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Problems quotes by Sadhguru

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We have made such a distinction between man and woman as if they are two separate species, no other creature on the planet has this kind of problem with their sex, as the humans have. When they have it in their bodies, they have it, but with humans it is on their minds all the time
Do not wait for problems to overwhelm you. Take action before problems come. Preemption is the Path to Safety and Success
Life is naturally all-embracing. The problems of whom you can embrace and whom you can't are only psychological problems. Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, the life in you has no problem
Human problems are not of life - human problems are just of the mind.
Your problem is just this - your body and your mind are not taking instructions from you, that's all.
All possibilities are problems when they are not realized.
Men & women are different but the problem with humans is that every difference is made into a discriminatory process.
The problem with the world is not greed - it is stinginess
You give your problems too many names because you like to decorate your problems. If you decorate your problem you may not want to get rid of it.
When a child is born, it needs nurturing, training, and molding. So the need for family arose. Family is a very supportive base for a human being to grow. But for many people, family does not become a support, it becomes a hurdle. Not because family is a problem, but because of the way you hold it

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Nobody in the world happens your way, at least this one person must happen your way, isn't it? But right now, even this person is not happening your way (That's the problem)
Meditativeness means to become in such a way that you are not the source of the problem. Wherever you are, you’re a solution, you’re not a problem.
Human problems are not of life - human problems are just of the mind.
Life is naturally all-embracing. The problems of whom you can embrace and whom you can't are only psychological problems. Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, the life in you has no problem
If you are a problem or you are one who complains about problems – nobody wants to see your face. You must know this. But if you’re a solution, everybody wants you everywhere
When things go wrong in life, that is when it shows who you are. When things go well, everyone can pretend to be fantastic.
The problem is not with life. The problem is you have not taken charge of your mind
It is emotions that make your life flow. They only become a problem when they go out of control.
Stop making life a problem
You want the life to happen the way you want it, if you have any problem in life it is just that the life is not happening the way you think it should go.. Your beliefs are surface level, life can crack you.. (spirituality prepares you for life)
The idea of pure and impure is a very sick idea, there is just life around you, if you are labeling certain aspects of life as pure and certain aspects of life as impure, there is a serious problem
Life is a process, not a problem. The question is only, have you prepared yourself for the process or not
Life is not a problem.. You make a problem out of it then you go about seeking a solution. It's an endless process.
Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, life in you has no problem. What your enemy exhales, you inhale. Your friend's exhalation does not feel any better than your enemy's. The problem is only psychological. Existentially, there is no problem
This is the whole problem with life – everybody is propounding their own concepts, their own philosophies, their own ideologies all the time. Why is it that nobody is willing to look at life the way it is? Because somewhere human beings are too enamored with their own logic, with their own intellect.
If only you can go through difficult times with inner Grace, every situation you face will be an opportunity to enhance your life
Nothing in life is a problem – everything is a possibility
Everybody can earn their living. The only problem comes in your life when you want to live like somebody else.
Without knowing the essential nature of life, we are trying to somehow blunder through. That's the whole problem.

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Your anger is your problem – keep it to yourself
Your problem is just this - your body and your mind are not taking instructions from you, that's all.
Make yourself in such a way that you are always part of the solution, not the problem
There are no problems, only situations. It’s in how you approach them
The biggest issue with human beings is they do not know how to handle their thoughts and emotions.
All ecological problems are rooted in irresponsible growth of human population
No adversity is an impediment if you are in a state of conscious response
If you do not focus on solutions, you will be just lost in problems.
No matter what happens, don’t see it as a problem – it is just a situation
Ignorance is not a problem ‒ false knowledge is
Youth is a time of tremendous energy. You should look at the possibilities, not the problems
The problem with the world is not greed - it is stinginess
Good intentions and too much enthusiasm without the necessary sense can create too many problems
The biggest problem is that you are inebriated with your own thought and emotion.

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If you make your process of desiring into a conscious process, then desire is no more a problem, desire is a wonderful vehicle that will take you places
If you are doing your best and enjoy doing your best, what's the problem with life? How many rupees or dollars you have in your pocket won't make any difference.
Ignorance is the only problem, 'They know not what they are doing'
The moment you believe in something you have a new kind of confidence, that's the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident the world is in danger
When you lose your peace, you are definitely adding to the problem and not the solution
Everybody wants a solution. Solutions will not come without realizing the nature of the problem, nobody wants to look at the mechanics of how the mind functions. Once in a way something may work, that’s not the point. But those are accidental happenings. That is not a solution.
The problem (with you) is that you want your child to be intelligent your way, not his. Your idea of intelligence is that your child should become a doctor. Maybe he would have made a wonderful carpenter
First establish yourself within you, then act. Then no action is a problem - you can fight a war, you can act, you can be a priest in the temple, you can cook, you can sweep - it doesn’t matter what you do, but first establish yourself and do whatever you want
The problem with the human being is, he is given an intellect that is capable of many things, which no other creature is capable of. But because the necessary attention has not been paid, and the necessary time has not been spent as to how to use such a powerful instrument, it has become a major problem for human beings.
Modern medicines have become just chemistry. For every problem, you are taking in some medicine, a chemical, & come to some kind of balance. If you use one chemical to bring down one aspect or enhance another, there is also a side effect to this. For this side effect, there is an antidote; for the antidote, there is another antidote; it's an endless chain
A possibility, when not harnessed, becomes a problem in your experience
When you are no more an issue you can deal with the outside issues effortlessly, absolutely effortlessly. When you are an issue yourself, every small thing is freaking you out
"Inner Engineering" is an effort to make people realise that the source of all problems are within us and the source of solutions are also within us. This is a movement from Religion to Responsibility
Your problem is just this- you have an intelligence for which you don't have a stable enough platform and that's why yoga, to create a stable platform so that your intelligence works for you
Wrong sense of intelligence has entered people's minds, they think if they make a problem out of every solution they're intelligent, no no, if you find solutions for every problem- that is intelligence
Every possibility becomes a problem for those who do not explore the possibility in its right perspective
Crisis is always an opportunity for human beings to rise beyond themselves.
The conflict is just this; you got identified with things that you are not. You are identified with many things that you are not.
Tomorrow, If you wake up in the morning, is it not a fantastic thing? A million people will not wake up, but you wake up, is it not a great thing? The problem is just this that you are living with an idea that you are immortal
Never compare one human being with another. If you compare one with the other, everybody is abnormal. Yes or no? Show me one normal human being
Our psychological realities have become bigger than the cosmic reality. That is the big problem. It’s time you step out of the cinema that everybody is playing in their own minds
Chronic ailment means our own body is creating the problem. The disease is being manufactured in the system.
From an existential perspective, both “self” and “esteem” are a problem. Both are limited, fragile and insecure
The problem is your intelligence is deeply entangled with the identifications that you take on in your life.
New, challenging situations are possibilities, not problems. A problem would be if nothing new happens to you
You are too enamored with your own creation. That means you must be too full of yourself. That is the big problem
If we bring a sense of inclusiveness among world leaders who are in positions of responsibility & power, then the world would be full of solutions, not problems
For the very first time, int he history of humanity, we have the necessary resource, we have the necessary capability, we have the necessary technology to address every human problem on the planet, the only thing missing is consciousness
One of the biggest problems in India is the country is still in God's hands, this is the biggest problem. Unless you take it into your hands it'll never happen the way we want it
Once you couldn't accept the simple biological differences between a man and a woman and what happens, that is where the whole exploitation of the woman started, If we had no problem then we would not make a distinction, everyone would be known for what they are worth
Now, whether one is a man or a woman, what is your problem? What the person is worth is all that matters, isn't it?
Somebody thinks your child is not normal, so what? But if he is happy, what’s the problem? That way none of you are normal in my perception
To solve water & ecological problems, it's important that Economy and Ecology are not pitted against each other. Economic process should be a conscious process. If we are running a desperate economy, then we will not be able to take care of ecological concerns.
The fundamental problem is that we think about water only when we run out of it. No resource is an assured one unless we manage it well
Whether something happened or did not happen in your life is not trouble. When you do not know what is happening within you, you are in real trouble
The problem is just this that people have taken identities like this – somebody is an environmentalist, somebody is a politician, somebody is a spiritual person. I feel what we need is inclusive human beings
The problem with Capitalism is not greed but stinginess. If you are greedy, you would aspire that not just you, but everything in the existence should be well
We need to understand, the source of all our problems are within us. And if we want solutions, they are within us – nowhere else.
Whatever you may be going through, if you are conscious about it and do a simple spiritual sadhana, it will fix itself.
Whenever we talk of revolution, most of the times people are talking about changing somebody, you wanting somebody else to change is not revolution, it is an age old problem.
'What I believe is Right, what you believe is wrong' isn't this the basis of all problems in the world? This is a big problem with human beings, they want to be right all the time
There are old barriers, walls (of self-preservation) which may take a little bit of time to break, but the important thing is that you are not building new walls. Old walls can be made to crumble, but the problem is the new walls that are coming up every day
IF you believe that your opinion is much more sacred than people's will in a democratic society, then you have a fundamental problem
Things that should be a solution to enhance our lives and make them easy, we are turning them into a problem
Love can solve problems, compassion can solve problems, and above all, sense can solve problems
Physical science has no answer for life, Science and technology can only bring comfort and convenience to your life, they can't solve your life situations, they do not solve any problem of humanity.
It is almost a crime to have one more child today because the biggest problem is population
The whole problem of constantly seeing people for their gender is something that has to go from the world
The problem with most logical minds is that when something intrigues you, you give a stupid explanation to it and kill it right there
Floods and droughts are not two different problems; it is just one problem – our inability to hold water that comes down in the form of monsoon rains. The only way to address this is by increasing vegetation cover.
All the problems on the planet can essentially be reduced to one thing: misaligned human beings, misaligned with all there Is.
Leadership means, you must be alert enough to find the loopholes in your intelligence. The more you fill these loopholes the more effective you will be in this world
Agroforestry will not only solve the nation’s soil, water & climate problems, but also reduce import dependency on wood & wood-based products.
Once you have no problem making mistakes, admitting them, and correcting them, hardly any mistakes will happen.
Without transforming India’s agriculture, which utilizes over 80% of the nation's water, we cannot fundamentally address the water problems of India
If the youth of the world stands up for raising inclusive consciousness, we can address every problem on the planet.
When the very source of creation is within you, all the solutions are within you. The problems are just created by you.
If every human being becomes a solution by himself, then we don't have to go about solving problems
If we have no problems with each other, creating comfort for all the population in the world is not a big problem at all
All ecological problems have come because of irresponsible reproduction among human beings. With medical advances, we are now capable of seeing that every child who is born survives
Essentially, water is not the problem. The problem is deteriorating quality of soil. If soil is not organically rich then it cannot hold water. Revitalizing India's soil is paramount to ensure a green & water-abundant future of our children.
Cauvery is not our problem; Cauvery is source of our life. From now on, when we utter the word Cauvery, we should say Cauvery Tayi, not Cauvery problem
We don't want to attend or destroy the root (of the problem); we just want to prune the surface because right now it hurts us - that is not a solution.
All these days you thought your emotions, your thoughts, your problems had something to do with somebody. It has nothing to do with anybody; it's just your own madness.
Your thoughts, your emotions, your nonsense has nothing to do with anybody but you. If you just understand this, you'll know that you are the problem. At least, once you know what the problem is, the solution becomes easy.
What you like is sacred, what you don't like is nonsense, that is your problem.
You must learn to be happy with your compulsion. If you are not happy with it, now you have two problems - compulsion and unhappiness! At least if you have one problem, it is easier to deal with it.