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Creation quotes by Sadhguru

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If you live on the surface, you just live as a piece of creation. If you go to the core, you are the very creator himself.
Any method to heighten the presence of that which is the source of creation within you, is yoga
The journey is from being a part of creation to be part of the source of creation or the Creator.
If you allow the source of creation within you to find expression, joyful is the only way you can be
[About Cloning] There is a pleasurable way of creating children, I don’t see why you’re wasting billions of dollars in a laboratory. I am only talking about when still women are able to bear children. it doesn’t matter what you call it, you’re just producing a human body which is alive - means the life process is there with all the ingredients
A mystic will become a flower If he looks at a flower. Because for him even a small little flower that is blossoming in something unnoticeable in the grass, even there the hand of the Creator is actively there, as active as it is in this one (human)
Why is there so much misery if all creation is a perfect job? It is such a perfect job, that it gives you the opportunity to be whichever way you wish to be
If people choose to make misery out of themselves, what can be done? That's not Creation's fault. Creation just gave you the freedom so that you could go beyond.
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful. You do not have to add any frills to it – neither to your own life nor to anything else.
Creation is not eternal, that which is the source of creation must be eternal

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God Quotes
All the miserable people in the world think there is something wrong with the creation; all the miserable people in the world think Creator has made a mistake
Creation is not eternal, that which is the source of creation must be eternal
I have never been lonely because the source of creation has never left me for a moment, has never left anyone for a moment.
The only reason why we are talking about a God is because we have no explanation for the creation. There is such a phenomenal creation and we don’t know how. So, simple childish explanation is there is one man sitting up there and doing all this stuff.
The idea of God has entered our mind only because we are unwilling to admit that we do not know how all this happened. Because it’s too phenomenal, too magical - the creation the way it is, who did it means there must be somebody up there.
What you consider as divine, what you consider as God is essentially that which is the source of creation, If you pay little attention to the creation, whether to a flower or a leaf or an ant, if you just pay enough attention to the ant,it is such a phenomenal mechanism. You can't find another machine like that, it smacks of intelligence of the highest kind
Your petty creation has become larger than the Creator’s creation. You lost perspective of life. That is the fundamental basis of all this confusion and suffering. If you see who you are, the micro speck that you are, you wouldn’t imagine that God is made in your own image and he looks like you and whatever
The choice is just this – either you can exist here just as a piece of Creation or you can exist here as the very Creator himself.
May you be overwhelmed by life, this tremendous phenomenon that is creation and Creator at once
The idea of God came up because people have no explanation for such a magnificent creation
God is the Creator, not a manager. Humans have the privilege of managing their own lives
The soul is sacred for people, the body is filthy, how is it possible? We have been saying God is sacred, creation is filthy, how is it possible?
There is a creation, so there must be a creator. This is how the logical mind thinks. This is rudimentary logic, this is childish logic which has led to all this.
This is the only culture, which is very very clear that the way you are is not God’s doing. The way you are is your doing. Creation is not your doing, but the way you are, the way you’re experiencing life, what you are attracting, what you’re getting into is one hundred percent your doing. It is your karma.

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Short Quotes
The journey is from being a part of creation to be part of the source of creation or the Creator.
Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation
Any method to heighten the presence of that which is the source of creation within you, is yoga
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful
Are you creating poison within you or the fragrance of the Divine? This is a choice
A Guru's rule is to destroy one's petty creation so one can touch the Creator's creation
The basis of creation is Shiva but the first act of creation is from Shakti.
Nothing is accidental here. The whole physical existence is happening between cause and consequence
If you think one piece of creation is better than another, you have completely lost it.
Creation is sound. The Creator is stillness
The whole creation is so tenderly balanced - this manifests the mastery of the Creator
Creation is just a complex amalgamation of sounds or reverberations.
If you experience the entire creation as "myself", then we say you are a yogi.
As the very source of creation is within you, all solutions are within you too.
The basis of creation is a boundless space of emptiness
If you become the fragrance, you will become the very source of creation
Creation is in the lap of the Creator, and the Creator is the core of creation
The nature of creation is not to be found in similarities, sameness, or the familiar
What you call as creation is just a tiny dot in an immeasurable empty scape.
There is no confusion in the creation. Confusion is there only in your mind.
Sounds are many - silence is one. Forms are in zillions - the source of creation is one.
The scape of creation is such that it is way beyond your logical perception.
Sound is the substance of Creation. Meanings are made up in human minds.
That which is the source of your creation is obviously within you

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Life Quotes
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful. You do not have to add any frills to it – neither to your own life nor to anything else.
For every human being, this is the thing – have you opened up to the various dimensions of life or have you cocooned yourself in your own petty creation, which is psychological?
Creation is not human centric. All life upon the planet has the same right of existence
Life: In the beat of heart, In the gentle passage of a breath. In the pulsation of blood. Does life happen & so does Death. A fleeting moment embodies the dynamism of creation & stillness of its source
All creatures are an expression of the Creator. If you are willing, every creature is a doorway to the Creator
The very life within you is longing to be joyful because joyfulness is the nature of the source of creation.
This is the choice you have- Either you exist here just as a piece of creation, pushed and pulled by the forces of Life. Or you exist here as a creator, creating your destiny, making your life happen.
If you're creating poison from within you and you want to live well, how is it? Life doesn't work like that. Unless you do the right things, right things will not happen to you.
Life is in the detail. Just look at a flower or an ant, how intricately every piece of creation is engineered
The source of creation is in every atom, every creature, and every cell of your body. If you can access it, your life will be magical
If you can access the intelligence of that which is the source of creation in your day-to-day life, your life will be magical
Life is about the creation that is here, knowing it absolutely and experiencing it the way it is; not distorting it the way you want
The whole phenomena of life - the very creation is too complex, sophisticated, and fantastic. If you're engaged with it, there is no room for boredom.
Life has come from a very beautiful source. If you remain in touch with that source, everything about you will be beautiful
If you exist on the level of creation, as you are right now, you are subject to all the dualities of life
Today, our idea of science is, learning how to use everything. Yes? We know how to use an atom, we know how to break it, we know how to fuse it but we really do not know what it is. Any one thing, tiniest thing in the creation, we do not know in its entirety, this is the fact of life.

All creation Quotes

When every moment, you experience yourself as the source of creation, not as a piece of creation, then you are realized
It is time we work towards creating a world where every human being can blossom and be like a flower, bursting with love and ecstasy.
Nothing should be ‘use and throw.’ This is not just about saving resources. This is about a certain respect for all creation.
The source of creation is subtle. Only if you make your body and mind shut up, it will speak
If you pay enough attention, you will know the tune of creation, and you will naturally find your own rhythm.
The bark of a dog, the chirping of a bird, the drone of the insects, the full-throated symphony of the frogs, the drum, and the sacred chant are all same to the divine ear
You have the choice to be here as a speck of creation or as the very source of creation. Not exploring such a phenomenal possibility is a crime
Any philosophy is a sacrilege against creation. It just gives people the kinds of explanations that they want to hear.
Creation is not your doing, but the way you are, the way you experience life, the situations you attract, are one hundred percent your doing
You are a piece of creation. If you go against any other piece of creation, you are unknowingly going against yourself
When you become too entangled with your own creation, you are bound to miss the creator’s creation.
You are too enamored with your own creation. That means you must be too full of yourself. That is the big problem
Joy is also your karma; misery is also you karma. Isn't it wonderful, your life is your business & nobody’s business? You can make whatever you want out of it. There cannot be more compassion for someone as small as you. In this creation, You are a tiny speck, to you this much freedom has been given, that you can shape your life the way you want it
Anybody coming up with any kind of philosophy is a sacrilege against creation. If you come here a thousand lifetimes & pay attention all 24 hours of the day, still you won't know a minuscule part of creation, Anybody thinking up their own nonsense is absolute sacrilege
You think your thoughts and emotions are life? No! Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you are creating in your mind, it is your cinema. You must be able to end it somewhere. If you do not know how to put ‘the end’ then it’s going on endless cinema you’re going crazy.
There is something within which can transform a rice grain or a banana or a piece of bread into a human being. This is the ultimate source of Creation.
The existence happens in 2 different dimensions, one is the non-dual oneness of the existence, and the many manifestations of the dual. All the manifestations that you see in the creation are rooted in duality, because there is two, there are many
What you call as sex is the duality trying to meet, and in the process of the duality meeting there & also certain functions that nature wants you to fulfill, like survival and procreation of the species. Duality is always trying to meet, because what was one has manifested itself as two, no there is longing to become one all the time
For anything to happen, you must create the right kind of situation
Once you have access to the source of creation within you, your health and wellbeing will blossom from within.
Yoga is not just about twisting and turning. Yoga means to exist in union with the rest of creation.
When you are no longer identified with your body and mind, you will be in touch with the source of creation within you. Once this happens, Grace happens.
Yoga means seeing that Creator and creation are one
We can pray if we have the necessity, but if the source of creation is within us, there is no need for us to pray. We just have to be in contact with Him
Everything that can be created has already been done in creation. As human beings, we can only imitate, not create as such.
Yoga and meditation are simple ways to turn your attention inward and begin to experience how this source of creation is functioning from within you.
In the beginning, everything is primordial, there is no duality. But once creation happens, there is duality.
Once you are a part of the dance, you cannot miss the presence of the dancer
No matter how many books you have read, how much knowledge you have gathered - compared to creation, it is too limited.
I was painting a farm in Mysore, it takes time to paint like it is usually done, so what I did is- dip, hold it and just walk smearing the wall, initially the smear was thick, as it went, it became lighter & lighter & became really subtle, I looked at it & burst into tears, that was one great moment of realization for me, all creation is like this
Why is it nobody said, ‘God is intelligence’? People are saying ‘God is love, God is this, God is that’ all these things we are capable of. An intelligence beyond ourselves is what our problem is, Even a dog is very loving. Not just God; If you pay attention to the creation, you will see, whatever is the source of creation – it’s intelligence is unbeatable
If you are aware, conscious and in direct contact with the source of creation, you would live absolutely well.
The greatest problem that humanity is facing & suffering is that they’re so absolutely involved & enamored & overwhelmed with their own psychological drama that they’re completely missing the magic of creation
In the yogic tradition, Shiva is the unfathomable emptiness from which creation springs and into which it collapses.
Nature wants to perpetuate itself. It does not even need the Creator's interference; that is the beauty of creation
Time is the most significant dimension of creation - not just a human concept, as most people believe.
If you look deep enough into anything - from your fingerprint to your eyeball and your hair - everything is unique
By wanting to be exclusive, you separate yourself from the rest of creation. And then you complain about being lonely
Yoga means to breach the barrier of physical creation and touch the boundless nature of source of creation
If you use your awareness to cut through your body, you can clearly see even the beginning of creation. Everything that ever happened is there.
Intelligence is not yours or mine - it is the nature of creation & the Creator. Finding access to this intelligence is our skill & endeavor.
Everything in creation, one way or the other, is a micro-replica of the cosmos itself. That goes for the human body too. Everything in the existence is just a micro-version of the cosmic possibility
The source of creation is everywhere, and it is constantly on. If it withdraws, the whole universe will disappear in a moment.
If you pay attention to the creation you'll see whatever is the source of creation - its intelligence is unbeatable.
In opening doors of perception, You shall experience richness of creation
When the very source of creation is within you, all the solutions are within you. The problems are just created by you.
This eternal mischief, That these elements five did make, What a simple trap you set, To see no man can ever know
There is nothing to invent in the universe – in some way, everything is already there. We can only discover its many facets
The Pingala and Ida represent the basic duality in existence. It is this duality which we traditionally personify as Shiva and Shakti. You can simply call it masculine and feminine, or it can be the logical and the intuitive aspect of you. It is based on this that life is created. Without these two dualities, life wouldn't exist as it does right now
The microcosm and the macrocosm are made the same way. If you know this piece of life (self), you will know everything in the universe because that's how it is made