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People may think this is extreme, but, You must go and volunteer in hospital wards where people die and you must see, it's very important, only then you become sensitive to life, life becomes super valuable because you know it is limited
When people are alone, they become spiritual. When in company, they become religious
Loosen up a bit – laugh more, get involved with people around you, do simple things. If you only do very important things, you will become dead serious
Most people will not step into tomorrow because they hold on to yesterday.
Power doesn’t corrupt. People are corrupt. When they get empowered, it becomes apparent.
It is not that belief is blind. It is just that belief blinds people.
Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside.
It takes a lot of intelligence to realize how stupid you are. Most people cannot see it. You can only see it if the very urge to be smart and special, the very urge to be better than someone, is completely vanquished within you.
Either you create your situations or the situations make you... Some people are being created by situations, but some people are creating the situations in which they live, and that is the whole empowerment of being a human being.
If you are trying to extract joy, love & pleasantness out of somebody, this is going to be disastrous for both people

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Intelligence is incapable of believing anything, but it has the potential to know everything. When people admit that they do not know, all beliefs fall apart by themselves and people become more alert to life around them
People may think this is extreme, but, You must go and volunteer in hospital wards where people die and you must see, it's very important, only then you become sensitive to life, life becomes super valuable because you know it is limited
People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life are suffering their success. If you suffer your failure, it is okay, if you start suffering your success, that is the real tragedy of life.
People are thinking they can enjoy something. NO. If you are joyful everything is a pleasant exerience
Using people and loving things. This is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love
Most people think, “this is work”, “that is life”. That means a large part of your life is not life
It doesn't matter who you are, life doesn't work for you unless you do the right things.. people who believed they are good people are always wondering why it's not working for them and why it's working for someone else, whoever does the rights, for him it works, the existence is not judgemental.
To be involved and not entangled is something that is essential for people to be effective in life
You either insulate yourself from other people's pain or you insulate yourself from the very joy of life. Both could be alive in you at the same time... if you looked at life just the way it is, not distorting it according to your emotions, your identifications
Life is not always a straight line; you have to do many things to keep it going. If you forsake your understanding, your capability will be lost. Whether it's a question of personal relationships or professional management, in both places you need understanding; otherwise, you won't have fruitful relationships.
As a human being you have all the necessary faculty to grow up as a full-fledged human being. I don’t have to put code into you to make you into a human being. It is just that if you take codes from other people you may cease to be a human being because there are people who have brought in values into their life, which makes them inhuman.
People started this philosophy, 'Thank God its Friday!' If you are not enjoying what you are doing five days a week, then why are you doing it? It's a very brief life
If people sleep through their life, in the name of comfort, in the name of security, they’re wasting their life. They must go all the way. This is not my desire – it’s their desire also
Spiritual process is for people who are bored with the good life and want to experience the fantastic source of life.
Most people have no clue why they are suffering – because they experience life in terms of ‘me’ versus ‘the universe’. This means they are in constant conflict with creation, forgetting that they are just a small product of creation itself
Very few people will ever say, “I am human” referring to the immensity of being human
People who did not understand the nature of human mind brought morality into life
Too many people are going insane simply because they are not able to handle the uncertainty of life.
Most people do not experience life - they are only thinking and reacting to situations around them.
People are trying to gain experience. Only if you let life happen to you, experience will accumulate.
People are looking for the easy way out, but life does not work like that.
To leave people in a life of poverty, hiding behind ideologies, principles and beliefs, is extreme cruelty
Whatever external activity you do in your life, it is meaningful only if it touches people's lives
When people think they are very good, they lose their sense of perspective with life around them.
Today, people are claiming their attention deficiency as if it is a qualification in their life. If there is no attention, how will you know anything of profoundness in your life?

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Actually the smartest thing about most people is their phone
This is how life is happening for a lot of people. Because of the fear of instability, they sit on a bicycle with the stand on. You can pedal, you can get some exercise, but you are not going anywhere.
Loosen up a bit – laugh more, get involved with people around you, do simple things. If you only do very important things, you will become dead serious
When people are alone, they become spiritual. When in company, they become religious
If something happens, something entirely went wrong & no way to fix 2 people and they went apart, that’s unfortunate, but why should you ever talk about marriage and divorce in one breath? It’s a crime to think on those lines. But if it so happens & they have to separate that will any way inevitably happen. You don’t have to plan it at the time of wedding
There is too much talk about heaven hell because too many people have made a hell out of themselves
The whole art of being a Guru is just this: to constantly puncture people’s ego and still manage to remain their friend.
There are no good people and bad people. Everyone is oscillating between the two. But for sure there are the Intelligent and the Idiotic.
Only miserable people will have a long life, because if you are miserable you will always feel life is too long that you will want to cut it short.
Do you know that you will also die? (I'm asking) because most people believe that other people die. Intellectually they know, but they think they are forever.
Confused people are better than people who have drawn wrong conclusions, because people who have drawn wrong conclusions go at it with full gusto. Confused people hesitate to fight.
I always found people coming out of restaurants have more joy on their faces than those coming out of a temple or church. What a shame that a dosa can do something more than the divine
Most people have not paid any attention to life because they're busy conquering the world
Wrong sense of intelligence has entered people's minds, they think if they make a problem out of every solution they're intelligent, no no, if you find solutions for every problem- that is intelligence
From the day you are born, all kinds of people are trying to teach you something that has not worked in their life.
Most people understand complexity as intelligence, if they make themselves difficult they are supposed to be intelligent, making a simple thing difficult is not intelligence, making a very complex thing simple is intelligence
I want to see the business community more joyful because joyful people are more generous, sensible, and flexible, and always more life-oriented. It is very important that they are more peaceful and joyful within themselves by their own nature - not because of the quarterly balance sheet.
A certain segment of the people have always been essentially violent. Whether he was a caveman or later on, Bronze Age, Iron Age, whatever you take, he has always been violent. Initially, when he was a caveman he killed with stone, that's Stone Age. Iron Age means he killed with iron; Bronze Age means he killed with bronze. Nuclear Age means he kills nuclear
The problem with every generation is that the previous generation thinks the next generation is all confused, it's not true, it is just that the older generation is not able to come to terms with the new possibilities that the next generation is exhibiting

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Power doesn’t corrupt. People are corrupt. When they get empowered, it becomes apparent.
Money, influence, comfort and intelligence come as blessings, but become curses for most people
Most people will not step into tomorrow because they hold on to yesterday.
People's idea of success is to be just one step ahead of another lame person.
People are totally lost by themselves, they don't know how to be by themselves
Belief leads people to accept the most ridiculous things as the absolute truth
Most people in the world are not busy – they are just preoccupied.
It is not the opulence of the structure but the inclusiveness of the people which makes a home
If you try to squeeze joy out of people, only pain will come
Most people unfortunately don't value their word as much as they value their money
Fundamentally, management is your ability to inspire people to do their best and that is all you can do. If everybody around you is doing his best, that is the best possible management that can happen.
More people in the world are suffering from indigestion than of hunger. Unfortunately, that's the reality.
Only when you are truly joyful, can you genuinely reach out to other people
If you care for people around you, you must make yourself into a person they enjoy being with
Yoga must reach every person on earth, so that they have complete control of their inner wellbeing.
I don’t believe in material wealth. My wealth is in the hearts of people
If you want to know people, you can only know them by inclusion, not by elimination.
Family was one bunch of people who were like a net for the circus that you did.
How big a shift happens depends on how many people push for it.
People think confidence is a kind of substitute for clarity - it is not.
I do not believe in telling people what they should do. My business is only to make you conscious.
We don’t have to seek new economic systems. We have to transform the people who run them
It takes all kinds of people to make the world beautiful. You can do it too
Whether you are suffering or enjoying people around you, it is your karma
Most people cannot even laugh simply out of sheer joy, you have to tickle them

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What most people are calling marriage right now is just a whole bundle of expectations about how the other person should make heaven for you. If you’re trying to extract happiness out of somebody, you will be disappointed.
Competitors are not enemies. They are people who keep reminding you of your own shortcomings.
Morality has become important in society because people have forsaken their humanity. Morality is a poor substitute for Humanity
How come a lot of people do not enjoy the week - only the weekend? Simply because they are doing things only to earn a living; it does not mean a damn thing to them.
Unfortunately, people consider Economy as today’s & Ecology as tomorrow’s issue. But time to understand that ecology is today's issue. The enormity and urgency of ecological issues cannot be ignored
The unfortunate reality is that most people will know peace only with death- "Rest in Peace". It is time we do something about it in life
People resist change because they rather stick to the known devil than pursue the unknown angel. Familiarity breeds comfort and inertia
If you are keen on doing something about human suffering, attend to yourself first, and also to people around you. That is the best way to start
The only way you can be successful is by including people. Anyway you are doing it - unwillingly; being conscious means to do it willingly
Once you are clear about what you are doing and why, other people’s opinions will not matter.
For most people, love means, ‘You must do what I want.’ No, love means, they can do what they want, and we still love them
One third of the food produced in the world gets wasted, while one in nine people don’t have enough to eat. This is not a failure of agriculture – it is a failure of the human heart
Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible
How people are is their choice. How I am is my choice. No matter what they do, no one can make me angry, happy or unhappy. These privileges I have kept to myself
Unless you are oblivious to your own suffering, you have no right to be oblivious to other people's suffering.
Most people go about their lives as if death is not going to happen to them
The world is hungry not because there is no food. There is more food than the 7.2 billion people on the planet can eat. It is just that those who need it do not get it, because one way or the other, those who have the power and the means have not cared enough to do something about it
Leadership is not about dominance, about power over people, but of dedication & sacrifice for a cause beyond oneself
I refuse to recognize people as Muslims, Christians, or Hindus. I see human beings as human beings.
People are capable of suffering just about anything. If you send them to heaven they will suffer because they will miss hell.
Not many people are ready to have that kind of a love affair where it’ll make two lives into one.
If people choose to make misery out of themselves, what can be done? That's not Creation's fault. Creation just gave you the freedom so that you could go beyond.
Whatever other people do, make yourself beautiful, you know they're doing nasty things and you're still wonderful (within you), this is fantastic. (But) They are doing nasty things and you think they're doing beautiful things, this is stupid.
If you don't have a sense of involvement, you will always try to get the best deal out of somebody. That means you must meet the dumbest people in the world. Intelligent people will never bite your dumb deals.
A whole lot of people are living like aliens. When you live here without any involvement or belonging, you are an alien, isn’t it?
Most people are competent of using love to fulfill the domestic needs but to go beyond that they are not ready. When one is ready and another is not ready or one is making an effort and another doesn’t have the effort, then it feels like somebody is becoming a doormat
People don't have food to eat, not because there's no food in the world, but because people who are capable have grabbed everything
If you utter the word relationship, people simply think it has to be sex-based. Nothing else is a relationship. Some sex-based relationship is the only relationship. This is unfortunate. This has happened because your identification with the body has become so strong
Whenever conflict flares up in the world today, people talk about peace. We need to understand, peace is not something that we have to create. Conflict is our creation.
If your goal and actions are right, and you keep going the same way, then the same people who are talking about you, the same people who are criticizing you, will venerate you in ten years' time. That is how life is.
People are afraid of entanglement, (therefore) they talk about detachment. If you are detached you will not know life. Only in involvement you know life.
People are willing to share what they don't have, not what they do have! People who don't have, talk about sharing, compromise and peace. People who have it all, are always going after and getting what they want
A whole lot of people are carrying grave faces as if they are practicing the final posture. Time we work towards life, not death. Because when it comes to death, everybody is a Natural Star.
People are identified with their nations, their religions, and their communities, but not with their humanity. If people were identified with their humanity, we could always sit down and talk, and finish these issues between us
When you are compulsive, naturally you will step over many people.
If you're waiting for people to understand you and act, it is only a pipe dream; it's never going to happen
It doesn't matter what you want to do, if you include people, you have a tremendous edge that nobody else can have
Leaders should not stand in front of the people. They should stand behind the people
This is a dream of many people: unconditional love. There is no such thing – in every relationship, there are conditions.
If people around you cannot help loving you, that’s a nice way to be.. if you have made yourself in such a way that nobody around you can love you, then the only succor you have is God- it’s the most unfortunate way to live
If people around you cannot help loving you, that’s a nice way to be.. if you have made yourself in such a way that nobody around you can love you, then the only succor you have is God- it’s the most unfortunate way to live
Education is telling you your life is not important, you have to serve this society. What is a society? It’s just an assembly of people. But no, people are not important, society is important. Where is the society? I don’t see any society anywhere. I see this man & this man & this woman & this woman. I see only individual human beings
No one likes to be managed. But everyone longs to be included
Whether one manufactures a safety pin, a computer or a spaceship, or teaches people how to meditate, there is only one business in the world - human wellbeing
If you eliminate the need to get something out of Human relationships, if you naturally overflow with joy, you can have fabulous relationships with all sorts of people
If you experience everything around you as "myself" do you need morality be good to people?
Culture never comes in a container. It must just come like air, then people will naturally breathe & be enriched by it. If culture comes packaged in any sense, it is bound to die; culture can never be preserved; it can only evolve. Only dead can be preserved
Nobody gets anywhere just because he desires it; people get somewhere because they acquire the necessary capability
Environmentalists are always fighting somebody, nobody wants to be a part of these fighting people, they are fighting against the economy. If ecology & economy fight, economy will win hands down, [we have to] officiate the marriage of ecology & economy. If our economy is not conducted in ecologically sensitive way, only Economy will happen, ecology will go
People are talking about climate change, that's a good sign, but unless we bring about a fundamental change in the lifestyles that we have adopted, talking about climate change will be a wasteful effort
Mother Earth is not even supposed to flex her muscles; she is not even allowed to stretch her hands or legs. If she does something, a hundred thousand people will die because human beings are everywhere. She cannot even sneeze. If a volcano erupts, right there people have built towns - around a live volcano! We are wonderful, but we are too many
The most intelligent people in the world have contributed to all the violence on the planet, otherwise, violence wouldn't be happening at the scale in which it is happening
If people flower within themselves, they clearly understand there is nothing here which is not connected to them
Without creating an enemy, you can't usually gather people somewhere and get them focused. All movements in the world, if you see, they will create an enemy first.
One group of people inflict injustice on another group. Then the other group wants to outdo the first group. If each one wants to do something more than what the other did, there will be no end to injustice.
For the kind of activities most people are involved in nowadays, vegetarian food is better for the system than non-vegetarian food. If you must eat non-vegetarian food, fish would be best. It is easily digestible with very high nutritional value
People who logically examine their relationships cannot sustain them. Two bodies, two minds, two emotions can never fit perfectly.
If you want to walk alone, it's easy. If you want to take people with you, it takes a considerable amount of effort.
People (mis)understand activity as something that has to be fired by anger or passion or greed. No! Nature is functioning around us. It is not fired by passion, greed or anger. It is simply on at its fullest capability all the time... Equanimity leads to exuberance
[About Death] People try to avoid it, or people try to celebrate it. You don't have to avoid it, you don't have to celebrate it. If you are just aware of it, it liberates you
People have generated so much negativity about death as if it were something unnatural. Death is not an unnatural thing, it is a natural progression of life
Everywhere in the world today, people promote exclusiveness. If you promote exclusiveness, there can only be conflict.
Without any commitment, people want to do spirituality. A subjective dimension can't be approached without commitment
For two people to live together, to fulfill their needs, to produce children, to raise them, domestic level of love affair people can have. But if people want to have a love affair which will bring them to an ultimate union, then not many people are competent to do that
It is always best that you spend a little time without people before you impose yourself on other people
Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is simply because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts
The problem is just this that people have taken identities like this – somebody is an environmentalist, somebody is a politician, somebody is a spiritual person. I feel what we need is inclusive human beings
Family means two people or four people are working towards each other's wellbeing
If you have concern for people around you, you should strive to make everything about you and around you beautiful
Instead of trying to battle with other people’s opinions, it is best that we strive to create clarity as to what are we doing and why are we doing it.
I don't belong to either left or right wing. Personally whether I agree or disagree with any elected government, I bow down to it because it's people's choice. My opinion is not bigger than the people's will
People are lazy because they do not know how to rest. If you are restful, you are ready for activity
The Nation is not the land – it is the people. In transforming the people, we shall have a great Nation
Do not classify people as extrovert or introvert. Every human being has the right to be whichever way they want
Young people, if you are interested in the future of this world, you must achieve this in the next 25 years: Religion should become purely a personal pursuit, never a national or a global agenda.
The present generation must ensure religion remains personal pursuit. If it becomes either national or global goal for any group of people, considering the technological advancements, this will lead to a massive disaster that you cannot imagine
How in sync you are with people, things, or just the space around you will decide how smoothly you function in the world
People in the city want to plant trees but where is the land for them to plant a tree? It is only the farmer who can plant trees at the scale it is needed because farmers are the biggest land owners. Without engaging the farmer, you cannot increase tree cover in the country.
Businesses need to stop looking at the world as a market. Once you see that what you call markets are people, your approach is bound to be more inclusive and sustainable
If two people get into an argument both the people think the other person is illogical, that means in their mind there is a certain logical pattern, however illogical somebody may seem to you, but in his mind, he has his own logical pattern
Neither enlightenment nor en-darkenment describe what it (self-realization) is. That’s why people said nothing. When they said nothing, you thought they are dumb. They said nothing because they knew whatever they say is bound to be wrong
People go blind with things that they love/ hate, They’ll exaggerate things about the people whom they love/ hate. They have no sense, they’ll lose all their sense. They’ll never say anything the way it is. If you like/ dislike, you’ll lose sense; The doorway of life is in being equanimous that you’re able to see everything just the way it is
All education on the planet, if you ask me, is fascist, because it’s all about enslaving people to serve the needs of whatever a few people are thinking. They’re not even thinking straight, they don’t even know. They are also slaves of the same system.
You dismiss the whims of people's heart as dumb, if you also understand the so called smartness of the thought process and emotion is quite dumb, now it becomes easy to train people
Whether you’re running your own business or a state or a nation or whatever, in whichever way, if you’re touching a certain number of people in a day, you are a leader.
People are trying to imitate the people who came and ruled them - because those who rule you are a symbol of power.
People are always mistaking mental alertness for awareness. Mental alertness will enhance your ability to survive better. You can survive better with mental alertness but that is not awareness.
Unless we produce people of absolute integrity & commitment, who will not deviate at any cost, ritual is a dangerous process, but without ritual you can never touch larger populations. Meditation will always be exclusive. Ritual is very inclusive. People can come & participate without any preparation & benefit from that
Spiritual process has become ridiculous because all the time people are talking about things which are not yet in their experience. Some things you know best only by experience
World, nation, society – these are just words. It’s just you and me. What kind of people we are, that’s the kind of society, that’s the kind of nation, that’s the kind of world we will live in
Leadership is about managing people, material and situations. Inability to manage oneself is the fundamental lacuna
There are two kinds of people - those who make things happen, and those who enjoy it if it happens well and complain if it doesn’t.
Being with people means to Include, Inspire, and Invigorate. To scrutinize, criticize, and castigate is not the way to go.
No two individuals are ever the same. You cannot equate people. You can only create equal opportunity.
Transformation is when who you are is not determined anymore by other people's opinions or other people's presence.
When you live, people will enjoy living with you. When you die, they will miss you. That's how you should live
Democracy is rule of institutions - will of the people, not whims of a few.
The reason why most people have remained the way they are because they've not invested in their well-being
Shambhavi Mahamudra, is not really an initiation – it is more like a consecration. We are consecrating living people.
The people who make decisions for everybody should be in a good condition, because their decisions impact not just them, but also a large number of lives.
Only because people have not realized the immensity of being human, they think they have to be led by some other force.
So we need to generate those people who are beyond corruption. Doesn’t matter, if you hand over heaven to them, they will still not in any way misuse it. Such people we need to produce if we want to make ritual an active part of life, if you want to make a larger spiritual process to happen in the society which is beyond meditativeness
The only reason people don't know how to stay joyful is they don't have the needed know-how
The only reason why people have such a fear of death is they know nothing beyond the body.
Almost 90% of the people in this world die with some disturbance, suffering and struggle. Very few people die peacefully and even fewer people die joyfully and extremely few people die blissfully
Most people have misunderstood their memory as intelligence
Our greatest achievement is that our farmers, with very little technology or infrastructure, have managed to feed 1.3 billion people
Young people, who have their lives ahead of them, should first invest a certain amount of time on their inner wellbeing. How you should be within yourself should be a primary concern
Leadership means you're able to draw thousands of people and take them in one direction
Living in an atmosphere where people are passionate about what they are doing itself is highly enriching.
Every human being is spiritual in some way. It is just that some people claim the mantle
People are jut scared of everything, that is because of unpreparedness
Today, everywhere you go people are talking about economy. We are reducing everything to a marketplace
There are very wonderful people around you, but once in a while they like to go crazy for a few minutes. If you don't understand that, you will lose them.
People always kept account of money and things that they have, but very few people kept accounts of how they are
The whole problem of constantly seeing people for their gender is something that has to go from the world
Mental illnesses are growing like never before because we are pulling out all the supports that people have
Unfortunately, in the last 70 years we have not built too many people of money. We have built too many people for money. A nation will suffer if it has too many people who live for money. Time to cure the nation of this ailment
Leadership is not about people clapping their hands; not about everybody looking up to you. Leadership comes with enormous risk-taking abilities
One reason why people go through so much stress in their day-to-day lives is they try to figure out everything logically.
Today people just go on working, working and working. Not because they are creating something fantastic, but simply because they have to work, otherwise they don't know what to do with themselves.
Existence is not making a judgment about who is good or bad. It is only social situations that try to judge people
Everyone wants to be joyful. People keep falling into pits because they do not have the necessary energy to keep up their joy
Emotions are the strongest force in most people - even in those who believe they are intellectual.
In human life, emotion is a very powerful thing. Even in this day and age, though people think they are very intellectual, even today their emotions are the strongest aspect. It’s the most intense aspect of their life. They claim they are intellectual, but their intellect is never so intense, but their emotions are intense
People are always looking for a "take away", there's nothing to take away, I will not give you any take away, if I give you take away you will either carry it on your head or you will reject it, both are no good
To be human means that you can mold the situations the way you want it, you are not molded by the situations, you are molding the situations the way you want it. But today most people in the world are molded by the situations in which they exist, that is simply because they are existing in reaction to situations they were placed.
Killing innocent people is not worthy of any cause
On the streets of a metropolis like Paris, you see so much more insecurity in people's faces, then a beggar on the street, in the Eastern countries
People who have reached a certain level of success should shift their attention from "more" to "all"
If we take care of what happens within an individual human being, you don’t have to bother about what happens in the society
People have built a false world within themselves else when they close their eyes, the world would disappear
Look at how many times you looked at people and things around you without any sense of involvement.
If individual wellbeing has to happen, we need to attend to individual people. If each individual begins to experience himself as a human being, if he allows his humanity to flower within himself, there will be peaceful human beings and a peaceful world. So our interest should become people
Most of the dreams people go through in their day-to-day life are because there is an unbridled sense of desiring
Economic activity is truly successful only when all the 7.4 billion people in the world are involved and benefiting in some way
The spiritual process is one way of ensuring that people have the necessary awareness to make the right choices.
Today, you neither have enough buses, land, toilets, temples or even a sufficient piece of sky for 1.3 billion people. The only thing we can do is – are we going to adjust our population to the resource that we have?
I’m trying to increase the percentage of ecstatic people on the planet. You are my hope
If you take people of two different religions or politicians of two different ideologies, they can never come to an agreement. Two military leaders obviously cannot even co-exist. It is only a businessman who is willing to make a deal with anyone
Without understanding the fundamentals of the mind – the most sophisticated machine on the planet, we are trying to operate it. If you somehow go at it, sometimes it works. But most of the time, unfortunately, people’s minds are working against them.
People who don’t have the courage to put their name out and say, “This is what I want to say,” such people are slinks. You don’t even want to put your name on it, but you want to express your opinion? You have no right to do such things
Political issues are always there. But people’s issues, the nation’s issues, the nation moving forward is the biggest issue
Humanity is yet to become alive. Human nature is yet to become alive. People are just centered in their egos, not in their original nature.
We can do something about the physical suffering, but people are creating suffering for themselves every day; suffering anger, suffering fear, suffering hatred, suffering jealousy, suffering insecurity.
Every culture and group has their own concept about God, and this has been a basic point of conflict in the world. Your God is one way, somebody else's God is another way, and these two people are fighting. All the God- people are constantly quarreling
It is natural for people to initially believe that if their food, housing, clothing and the little luxuries they are dreaming of are taken care of, everything will be okay. When all those things are taken care of, and you realize that you are still not fulfilled as a human being, that is when you naturally turn inward
Haven't you seen enough people simply suffering for anything and everything? They suffer their failure, they suffer their success, they suffer their poverty, they suffer their wealth, they suffer their health and their ill-health
The seat of your experience is within you... people think their emotions and their thoughts have something to do with somebody else.