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A truly democratic approach does not resort to banning someone's opinion.
Of all the political systems that we know of, Democracy stands out as the most effective & truly revolutionary because the change of power happens without blood spilling on streets
I don't belong to either left or right wing. Personally whether I agree or disagree with any elected government, I bow down to it because it's people's choice. My opinion is not bigger than the people's will
Unfortunate that some young students are taking preconceived political sides. If the votes of youth are already committed then we are destroying democracy
If an elected government is working against the nation's interests, the makers of our Constitution provided sufficient instruments to stop such things. There are avenues to address such issues. Vitriol is not the solution
In the past, change of power never happened without bloodshed. The reason democracy is significant is we change power without spilling a drop of blood. If we get into a feudalistic mindset, we will once again see blood in the name of power changes
If one has not voted, then one has no right to comment on nation's issues. Voting is not just a means to express that the nation matters; it's a huge privilege. It's very important that every adult in a democracy casts vote
We just took democracy from the British and we think if they just put their vote and get their fingers dirty once in five years, everything is settled. No, we have not educated people. We are still a feudalistic society acting to be democratic
Free press is an important dimension of democratic process. Keeping it free from political and corporate influence is paramount to keep democracy on track
All of us have to vote according to our own conscience, as to what is best for the nation. If we vote based on community, caste, or religion, we are making a mockery out of democracy

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Democracy in India is still in an evolutionary state, needs lot more evolution and nobody has done to educate people as to what is democracy
Armed revolution is not a solution to any issue. In a Democracy, Change must be brought about through Ballots, not bombs
Democracy will be a functional democracy, only when you go and vote and you don’t know who your wife voted for, who your husband voted for and you don’t want to know. Only if you have this kind of integrity, democracy will work
It's time we come of age as a nation. Let's make a clear statement that 'freebies for votes' is not the way. We want long-term solutions for the well-being of all
Who you vote for is your choice, but vote you must
The beauty of democratic systems is that you can either support or oppose the elected leaders but Vote You Must
Always, the opposition sounds more intelligent because they only criticize, they are not doing anything.
Democracy is of election not of Self selection.
The moment we vote for our religion, or caste or creed or even family, if you vote, there is no democracy anymore. There is only feudalism
Of Religion and Republic, only one allows amendment.
Democracy is rule of institutions - will of the people, not whims of a few.
Vote Wisely and Responsibly as Governments are not our fate or god given; they are made by Us. Let Democracy Dance to the wishes and tune of Bharatvasi
IF you believe that your opinion is much more sacred than people's will in a democratic society, then you have a fundamental problem
'Only you have the freedom of speech and nobody else has' this is not liberal in my understanding.
Do not misunderstand the right to protest as the right to disrupt.
Once you emerge as an individual, it is important to realize that your freedom has an impact on others. To live in a democracy means we have agreed to allow everyone the right to the same freedoms.
It doesn’t matter which party, which leader – if they are indulging in criminalizing democratic process, we must act.
An elected government is BY THE PEOPLE. Only when it does not work FOR THE PEOPLE, criticism and censure is warranted. Motivated groups spewing venom all the time has nothing to do with DEMOCRACY
When we say democracy, it means every individual is looking at & choosing who they think is best for the nation
May this immense privilege to decide who should conduct the governance of the nation not go in vain. I beseech every adult to exercise this responsibility to decide the future of the nation
Democracy is only for those who value the power of the ballot, not for those who spray bullets and explode bombs. Democracy - an instrument of peacefully transitioning power as per the will of the people
Constructive criticism of policy and government’s functioning is fine. That is the life breath of democracy. Blind opposition is just prejudice.
Democracy means every 5 years, you have a chance to evaluate whether the govt. has done something worthwhile. If they haven't, vote them out. But once you elect a govt., it is our fundamental responsibility to support the government and do the best we can for the nation
Taking a predetermined stance for or against someone or something is tribal mindset, not democracy. Democracy means we are always evaluating who would make the best leader for the nation
The time has come to move from religion to responsibility. From compulsiveness to consciousness is the path of true spirituality. And from a committed vote to a considered vote is the path of true democracy
Victorious or Vanquished, must move from Rhetoric to Responsibility. All should focus on Nation’s growth and prosperity
In a living democracy, one should never take a fixed stance. Democracy means evaluation of one's stance every time
Bringing of doubt to the election process by those who lose elections is reprehensible
In democracies, we must vote after evaluating the performance of the government every 5 years. If we vote as caste, creed religion, family or even as an affiliate of a political party, then it is feudalism in the name of democracy
It's time to remember that an election has been fought to uphold one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Both victor and vanquished should work to usher in an ethos that befits the refined & inclusive culture to which we are heir
The violence in the world is much less than ever before. For the tools of violence that we have, if these tools are used without the tongue-lashing capability in the parliaments & the debates & United Nations & everywhere. We would destroy the world many times over. That is not happening because modern societies have learnt to tongue-lash each other
Once you elect someone, you elected the devil, it doesn't matter. Just support the devil for the next five years
Dance of Democracy is on. All should participate. Remember you are choosing your Representative to administer your beloved Nation. They are not your Masters but mandated to serve, choose diligently. Access credible information and exercise your franchise responsibly
Democracy is about standing by the leadership that people elect and taking the nation forward.
[About wasting of Time in Parliament] Parliament time should be put to good use by all concerned. Nation first please
Franchise is the way that you assert that, this is our Nation. Vote not by whim or value but for what is best for the Nation
The important thing is change of power happens without bloodshed, that’s the big thing about democracy
We, as a nation, must stand up & support positive economic decisions regardless of which political party or group has taken it
Win or lose, all parties must respect and adhere to people’s will. Let us strive to fulfill the aspiration of making India a great nation
Once you elect a government, you must give them five years to manifest something of significance. Only then can the nation move forward.