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You cannot make people equal, it's never going to work but you can provide an equal opportunity. An equal opportunity simply means a level-playing field
We have made economics the most important aspect of human societies, economics has a place in our life for sure, but it is not the be all of life. Feminine doesn't belong to that dimension. If aesthetics of life was dominant in a society, if aesthetics was as important as economics, Feminine would be naturally exuberantly alive & manifest in the society
Anger is not the way to propel change. You can do it out of shear human longing to be better. Every human being is constantly longing to be little better than what he is right now. Just that longing is enough to transform a society and individual and the whole situation
Let your long-term goal be for the life within you - not for your thoughts, not for your emotions, not for society. If your goals based on the life within you, it will be good for everyone, because everyone is just a life.
Youth is humanity in the making. If something is in the works, the more attention you pay to it, the better the product will be
Socially, unfortunately, the world has reached a point where if you say something that nobody understands, most people believe you are being very intelligent
In the mode of competition, only one can win - all others are losers, It’s a horrible way to create a society.
Culture is always an evolving process. Any culture that needs to be preserved is already archival
If all of us become truly peaceful human beings, no conflict within us… would world be peaceful? Do we have to separately cast… start a campaign for peaceful world? No. If people were peaceful society would be peaceful
When your intelligence is entangled with social identifications, it is not in line with the life within you. That is the source of Misery

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Guilt is a socially cultivated emotion, a poison directed towards yourself.
People are totally lost by themselves, they don't know how to be by themselves
A society which does not protect, respect and honor its women can have no claim of being civilized
Culture is always an evolving process. Any culture that needs to be preserved is already archival
Equality is a foolish idea. But equal opportunity is something that has to happen in every society.
Women will see liberation only in building a society beyond gender.
Too much activism, not enough actual activity is not good for any society.
Reacting to one violence with another violence is not going to breed a right kind of society.
What is poverty in one society need not be poverty in another society.
You can be socially smart but existentially stupid.
The mind is society’s garbage bin. Everyone who passes by stuffs something into it.
Without creating better human beings, we will not create a better society - it is not possible
Trying to fix the human societies with morality will only bring more and more deception
Guilt and shame come from social conscience, not from universal consciousness
The purpose of terrorism is not war but to cripple a society with fear
There is no such thing as an absolutely fair and just society anywhere. (Now) People may not be equal, but at least people have equal opportunities, that is all we can create.
There is no such thing as society. There are only individual human beings

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Every society needs individuals who go on planting mango trees without thinking whether they would get to eat the fruit or not
None of your thoughts are really yours, Thought is something that you generate from implanted information, The way you think right now depends on the kind of family you were born in, parents you had, education, society, social background, religious background. These things are deciding how you think
Good/ Bad is in your head, these judgments are essentially human and socially conditioned, in every society they have their own idea of what is good and bad, but the existence is treating all of them the same way
Everyone is capable of doing great things but socially we are teaching them to do easy things
Society has never spared anybody... It is not that you are the only one who is the target of unkind talk and unkind looks. Only if you are strong and self-confident, you can let others say what they want.
We need to create a society where our values are more spread out to all aspects of life. Music, art, love, care, all these things are as important as economics.
Society has fixed some rules and they have always told you, right from your childhood, that if you break them, you are a bad boy. So whenever you break these, you feel like a bad boy. If you feel like one, you become one.
Prejudice is poison, fed to us from an early age by our families, religions, and society
For integrity to flourish in society, we have to nurture it – within ourselves, in our children, in our education systems.
In every society, it is necessary that there are at least a handful of people whose passion in life is beyond their own wellbeing.
Need of the hour - Education that will transform, not education to transport our children elsewhere
Trying to change social, national, or global realities without working on human consciousness means there is no serious intention
Family is the first unit of society. With how much love, wisdom we hold our family decides how larger units of society function
Education is telling you your life is not important, you have to serve this society. What is a society? It’s just an assembly of people. But no, people are not important, society is important. Where is the society? I don’t see any society anywhere. I see this man & this man & this woman & this woman. I see only individual human beings
People have understood the technology of how to stop the nation - bandh, hartaal - but how to run the nation, it's a different technology
We don’t take care of what happens within an individual human being, so we try to police the society. It is in some way you are turning the whole world into a prison. Everything is heavily policed as so-called civilization happens, terribly policed.
Instead of starting a debate on what is good and what is bad, I think what we need is what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to our times, to our society, to our existence here, to our level of economics
Society should not determine the nature of human consciousness. Human consciousness should determine the nature of society
Somewhere, it has spread around in society that fear is some kind of a virtue. Fear is not a virtue, fear makes you into the ugliest possible creature.
Rather than trying to fit a woman into a man's world, we must create a society where the masculine and feminine have an equal role to play.
For two people to live together, to fulfill their needs, to produce children, to raise them, domestic level of love affair people can have. But if people want to have a love affair which will bring them to an ultimate union, then not many people are competent to do that
Cinema has a profound impact on society. It should be conducted responsibly. There is violence & obscenity in society - you don't have to hide it, you can show it. But are you glorifying it or showing it in a way that people say, “This is not the way”?
There is nothing wrong with anything that comes from outside the country, we must take the best that comes from everywhere from the world. That is the nature of any evolving, growing society.
If future generations have to live well, we have to conduct our lives consciously. Conducting our life consciously, one major part of it is right now, because you can’t expand the planet, you have to decrease the population, there is no other way. Either you do it or nature will do it. When nature does it, it's not going to be nice
World, nation, society – these are just words. It’s just you and me. What kind of people we are, that’s the kind of society, that’s the kind of nation, that’s the kind of world we will live in
Emotional security is an extremely important aspect for any human being and for any society to flourish
Today's generation is hardly using the word karma. Once this disappears resentment & anger will grow
Devotion is always been the quickest and most successful way. But only problem is they may look like nuts to the rest of the society. If you don’t mind looking like a nut, or if you have realized you are one whichever way then there is no problem being a devotee.
The best thing you can do for your family, your children, society, and the world around you is to enhance yourself.
In many ways today, the playing field has been leveled for man and woman not because of any great social evolution but because of technology - the technological development which has made a woman being capable of participating in many global activities.
When you live in a society, you must give up the wish that others should not say anything about you or criticize you. No matter what you do, somebody will say something about it.
Everybody wants to sit on top of the pile. Everybody cannot sit on top of the pile. Only a few will sit... (Be it) whatever activity, if our focus is just to sit on top of the pile, naturally many others will get suffocated under the pile. This is bound to happen, there is no other way.
Right now, why you think in terms of right and wrong is simply because of the social moral code.
We just took democracy from the British and we think if they just put their vote and get their fingers dirty once in five years, everything is settled. No, we have not educated people. We are still a feudalistic society acting to be democratic
Instead of investing in just healthcare, we must talk about how to generate health in a society, a culture of health
The feminine will have a significant role to play only if we structure our society in a balanced way.
Only if the younger generation does things that the parents never imagined possible, can a society evolve
If feminine has to find the right place in the world, we need to create a balanced society, where finer aspects of life are as important as survival
We must evolve society for women to play a rightful role – not through quotas or reservation but through education and empowerment.
Unfortunately, people have misunderstood communism as a way of fighting the whole universe. Communism means whether you are capable or incapable in a society, you must still live well
A society that fails to treat the Girl-Child as an honored privilege will fail to blossom. There is no complete picture of Humanity without equal opportunities and participation
Unfortunately, we are thinking about water only in summer. We should think about revitalizing water resources when there's abundant water not during water scarcity. Only then we will be able to work towards a long-term solution
If little more attention was paid to what is happening in a individual human being rather than just being concerned about what’s happening around us. Without creating better human beings, we will not create a better society. It is not possible. There is no such thing.
Diversity is the basis and strength of Natural Existence. It should also be a fundamental element of a vibrant social structure.
If the society is in order, very little crime happens. The same is true with our physiological structure
A society that does not respect and take care of its women cannot progress and prosper. May the feminine blossom around the world.
Morality may fix a few things in society but it will cause complete havoc within the inner nature of the human being.
Insight essentially means being able to see that which most fail to see. This is the hallmark of leadership. If it is combined with inspiration and integrity, success is guaranteed for both individual and society.
Existence is not making a judgment about who is good or bad. It is only social situations that try to judge people
The whole problem of constantly seeing people for their gender is something that has to go from the world
Don't think people are better (in one society). No. Law enforcement is little better so it's (atrocities- violence, rape, murder..) little more contained in certain societies
Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You just picked them up from your social surroundings
We have brought up a male child in a particular way and a female child in another way. We have firmly established in our mind that in everything there should be this distinction. If you do not get rid of this problem at the root, no one else can come into your house and solve it.
One fundamental mistake that societies have done is somewhere in the minds of the youth.. the male youth in the world, we have put the idea that a female is an object.. a thing that you can possess.
IF you believe that your opinion is much more sacred than people's will in a democratic society, then you have a fundamental problem
Social transformation must go hand in hand with economic progress. Time to end gender bias towards the girl child & provide equal opportunities to all children
Mental illnesses are growing like never before because we are pulling out all the supports that people have
What you call “my mind” is not yours actually. You do not have a mind of your own, please look at it carefully. "Your mind" is just society's garbage bin. Anyone and everyone who passes by stuffs something into your head. You really have no choice about whom to receive from and whom not to receive from.
If you have the brains and the guts to do something, there is so much to be done in this world, and particularly in India
It needs a certain economic depth for any society to experiment, to have little more freedom to do things
Every woman should do what she wants to do as an individual person. It should not be made into a trend in a society or the only right thing to do in the world. If a woman intends to have 2 children & raise them as an individual person, she’s free to do what she wants to do
Modern societies have started treating disease, ailment as a natural process, which is a serious mistake. Ancient societies always saw disease as something wrong - that’s not how a man should be. A human being should not be in any state of illness because Illness means something fundamentally wrong.
We must structure our lives and our societies in such a way that every kind of human being has a role to play
It is not just leadership at the top - we need leadership at every layer of society
Law must absolutely bring all offenders to book. But if we want to ensure such crimes don't happen again, we need to create a society where women are not treated as objects of gratification. Raising human consciousness is the only way
You build a great society, nation or world not by talking about it - only by building individual human beings who are truly great.
It is almost a crime to have one more child today because the biggest problem is population
Marx’s vision of an egalitarian society could come true if Communism was embraced by the Haves more than the Have-nots
The violence in the world is much less than ever before. For the tools of violence that we have, if these tools are used without the tongue-lashing capability in the parliaments & the debates & United Nations & everywhere. We would destroy the world many times over. That is not happening because modern societies have learnt to tongue-lash each other
In the making of a human being, the society, the nation & the world at large, a teacher has a very significant role
If we take care of what happens within an individual human being, you don’t have to bother about what happens in the society
But my concern is not so much about what happens in the society, my concern is what happens within the human being because that’s where human experience is, that’s where the quality of human being is determined.
If we want stability in our family, society, nation, and the world, we need to create stability in individual human beings
Relative thing is a social factor again, it's a training, it depends on what kind of data has gone into your mind
There is so much hostility in society towards HIV, people are afraid to even speak about it to others. In addition to suffering from the disease, they are also in fear of being confronted by the question as to how they got the disease.