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Suffering quotes by Sadhguru

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People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life are suffering their success. If you suffer your failure, it is okay, if you start suffering your success, that is the real tragedy of life.
Enormous potential and possibilities are destroyed in your life by the fear of suffering
Is there some aspect of life that human beings are not suffering? If they are poor they suffer their poverty. You make them affluent they suffer that. If they are uneducated they suffer that. If you make them educated they suffer that. If they are unmarried they suffer that. You get them married.. If they don’t have children they suffer that. If they have..
As a human being, you know suffering not because creation gave the suffering to you. Creation just gave you the freedom to make whatever you wish to out of yourself
The only reason why you cause suffering to yourself and to anyone around you is because you are unaware
Only if you have no fear of suffering will you dare to walk your life full stride
Two greatest faculties that human beings have are- A fantastic & vivid memory and an absolutely wonderful imagination, these only a human being has, (but unfortunately) you (have) started suffering them. So what you are saying is- evolution has made a mistake
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
All the suffering you have within you (mind) was created by you
Entering the spiritual path means you have become conscious of your suffering

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Whether it’s education, marriage, work, career, business, whatever – all these things are extra fittings to our lives to make it better. You would want to add something which makes you more beautiful. But people cling to these add-ons so badly that the burden of carrying extra fittings all over the place becomes painful everything seems exploitative
You are suffering every aspect of life, it does not mean there is something wrong with life, it just means you are only half alive to life; only one part of you is alive, the other part is yet to become alive. Being half alive is always torturous. It doesn’t matter where you are, in what kind of situation you are, if you are half alive it is torturous
Enormous potential and possibilities are destroyed in your life by the fear of suffering
People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life are suffering their success. If you suffer your failure, it is okay, if you start suffering your success, that is the real tragedy of life.
The moment unwillingness comes, even if the most beautiful thing is happening to you, it feels like you are being buggered by life. You are unwilling, but we will push you into heaven - you will suffer.
People are capable of suffering just about anything- this is the nature of the intellect. Once you’re into the intellect, this is how life is. If you’re below the intellect, you won’t suffer so much. if you’re above the intellect, you’re a Buddha. If you’re below the intellect, maybe we can call you Buddhu
Only if you have no fear of suffering will you dare to walk your life full stride
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
Life is neither suffering nor is it joy - you can make it whatever you want.
Suffering happens essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process
Any sensitive human being is bound to be wounded when he knows only the dualities of life; when he does not know the other dimension.
The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind. Your fear is always about what's going to happen next. It is always about that which does not exist. It is 100% imaginary. If you are suffering the non-existential we call that insanity
It is extremely important that successful people send a clear message that success is a beautiful thing, it is not a suffering, it is not a miserable thing to do in your life
Don't carry the experience of life as a wound – let it become wisdom. The harder life's been on you, the sooner you should become wise
Adultery is not worthwhile. Is it right or wrong? Who am I to pass a judgment on anything about life? but it is stupid & limited to do anything which causes suffering to yourself. It is stupid & senseless to give into something which seems to be everything today & tomorrow will make you feel foolish
Most people have no clue why they are suffering – because they experience life in terms of ‘me’ versus ‘the universe’. This means they are in constant conflict with creation, forgetting that they are just a small product of creation itself
If there is no inclusiveness, there is no organic unity to life. This lack of organic unity causes endless suffering
Once you sit here and your experience of life is such that... there is a little space between you and your body, between you and your mind, this is the end of suffering
Only because of duality there is you and me. Only because of duality, the whole game of life is happening... It has brought life to you... At the same time, the same dualities are mauling you, subjecting you to so much pain and suffering.

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The Moment You Form a Strong Opinion, Suffering is Inevitable
If ignorance doesn't bring suffering to you, why would you seek enlightenment?
Entering the spiritual path means you have become conscious of your suffering
Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in your mind
Once you transcend the fear of suffering, you will naturally explore life to the fullest
All the suffering you have within you (mind) was created by you
More people in the world are suffering from indigestion than of hunger. Unfortunately, that's the reality.
No one can achieve wellbeing through someone else’s suffering.
Whatever you do willingly, you enjoy. Whatever you do unwillingly, you suffer
As you distance yourself from the body and mind, this is the end of all suffering
I can create easy situation for you, or difficult situation for you. But suffering is your choice
External circumstances can only cause you physical pain. Suffering is created in your mind.
Suffering is not inevitable. Suffering is self-created.
The mind and the inner nature cannot get hurt. It is only the ego that gets hurt
Whether you are suffering or enjoying people around you, it is your karma
We have come to wrong conclusions about those suffering from HIV/AIDS, an environment has been created in this society, to act against human nature, thereby destroying the basic humanity in us

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If your mind listens to you, you will have no suffering inside. The suffering will only be in your body. We can do something about the suffering in your body with medicine or other means
People are not serious about (world) peace, except those who are really hit by its absence
People suffer what happened ten years ago, and they suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow already.
It's always better to handle things around you, rather than trying to handle things somewhere else, because then, you'll just dissipate your energies. You'll waste your life talking about it; not doing anything about it.
Every step has become half a step for a large part of humanity because the fear of suffering has crippled them. Let it be a full stride always.
If our humanity is functional, when someone is suffering, we spontaneously feel that we ought to do something about it. No one has to teach this to us
The moment you romanticize suffering, it's very clear you are not interested in human wellbeing - you like drama
Unless you are oblivious to your own suffering, you have no right to be oblivious to other people's suffering.
If we are in tune with the fundamental laws of nature, we will enjoy the process of life. Otherwise, suffering is inevitable
All the suffering you go through is manufactured in your mind, isn't it so? If you distance yourself from the mind, can there be suffering in you? This is the end of suffering.
When you exist here only as a body and a mind, suffering is inevitable. Meditation means to go beyond the limitations of your body and mind.
If you are keen on doing something about human suffering, attend to yourself first, and also to people around you. That is the best way to start
Your suffering is always about that which does not exist.. If you were rooted in reality, there would be no fear
We are the only creature on the planet which has the freedom to shape its own life. It's this freedom which human beings are suffering. If one is suffering bondages then it's not a problem. If one is suffering freedom then it's a disaster
You have made your petty creation (psychological process) far more important than the Creator's creation. That is the fundamental source of all suffering
Why does your compassion only go out to human beings, and not to other creatures as well? Do you think that they are lesser forms of life than you? If so, you're too identified with your own form
By asking "whether it is the Creator's mistake that so many people are suffering", you're trying to insulate yourself against other people's suffering, there is something in you that is connected to everything in the existence. If you make that active in whichever way possible, that something in you won't let you keep quiet.
The level of suffering of people who have comfort and well-being is much deeper than of those people who are not eating properly. Suffering is not necessarily always in proportion to one's physical deprivation
To avoid suffering, people are inventing many ways to go below the intellect. Excessive eating, alcohol, excessive indulgence in physical pleasures.. you’re trying to avoid the torment of the intellect for some time, but then life will catch up with you with more intensity. The only way out for this is to evolve beyond the intellect.
People are suffering their thoughts immensely, because they do not know how to keep it pleasant, nothing has been done towards it. So, what is a possibility always becomes a problem if you do not explore it in the right perspective.
People are capable of suffering just about anything in the world, If you’re not educated, you will suffer that. If you get educated, you suffer that. If you don’t find a job, you’ll suffer that. If you find a job, you suffer that. If you’re not married, you’ll suffer that. If you get married, you suffer that. If you don’t have children, you suffer that..
You don't see other creatures of the planet suffering like human beings. Their suffering is purely physical. If they are physically harmed, they are in pain. Even in pain, the do not know the kind of suffering that a human being knows
Human beings are capable of suffering just about anything. If there is some physical reason, at least they have a good excuse. Otherwise, they will simply suffer for nothing.
If you're suffering anything which does not exist, it amounts to insanity, isn't it? People are always suffering either what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. So your suffering is always about that which does not exist
People are capable of suffering just about anything. If you send them to heaven they will suffer because they will miss hell.
With your actions, if you are turning yourself against yourself, because you do things senselessly & you are not doing things by choice simply because you have given in to a certain aspect of your body or emotion or something, then definitely you will bring suffering to yourself
Freedom is a Benediction if you are aware, Freedom is a curse if you are unaware. Humanity is suffering the Freedom, not Bondage, there is a way out of Bondage, there is no way out of Freedom.
Very few people transcend out of their intelligence, most people have to be thrashed by life; only then they will transcend
Misery is caused by you because you are unconscious of what you are doing, because your body and mind are not in your control, that is why you are causing misery.
Once this mind starts working for you, once you are blissful by your own nature, there is no more fear of suffering, your mind will become a fantastic instrument of wellbeing
Ignorance is not a solution nor is it a bliss. Ignorance protects you from suffering a few things but suffering will accumulate and come to you in large scale at some point.
If just one percent of the population stands up, in a really committed way, to alleviate human suffering, at least the physical suffering in this existence could be just wiped out, The whole 100 percent need not stand up. Just one percent
When you are in pursuit of happiness, you are in some way causing suffering to others all the time.
If I give you a sharp knife, if you hold it on the wrong end, if you hold it the harder, more you hold it, it hurts more. That's all you are suffering- your own intelligence.
If anything happens that you think should not happen, you will suffer. You want the whole existence to happen the way you think it should, it will never be so
When a person suffers, it is natural for another person to be sensitive to his suffering. This much sensitivity and this much humanity exists in everyone. But we have put our sensitivity and our humanity out of action
When you laugh, your shell breaks to some extent. It forms again but at least it opens up at that moment. If it does not open up at all, your brain causes more trouble than cancer ever can
The suffering that is outside is enough. The suffering that is in your body is enough. Where is the need to create suffering in your mind too?
When suffering comes to people, some attain maturity because of it. They cultivate qualities like love and compassion within themselves. They will grow into better human beings. But some other people become filled with hatred, anger, and a needless feeling of guilt. They make themselves miserable and become bitter and negative.
Meditation means our mind should behave according to our wishes. When your mind listens to you, then you will not create needless suffering, anxiety and fear.
If understanding is karma, not understanding is also karma. If we understand something, there is a benefit, and if we do not understand something, there is suffering. Both are karma.
(If you are willing) You can make your mind into an instrument that takes you towards joy and ecstasy instead of suffering.
Physical suffering can be causing from outside, but 90% of human suffering is mental, it is caused from within ourselves, We are causing suffering to ourselves because we don't know what we are doing.
When there is prejudice and resentment in you, it will make you suffer more than physical disease or injury
Just to earn a living, to reproduce if you wish, and to die one day- Just to do this simple act that every worm, insect, bird, animal is doing effortlessly how much nonsense human beings are creating around themselves! How much suffering
Whether it is suffering or joy, going through experiences in life is not so much of a karma. Depriving yourself of any experience is the big karma
Once you experientially know that you are not the body and not the mind, there is no possibility of suffering for you
Your petty creation has become larger than the Creator’s creation. You lost perspective of life. That is the fundamental basis of all this confusion and suffering. If you see who you are, the micro speck that you are, you wouldn’t imagine that God is made in your own image and he looks like you and whatever
Without raising human consciousness, whatever we do in the world will only lead to more and more suffering
Whatever happens to you, you can either treat it as a curse and suffer it or see it as a blessing and make use of it
Most suffering is self-created. You can learn to make your body and your mind work for you, not against you.
One who is above his intellect is a Buddha. Once you’re above the intellectual process, suffering is finished in your life because all suffering is manufactured there in your logical mind. when you’re stuck in your intellect you’re a nonstop suffering human being. Wherever you’re put you have a way of creating some kind of suffering
A mentally retarded person never suffers, it is other people's attitude towards him which makes him suffer
If your own system starts working against you, no one can save you, nothing
When suffering happens in large doses around us, it's a test to see if our humanity is active or frozen
Love is not a suffering. If you have love for someone or something, when they are with you, you can enjoy their presence, and when they are not with you, you can enjoy their absence. What you are doing in the name of love is just longing to become one with somebody
The essence of ignorance/ pain/ misery/ suffering is that you believe yourself to be something that you are not. This is the essence of the chattering mind
Almost 90% of the people in this world die with some disturbance, suffering and struggle. Very few people die peacefully and even fewer people die joyfully and extremely few people die blissfully
No one can achieve well-being through someone else's suffering. Even if there is a temporary benefit, you will pay for it
The root of all your suffering is just this: nobody should even trample on your idea, thought, emotion & personality
I have been to a number of international conferences (on world peace)... I don't see the seriousness in people. This is because violence has its investment & conflict has its benefits. Many people haven't suffered the pain of conflict, they don't know what it means to really be hit by these things. They only see it on television, as some kind of excitement
Your suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because you're not rooted in reality, you're always rooted in your mind. Mind is one part- memory, another part- imagination. You're lost in your imagination, that's the basis of your fear.
When the Tsunami happened, everyone was reaching out. I do not understand why people are not reaching out to the HIV situation in the same way and with the same vigor. Why not?
Whether somebody is successful or a failure, rich or poor or whatever, if you just take off their top layer and look at them, they have so many wounds within them. They are just managing to cover it and go on bravely in the world
Deepest suffering to innocent lives in the name of God & promises of heaven by godmen who are abusers in disguise
You have not been touched by life. you’re just a psychological case, you are full of thoughts and emotions. You have not touched life at all
Haven't you seen enough people simply suffering for anything and everything? They suffer their failure, they suffer their success, they suffer their poverty, they suffer their wealth, they suffer their health and their ill-health
Despite technological advancement, there are a large number of people suffering from hunger in the world. So many things have happened, and we have so much surplus crop that we have to dump it into the ocean.
We can do something about the physical suffering, but people are creating suffering for themselves every day; suffering anger, suffering fear, suffering hatred, suffering jealousy, suffering insecurity.
When a child is handicapped either physically or mentally, the child is not suffering, parents are suffering, the child is incapable, but not suffering