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Ignorance quotes by Sadhguru

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It is the pain of ignorance which makes one into a seeker
If ignorance doesn't bring suffering to you, why would you seek enlightenment?
Invasion of ignorance is more dangerous than any external invader
You cannot admit that 'I do not know' because you have not realized the immensity of 'I do not know.' 'I do not know' is the biggest thing that can happen to you in your life
Our knowledge however great it is, compared to this cosmos is just a minuscule, so if you identify with that minuscule you will become a minuscule, our ignorance is boundless, we always identify with our ignorance, we always identify with what we do not know, so that we are a constant expansion
If you jump off a tall building You will see it will be very blissful till you hit the ground, ignorance is bliss till you get smashed. In that small period it's wonderful
If the process of dividing life into proper compartments doesn’t mean much to you anymore, you want to know the timelessness of life, the boundless nature of what this is, then you need to be little bit set on fire. nice logic or petty emotions won’t do it. They don't magnify the possibility of moving from a limited state of ignorance to an unlimited state
To ignore mortality of man is ignorance
One who understands the magnitude of one’s ignorance, becomes a seeker. A seeker, unlike a believer, can never be in conflict with anybody
Do not mistake ignorance for innocence. Innocence means you know the complexities of the world, but you have no compulsions to become part of it

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If the pain of ignorance bothers you, you have become spiritual
To ignore mortality of man is ignorance
Invasion of ignorance is more dangerous than any external invader
If ignorance doesn't bring suffering to you, why would you seek enlightenment?
If you really know the pain of ignorance, then a Master arises. You don't have to look for Him.
Ignorance allows you to explore everything. But you get trapped by what you think you know
By itself, reality is simple. It is ignorance that makes it complex.
It is the pain of ignorance which makes one into a seeker
Fear and ignorance are always together. Knowing releases one from fear.
Making assumptions about something that you do not know is a sure way to remain ignorant.
Enlightenment means borderless ignorance
Ignorance is boundless. What you are yet to know is a limitless possibility
Knowledge is a very limited thing, but ignorance is a limitless possibility
If ignorance was bliss, by now the whole world should be blissed out.
Ignorance is not a problem ‒ false knowledge is
What you do to yourself should always be by choice; don't do it in ignorance.
We are all born enlightened, but we have chosen to be ignorant.
Whatever we are unconscious of, we will become ignorant of after some time
The greatest evil right now on the planet is not evil, it is ignorance

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There is no such thing as knowing. Either you come to terms with your ignorance or you struggle with it.
Ignorance is not a solution nor is it a bliss. Ignorance protects you from suffering a few things but suffering will accumulate and come to you in large scale at some point.
You don't know the beginning, the end, or the middle of the existence. Your ignorance is perfect. But you spoil it by thinking you know something.
There is only one calamity – that is ignorance. And there is only one solution – that is enlightenment.
If your ignorance doesn't make you suffer, then what's the use of me? It takes a lot to come out of the trap of ignorance
Plain intellectual thinking is the peak of ignorance because all that you will know is to play with a few aspects and make others look like fools
Whether you experience stress, anger, fear, or any other kind of negativity, there is only one basic cause – being ignorant of your inner Nature
What you call as "my body" is something that you have gathered, what is the big deal about giving it back? you are making it such a big deal because you are so identified with the things you have gathered, you have become that. This is the essence of ignorance.
The spiritual process is a transition from limited Ambition to limitless Vision. The first step towards this is to start identifying with one’s ignorance, with things that one does not know
The essence of India is that it's a land of seekers which understood the intelligence of ignorance. In seeking there is no conflict. Only in believing there is conflict
The keenness of your attention will determine the profoundness of your knowing. What you ignore, you shall remain ignorant of.
The intelligence of ignorance is that no matter how much you think you know, it is a minuscule in cosmic proportions, but our ignorance is boundless.
If you apply only your intellect, ignoring other aspects of intelligence, you will get confused about every little thing in life
The reason dead bodies were openly cremated in Manikarnika, in the heart of Kashi, was to bring people to terms with Death, because Ignorance rules a society that hides Death
Knowledge can only be limited. Ignorance is boundless. In recognizing our ignorance, we will touch that which is boundless
Things that should be a solution to enhance our lives and make them easy, we are turning them into a problem
The difference between ignorance and knowing is just a minute shift in perception
The intelligence of ignorance is a much bigger possibility than accumulation of knowledge, because knowledge is always limited, but ignorance is limitless
The essence of ignorance/ pain/ misery/ suffering is that you believe yourself to be something that you are not. This is the essence of the chattering mind
Look at your little finger, the little hair on your finger, the spot on your skin, do you know anything absolutely
Do not go searching for a Guru. When the pain of ignorance within you becomes a scream, a Guru will come in search of you