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Democracy means- you look at whatever happened in the last 4/5 years, whether what they have done is good for you good for the nation & then make up your mind who should rule for the next term, now by birth you have decided whom to vote, because your father & grandfather voted that party, this is feudalism
If one has not voted, then one has no right to comment on nation's issues. Voting is not just a means to express that the nation matters; it's a huge privilege. It's very important that every adult in a democracy casts vote
Farmer is one icon who has been holding up this Nation without much support or modern amenities
Nation is not a God-given thing. It is an idea that we hold in our heads. It is an idea into which we invest some emotion and make it a meaningful idea
Spirituality is vital in politics because we can build a great nation only if we produce great human beings.
It’s best that what you’re strong on, you build on that. You don’t try to build United States of America in India - it’s never going to work. You build an India in India, a strong powerful India you can build
World, nation, society – these are just words. It’s just you and me. What kind of people we are, that’s the kind of society, that’s the kind of nation, that’s the kind of world we will live in
If you want a great nation, you must do something to produce great human beings. There is no other way.
The present generation must ensure religion remains personal pursuit. If it becomes either national or global goal for any group of people, considering the technological advancements, this will lead to a massive disaster that you cannot imagine
Yoga means union. Union means beyond cultural,national and individual identities

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If your nation is important for you and if you believe that you have handed over your nation to a bunch of crooks and you’re sitting here and it's entertainment for you, I think it is you who need to be punished, not the corrupt.
We never looked at nation as a political entity till the British. We always looked at it as unity, culturally and spiritually
It’s best that what you’re strong on, you build on that. You don’t try to build United States of America in India - it’s never going to work. You build an India in India, a strong powerful India you can build
English language is the only thing we should have picked up because that’s the passport to the world. If you go shopping, what you pick up from a shop is by choice. If you pick up compulsively or you buy whatever they’re selling, it’s a stupid thing.
Just because you hoist a flag, you don’t have a nation. If you want to build a nation, you must understand the people, what their needs are, what kind of mindset we have and we fit in those kinds of systems, adjust the systems
Nation is just an idea. When this idea burns through your… burns through your mind and sinks into your heart and your passion is risen towards that, then you have a real nation, otherwise nation is just in the paper.
For the very first time we are in access of an opportunity to take huge mass of humanity from one level of living to another. If we as a nation act in unity, awareness and focus, this will become a reality. We as a generation of Indians will have the fortune of realizing the never-before-possibility
The Nation is not the land – it is the people. In transforming the people, we shall have a great Nation
Nations are made and held together on the basis of race, religion, language, or ethnicity... Sameness is the formula of nation-building, but Bharat stands in defiance of this mediocrity
If everyone's aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don't have a nation
The basic thing that held this nation together was always that - in this nation, we did not believe this nor that. Only thing is we knew we have to become free. Liberation was the highest goal. If you keep it that way, if you manage to activate this back in the society you will see people will stay together.
These 1.25 billion people, if we have a healthful, focused and inspired population, we as a nation can become a miracle. If we have an unhealthy population, which will naturally be uninspired and not “ready for action” kind of population, we can become the greatest disaster
A culture or a nation is just an idea. When human beings take this on as an identity, attach some pride to it, it burns through one’s mind and into his heart; now he wants to protect it, rise it, keep it clean, keep it wonderful. If you do not build pride into it then people will want to avoid it.
There are 400 million people in this nation who cannot eat even one full meal. When that is the case, there should be no room for vested interests working against the nation's wellbeing
Unfortunately, in the last 70 years we have not built too many people of money. We have built too many people for money. A nation will suffer if it has too many people who live for money. Time to cure the nation of this ailment
Nation is not a divine dispensation. Mata(mother) is only an endearment.
Those who want to rule us from outside will make certain systems and processes because they want obedience and dominance. A free nation has to make its own systems and processes
When we say Bharat, we are not talking about nationalism. This is about setting a culture where everyone can find the right rhythm
It is not necessary for any nation to aspire to be a superpower. It is necessary that all nations aspire for the wellbeing of their people; that is all that matters
No nation can be powerful if it forgets it pride, culture and heritage
In the making of a Nation, maintaining the sovereignty is most fundamental. There should be no compromise in this endeavor, either in thought or action
Scaling up businesses and human beings essential for nation building.
A nation is not its land and buildings - it is its people. If we, as a nation, have to rise and be empowered, the first and foremost thing we need to do is to empower the people

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Nation does not need Devotion but Pride, Purpose and Perseverance
That must happen - a day when we break away from the national shackles and just become one humanity
The greatness and glory of a nation and a culture is not in its past, but in the kind of future that we are aspiring and striving to create
Conquest and robbery are not two different things. If it is done by an individual, it is called burglary. If it is done by a gang, it is called dacoity. If it is done by a nation, it is called conquest or regime change.
The only way of addressing Nation's problems of poverty and malnourishment is to increase the size of the economy. When there is not enough, how do you distribute?
Humility in Victory and Gracefulness in Defeat is the mark of great men. It takes great men to build a Great Nation
If you want to make a nation out of India, it’s important we get the fundamental ethos that we are a land of seekers. If this seeking is not deepened, if there is no spiritual process in us there is no reason why we should be together, we look different, eat different, dress different, speak different languages- there is no reason for us to be together
Whether you’re running your own business or a state or a nation or whatever, in whichever way, if you’re touching a certain number of people in a day, you are a leader.
By eighteen if youth don’t have a skill, or they are not progressing towards their academic capabilities, they must compulsorily go (to skill schools). If you don’t skill the nation, you will kill the nation
To nurture an aspiration and to create the possibility that within your lifespan you can get there is very important and also make people’s aspirations into national aspiration and nation’s aspiration into people’s aspiration.
There is no culture of Health today – only medical care. Bringing in a culture of Health should be Mission #1 for individuals and the Nation.
It is a very unfair thing to say Indians will work only if they leave the nation, it’s not true. Here they are working, constantly uphill. There they are working on a level field. That’s a big difference. The success is coming because of the level playing field, not because here they were lazy and there they are working hard. That’s not true.
May this immense privilege to decide who should conduct the governance of the nation not go in vain. I beseech every adult to exercise this responsibility to decide the future of the nation
The more affluent societies become, the more suspicious they become of everyone else in the world. You can see this with individuals, with communities, and with nations. We don't trust our neighbors anymore.
You build a great society, nation or world not by talking about it - only by building individual human beings who are truly great.
People should have a strong sense of belonging, identity and pride about the nation.
Investment in health & education is need of the hour. Nation's future and wellbeing depends on this
We should never identify people who stop something in this country as leaders. This must be done by all the citizens. Whoever stops something in this nation should never, ever be our leader. Whoever makes things happen in this country; he must be the leader
Equal opportunities for girls is a must for the nations to move forward
What is needed to build a successful individual, the same things are needed to build a successful nation, it’s not any different
America is such a melting pot but one nation (on nationhood)
The idea of Nationhood needs love and pride in the hearts of the people to make it a great Nation
Taking a predetermined stance for or against someone or something is tribal mindset, not democracy. Democracy means we are always evaluating who would make the best leader for the nation
Violence against those of different linguistic or regional identity within the nation is of grave danger to the future possibilities of Bharat
The top three priority for the government & the nation should be Economy, Ecology & Education, in that order of priority. Economy & Ecology must function enhancing each other, not against each other.
Possibilities of going beyond limited identities is much bigger today than ever before because technology has made geographies porous. It's time individuals identify with nations because that's the largest piece of humanity we can address right now
When we say democracy, it means every individual is looking at & choosing who they think is best for the nation
It's time we come of age as a nation. Let's make a clear statement that 'freebies for votes' is not the way. We want long-term solutions for the well-being of all
Democracy means every 5 years, you have a chance to evaluate whether the govt. has done something worthwhile. If they haven't, vote them out. But once you elect a govt., it is our fundamental responsibility to support the government and do the best we can for the nation
The success of a nation is in the success of its Businesses. Without Commercial and Political strength, culture and spirituality are lame ducks
Today if the western nations open up their visa procedures, eighty percent of the Indians will swim across the oceans and go away. Or in other words you are holding over eight hundred million people within the borders of your nation forcefully. Well, that’s a prison; that’s not a nation.
This is still an unfortunate situation in the world, where every border has to be guarded
Role of every citizen, particularly the prominent public figures of the nation, is critical in shifting ecology from fringe to mainstream
Fundamentally, the success of a nation is dependent on the success of its commerce and businesses.
The concept of a nation must sink into everybody’s mind because a nation is just an idea.
Nation is not a geographical or political entity, for me nation is the largest segment of humanity you can address.
If we want stability in our family, society, nation, and the world, we need to create stability in individual human beings
This aspiration that you want your nation to be a superpower is very silly and childish, and has caused immense damage to the planet
Our aspiration should be to become a sensible, gentle nation, which is for wellbeing for itself and, as far as possible, wellbeing for everyone in the world. India should aspire to make every nation meditative
Franchise is the way that you assert that, this is our Nation. Vote not by whim or value but for what is best for the Nation
Farmers are the most important stakeholders in making river revitalization a reality & thereby in making of the nation.
Sacrifices of the past should not be forgotten. Pride is an essential for nation building
If we do not have the courage in investing our resources in things that we do not know, then we will get outdated in no time, because information becomes outdated very quickly
Once you elect a government, you must give them five years to manifest something of significance. Only then can the nation move forward.
We need to do something about inspiring people in an organized way. Haphazardly, individuals doing this and that is fine, but a very organized effort to inspire people without creating an external enemy, making people understand the biggest enemy for a human being is always within himself - this inspiration is what is needed.
When we are not inspired, we tend to function only within the limitations in which we are placed. Only when we are inspired, we go beyond and do things that human beings wouldn't normally do. Only then, society surges ahead and does something worthwhile
A nation is important because you expand the scope of your passion, involvement, and concern beyond your own likes and dislikes. A nation is the largest piece of humanity that you are able to be committed to right now
Distress is not something that the government alone can handle. If over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in the nation then it’s not just government but every citizen’s responsibility to ensure their wellbeing.
As a family, as a community, as a nation, as humanity, we share karmic memory among ourselves
A nation that does not honor the sacrifices of its heroes is an ungrateful nation. We cannot reclaim the lost lives but in this recognition there is fulfillment for the bereaved. National pride, an essential ingredient in making of a great nation
May the sacrifices of our jawans for the nation not go in vain. Nation must stand with our forces
If we do not have a fixed territory, there can’t be a nation. It’s unfortunate that we have to divide the planet, but that’s the fundamental of making a nation
Political issues are always there. But people’s issues, the nation’s issues, the nation moving forward is the biggest issue
World is still not in that place where people can embrace each other and live as one, so right now how do you address the well being of human beings? nation is the largest piece that you can address