human being should find their full potential as a life.
Right now you are bouncing off petty particles (relationships, friendships, belongings) and these petty particles are giving you some relevance. But if you stop seeking that relevance and simply sit here, you will see a boundless nature which doesn’t need any context exists within you.
The way human beings are consuming food is costing all other life forms on the planet immensely. Conscious consumption is an important and urgent step towards a sustainable future
Water is not a commodity; it is life-making material. Being reverential to what makes our lives, is very natural
If we have love and regard for life around us, cleanliness is a natural expression
If you use more of anything than you need, on the overall scale of things, you are committing a crime against all life.
The very life within you is longing to be joyful because joyfulness is the nature of the source of creation.
For human life to flourish, all other life forms on the planet also need to flourish
What sets human beings apart from other beings is that- all animals are fulfilled the moment their survival process is taken care of. But the nature of human being is such that only when the survival process is taken care of- his life begins.
You cannot know life by breaking it into pieces, but this is the nature of the intellect
This is the intrinsic nature of life, that every life values itself for what it is.
We do not need concepts to run life. Life runs according to the fundamental laws of nature
Everything that this life is, is naturally happening to a certain law, if you understand, if you perceive and if you know what is the nature of life within you, you can take charge of it completely the way it happens
We have disrupted nature to a point where even breeding cycles of birds are disturbed. We are rapidly making this planet inhospitable to life forms. We need to act NOW to revive our water and river systems.
We have lost contact with our own life and all that nourishes our life. This is the fundamental disaster which is manifesting
Unsustainable living inspired by imperialistic conquest mode needs to make way for an all-inclusive vision. Life upon this planet or the universe is not Human centric
Exposure to nature is one important aspect to bring balance to your life. Substantial physical activity is another aspect​.
Without knowing the essential nature of life, we are trying to somehow blunder through. That's the whole problem.
The moment you realize the nature of the life process, the longing to become free from it is natural. If you have understood the fabric of life, the longing to go beyond that is very natural.

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Short Quotes
Nature did not intend anything without a purpose.
In nature, unless some kind of integrity of geometry is there, nothing stands by itself.
True health fundamentally means to be in tune with nature, both inner and outer.
We need to understand that if we want to live well, the planet has to be well
As you mature, you need to learn to keep your thoughts and emotions sweet by your own nature.
No matter what kind of intellect you have, it is never enough to grasp the nature of existence
If you touch the still core within yourself, you will touch the original nature of your existence.
Children need not fit into caste, creed, or class. They have to blossom into their own nature
This is the nature of existence – if you do the right things, the right things will happen to you
Ecological concerns need to shift from fringe to mainstream
Body will function best if the food you eat comes from that area of earth on which you are living.
The further we move away from Nature, the further we move away from our own nature.
It's your inability to grasp which makes something mysterious. Not the nature of what it is.
If we do not consciously control the human population, nature will do it to us in a cruel way
Mathematics did not get invented in a classroom. It is in the nature of the Universe
Wind is just blowing, not to make you fly, not to make you crash. It just blows.
Human nature is to be active in a conscious way, to perform action as it is needed

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Sex is a simple physical process, we are trying to make it into so many things which it is not. It is just nature's trick to reproduce; because if this attraction was not there, you wouldn't reproduce.
Why we are continuously talking about joy, blissfulness, love, is not because it’s a goal by itself, these are not goals by itself -only when you are pleasant by your own nature, you stop being in pursuit of happiness. You are fine by yourself, you don’t have to go anywhere to feel pleasant. You don’t have to do anything to feel pleasant
War is the most extreme situation that human beings can create by themselves, for other (extreme) things you need nature's help
A Tiger is not making an attempt to be a good tiger, if he just eats well, he is a good tiger,everything else is fixed within him by nature, when you are born as a human being whether you grow up into a good human being or terrible one is left to you
Wonder does not necessarily come from innocence. modern science has done phenomenal amount of exploration.. as you explore, as you know, the wonder will increase because you realize the nature of the existence, then wonder will just explode.
Forces of Nature: The choice is either to swim against the current or with it. It is sensible to go with it. It is not that you cannot swim against it. You can, but unnecessary effort
We may think that there are many challenges before the ecology, but actually there is only one – human population. We are nice but we are too many! It’s time we control human population, else nature will do it in a very cruel way
I would call everything natural. It is just that nature may not reveal itself completely to everyone. Depends on how much application, and focus, intensity of perception you have, accordingly it reveals itself to you.
Unleash your desire; limit it not to the limited. In the boundlessness of the desire is your ultimate nature
What is possible and what is not is not your business. Nature will decide this. Your business is just to work for what truly matters to you
In nature, everything is living and giving itself to the maximum extent. Only human beings are trying to save – their joy, their love, their everything
There are no disasters in nature, we are the only disaster on this planet, if we fix that one thing, everything is going to be okay
Exploring the nature of oneself is spiritual process. Exploring the nature of the creation is Mysticism
Nothing should be ‘use and throw.’ This is not just about saving resources. This is about a certain respect for all creation.
I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and humiliating that a human being has to be brought up. You bring up cattle, okay? You don’t bring up a human being. A human being is supposed to blossom by his own nature. That is why he’s on the top of the pile, at least on this planet, in the evolutionary scale
What you call as cosmic will is not will as you know it, as human will, as your mind’s will. Cosmic will is not like a decision. It is just there. It is because of cosmic will, we have taken on this form. It is because of cosmic will, the planet is going around the sun. These are not as human thoughts are; This is just the quality of the nature.
One significant thing that you can do for your children is to invest some time into taking them out into nature.
Humans neither know the intensity nor the relaxation that most creatures know because humans go by their thoughts, not by the voice of the nature
What is human is not defined nor described, for every other creature on this planet nature drew 2 lines; within that they have to play their game. For a human being only the bottom line is drawn there is no top line. But socially people are trying to draw top line for themselves. It’s a limitless possibility & this is what is freaking human beings right now
Inclusiveness is the nature of life. It is not about trying to change yourself - it is about realizing the nature of existence
Learning to treat nature sensibly and gently is not just for the well-being of nature - it is for our own well-being
If you say "I don't want something" only that will happen in your mind. If I say "Don't think about monkeys", only monkeys will come. Without understanding the fundamental nature of mind if you try to do something head on with it, you will go crazy
What you call as sex is the duality trying to meet, and in the process of the duality meeting there & also certain functions that nature wants you to fulfill, like survival and procreation of the species. Duality is always trying to meet, because what was one has manifested itself as two, no there is longing to become one all the time
Being human means being able to transcend the so-called laws of nature and make something happen that is larger than us
If you look at a man and a woman physiologically, it is just a small difference, like somebody said "Either the pocket is in, or the pocket is out", you have made such a big issue out of it. We are trying to make such a simple physical process into so many things, it is just a nature's trick to reproduce nothing more.
Once you lose perceptive as to who you are and what is your space and status in this existence, you are a sickness by nature
We do not know how a single atom in its entirety we do not know, with all the scientific exploration. So that that should be humbling enough for everybody
If you go by your physical nature, then- Eating, Sleeping, Reproducing & dying one day is a complete process. There is something non-physical within you which is trying to find expression, but you are only giving it the physical means [It can not be satisfied that way]
The Sun came up in the morning, did it choose on whom the sunlight should fall and on whom it shouldn't? The breeze is blowing, does it choose who should benefit from it and who should not? The way of the existence is such that it doesn't choose
Diversity is the basis and strength of Natural Existence. It should also be a fundamental element of a vibrant social structure.
Once one's perception rises beyond the physical nature, then suddenly there is no male, there is no female
If you are constantly aware of your mortal nature, you will only do what truly matters to you
The planet has enormous capability to recoup from the damage that it goes through, but for that to happen, we have to allow a certain amount of time. Either we consciously handle this or Mother Earth will do it for us in a cruel manner.
(Genetically Modified Foods)- I think meddling with nature at that level is quite irresponsible. These are purely commercial forces, definitely not concerned with long term well-being of the human beings. Obviously somebody has invested money, and at any cost they want to push it.
If future generations have to live well, we have to conduct our lives consciously. Conducting our life consciously, one major part of it is right now, because you can’t expand the planet, you have to decrease the population, there is no other way. Either you do it or nature will do it. When nature does it, it's not going to be nice
Engineering solutions can be employed for emergency measures but there is no better science or technology than Nature itself. How the river and all lives in and around it work like a mechanism is a phenomenal technology.
Even as we go on inventing new remedies, nature keeps posing us new ​challenges. This will always be so.
The youth of today should get little more in terms of physical activity, a little more into nature, maybe climb a mountain, maybe swim in the lake
People (mis)understand activity as something that has to be fired by anger or passion or greed. No! Nature is functioning around us. It is not fired by passion, greed or anger. It is simply on at its fullest capability all the time... Equanimity leads to exuberance
The important thing that needs to happen in the world is policy changes need to happen in the government level on a global scale
Cleanliness is not a discipline. It's an expression of love & regard for all lives around us
People have generated so much negativity about death as if it were something unnatural. Death is not an unnatural thing, it is a natural progression of life
We are behaving as if we are the last generation on the planet. We need to remind ourselves that we are just baton carriers, and we owe it to the next generation to hand over this planet at least as it was handed over to us.
The Fall of a leaf so gentle but profound, as those who fall willingly are the ones who rise to the highest.
As a human being you can be any way you want, this is the freedom that nature has given you. If you were born as a dog or a cat or a tiger or an elephant, that is how you are. Once you are human you can be any way you want. This is the beauty of being human.
Yoga is a way to produce a chemistry of blissfulness. Once you are blissful by your own nature, you can deal with outside situations effortlessly
Nature doesn't care about your love affair, it just wants you to reproduce
Trees and humans are in an intimate relationship. What they exhale, we inhale, what we exhale they inhale. This is a constant relationship that nobody can afford to break or live without
Duality cannot be looked upon as something that is good or bad. Creation cannot exist without duality and one cannot transcend this without realizing it nature first
In animal nature and in other forms of life that you see around you, there is not much possibility. The possibility is to just survive, procreate, carry on with life, and die one day. Because there is not much possibility, there is not much misery either
Unfortunate that wildlife, an integral part of Mother Nature, needs protection & preservation. May we become sensitive to all lives around us
Nature wants to perpetuate itself. It does not even need the Creator's interference; that is the beauty of creation
It's important we remember, that we have evolved out of animal nature. This is the time to enjoy our human nature and it is only possible if we are conscious and in the present. But the future is beckoning Divine nature.
[On Climate Change] Solution will happen only when the fundamental policy in every nation changes towards a more eco-friendly way of doing things
The elephant in the room is human population because we cannot control human aspirations; we can only control human population. For this, we are instituting an award to honor men & women who consciously choose not to procreate.
It's time human beings control population consciously, or nature will do it in a very cruel manner. This is all the choice there is
The human species is an outcrop of this planet. The damage we do to this planet, we do to ourselves. It is in the hands of this generation to turn this disastrous situation around
What you think is myself is actually just the soil that you’re walking upon. So inclusiveness is not something that you have to do. Inclusiveness is the nature of existence. You just have to become conscious of it.
Quietly if you can listen to the sound of the trees, the breeze, the water, just the natural sounds, if you pay enough attention, tremendous things will happen to you.
Those who are constantly aware of the mortal and fragile nature of existence, they do not want to miss a single moment. They will naturally be aware. They cannot take anything for granted. They will live very purposefully
There are no disasters of nature. The disaster is excessive human population.
Mother Earth is so generous. If only we give her the chance, she will restore everything in absolute abundance and beauty.
If you look at any kind of creature, you will see how beautifully nature and evolution have perfected the design
The planet is for all of us and we cannot exist here by ourselves. We are living here because of the natural process that is happening, not because of our economic activity.
One of the most important things for the growth of a child is exposure to nature and to the elements. Without a healthy body, there is no healthy mind.
If, every moment of our lives, we are conscious that it is human beings who need Earth and not the other way around, every day will be Earth Day.
Everything that human beings can do is essentially an expression of who they are. Somebody sings a song… somebody dances, somebody writes a book, somebody paints a picture, whatever we do is an expression of who we are. You may be conscious of it or unconscious of it but still everything that you say, that you do is essentially an expression of who you are
Right now you are operating according to the software that you have become. What kind of family you were born in, what kind of parents, what kind of school, what kind of friends, what kind of atmosphere, what kind of religion, what kind of society, that’s the kind of person you are right now
Nature has its own simple and straightforward ways. We think it's cruel, but nature has its own very straightforward ways of settling life. If you are caught up in that, it is unfortunate; actually there is no fortune or misfortune, but for an individual who is caught up in it, it is unfortunate because he suffers.
We are living in a time when we have to think of protecting the things which have always nurtured us. The planet always took care of us, but for the first time in the history of humanity, we have to protect this planet which has nourished thousands of generations of human beings
Humanity is yet to become alive. Human nature is yet to become alive. People are just centered in their egos, not in their original nature.
You don't need humility to handle the planet gently. You just need a little more wisdom, an understanding that the resources you are using are limited. There are no unlimited resources on the planet.
Our lives are all connected. How healthy the plants and animals are today determines how healthy we will be tomorrow.
It is not because of us that the planet is there. It is because of the planet, we are there
Please don't think your desires are because of your husband/ wife, children/ family; you'll anyway have desires, because that is your nature
Biodiversity is the Law of Nature - it is not something we need to create. We only have to become conscious of this natural order so that human activity is not disruptive to other life forms.
When you were a monkey you did not desire to become human, nature pushed you up, once you become human, either you evolve consciously or you stagnate, from here you can't evolve unconsciously.