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There are no good people and bad people. Everyone is oscillating between the two. But for sure there are the Intelligent and the Idiotic.
For someone who is intelligent, everything that happens is an opportunity
Nature has evolved us to a higher level of intelligence and awareness, but we are refusing to accept the promotion
No intelligent human being is ever 100% clear about how to act; he always weighs it
An intelligent person knows that he is a fool but a fool does not know that he is a fool
Ultimate intelligence is when you know how to keep your intellect aside.
If you do not identify with the memory you have gathered, then you have access to a very different kind of intelligence
Most human beings have not been taught how to handle their own intelligence, if you had half the brain that you have, you would have no mental ailments
When you go by your body and intellect alone, life is a circus. When the intelligence of divine begins to play its role, life becomes a dance
If you don't have a sense of involvement, you will always try to get the best deal out of somebody. That means you must meet the dumbest people in the world. Intelligent people will never bite your dumb deals.

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Intelligence is incapable of believing anything, but it has the potential to know everything. When people admit that they do not know, all beliefs fall apart by themselves and people become more alert to life around them
If you try to break a diamond with a hammer its a lot of effort, UV light can make diamond disappear into thin air (it is very important to use the right kind of tools) just bring the right kind of awareness into your life (it will bring transformation)
Habit means fixed realities where you don’t have to think. No, don’t try to automatize your life. That is not efficiency. That is the efficiency of the machine. This one is supposed to function intelligently and consciously
The intellect is useful for survival. But when you do not know where you should use it and where not, it separates you from the very life process
When your intelligence is entangled with social identifications, it is not in line with the life within you. That is the source of Misery
The filthier the situations you live in, the wiser and more beautiful you can become if you are willing & if your intelligence is functioning; if you are not reacting, but responding to life consciously. If you are reacting to filth, you will become filth
Every child does have the necessary intelligence to live his life fully. You just create an atmosphere for him to grow into his intelligence, rather than imposing your nonsense upon him.
Everybody has a philosophy for whatever they're doing, for whatever nonsense that anybody is doing they have the support of a philosophy of their own, without a philosophy you cannot continue to do stupid things all your life, your intelligence will not allow you to do it
Spiritual process means your life is not driven by your physical nature. Life’s intrinsic intelligence needs to find expression
All you must do in your life is constantly looking for ways to enhance your perception and your intelligence; rest will anyway happen
If you're able to see life just the way it is, you have the necessary intelligence to conduct it well. If you're not able to see life the way it is, your intelligence will work against you.
If you apply only your intellect, ignoring other aspects of intelligence, you will get confused about every little thing in life
If intelligence does not tie itself down with identity, every human being is capable of realizing nature of life
Your intelligence is so deeply entangled with the social identifications that you have taken on that you are no longer working in line with the life within you. Instead, you are working against your own life - your mind, body, and emotion are working against the fundamental life force within you
When you do not know everything becomes bright, it is just looking, your intelligence is all hyped up and looking, when you assume "I Know" everything settles down and you go on with your stupid life
Intelligent people do what they love to do. They enjoy their life to some extent. But a genius learns to do what is needed joyfully. That’s when your genius flowers because it’s no more about you
If you can access the intelligence of that which is the source of creation in your day-to-day life, your life will be magical
Slogans are for crowds who have no intelligence, just to make them believe something and do a specific act but not for life. You cannot handle life with a slogan

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Your intelligence is incapable of believing in anything if you allow it to function
Money, influence, comfort and intelligence come as blessings, but become curses for most people
For someone who is intelligent, everything that happens is an opportunity
No intelligent human being is ever 100% clear about how to act; he always weighs it
Ultimate intelligence is when you know how to keep your intellect aside.
Intelligence essentially means that your intellect is sharp enough to see life the way it is
Intelligence twisted out against our own well-being is no intelligence.
Being intelligent, People have fallen in love with the words & have lost the world
Do not try to become capable of something, just enhance your perception and intelligence,
Consciousness is an intelligence not identified with any boundary of you and me, this and that
Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations
Temples are not places of petitioning. These are spaces of intelligent energy.
To seek means to have an active intelligence. You never stop learning
Only because you have frozen your intelligence, there is room for depression.
The moment you see something is stupid, naturally you will start distancing yourself from that.
If you are in a state of exploration and seeking, your intelligence would work better
If no matter what is given to you, you can make something beautiful out of it, that is intelligence
Most people have misunderstood their memory as intelligence
Devotion means keeping your intellect aside to let a larger intelligence function through you
Whatever intellect we have, we still can't figure one single cell in our body
There is an intelligence within you, where there is no memory.

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Call it stress, tension, anxiety, depression – essentially, it is just this: your intelligence has turned against you.
To stand up and fight does not take much intelligence. To understand and give in takes a lot more intelligence
The problem with the human being is, he is given an intellect that is capable of many things, which no other creature is capable of. But because the necessary attention has not been paid, and the necessary time has not been spent as to how to use such a powerful instrument, it has become a major problem for human beings.
Intelligence is the biggest blessing that a human being has, but right now it has become a curse upon humanity simply because the human being is not coming out as a well-coordinated being. He's dislocated the human being within himself. This intelligence is dangerous
Education is about making the child grow with uncluttered intelligence. An intelligence that is not identified and entangled in religion, doctrine, or prejudice will naturally lead to the ultimate blossoming of the individual.
Most intelligent people on this planet are generally the most miserable people on the planet. Simply because they have an active intelligence but no perception of life
It takes a lot of intelligence to realize how stupid you are. Most people cannot see it. You can only see it if the very urge to be smart and special, the very urge to be better than someone, is completely vanquished within you.
Human beings have a high level of intelligence but have no training, no social situation where you're being taught how to use this intelligence, your own intelligence is turning against you. When your intelligence turns against you it looks so hopeless as if there is simply no way out of it, that is what leads to people committing suicide
Education is not about information, it is about having an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way
If God was against intelligence, if he did not want you to use it, he wouldn't have given it to you
Socially, unfortunately, the world has reached a point where if you say something that nobody understands, most people believe you are being very intelligent
If you get God's stamp on your philosophy, you don't have to turn back and look, you can just go on doing the same stupid thing endlessly. The moment you get God's stamp on your philosophy you don't have to use your intelligence anymore, you don't have to wonder what nonsense you are doing with your life
If your intelligence begins to function, if your sensitivity begins to function then your concern will be about how you are within yourself and what you experience and how you can perceive more. Your concern will not be about how you look.
Whenever you create unpleasantness within yourself, in some way your own intelligence and energies are working against you. If you are angry or furious about something for five minutes, you are literally poisoning your own system
If you rev up your emotion without a stable intellect you will go crazy. A devotee needs a stable intellect & fiery emotion
If you do something foolish, your intelligence should poke you and bother you every day. Only then it evolves
What you refer to as God or the Creator is pure intelligence – intelligence beyond logic
There was a time, if you had big muscles you acted like a big man, today if you have big muscles, maybe we'll keep you outside of the gate as a security man, the same thing will happen to your intellect, simply because you have big memory you are not going to be of any great significance, the machines will do better than you
The best thing you can do for your children is keeping them the way they were born - an active intelligence, no conclusions
Success cannot be taught. you can only teach a certain process; depending on their intensity, intelligence, involvement and of course the benevolence of time, success is a consequence
Intellect is not the only dimension of intelligence that exists in human beings. Your ability to see every dimension of life depends on the keenness of your intelligence
Being spiritual is a far more intelligent way to exist. It means being in tune with the intelligence of the Creator
Devotion is the power of inclusion, intellect is the power of dissection. Devotion is inclusion, intellect is exclusion
We are trying to replace humanity and human intelligence with morality and ethic, which is a very wrong way to conduct humanity
Your problem is just this- you have an intelligence for which you don't have a stable enough platform and that's why yoga, to create a stable platform so that your intelligence works for you
Wrong sense of intelligence has entered people's minds, they think if they make a problem out of every solution they're intelligent, no no, if you find solutions for every problem- that is intelligence
The natural sense of wonder, quest and seeking that is inevitable for human intelligence is being silenced by the so called faith.
No matter what kind of intellect you have, it is never enough to grasp the nature of existence
Once artificial intelligence comes, it takes over all- the power of holding memory and thinking you're great, your scholarship, your PhD, your priesthood, everything will go away, you read a handful of books and thought you're a great scholar, somebody read just one book and they thought they are representatives of God, all this will go
When the physical body is dominant, it will question every institution. Your intelligence has been hijacked by hormones, so you question the fundamentals of everything
Most people understand complexity as intelligence, if they make themselves difficult they are supposed to be intelligent, making a simple thing difficult is not intelligence, making a very complex thing simple is intelligence
Thinking is not intelligence, just intellect. Being spiritual means to rise beyond the mediocre - it is the most intelligent way to exist.
Modern Science is just a desperate attempt to understand the intelligence of the creator; technology a measly imitation of the technologies of life
Only if intelligence, sensitivity, and perception become the most valued aspects of life, will there be gender equality
What you consider as divine, what you consider as God is essentially that which is the source of creation, If you pay little attention to the creation, whether to a flower or a leaf or an ant, if you just pay enough attention to the ant,it is such a phenomenal mechanism. You can't find another machine like that, it smacks of intelligence of the highest kind
Stop trying to live by slogans. You must live out of your awareness and intelligence, not out of a slogan
Thought is the most surface element of intelligence. What happens in one DNA molecule is a billion times more complex than your thought.
Suspicion is not Intelligent. In fact, the lower the level of intelligence, the more suspicious people are
People are mistaking Memory & information for intelligence. You gathering information and thinking you are intelligent will go away with Artificial Intelligence. what kind of human being you are will become more importantly than what is in your head
I don't have a mindset. I have an intelligence that is not set but fluid.
We are too exuberant. It's a very beautiful way to exist on one level but if we do not organize, if do not focus this natural exuberance of the people, a certain intelligence which is free-willing intelligence, you will have a very chaotic situation which seems to be going somewhere but not going anywhere. It's like whirlwind making its own rounds.
Right now, most human beings are not conscious enough, their intelligence is not conscious enough even to preserve themselves. It’s only pain which is keeping them in one piece; otherwise they would cut themselves into pieces & do all kinds of crazy things with their body. Only pain is saving them, not their intelligence
Our education is confusing people to make them believe that memory is intelligence, memory is not intelligence, memory is useful as data, but intelligence is a different dimension, we have gobbled this up that
Devotion means your emotions have become very sweet. The ways of a devotee may look utterly silly, illogical & stupid for a thinking person. But you tell me, if you can spend the 24 hours in utter pleasantness, is that intelligence or going through all kinds of turmoil in your mind, which has nothing to do with the reality, is that intelligence?
If you have an intelligence which unsullied by memory, you will see everything just the way it is, but if you look at everything through the filters of your memory, everything is prejudiced
Intellect wants to know, it doesn't want to believe in, you are forsaking your intelligence because your fear is so dominant, you feel comfortable in believing
The intelligence of ignorance is that no matter how much you think you know, it is a minuscule in cosmic proportions, but our ignorance is boundless.
What is needed is a more sensible world not a moralistic world. Use your intelligence.. Just exercise your sense
Do not try to impose your thoughts and emotions, your philosophies, your belief systems upon your children. They have their own intelligence to find the way.
Idiots do things they don’t like. Intelligent ones do what they love. Geniuses learn to do what is needed joyfully
The significance of becoming human compared to other creatures is, they’re complete biology, we are only part biology. We have intelligence, we have an emotion, and we have a consciousness, dimensions beyond biology
Youth are intelligent enough to mess themselves. Youth are also intelligent enough to sort their lives. The missing ingredients could be clarity and balance
The most intelligent people in the world have contributed to all the violence on the planet, otherwise, violence wouldn't be happening at the scale in which it is happening
Whether you call it science, spiritual process, inquiry or quest - essentially, human intelligence wants to transcend its present limitations and liberate itself from the fetters in which we exist right now
The problem is your intelligence is deeply entangled with the identifications that you take on in your life.
Education should stimulate your brain, not dull your brain. Education should stimulate your intelligence, not take it off
Every human being has some sort of genius, but they destroy it by trying to be like someone else
If your intelligence is not entangled with anything, it's natural for your intelligence to inquire and open up different dimensions of life.
We want children to grow up keeping their intelligence intact - not suppressive education
From your own perception and intelligence, see what is the highest thing that you can seek, and put everything behind that.
Devotion is a different dimension of intelligence. What intellect can take 100 years to know, devotion can know in a moment.
When everything in existence is happening through an organic and intelligent design, is it possible that your life alone is happening accidentally?
Why is it nobody said, ‘God is intelligence’? People are saying ‘God is love, God is this, God is that’ all these things we are capable of. An intelligence beyond ourselves is what our problem is, Even a dog is very loving. Not just God; If you pay attention to the creation, you will see, whatever is the source of creation – it’s intelligence is unbeatable
Human intellect has sparked like never before. More people can think for themselves today than ever before.
The intelligence of ignorance is a much bigger possibility than accumulation of knowledge, because knowledge is always limited, but ignorance is limitless
We tried to achieve oneness through sex, but it never came, we are trying to meet in other areas of emotion & intellect, trying to find some common ground, "we like the same things, we like the same color, ice cream..", like this people are trying to find a common ground, but actually there is no common ground, it is just that you learn to enjoy the opposite
Human intelligence and awareness has come to a place where it cannot limit itself to the ambit of survival.
Human intellect is an island in the ocean of consciousness because the latter is not restricted by any boundary of any kind
Education systems must focus on cultivating all dimensions of intelligence. Mistaking intellect for intelligence is a serious error
There is an intelligence within us, which can create a brain. Why are you ignoring that intelligence?
Intellect is penetration. Devotion is inclusion. Devotion is deeper dimension of intelligence
Devotion is a different form of intelligence. What you cannot perceive through the intellect, you can perceive through devotion
If you want to be successful, all you need to do is enhance your perception and intelligence. The rest will fall into place
You must understand that if you're constantly confused, that means you have a functioning intelligence
When somebody else calls you a fool, it becomes an insult. But when you realize that you’re a bloody fool, it's a sign of intelligence. May you become a wonderful & joyful fool
We have made children believe from a very early age that if you remember something you're smart, no no, a tape recorder can remember everything, this camera can remember everything, this doesn't mean it's intelligent
Leadership means, you must be alert enough to find the loopholes in your intelligence. The more you fill these loopholes the more effective you will be in this world
The difference between a fool and an intelligent person is that an intelligent person knows how foolish he is; a fool doesn't
What you see as cosmos is a living mind - intelligent space
Devotion is the highest form of intelligence. When you overflow with sweetness of Devotion, then you function at your Best.
With all your intelligence, you can’t figure a leaf upon this tree - one leaf! So, just the sheer intelligence of everything that is happening; when you can’t figure anything what do you do? You Bow down
Devotion is that dimension of intelligence where you know how to manage your sweetness irrespective of what the world is doing to you and the people are doing to you. If you don’t have this capability, you will not go very far in this world
I don't have opinions. Only if it is necessary for a particular action, I make a judgment. Opinions are fetters for your intelligence.
This whole body was manufactured from inside, not from outside. You provided the raw material from outside, but the piece of bread that you eat becomes human body from inside. So there is an intelligence here, there is a competence here, which creates this body
As dominance of religions, nationality and businesses become irrelevant in coming decades, human intelligence & potential will unleash & find full expression
Intelligence is not limited to intellect or thought. There is more intelligence in the air around you than in your brain.
Only because most people are not living by their natural intelligence, they are living by the education imposed upon them, spirituality is a faraway thing in their lives. Otherwise, if people lived by their natural intelligence, turning spiritual will be a very normal process for most
If you pay attention to the creation you'll see whatever is the source of creation - its intelligence is unbeatable.
Why is it that nobody ever said, God is intelligence? Unfortunate, isn't it?
Intelligence is not yours or mine - it is the nature of creation & the Creator. Finding access to this intelligence is our skill & endeavor.
If wellbeing has to happen, we have to access dimensions of intelligence which are not intellectual.
There is a dimension of intelligence within you that is free, unsullied by memory. In yoga, we call this chitta.
Smartness is only socially valuable. Intelligence is the way of nature