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Spirituality quotes by Sadhguru

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A spiritual process is not a divorce from life. It is an irrevocable love affair with life
Spirituality is not something you can do on the outside, in a temple, mosque, or church - it has to happen within yourself.
As a human, you are not a being, you are a becoming, an ongoing process. Nothing is fixed - you can be whichever way you want to be
When you consciously rise above your likes and dislikes, that's maturity.
There is no point in teaching spirituality when there is no water to drink or food to eat
Before you go to bed, everything that is not you, keep it aside. They may be precious to you, keep it aside, one day when you successfully keep everything aside that you are not, what you are will be there
Attachment is a consequence of exclusiveness. The moment you choose between one and the other, you naturally get entangled
You don’t have to be whipped by the world to be at your best you’re willing to whip yourself to be at your best. When it’s self-driven, we call it spiritual, when it is driven by somebody, it becomes slavery.
The most fundamental aspect on the spiritual path is to be one hundred percent straight with yourself.
A spiritual person and a materialistic person are both seeking the same infinite. One is seeking it consciously, the other one unconsciously.

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Life Quotes
Desire's ultimate goal is unboundedness, the infinite nature, but because you are unaware you are giving it an unconscious expression for the longing that is wanting to become unbounded, you can't destroy your desire, you have to make your desire into a conscious process
Life does not mean party. Life means that you're doing the right things with this (self/ body), so that this gradually evolves to a higher and higher space.
People may think this is extreme, but, You must go and volunteer in hospital wards where people die and you must see, it's very important, only then you become sensitive to life, life becomes super valuable because you know it is limited
Make yourself in such a way that you are always looking at how to make someone else's life beautiful
Spirituality is not some nonsense up there, it is about becoming available to life process in its fullest scope, not just physical, not just mental. This is spirituality
Spirituality: Right now your awareness is limited to a small aspect of your life. The whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are, so that before you go, you know life, you experience life in its totality, to live totally. To live and to live totally, that's spirituality
A spiritual process means just that - that the outside situations need not drive you, the outside situations do not mold you.
Every life on this planet, how great it becomes or how puny it becomes is not dependent upon whether it's good or bad. It is dependent upon how much nurture it finds from outside and from within.
What we are referring to as spiritual is a deeper dimension of who we are that is longing to expand, because life wants to find its ultimate nature, longing to expand is not just spiritual, this is life
In a short period of time, what you need for your lifetime you create in terms of money and then do what is significant for your life, rather than running after a tool which was just created to simplify transactions.
Meditativeness means to become in such a way that you are not the source of the problem. Wherever you are, you’re a solution, you’re not a problem.
My work as a guru is just to give you a taste of that ultimate, so that your life goes into a tizzy, and you go crazy, and you want to go for it. You have had a taste, now you can’t stop.
To stand firmly on the ground & still reach out & touch the sky, is the essence of the spiritual process
When you become significant as a life, it doesn't matter what you do, whatever you do will be worthwhile.
If you cannot embrace everything the way it is, if you accept some and reject others, you will only have morality, no spirituality
To plunge into the core of life is the only sacredness there is. To live superficially is the only sin.
Unfortunately, most people, especially spiritual ones, are making simple things complex. My life is about making complex things simple because only by making things as simple as possible, they become accessible
The most effective way of touching lives around you is to break your own barriers
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
Live your materialistic life like today's the last day. Live your spiritual life like you are eternal
There is no better insight into someone's teaching than looking at the way he lives
To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about. That does not mean being lethargic and lax
Spirituality isn't about going to a jungle. It's about living a full-fledged life. You want the full cake, not a cut.
Absolute passion towards the Divine. Compassion towards all life. Dispassion towards yourself.
You don't have to do anything, you don't have to think anything, you don't have to feel anything to be complete. You are complete by yourself

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Short Quotes
If the pain of ignorance bothers you, you have become spiritual
Between you and the ultimate reality there is only one barrier, that is yourself.
If your humanity overflows, divinity will come in search of you.
There is no point in teaching spirituality when there is no water to drink or food to eat
A spiritual person is unwilling to settle for anything less than the Ultimate.
To grow does not mean that you think too much of yourself. Growth is dissolution
To create something and not to be attached to what you have created is a spiritual process
Human heart longs to be on fire without reason
The idea of doing Sadhana is that all your questions will burn, not that you will find answers
With gratitude for everything, success and victory will be yours
Talking or acting spiritual is of no use. Spirituality is about transforming yourself
One who does not touch the stillness within and without will invariably get lost in the movement
Spiritual process means everything in you is absolutely fully alive, lit up.
Morality is necessary when spiritually is absent
Entering the spiritual path means you have become conscious of your suffering
Without establishing a non-discriminatory way of looking at everything, you will never be a yogi
An idle mind is Divine's workshop. An Idler's mind is devil's workshop.
Once you are constantly aware of your mortality, your spiritual search will be unwavering
Spiritual process is not about looking upward or downward. It is about looking inward
Meditation is neither concentration nor relaxation. It is a sort of homecoming.
Spiritual growth is about being all-inclusive
To be spiritual means to be an emperor within yourself. This is the only way to be
The purpose of spiritual science is to awaken human beings to their ultimate possibility
You are a spiritual being trapped in a physical body, not a physical being acting out spirituality
Spiritual sadhana is not about making you into something other than what you are, but to erase the false faces that you have created for yourself

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Seeking Quotes
If you see 'I do not know' the longing to know will arise within you, if the longing arises, the seeking arises, if the seeking arises, the possibility of knowing exists
Seek what you know as the highest. It does not matter whether it is going to happen or not - living with a vision itself is a very elevating process
Until you allow yourself to blossom into a state of boundlessness, you should not be content, you must burn with discontent
Every human being wants his life enhanced, a man who goes to the bar & a man who goes to a church/ temple are both seeking the same thing, they're trying to enhance their life, if you don't show them proper ways to enhance, they will find shortcuts, they will take whatever ways are available on the street
Seeking can not be a religion, seeking is a spiritual process
If you want to make a nation out of India, it’s important we get the fundamental ethos that we are a land of seekers. If this seeking is not deepened, if there is no spiritual process in us there is no reason why we should be together, we look different, eat different, dress different, speak different languages- there is no reason for us to be together
If we bring this one thing, that the highest aspect in the world is seeking the truth and liberation, you will naturally have the fragrance of this culture everywhere. It is a natural consequence of this seeking
Unless you begin to see the hollowness of where you are right now, you'll not begin to seek something else strongly
Enlightenment means you're constantly seeking new terrain where you don't know how to walk - that's spiritual process
Spirituality is not about reorienting psychological attitudes but exploring a dimension fundamental to who you are
Whatever every human being is doing, whether it is pursuing money, pleasure, or God, he is only seeking his own wellbeing. Spirituality only expands this innate urge - to include the whole of humanity within oneself. This is the only way that human wellbeing can happen.

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Spiritual Process Quotes
Spiritual process is like driving a car. Sadhana is like that too. You just press the accelerator and leave it; it keeps running unless you're braking all the time.
With absolute involvement, any activity can become a spiritual process.
Spiritual process is to crackdown whatever can be cracked down. There is something in you which cannot be cracked down
Once you realize that the way you exist right now is not enough, that there is something more, your spiritual process has already begun
Being on the spiritual path means understanding that the source of your trouble and the source of your wellbeing are within you.
Sanyas is not a process of suppression or denial – it is a process of transcendence
On one level, spiritual process means to become like a mountain – stable, still. Only when somebody has a very stable base, many things can be done
You don’t have to withdraw to a mountain cave to turn spiritual. It does not matter where you are or what you do in life. The spiritual process has nothing to do with the outside – it is something that happens within you
We do not want spiritual process to be relegated to remote mountain peaks; it must be a part of everyday life.
Nobody wants to walk the path, nobody wants to do what is needed to be done, but they want to be there.
If you just pull the plug on your likes and dislikes, fireworks will begin with your spiritual process.
Spiritual process is not about chanting a mantra or closing your eyes, spiritual process is essentially about enhancing your perception
The spiritual process is not a therapy, it is not a solution for anything - it is a device for dissolution
On the spiritual path, the first thing is to experientially ascertain where your are right now. You can only start the journey from where you are
For those who are on the spiritual path, being alone, keeping a distance from people, and becoming silent are not issues - these are opportunities.
Spiritual process is not a backward step. It is a leap forward to a place that others are yet to get to
When we talk about a spiritual process, we are talking about shifting from psychological to existential.
Spirituality happens only because you paid attention to your life, and you saw that you don't know where it begins and where it ends.

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One who is in constant journey learns to love and enjoy everything, but not pick up anything on the way.
A materialistic person is ruthless with other people but kind to himself. A spiritual person is ruthless with himself but kind to everybody else
When the need to be special is gone, that is when you are unique. Significance of life is in its uniqueness
Forget about others. You learn to be loving by your own nature, not because of somebody else or something else.
You can use this mind as a ladder to the Divine, or you can use it to trap yourself into this little body and feel like a refugee on this planet
'What I Know, I know, what I do not know, I do not know', once you come to this sincerely, your knowing will constantly go on expanding on a daily basis, otherwise, the moment you believe, you are stagnant
The spiritual journey is a journey towards clarity, but never towards certainty. When you draw conclusions about beginnings and endings, you are a believer. When you accept that you really do not know anything, you become a seeker.
When people are alone, they become spiritual. When in company, they become religious
Love is not a joy; it is a deep, wonderful pain. Everything within you should tear. Only then will you know what love is.
Do not try to be special. If you are simply ordinary, more ordinary than others, you will become extraordinary
On Spirituality: If You are inside a car and don't know how to drive, you will be scared. But if you know, the faster it goes the more ecstatic you get.
Don't hold any ideas about yourself or anybody, just look at everything the way it is - you'll merge with everything
Individuals should shape their lives according to their particular needs, not according to social trends
Joy, peace, and love aren't spiritual goals. They are the starting point for living sensibly.
The world needs you to be pleasant. But spiritual process is about transcendence, not good behavior.
In search of wellbeing, we have done all kinds of insane things on this planet, but wellbeing has not happened. If wellbeing is what you seek, in is the only way out.
If you can joyfully be a skeptic, then you are a spiritual seeker, and that's an ideal mindset for seeking the truth.
The whole art of being a Guru is just this: to constantly puncture people’s ego and still manage to remain their friend.
Spirituality is ultimate greed. You don't just want a piece of creation - you want the source of creation.
Spirituality means you don't try to find explanations for your nonsense - you are willing to face it
Religions divide - spiritual process includes
Education and spiritual process should not be in the hands of prejudiced minds. Prejudice means not seeing life the way it is
Prayer means you are trying to tell God what to do. Meditation means you understand your limitations and shut up
If you live on the surface, you just live as a piece of creation. If you go to the core, you are the very creator himself.
Every social group is built on identifications. The basis of spiritual process is to learn to live without an identity
Realization does not depend on your capability. If you remain oriented, you will realize
Learning to live with the reality is the most important dimension. If you stop distorting things in your mind and just see everything the way it is, mukti is just one step away. You don’t have to do anything. Just time will mature you into another place.
Marriage means weaving two lives into one. Thinking, feeling, and living beyond yourself can be a stepping stone to Ultimate Union.
When we say spirituality, we are talking about an existential change.
The reminder of one's mortality has always been the fundamental force behind the human search for something beyond. If they never knew that they would die, nobody would seek spirituality.
A human being is a highly sophisticated mechanism. If you are in proper tune, you are capable of perceiving the whole cosmos within yourself
Spiritual process means, you do what life is longing for, to become more than what you are right now. The materialistic way, it will never work
Spirituality means to crank up your life to the highest pitch of intensity
One who has not realized the eternal nature must at least realize the mortal nature. Only when he realizes the mortal nature and confronts it, the longing to go beyond becomes a genuine force. Otherwise, all spiritual process is just bad entertainment
In spirituality, when we say growth, we are talking about becoming smaller; not just smaller - non existent
There is no life's calling, but life is calling - both from within and without. Only when you truly respond to the call of life will you know life in its entirety.
To be spiritual has always been understood as to also be gentle, which has always been misinterpreted as weakness. The weak are not gentle by choice but because they are incapable. Gentleness is of value only when it is by choice
Joy is not a goal by itself. Joy is a condition that opens you up for life. It opens you up to perceive and know life
Spirituality: If your experience of life transcends the physical, and something other than the physical is happening, then we can say you are spiritual
Shiva is the destroyer, but he is also the very basis of creation. He is the most beautiful and he is the most ugly. He is the most wonderful and he is the most terrible. Shiva's personality has been created like this because, if you can accept this one man, you will accept the whole creation the way it is. It is a tool, it is a device
Only when you remind yourself of your death, you will turn spiritual. If you think of God, fantasies will come in your mind. No spirituality will come
If you are seeking infinite, installment is not the way. It will be an endless installment.
There are a million different ways through which you can attain your ultimate nature.
When someone is not eating properly, I cannot talk spirituality to them or teach them meditation, because when a man is hungry, talking to him about meditation and spirituality is obscene. It is vulgar
Spirituality means that you are seeking tools to go beyond the limitations of the five sense perceptions and experience something more than the physical.
Once you become an absolute "yes" to life, then spirituality is not something that you have to look for somewhere; whatever you do is spiritual
If your gentleness and loving nature are coming out of your inclusiveness, it is fantastic. But if it is a formula that you have learned to get what you want, it doesn't mean anything.
Being on the spiritual path means you want to be a success in an existential sphere, not just on a social level
Being spiritual does not mean being dead serious. If you allow life to happen within you exuberantly, unbridled, you will touch the spirit.
One simple thing that can transform a human being is emotion. Your emotion can drag you into the gutter or it can take you to the highest peak of consciousness
This body and mind are just temporary happenings. Is the awareness of that not inspiration enough to long for something beyond?
Everyone is capable of doing great things but socially we are teaching them to do easy things
If you go after what's easy the next thing will be sleep and then death.
The word yoga means union. Yoga is not a religion. We looked at the Universe and saw union
The yogic system is about enhancing your perception. The divine should not be an imagined hope - it should become a living reality for you
Spiritual process is not for the dead or the dying; it is for the living who want to become fully alive in all dimensions of life
Spiritual process means life is happening in its fullest and most vibrant dimension - not just physically, mentally, and emotionally - on all levels
If you know how to touch the core of a human being, everyone is willing to do the best for you
Just desire the highest in life. Direct all your passion towards that.
The only reason why most people have not realized the inner realities is, they believe things that they do not know.
Spirituality is not about peace, joy, or going to heaven - it is about exploring your self totally
Life is intensity. Life within you does not slacken even for a moment. What slackens is your mind & your emotion- sometimes on, sometimes off. Watch the breath, does it ever slacken? If it slackens, it means death, When I go on telling you in so many ways to be intense, I am just talking about you becoming like life
Once there is a distance between you and your thought process, a new freedom is born. With this freedom, a new perception arises
You can give joyfully only when you have found something so valuable within yourself that everything else does not mean so much to you anymore
There are all kinds of idiots on the planet, but the so-called religious and spiritual idiots take the cake anywhere in the world.
Every human being is capable of spiritual greatness, it is just that they are identifying with their limitations, they are not identifying with the possibility of the immensity of being human
There are only two kinds of people in the world, mystics and mistakes. If your perception has made a mistake you're a mistake. If your perception has gone beyond the mistakes and beginning to see life just the way it is then you are a mystic
Very few people transcend out of their intelligence, most people have to be thrashed by life; only then they will transcend
You are working towards somebody else's idea of success, that is not a success, your success is you as a human being you found your full potential, that is your success
If you make your process of desiring into a conscious process, then desire is no more a problem, desire is a wonderful vehicle that will take you places
‘more’ is not what you’re looking for. ‘All’ is what you’re looking for. If you want ‘more’, you can conquer it. If you want ‘all’, can you conquer it? Can you earn it? If you want ‘all’, what should you do about it? If you look at that, you’ll naturally turn spiritual
If you want to approach the truth, the first thing is you don't assume anything. If you have already made an assumption, you are just trying to find the confirmation for your assumption, that is not seeking truth
Devotion cannot be practiced. It cannot be cultivated or cultured. When you are overwhelmed by something or somebody that you see something or somebody way above yourself, far beyond yourself, naturally devotion comes.
With your actions, if you are turning yourself against yourself, because you do things senselessly & you are not doing things by choice simply because you have given in to a certain aspect of your body or emotion or something, then definitely you will bring suffering to yourself
Yoga is about enhancing the interiority of who you are (the outside has to be conducted as it needs to be conducted)
One who is constantly reminded of his mortality, at least has created a fertile ground for his knowing, may be he doesn't know it yet, but he has the fertile ground for his knowing
One who is longing to use love as a way of ultimate union should not be bothered about being doormat, this and that.
Maybe you’re thinking of more money but that’s only your misunderstanding, you want to be something more – that’s a spiritual process; misguided but spiritual. You want to become powerful/ rich/ knowledgeable/ loved, you want to have pleasure- all this is spiritual processes going in wrong directions, that's all
Religion is not about belief-system. All religions started as a method to turn inward. An inward step can be taken only by an individual. It's a very intimate thing; But when people try to organize this inward step, naturally it gets distorted.
To become open is the most important thing. So just believing that I am open and not doing anything about it, is no good. Openness has to be tested with your commitment of time and effort. How open you are, you have to prove, every day to yourself and to the existence
If you constantly bow down to everything, genuinely, not as an exercise, not because somebody has told you, genuinely if you bow down to everything that you see, within yourself and outside of yourself then you will see there will be no such thing as 'you' left. When you are devoid of you, you are always the same.
Yoga as a process, yoga as a method, yoga as a technology, yoga as a science is essentially to break the limitations of a certain concretization that happens, which we call as personality - to evolve from being a person to a presence.
You would be naturally, one hundred percent pleasant within yourself if you make yourself the way you want yourself to be. Without doing that, you had no business to get married, if you ask me. At least one life could have been saved
Yoga means experiencing everything as a part of yourself
Spiritual progress: If by the day you are becoming a more joyful human being, (if your long face is becoming wider) that means you are progressing
Guru who comforts you is no good to you. There is nothing spiritual about giving solace to people. It is just a psychological comfort which your family can offer, which your dog can offer. Dog is good solace for you
You cannot think about it, you cannot talk about it because whatever you think and talk about is not spirituality.
If the process of dividing life into proper compartments doesn’t mean much to you anymore, you want to know the timelessness of life, the boundless nature of what this is, then you need to be little bit set on fire. nice logic or petty emotions won’t do it. They don't magnify the possibility of moving from a limited state of ignorance to an unlimited state
If you’re just conscious of your mortality you will naturally become spiritual. You will not become spiritual by thinking about God. You will become unrealistic, hallucinatory.
Receptivity will not happen to you if you’re too full of yourself. The less you are the more you receive, the more you are less you receive.
The spiritual process is always individual. You may sit in a group, but only the individual can evolve, only the individual can liberate himself
It is nice to transcend your logic, but it is stupid to give up your logic.
Being on the spiritual path is not about becoming a constipated life but to have an unbridled involvement with everything & every life around
Being spiritual is a far more intelligent way to exist. It means being in tune with the intelligence of the Creator
The Divine will not yield unless it is your number one priority.
Unfortunately, for most people peace has become the highest goal in life. Such people will only Rest In Peace. We need to understand that peace is the most fundamental requirement, not the highest goal
Sanathan Dharma identifies that a human being cannot rest, he cannot rest because he longs to be something more than what he is right now. You cannot stop it. You teach him any kind of philosophy, you cannot stop it. He wants to be little more than who he is right now. If that little more happens, he will seek little more and little more
The family is a training ground to rise beyond likes and dislikes
If you try to use fewer words to say what you need to say, you will become conscious of your speech, and in turn of your thoughts.
The very sovereignty of this nation will be untenable the moment you hack the spiritual thread that binds us. So it is in the hands of young people like you to strengthen that within yourself and in everybody around you
There is no need to balance spirituality and materialism, because there are no two such things. Its just you.
To live and to live totally - that's spirituality.
If your liberation becomes your only priority, everything will open up for you. Enlightenment won't happen on the side.
Spiritual process is a seeking. Religion means assuming things that you do not know.
Your home, your city, your town and your state and your nation and the world should become like a temple. That cannot be done by building more temples; that can only be done by you being in touch with the Divine
One's progress within oneself has nothing to do with what a person does on the outside
By going to the temple, mosque, or church, you do not become spiritual. You become spiritual only by turning inward.
To progress on the path, you should only be concerned about where you go, not where you came from
There is security in repetitive life patterns, but there are no possibilities, no growth
For wealth to translate into wellbeing, you need a spiritual element within you. Without that, your success could work against you
Spirituality is not about being super-human, this is about realizing that being human is super. It’s extraordinary because lot of people have denied themselves the possibility of knowing the immensity of being human.
Walking the spiritual path means moving towards liberation, regardless of your past tendencies, your genes, and your body
If you shake off the influences of external circumstances, you are naturally spiritual
All the human misery that is happening on this planet, where is the manufacturing unit? In Shanghai? NO, in your mind. Every kind of misery is manufacturing in the mind, it should be manufacturing bliss for you, ecstasy for you. It is manufacturing misery because it has no stable platform
Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental & spiritual well-being
The work of a Guru is essentially, not to bring morality to you but to bring spirituality to you. The difference is just this – one is an imposition, another is a natural blossoming -to see that this human nature reaches its ultimate possibility.
Spirituality does not mean growth, it means self-destruction, self-annihilation
A devotee is very intelligent. There is a very deep life sense, a profound sense of life involved in it. He has understood that ultimately the most important thing is, if you make this experience of life extremely pleasant… all the time through your life, if you make the experience of you being here totally pleasant then nothing will entangle you
If you're smart enough, you will make arrangements that support you, not arrangement that entangle you
If you could simply sit here and be absolutely blissed out, you would not smoke, drink or pop anything, because there is more chemistry within the system than you can get from any of these.
Sadhana is towards creating a sense of inner fulfillment, where there is no need to lean on anyone or anything
If you are not full of yourself, there will be a certain sense of absence and abandon about you, and that is the most wonderful way you can be, devoid of yourself
If you give me 28 hours of focused time, I will build a vehicle for you which will naturally transport you inward. But you want it today evening? it’s not going to work
Being spiritual is not about giving up the physical but about transcending it
Don’t judge someone’s spiritual process by their behavior. The spiritual process is beyond the ways of body and mind
Your business is just to become receptive to the bounty of life; to know life in its fullest way.
If you’re a joyful, ecstatic person life is always brief, if you live to be 100 it’s still very brief. For what possibilities a human being carries, for the immensity of what a human being is – it’s too brief a life. If you’re given 200 years, still brief, it'll be over before you explore a few dimensions of life, Only miserable people have a very long life
Spirituality is not a disability – it is a phenomenal empowerment of life.
If you take one little step (in the spiritual direction) it's worth all the scriptures on the planet. Do it before it's too late.
Spirituality is not moral science. Spirituality is about enhancing the life that you are
The more you know about something, the better you can handle it. The more you know about Yourself, the better you can handle Yourself. This is called self-realization.
Everybody has a lifestyle, but they don’t have a life. Spirituality means you have a life which is throbbing and roaring within you
If you are responding to filth (that comes in your way) consciously, filth becomes great manure to produce a wonderful flower out of you, to bring out the most wonderful fragrance in you
The whole dimension of spirituality is to melt and become one with existence, not to stand out like a sore thumb
Spiritual process means your life is not driven by your physical nature. Life’s intrinsic intelligence needs to find expression
A mundane life goes from womb to tomb. A life of awareness leads to liberation from the very process of Life and Death
Exploring the nature of oneself is spiritual process. Exploring the nature of the creation is Mysticism
Shiva went through all that a human being can go through. He is most beautiful & the ugliest. A great ascetic & a family person. The most disciplined & a drunkard. If you can accept this man who is a complex formation of every quality, you have crossed life itself
Spiritual process means to be on fire. Peace will happen when you ‘rest in peace.'
Spirituality doesn't mean going to the temple, doesn't mean believing what your father said, doesn't mean believing what your priest said, doesn't mean believing what the so called sacred books of the world said, It simply means that you are seeking to go beyond the limitations of sense perceptions & experience something more than the physical
As a person, you will always feel incomplete. As a being, as life, you are always complete
The best way to become spiritual is to consciously evolve to a point where you are not compulsorily reactive anymore
The more identified you are with your sexuality, the more compulsive you will become
Marriage is not bondage but a stepping stone for ultimate union
Spirituality is about realizing your peak possibility
Spiritual process means not your thoughts and emotions but the life within you becomes the most important thing.
If anything beautiful has to touch you in your life, if meditation has to touch you, if love has to touch you, if bliss has to touch you, you must be illogical. People who seem to be little crazy seem to be having a better time with life. Everything is logically correct with you but you have a long face because life doesn’t work like that
The notion that if you do something spiritual, your brain should stop working is simply wrong.
The significance of being on the spiritual path is not to seek comfort but to put your life on fast-forward
Rigid muscles and rigid brains are no good. Only when your brain and muscles are flexible, they are useful.
When we say a spiritual process or yoga, what we are looking at is how to become a full-fledged life process, not a half life process. Just the body is alive, that’s not good enough. Everything in you should be aflame, only then you will see whether something is happening or nothing is happening, it's worth being here. If you sit here, it's worth being here
Only when you realize you are mortal, the longing to know that which is beyond will arise
The work of a Guru is not to bring morality to you, but to bring spirituality to you
Spiritual process is not about going to heaven someday. It is about knowing life in all its profoundness
Without any commitment, people want to do spirituality. A subjective dimension can't be approached without commitment
Spiritual process means you don't want to be a vegetative existence but a dynamic life, moving towards its boundless state
No involvement, no spiritual process. It is the involvement that does it, not a particular act.
The significance of equinox is - on this day the masculine & the feminine is it an even keel. In the yogic tradition this day is seen as a day when one has the best possibility of transcending the limitations & the compulsions of one’s physical longings. The possibility of Transcending the lustful compulsions within the human body is at its best on this day
You don’t have to become a huge piece of life to reflect the cosmos within you - just an alignment.
Where astrology tries to tell you how the cycles of the planets and stars bind you, the spiritual process tells you how to go beyond that.
The whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are
When you are young, when you are healthy, when life is ahead of you, a torrent of wisdom should fall upon you
Spirituality is not difficult. It is just that there is a certain subtleness to it that people are unable to get.
Children are very close to a spiritual possibility if only they are not meddled with
Spirituality is not about becoming special. It is about becoming one with everything
Spirituality is not about God or heaven...it's just addressing the basic 'you' the way you are, your original nature.
If economic and material wellbeing is not buffeted with spiritual grace, all will go waste.
A seed that does not sprout is as good as a pebble. For the divine seed that you are to flourish, you have to open up.
The spiritual process is always to either become a zero or to become infinite
The very basis of your spiritual longing is just this: you want to experience everything as yourself
It would be wonderful to grow in comfort but unfortunately, most human beings become frivolous when there is comfort.
If you have not even paid attention to anything around you, paying attention within you will be out of question
Thought is the most surface element of intelligence. What happens in one DNA molecule is a billion times more complex than your thought.
Spirituality is not about god or heaven. Spirituality is about exploring the ultimate limits of who you are
Once you retire, there must be shift of focus from economic & family concerns to something more spirituality oriented
If you bring about an enormous sense of involvement in something, spiritual process opens up
Economic development without spiritual evolution of humanity means we will have everything yet we will have nothing.
Anything that is beyond survival if it has to open up it takes a little bit of striving.
Maintaining cleanliness of body & mind is the first thing to do. Without that, life, & particularly spiritual process, can be a battle
Spirituality means to put your evolutionary process on fast-forward
A Guru is a cascade of energy. You have to soak your spiritual seed in it. It shall sprout
Spirituality is not something that you do; it is something that you become
Spirituality means you have started seeing life with utmost clarity. There are no more illusions about it. You see everything just the way it is.
You believe you are a material person dabbling with spirituality. But essentially, you are a spiritual being dabbling with the material world.
Spirituality is a longing. Only when your longing is cranked up to peak intensity, knowing becomes a possibility
Every moment of your life, within you life should be an absolute explosion. Outside of you it is properly controlled. When it's like this you will get to use your body, mind, emotion to its fullest extent. Things that you never thought you're capable of, suddenly you start doing
Breaking the laws of the physical nature is spiritual process. In this sense, we are outlaws, and Shiva is the ultimate outlaw. You cannot worship Shiva, but you may join the Gang
Right now your body, mind, energies, emotion are functioning with certain limited voltage. You crank up the voltage, suddenly you start seeing so many things which were not in your experience till that moment. To put it very simply, to put it technically, you need to turn up your voltage
The possibility of being human itself is rare and special, The possibility of being human and to become spiritually aware is even more special
You don't know where the keyboard is, so you're punching all the wrong numbers, so all kinds of things are happening. All you have to do is you have to spend some time, you have to do certain sadhana to find out where the keyboard is for this fantastic computer that is loaded on your head
The most fundamental and the most important aspect of the spiritual process can in no way be stopped by anybody - except yourself
The reason why the spiritual sciences, especially in this country which was so rich in the mystical traditions, has become so ridiculous is, people tried to do it anywhere and everywhere, without necessary committed atmospheres.
How difficult the spiritual process is for you is determined by you, not by nature, not by your guru
The secret of success is that the force of self-preservation and the longing to become boundless become one, Unless these two things become one, you do not have enough energy to break the limitations of the present dimension
From being an unnecessarily complicated mind, you have to become a being, which you are.
We are always trying to fix the world, our ideas of revolution are about fixing the world, we have fixed the world substantially, if you fix it anymore there will be no world left, that far we have gone, however much you fix the world, still, human beings are not happy, because we have not done anything about fixing the interiority
Spirituality is about living in an all-inclusive way and experiencing everything as a part of yourself. Knowing and experiencing life as life, not as individual personalities.
The spiritual process makes one into an all-inclusive human being. At the same time, it will hugely equip the individual to be more efficient, more capable, more balanced and, in turn, more productive
Without bringing in the dimension of spirituality that brings an experience of all-inclusiveness in individuals, modern technology will surely bring destruction, not just to humanity, but to the planet itself
I want to tell the world that there is another kind of science, the inner science through which one can take the very process of life, death, and rebirth into one's own hands.
This we should cultivate in the child- that the child learns to look at every aspect of life with absolute openness without prejudice, without any religious, cultural, or any kind of inclinations. With absolute openness, he will look at every aspect of life. If that happens, whether you talk spirituality to him or you don't, he will anyway turn spiritual
We want to impart an education that is highly inclusive so that as you grow, you include the whole world as yourself and live, and that is spirituality.
Wherever the mind goes, its simple basic calculation is, "what will I get out of it?" if you can just keep this one calculation aside, 90% of your spiritual work is over.
Devotion is always been the quickest and most successful way. But only problem is they may look like nuts to the rest of the society. If you don’t mind looking like a nut, or if you have realized you are one whichever way then there is no problem being a devotee.
I’m not concerned about people’s talent, we know how to manufacture talent, but that is possible only if you subject yourself without any will of your own to the process. We can make anything out of you
When it comes to subjective dimensions of life, if you are not willing to step beyond the limitations of your logic then nothing ever will happen
We created this body from inside. So the manufacturer of this body is inside. So if you have a repair job to be done, would you like to go to the manufacturer or to the local mechanic? if you had access you would like to go to the manufacturer; if you’ve lost access, you will go the local tinker
This is the problem with us - to conduct the outside we call the divine, to conduct the inward we try to go at it logically; both won't work for us.
For Folly there is a way out, for stupidity there is a way out, for moments of anger & insensitivity there is a way out, for blindness there is a way out, but for the evil intentions there is no way out
Spirituality is not an extraterrestrial thing - it is the essence of human existence
You may be a very smart man, a very strong man or a very handsome man, very something. Please reduce that, you will see you will start feeling
How materialistic you want to be is a choice. But spirituality is not a choice
Devotion is a different dimension of intelligence. What intellect can take 100 years to know, devotion can know in a moment.
So once there is a living energy within you, all you have to do is clear the space for it. If you clear the space, you cannot miss it. If you want sunlight to come in, you don’t have to do any big fighting, just have to open the window
Using a spiritual process as power over others is a sure way for self-destruction
Devotion is not about God, it is about you, Whose quality does it change? Whose quality does it change, your quality or God’s quality? It's about you. It's about transforming you into a certain level of sweetness which cannot be contaminated from outside. Which cannot be made bitter by somebody else
If you are in a state of non-identification with anything other than what is this (self), you will come naturally to an unwavering way of being. Once you’re unwavering in your purpose, liberation cannot be denied to you.
This idea that there is one god sitting up there, one big human being, of course a man not a woman, sitting up there and controlling the whole universe and whatever, and this has all come because they think the existence is human centric. We have never seen it that way. We know we are just a small speck in the universe
If you want to go on a spiritual Sadhana, the first thing is you shut up
Developing your perception to a dimension beyond physical is what is needed. That is when you will produce human beings who look like gods. They’re not gods; they’re full-fledged human beings. Because others have not strived to do that to themselves, when they look at somebody who has flowered they think they are gods
When the source of Creation is throbbing within you, what are you looking up or down? There is no better place. So whatever work one maybe doing, everything that we do can be transformative both for yourself and everybody around you
The reason why people always think spirituality needs lifetimes of work is simply because of lack of focus and commitment
Our life has to be crafted from within us, people have to move from what we call as religion. From looking up to looking in.
For your physical and mental growth, the lap of your mother is very important. For your spiritual growth, the lap of grace is most important
Anything that you do with great involvement does something to you.. you can use it as a process of growth
There is no need to make spirituality a part of education. If you make education non-imposing and non-suppressive, people are naturally spiritual
Do not bother about mukti, only concern yourself about your limitations, and see how to release them
Only if this human mechanism works the way you want it to, will you be happy. Inner Engineering is about making this human mechanism work the way we want it to
When we initiate people something comes alive a little bit, people are jumpy what's happening. You are coming alive, you've been dead for a long time. This is called raising the dead
The roots of the Divine are entrenched in this body. If you nurture the roots, how can you avoid the flowering ?
Most human beings are jumpy about everything because they are living with the dead. If you live with yesterday, you are living with the dead
Thinking is not intelligence, just intellect. Being spiritual means to rise beyond the mediocre - it is the most intelligent way to exist.
Spiritual process has become ridiculous because all the time people are talking about things which are not yet in their experience. Some things you know best only by experience
Do you want to look good or feel good? How wonderful you feel within yourself is most important.
If you heighten the awareness continuously, a point will come where it's no more about survival; something that is not needed for your survival will also come into your awareness. That which is not needed for your survival is bound to be a dimension beyond the physical. So when that comes into your living experience of life, you’re ON
Most minds are incapable of living with intrigue. They come to a conclusion. Every intrigue that comes up, you try to answer it with your silly ideas. That is just a way of dodging life. With conclusions, you will close doors for yourself. There is so much that is unanswered.
This is the highest level of compassion, that you don’t even want the worms to go untouched by this (consecrated spiritual) energy, thus making the whole geography into a spiritual process
Spiritual process is not only for those who close their eyes, roll their eyeballs and sit; nobody should escape this, this is the intention.
If your illusions are shattered, it means you are getting closer to reality
Every aspect of life from something as simple as breathing, eating, sitting, and standing was evolved as a spiritual process in this culture
As philosophies & belief systems fail the test of human logic & intellect, the longing to know something beyond the Physical will rise & Yogic tools of transformation will become very important
The very way you breathe, sit, stand, eat, walk, work – everything can become yoga. You can use any process of life to transcend your limitations
Large parts of India was like this at one time, that the whole geography of the place was created like a living body. They established these bodies, like how in the human body the energy centers are, many kings sponsored these great adventures of turning their whole kingdom into a spiritual body, so that man, woman, child nobody escapes the spiritual process
Once one's perception rises beyond the physical nature, then suddenly there is no male, there is no female
An adolescent is far more energetic than other people, but he is always getting into trouble because he has the energy, but he doesn’t have the stability. So if you have the energy and maintain the stability, rest will happen by itself, nothing to do. Simply sit and enjoy.
You don’t work on your awareness or your consciousness or your spiritual growth, you just work upon your voltage. You keep your energies up as much as possible and when energies are up you tend to get entangled with something
If you pay the same kind of attention to everything, you will see, everything will become sacred.
Spiritual process means moving towards your liberation, no matter what your past has been
We can call ourselves human only when we rise beyond our personal issues and our issues of community, caste, creed, gender, and nationality.
A temple is not a destination. A temple is only a doorway
If you pay enough attention, you will know the tune of creation, and you will naturally find your own rhythm.
The significance of being born human is that you have the potential to become limitless. It is up to you to live your Godliness.
In pursuit of human wellbeing, we have ripped the planet apart, not knowing the only way to wellbeing is to dig deeper into ourselves.
Begging was used as a tool to drop yourself because in earning a living, you gather yourself.
Seeking is not the prerogative of those who claim to be spiritual. Every human being is seeking.
If you want inspiration, read a book. But if you really want to walk the spiritual path, the only way is to turn inward.
Spirituality is not an academic process. It has to be an experiential longing to know
The essence of spirituality is to be constantly aware of the oneness of all, at the same time to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual.
Spirituality is vital in politics because we can build a great nation only if we produce great human beings.
Spirituality is not about looking for God, truth or the ultimate. It is about enhancing your perception.
You can be socially smart but existentially stupid.
Who you are in the world depends on the opinions of others - this is not important. What is important is who you are within yourself.
If you dissolve your personality, your presence becomes very powerful – this is the essence of spiritual sadhana.
You want the life to happen the way you want it, if you have any problem in life it is just that the life is not happening the way you think it should go.. Your beliefs are surface level, life can crack you.. (spirituality prepares you for life)
If you are competent, doing well, but you feel lost in the world, it means the time has come to intensify your sadhana. That is why we are opening up
Spiritual process is not a philosophy – it is a method to live your life totally
You look at yourself, if you don’t like the way you are, do the right karma. You’ve not done the right thing. That’s all
May the Divine light you up from within.
Spiritual process is for people who are bored with the good life and want to experience the fantastic source of life.
Searching for truth, knowing truth, does not mean you have to go in search of it somewhere. It’s not hiding behind the mountain
The significance of Kashi is that the highest level of capability in spirituality, science, mathematics, music, and astronomy all gathered in one place. It became the city of learning and of dispensing knowledge
If you have not found anything beyond the physical, when the moment of death comes, terror is the only way; you have no other choice
It’s very important children come in touch with some kind of spiritual process where a child is conscious before he gets hijacked by a hormones, he is conscious that there is something more to me than my body. This must become an established reality in his mind and his experience. Then he will handle the physical in a more graceful way
If you pay sufficient attention, everything in existence is magnificent, everything is a doorway to the Divine.
For anyone in whatever they are doing, success will not come without Grace.
You’re approaching the infinite in installments. This is not a good way to go. In installments can you ever get to the infinite? Can you count one, two, three, four, five and one day say this is infinite. You’ll only become endless counting. You’ll not know the infinite
There is oneness in existence and uniqueness in all beings. The essence of spirituality is to recognize and enjoy this
If you cannot sleep like a log, at least sleep like a cat or a dog. Do not try to bring spirituality into your sleep. Sleep, at least, should be left uncontaminated by all your ideas. Just sleep in abandon.
If we want humanity to enjoy the fruits of science and technology rather than using them to destroy the entire planet, the most important thing that needs to be done right now is raising human consciousness
Spirituality has nothing to do with the atmosphere you live in. It’s about the atmosphere you create within yourself
Seeking the divine is not something that you have to start as a project now, from the moment of your birth the seeking is happening but unconsciously, the choice that you have is that- you can seek it unconsciously or you can seek it consciously
Mahatma means a great Being. One becomes a great being only when the one rises above the limitations of Body, Mind, family, culture and functions as a life beyond all identities. This determines, are you a Human creature or a Human Being.
If you have created enough stability within you, then only you would dare to be mobile. If you are riding a bicycle, only if you are well-balanced, will you dare to move. Otherwise, you will sit on a bicycle with the stand on
We want to make spiritual process mainstream. Something beyond body and mind should become a living experience for everyone in the world
The process of giving is very significant on a social level, because the biggest source of instability in any society is the steep economic disparity. To diffuse this ticking time bomb, it's important that Spirituality & Philanthropy go hand in hand
Spiritual movements can play a large role in addressing economic disparity in a manner that is humane and acceptable to all, because any genuine spiritual process at its core is about inculcating inclusiveness in a big way
Don’t think spirituality means having a nice, quiet life – it means being on fire
People are lazy because they do not know how to rest. If you are restful, you are ready for activity
Irritation, anger, hate, and rage are just progressions. If you feel the mildest sense of irritation, that’s what you need to work on
Economic development is only a means to human well-being, this should not be forgotten.
Do not try to win the race. Just build a good enough machine – that is the most important thing
This culture that we refer to as Bharat has all the tools needed to create a world where there is an inward movement, which will allow every human being to blossom to their fullest possibility, without impeding upon any other life
Technologies for inner wellbeing are key today because as our outer possibilities increase, our inner vacuum becomes more apparent.
There are methods (for spiritual progress). If you explore these methods, you will naturally turn inward. Instead of going through a process you are trying to intellectualize everything. That’s not going to work
You want to explore not the flesh of life – you want to get to the bones of life, then you must come (to Sadhguru).
To move from compulsiveness to choice is evolutionary. But to move from choice to choice-less-ness is revolutionary.
If you are willing to strive, there is a way to go beyond all the limitations that are considered human.
If you want to know liberation in this lifetime, you definitely need to mutate because evolution is a long process.
The spiritual process is like a journey - constant change. Always new terrain.
Life is the biggest phenomenon, not thought not emotion, not entertainment
People always think spiritual process means something magic should happen, no, spiritual process means you go to the roots of reality and reality itself is a great magic
If you had a limitless amount of time, you need not take devices (Spiritual technology) from me, because slowly your intelligence would evolve that by yourself, but you don't have limitless time
If people sleep through their life, in the name of comfort, in the name of security, they’re wasting their life. They must go all the way. This is not my desire – it’s their desire also
You are looking for expansion, not for money, not for Love. You are looking for a way to have a little larger slice of life than what you have it right now. But how much ever you have is not enough, Even If I make you the queen of this planet, you won't be settled, you'll look at the stars
The air doesn't love you, but it gives life. That's how you should become - simply nourishing everything around you.
If there is something in your life that means a lot to you, you should not postpone it for a single day
If your attention becomes absolute, all physicality will dissolve.
A time is fast approaching where spirituality will become a necessity, just for even simple survival, spiritual process will become a necessity on this planet. We are getting there very fast
We don’t want spiritual process to be the domain of freaks. We want spiritual process to be the mainstream. That is the way to live for everybody, other things we do, but the important way to live is, the core element of this human being should be the most celebrated part, the core element of this human being should be the forefront of a human being
If people flower within themselves, they clearly understand there is nothing here which is not connected to them
If you just come to terms to simply be ordinary as you are, in a way, you've already taken a huge spiritual step
There are all kinds of deceptions in the world but the religious and the spiritual kind is the grossest kind
The longing to experience something more is inherent in humans. Unless we bring forth a spiritual process, drugs will be ubiquitous
If you turn inward, you will find a space where there is a solution for everything
Blissfulness is not something that you earn from outside; it is something that you dig deep into yourself and find
It's a very brief life and whatever is of paramount importance to this life must happen at the earliest.
Who you are should be established by the way you are within yourself, not by what you do
The spiritual path is a journey from the bondage of boundaries to boundlessness
You will come to Ease with life only when you begin to taste that which is beyond the physical
When the so-called big things of life become petty things in your life - now spirituality arises.
It is very important that early in life, a child gets exposed to the right things, things that work from within.
For one's spiritual growth, for one to flower spiritually, the lap of Grace is most important
You have no ability to truly see anything except your own interiority.
Today you have a desire to fulfill this. If that happens, you want the next one & the next & the next one. If you carefully look at your desiring process itself, you will see you’re not willing to settle for anything limited, There is something within you which doesn’t like boundaries. There is something within you which is longing for the ultimate
Spirituality means no more illusions - you see everything the way it is.
If you are willing, every moment of your life can be a fantastic experience. Just inhaling & exhaling can be a tremendous love affair.
The fundamental of the spiritual process is that you stop all assumptions.
Spiritual practice is like food. Food only works for those who eat it. Spiritual practice only works for those who do it.
Without a spiritual element, a leader - whether political, economic or otherwise - is definitely handicapped
Every thought that you generate creates an electric impulse in the system. When in excess, it throws the body off balance
If you have made the conclusion that being spiritual means speaking kindly to everyone, you are mistaken
He himself chose never to become a king. He was a kingmaker in many ways but never a king, he had the armies to become a king. There was land on which his people lived, so he could have become a king effortlessly, But he never ever became a king, he only wanted to get the spiritual process & the political process together. That was his while effort
The time has come to move from religion to responsibility. From compulsiveness to consciousness is the path of true spirituality. And from a committed vote to a considered vote is the path of true democracy
A Guru is a catalyst. His presence activates, enhances, and hastens the spiritual process.
Unless a powerful spiritual movement sweeps the world, psychological instability will become the norm
The sensory eyes can grasp that which is physical. When you want to see something that is not physical in nature, the only way to look is inward. If you have an eye that can look inward, that is called the third eye.
If hundred spiritual books that you read did not create enough thirst in you to do something about it, there is nothing spiritual about these books. You must burn all those books. If it created a longing within you that you couldn’t help doing something about it, then that book is okay
There are 5 basic parameters with which the temple is built. Size & Shape of the temple, size & shape of the parikrama, size & shape of the garbhagriha, the size and shape of the idol, Mudra that the idol holds, if all these things are properly matched it will create a tremendous field of energy
Devotion means keeping your intellect aside to let a larger intelligence function through you
Whatever you may be going through, if you are conscious about it and do a simple spiritual sadhana, it will fix itself.
In India we have a culture where by choice people name themselves as slaves. You know Ramdas, Krishnadas, this das, that das what is this? They’re openly saying “I’m a slave, I’m a doormat, I want to be a doormat.” They are not saying, “I’m afraid I’ll be used as a doormat.” They’re saying, “I want to be doormat”
My dream is to consecrate the whole world. No human being should live in uncared for and energetically poor spaces; that includes your inner spaces.
Let's not mix up spirituality and relationships, because you cannot mix them - one is inside, the other is outside
If a child grows without assuming anything, if he grows up without any nonsense, he's naturally spiritual. If he lives without the influence of other people upon him, if he lives by his own natural intelligence, turning spiritual is a very natural process.
Every human being is spiritual in some way. It is just that some people claim the mantle
Spiritual processes need not be taught as a philosophy or a belief system. They can be imparted as simple methods which will naturally lead to a more inclusive way of experiencing life.
Today, with the tools of science and technology, we have brought ourselves to a self-threatening situation that everyone in the society needs to turn spiritual, otherwise there is no survival for this world. With the kind of equipment and capabilities that we have, it just takes one fool to blow it up. And there are any number of those fools standing in the
Spirituality is no longer a fancy pursuit. It is an absolute necessity for our own, and the planet's survival, that every human being brings in the spiritual dimension into his life. Self-destruction is a live threat unless some sense of oneness touches people, especially the leadership on the planet.
Once a human being becomes more aware of his own nature, he begins to experience love, blissfulness and ecstasy
Empowerment does not mean amassing material wealth or technology. It is entirely an inner process, a spiritual process
As a spiritual seeker, you are like a sailor, always wanting to go to a new place within yourself.
Whether we talk about enlightenment or en-darkenment or whatever else, we are only talking around it, never it. We are talking around it to bring you closer. So the talk draws you closer. Close is not in.
It is only when you touch that boundlessness you have a taste of freedom. Till then your very existence is relevant only because you are bouncing off something (relationships, friendships, belongings)
The Divine is constantly waiting at your doorstep to move in – if only you allow the necessary space
Once you experience yourself as everything, or everything as yourself, after that nobody has to tell you how to be in this world. If you experience all the people here as yourself, does anybody have to teach you morals as to how to be?
If there is anything that is truly close to a spiritual process, in the normal course of life, that is sports. Sports epitomizes involvement, and involvement is the essence of life
The only way to get in touch with reality is to pay attention without making conclusions.
To be effective, spiritual movements should not identify with a particular culture, religion, framework, or scripture
A spiritual process can take shape in any culture only after material needs are taken care of
If you're open to the process of life, if you have become an opening, then disease will not enter you
If you can maintain your awareness in the moment of transition from the physical to the beyond, you can attain (liberation)
Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want. That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility
So we need to generate those people who are beyond corruption. Doesn’t matter, if you hand over heaven to them, they will still not in any way misuse it. Such people we need to produce if we want to make ritual an active part of life, if you want to make a larger spiritual process to happen in the society which is beyond meditativeness
The success of a nation is in the success of its Businesses. Without Commercial and Political strength, culture and spirituality are lame ducks
For your own physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, you need to become playful, in all areas of life.
Yoga is the science and technology which allows the human mechanism to function at its ultimate possibility, to use this mechanism as a stepping stone to go beyond the limitations of the physical, to know life in its full depth and potential
If you spend time in the forest, you will realize that you are just one more life. It's a huge spiritual step to feel for life around you the way you feel about yourself
Once you truly realize that you don't know the nature of your own existence & larger existence, you will naturally seek, longing to know is naturally sprouting in your heart, so you are trying to settle that with concrete belief system, that is not our way
Guru is held as the most important contact in one's life because he touches that dimension that nobody else can
Everything is spiritual if you are aware. Everything is material if you are not aware
People enjoy cinema because you switch off the lights, they’re focused on one thing for ninety minutes or so, their usual monologues are gone, something else is happening. Their attention is engaged continuously, this is a rudimentary form of meditation called dharana
Spiritual process is a must for business leaders. A spiritual process is about enhancing oneself, that is the basis of enhancing one’s activity
Physicality means separation, boundaries. Spirituality means unity, boundlessness.
Being on the path of Divine means, first thing to become free from your genetics
There is no need for a spiritual leader to turn political, but there is a need for every political leader to have an element of spirituality
When it comes to interiority, all of us are equally capable
Temples are a technology to open doors to experience dimensions you would not by yourself. Spirituality is a technology of inner wellbeing
If you do not destroy the heaven and hell functioning within you right now, there is no movement towards truth.
How could you live truly well if you are not rooted in the fundamental source of who you are? Could a tree live well if it is not rooted in the ground?
What is the ultimate dimension is also you. It is not unattainable, it is something you can aspire for
Family or no family; city or forest – your external arrangements don’t decide how you are inside.
As a human being, you come with the whole range of inner possibilities - from the deepest hell to the highest states. It is up to you
The all-inclusive, egalitarian vision of Karl Marx is an idea closest to the spiritual process, but obsolete for socio-economic realities of our times. What’s needed is willful, not forced Communism
Being on the path of the Divine means is that you don’t have your own nonsense anymore. Where does your nonsense come from? A bit from your parents, a bit from the society in which you live, rest you cook it up
Unless you become sensible, no holy men, no Gods, or enlightened beings are going to do anything for you
Spiritual process is a heightened level of abandon
The only thing I have done is I’ve figured the nature of my life and by figuring the nature of this life I know by inference every life has happened the same way, not just every life, the very cosmos has happened the same way. If you know the nature of this life from its origin to its ultimate you know the nature of everything by inference
The essential reverberation in the human being is generated from the spine. The subtler it gets, the further it goes
When people & organizations with a sense of inclusiveness are empowered with necessary resources, the resultant action is guaranteed to be in the well-being of all & the planet. It is for this reason, historically, that spirituality and philanthropy went hand in hand
The ultimate aim of the spiritual path is dispassionate involvement and unwavering focus. It does not matter what you are involved with or focused on: God, a rock, a man or a woman. The object of focus is unimportant
You don't know how a blessing will come. That is why you must keep all the windows and doors open.
Health is a side effect of spirituality. If you are complete within yourself, being healthy is natural
If even on a day when everything went wrong for you, you can still smile and joke - that means you are progressing
Never before did humans dare to create something as magnificent & as profound as Kashi on this planet. Time we restore it to its full glory.
Bringing stability to the waters within, is one big step towards bringing psychological balance. Only when there is psychological balance and physiological balance and energy balance, will you dare to climb. Otherwise, a little one step - if everything shakes inside of you, you will only step backwards.
Identify one main obstacle that needs to be cleared to make you more of a spirit than a body
There is a difference between a genuine spiritual process and spiritual entertainment. I have decided I will not enter entertainment business
If you recognize that the work that you are doing is important, first thing is you must work upon yourself
Technology & spirituality are not mutually exclusive. What we refer to as spirituality is just a technology for inner well-being
Set an atmosphere where your home is not a place to be stuck in but a place to grow in
Spiritual process means inclusiveness. We are talking about environment because we’re looking at life in pieces. Otherwise, if you live here in an inclusive way, environment is a natural part of it.
If something is subtler, it has more possibilities. The grosser something is, the more limited it is
With technological advancements, liberation of the human being, which is the bedrock of India - the world’s most ancient civilization, will become mainstream
Once you intend to be spiritual, it means your life plans are not just between birth and death - you are thinking beyond