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Inspirational quotes by Sadhguru

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

The Creator did not make a mistake with you - the mistake is all yours. You are a fantastic piece of life, but you have silly ideas about life.
Leadership should not be an aspiration. It should be a consequence of competence.
Because somebody is going to throw stones at us, should we remain without fruit in our life? That would be a tragedy
If you use the horror of who you are as manure, the beauty of who you could be could flower.
There is no need to be perfect, but are you a constant striving to be better. That is all that matters.
If you’re not in competition with me, you would explore the possibilities of what you could do and maybe we don’t know, you could fly. I can walk fast, maybe you could fly, but you will miss out the possibility of flying because you’re in competition with me.
Modern education is purely informative - there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, no human being raises beyond the limitations in which he lives. It's only when he's inspired that a human being wants to go beyond the limitations in which he exists right now
You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you.
All possibilities are problems when they are not realized.
Three basic qualities which sets a leader apart and makes him into a fruitful proposition for everybody around him is his INTEGRITY, his ABILITY TO INSPIRE people to do the right things and above all, INSIGHT.

Life + Inspirational quotes

Life Quotes
Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose door is blown away. Too busy gold-plating the cage to soar to their ultimate possibility.
If you try to give up something, it will rule your mind. But, if you find something deeper in life, the less significant will just fall off
Because somebody is going to throw stones at us, should we remain without fruit in our life? That would be a tragedy
The Creator did not make a mistake with you - the mistake is all yours. You are a fantastic piece of life, but you have silly ideas about life.
‘more’ is not what you’re looking for. ‘All’ is what you’re looking for. If you want ‘more’, you can conquer it. If you want ‘all’, can you conquer it? Can you earn it? If you want ‘all’, what should you do about it? If you look at that, you’ll naturally turn spiritual
Anyway, life makes you do all kinds of circus, juggling, and acrobatics. If you are well prepared, you can do it joyfully
Life has a certain pace. You should be joyfully in a hurry but never impatient
When you came into this world, you came without a single investment. So whatever happens in your life, anyway you are in profit.
If you are constantly facing new situations, it means you are living a life of growth and great possibilities.
If you want to have deep insights into life, no one’s opinion about you should mean anything to you
If you maintain equanimity, you will see that every event that happens in your life will take you a step forward
It is not the length but the strength of one's life that matters.
If you are deeply involved with even the simplest aspects of your life, you will see every aspect of your life is spectacular.
You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you.
Being spiritual does not mean being dead serious. If you allow life to happen within you exuberantly, unbridled, you will touch the spirit.
In any sphere of life if you do not know involvement and intensity you will not get anywhere
Life is a fabulous phenomenon if you know how to ride it. Sadhana empowers you to ride the surf of life
If you allow experiences of the past to overshadow your future, you are ensuring there is no future in your life, just recycling the past
Do not try to win the race. Just build a good enough machine – that is the most important thing
No matter what happens, we must use every life situation for our growth, and it is possible for us to create a proper environment for our growth.

Short + Inspirational quotes

Short Quotes
For a committed person, there is no such thing as failure - just lessons to be learned on the way
If you nurture the root, you don’t have to bother about the fruit - it will come naturally.
When you consciously choose to be ordinary, you become extraordinary.
If you want to shoot straight, you’ve got to be level-headed
Competitors are not enemies. They are people who keep reminding you of your own shortcomings.
Those who try to avoid uncertainty only end up avoiding possibilities.
All possibilities are problems when they are not realized.
Everyone is capable of doing great things but socially we are teaching them to do easy things
You do not have to pursue something intensely; you as a being should become very intense.
Not disaster or disease, stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to a human being
Only when players enjoy playing can they perform their best (not when play becomes work)
Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen
Qualifications only give you entry. It is competence that ultimately works
A possibility, when not harnessed, becomes a problem in your experience
Crisis is always an opportunity for human beings to rise beyond themselves.
If you shake off the influences of external circumstances, you are naturally spiritual
Do not wait for things to happen – make them happen
Do not try to be the best. Just do your best.
Don't be a spectator, become an active participant in making what the world will be
Don't distort anything; just see everything the way it is
People who have never been on fire will not know the coolness of the water.
This is our time on the planet - it is up to us to make it spectacular.
It is time to shed the burdens of the past year and come up fresh and alive

Success + Inspirational quotes

Success Quotes
There is no need to be perfect, but are you a constant striving to be better. That is all that matters.
Inspiration: If you do not have an infectious level of inspiration, that people around you are fired up just by seeing you and the way you function, if that doesn’t happen, a certain level of sloth, an inertia will set into the atmosphere. Inertia means it’s death
If our joy is about being better than someone else, it is not success; it is sickness. To reap the benefits of someone else’s failure is a tragic way to live.
Spiritual process is not for the dead or the dying; it is for the living who want to become fully alive in all dimensions of life
If your goal and actions are right, and you keep going the same way, then the same people who are talking about you, the same people who are criticizing you, will venerate you in ten years' time. That is how life is.
Incredible things can be done, not because we know how to do it. Incredible things can be done simply because we are committed that we want it to happen
Hope is for the sad. They are hoping that tomorrow, they will be joyful. The joyful are joyful right now.
If you do what you like with 100% involvement, what you don’t like, you must do with 200% involvement. That’s breaking limitations
Why is it that certain human beings seem to come to success effortlessly and very naturally and why is it many others struggle to get there and why is it many, many more never get there. These three qualities of integrity, inspiration and the necessary insight into the activity that we’re performing (are the keys)
We may be doing great things but if the necessary inspiration cannot be generated moment to moment on a daily basis, whatever great things we’ve been doing.. many great things have floundered simply because the necessary inspiration was missing in the atmosphere.
If you want to be successful, don’t seek success– seek competence, empowerment; do nothing short of the best that you can do
If we are doing our best in everything that we do, we know it is not 'the' best, but it's our best.
It doesn't matter what happens, at the end of the day, look back on your stupidity & laugh at yourself, not the other

All Inspirational Quotes

If you are joyful and you have created joy for people around you, then you do not have to go to heaven because you are already there
You can never get everyone’s approval for what you want to do. So, don’t worry about it.
One thing every human being can strive for is to leave this world a little better than it was when you entered it
It is the ability to bring out the best in others that makes you a leader.
The greatest fulfillment in life is to do something which is much larger than yourself.
It is the business of every human being, according to your intelligence, understanding, and situation, to do the best you can for yourself and everyone around you
Do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fine
If you are keen on doing something about human suffering, attend to yourself first, and also to people around you. That is the best way to start
You do not have to depend on the compassion of others. The whole world can live under the umbrella of your compassion
It doesn't matter what kind of karma you gathered in the past - this moment's karma is always in your hands
You do your best. It doesn’t matter somebody approves or disapproves. No two human beings have come alike. Someone may be a back-bencher in school but a frontbencher in life. Exam is not a deciding factor. Strive relentlessly, result is a consequence of competence
Do not aspire to meet a wonderful person. Aspire to become the wonderful person that you expect others to be
Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible
Every step has become half a step for a large part of humanity because the fear of suffering has crippled them. Let it be a full stride always.
Only a person who is willing to die can live totally
Only when you are willing to look at the horror of who you are, the beauty of who you are can be nurtured
If you go after what's easy the next thing will be sleep and then death.
The beauty of a human being is that the limitations put by nature are not absolute.
Society has never spared anybody... It is not that you are the only one who is the target of unkind talk and unkind looks. Only if you are strong and self-confident, you can let others say what they want.
If what is happening in the world is not the way you want it, at least what is happening within you must be the way you want it.
What are you so afraid of? Live totally today and if you fall dead tomorrow out of exhaustion, it's okay
An intention will not make things happen. It will only set the direction. You still have to make the journey
Do what really matters to you in life. Whatever it is, it should be worthy of you
If the atmosphere we live in makes us, we cannot call ourselves leaders. If we make the atmosphere we live in, only then can we call ourselves leaders
There is no such thing as having achieved your fullest potential. As a human being, you are a limitless possibility
If you are content with who you are right now, you are not aware who you could be if you were willing to strive.
Do something because it is needed, not because you want to do it.
If we want to create peace, if we are thinking of a culture of peace, the first step each of us has to take is to start with ourselves and figure out how to make this one person into a truly peaceful being.
When it comes to outside realities, all of us are differently capable, what you can do somebody else can not do, what someone else can do you can not do, this is how it is, but when it comes to inner possibilities, all of us are equally capable. you are not any less capable than a Buddha or a Jesus
The greatest ideas and the best intentions will amount to nothing without commitment. Whether building oneself or building a business, an inclusive commitment is the fuel that fires excellence & greatness
One big lapse that is happening today in the world is that our educational systems have become 100% informative, there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, no human being raises beyond the limitations in which he lives
Unless something of true value happens within you, you cannot do anything of tremendous value to the world. So, the first thing you must do is transform yourself into a joyous being.
If only we can stir up what's happening in individual hearts, peace is definitely a possibility.
The significance of being born human is that you have the potential to become limitless. It is up to you to live your Godliness.
If a human being grows to a great potential and great capability, the whole world will seek him or her. Instead of you seeking the world, it is better that people come to you because you are of a certain potential and a possibility
No matter who you are, how the hell you were born, who your parents were, what kind of karma you have - if you are willing, you can build yourself up
You should not forget what is beating in a human heart. What human beings will do, today and tomorrow, you do not know
Teachers have the privilege to empower children. The spark of inspiration is what students value a teacher for all their lives
It doesn't matter how bleak the situation looks like now, don't ever underestimate what is in a human heart
Do not settle for a limited experience of life. Where there is a limitation, there is a possibility of breaking it.
In ten years time, the whole world may have changed into a completely different possibility. It is just that people need sufficient poking to get them going but when they get going, you don't know what they can do
Every uncertainty is a tremendous possibility. What needs to be fixed is not uncertainty but one's interiority to handle it
We think joy and misery are happening to us. No, you being joyful or miserable is just a question of choice. You must make this choice every day: “Today, I'm going to be joyful.”
Whether the world is going to rejig itself or not - it is time you rejig your life
Every action you perform is a contribution to some aspect of this world. Being conscious of that should keep you inspired
You know and want Joy, but.. to kick that butt you need a yogi
It takes inspiration and activity to the point of insanity to create something truly worthwhile for everyone
It is a lack of human consciousness that has rendered Mother Earth, the very basis of our existence, into a commodity with an expiry date. Let our time on Earth be the best time; we must act now
A world full of Love, Light, and laughter- its time has come. Let us make it happen
If the youth of the world stands up for raising inclusive consciousness, we can address every problem on the planet.
When we are not inspired, we tend to function only within the limitations in which we are placed. Only when we are inspired, we go beyond and do things that human beings wouldn't normally do. Only then, society surges ahead and does something worthwhile
(About teachers inspiring children) Today education has become totally bereft of inspiration. A teacher is not somebody that is worth looking up to, unfortunately, because when all that is given is information, you can as well get it from audio, or a video, or internet or wherever.