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People have understood the technology of how to stop the nation - bandh, hartaal - but how to run the nation, it's a different technology
The imagery of Mahishasura at Devi's feet symbolizes that when the feminine enters, one's intelligence flowers or opens up, and one's bestiality or animal nature is put down.
Till we become economically capable and competent where we feel fine with the way we are, till then we will tend to imitate somebody else. if we want to save the culture, if you want to have Indian culture growing and throbbing, we must achieve a quick economic well-being for maximum number of people in this country
We never looked at nation as a political entity till the British. We always looked at it as unity, culturally and spiritually
One of the most important things needed right now is to organize agriculture, to bring in technology and, above all, the economy of scale is needed
The very sovereignty of this nation will be untenable the moment you hack the spiritual thread that binds us. So it is in the hands of young people like you to strengthen that within yourself and in everybody around you
For thousands of years, though we have been multiple political entities within the Indian subcontinent, we were always recognized as one nation, within this land and in the rest of the known world. This is because of a unique cultural and spiritual ethos.
Conquest is to beat somebody down and sit on top of their heads. Colonization is to convert people into your way, so that they will serve you without thinking they are serving you.
Lord Krishna wanted the kings of the day to turn spiritual. Unfortunately, it ended up in a disaster of Kurukshetra war. But we call him lord because he was playful, untouched by a terrible reality that’s playing around. This, you can also do.
Nation is not just a piece of land, it has to be built in the minds and hearts of people

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There is no corruption in India, where is corruption in India? there is only Banditry
You don’t have to talk about marriage and divorce in same breath as if they come together. This is a completely American idea
What the sword and the gun could not do, MTV is doing it.
There is a distance between possibility and reality. Definitely it's a great possibility. We are sitting on the threshold but do not underestimate our ability to goof things up
We have a phenomenal ability to goof up things because we are too much genius with very little organization.
You know, this is India. Hospitality means you must eat two people's food, not one!
For thousands of years.. The largest exports were from India for many thousands of years. Nobody ever thought of exporting in such large quantities. So both with goods and gods, we’ve been very good, We can export both, we don’t have to import either. We’re very good both with goods and gods.
This is the problem with us - to conduct the outside we call the divine, to conduct the inward we try to go at it logically; both won't work for us.
Only Indian gods dance. If they fall in love, they dance. If they get ecstatic, they dance. If they get angry, they dance.
We (India as a nation) are sitting on the threshold, but do not underestimate our ability to goof things up.
We were not taken by a nation (Britain), we were taken by a business, it sounds ridiculous, but it is real

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If your nation is important for you and if you believe that you have handed over your nation to a bunch of crooks and you’re sitting here and it's entertainment for you, I think it is you who need to be punished, not the corrupt.
We never looked at nation as a political entity till the British. We always looked at it as unity, culturally and spiritually
It’s best that what you’re strong on, you build on that. You don’t try to build United States of America in India - it’s never going to work. You build an India in India, a strong powerful India you can build
English language is the only thing we should have picked up because that’s the passport to the world. If you go shopping, what you pick up from a shop is by choice. If you pick up compulsively or you buy whatever they’re selling, it’s a stupid thing.
Just because you hoist a flag, you don’t have a nation. If you want to build a nation, you must understand the people, what their needs are, what kind of mindset we have and we fit in those kinds of systems, adjust the systems
Nation is just an idea. When this idea burns through your… burns through your mind and sinks into your heart and your passion is risen towards that, then you have a real nation, otherwise nation is just in the paper.
For the very first time we are in access of an opportunity to take huge mass of humanity from one level of living to another. If we as a nation act in unity, awareness and focus, this will become a reality. We as a generation of Indians will have the fortune of realizing the never-before-possibility
The Nation is not the land – it is the people. In transforming the people, we shall have a great Nation
Nations are made and held together on the basis of race, religion, language, or ethnicity... Sameness is the formula of nation-building, but Bharat stands in defiance of this mediocrity
If everyone's aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don't have a nation
The basic thing that held this nation together was always that - in this nation, we did not believe this nor that. Only thing is we knew we have to become free. Liberation was the highest goal. If you keep it that way, if you manage to activate this back in the society you will see people will stay together.
These 1.25 billion people, if we have a healthful, focused and inspired population, we as a nation can become a miracle. If we have an unhealthy population, which will naturally be uninspired and not “ready for action” kind of population, we can become the greatest disaster
A culture or a nation is just an idea. When human beings take this on as an identity, attach some pride to it, it burns through one’s mind and into his heart; now he wants to protect it, rise it, keep it clean, keep it wonderful. If you do not build pride into it then people will want to avoid it.
There are 400 million people in this nation who cannot eat even one full meal. When that is the case, there should be no room for vested interests working against the nation's wellbeing
Unfortunately, in the last 70 years we have not built too many people of money. We have built too many people for money. A nation will suffer if it has too many people who live for money. Time to cure the nation of this ailment
Nation is not a divine dispensation. Mata(mother) is only an endearment.
Those who want to rule us from outside will make certain systems and processes because they want obedience and dominance. A free nation has to make its own systems and processes
When we say Bharat, we are not talking about nationalism. This is about setting a culture where everyone can find the right rhythm
It is not necessary for any nation to aspire to be a superpower. It is necessary that all nations aspire for the wellbeing of their people; that is all that matters
No nation can be powerful if it forgets it pride, culture and heritage
In the making of a Nation, maintaining the sovereignty is most fundamental. There should be no compromise in this endeavor, either in thought or action
Scaling up businesses and human beings essential for nation building.
A nation is not its land and buildings - it is its people. If we, as a nation, have to rise and be empowered, the first and foremost thing we need to do is to empower the people

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It is important to understand that though yoga is Indian in origin, it is universal in appeal
Samskriti means doing the right things with life.
It is only this spiritual thread which is keeping this as one nation
In India nobody gets old, people die young. That's why we are the youngest nation in the world
India delivered yoga, it is time the world adopts yoga.
The Indian people don't want food, they want opportunity to make their own food.
Mahatma Gandhi is a symbol of finding a peaceful solution to violent problems
Skilling India the single most important task. Private enterprise must participate
Dissent, debates & discussions have been the essence of Bharat for millennia.
[About India and chaos] We know how to create very organized chaos. That is what this country is.
As proud as we are of yoga being of Indian origin, we must gift it to the world

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In a tropical country, transporting water by canals is irresponsible. If cities need water then it must be transported through pipelines, not through blatant interlinking of rivers because the thirsty land will drink up a significant volume of water
"Cauvery Calling" is not just about wellbeing of human life; it is about wellbeing of every life form.
If we do not revitalize Cauvery in our lifetime then, as a generation of people, we have failed because we will leave a barren soil and water-less land for the future generations.
Though the amount of rainfall in India has been the same over the last century, today rivers and groundwater levels are depleting. One reason is our inability to hold this water in the land due to loss in tree cover
Fortunate for the nation Monsoon is near normal, but complacency during wet season and desperation during dry seasons is not the way. Trees and vegetation only way to keep the blessings of Monsoon for the whole year.
When the volume of rainfall has largely been the same in India in last 70 years, it's time to look at why volume of water in our rivers & groundwater has gone down substantially. Without vegetation, there can be no richness in our soil & no capacity to hold water on land
One of the key focus areas of "Cauvery Calling" is to bring a significant portion of agricultural land under micro-irrigation which will dramatically reduce fresh water consumption. A vital step needed for the nation
Many things that we are doing to take this nation forward, could all go waste and turn around if we fail to manage the nation's soil and water
River interlinking is based on this dangerous idea that freshwater flowing into the ocean is a waste. If river water doesn’t reach the ocean, marine water will percolate inland, making 1/3 of India uncultivable
One of the objectives of Cauvery Calling is to enable farmers to grow, fell, transport & sell everything they grow in their land. This is a fundamental right that our farmers shouldn’t be deprived of.
To solve India’s water problems in the short term, engineering solutions can be employed but a time has come when we must move to nature-based solutions to fundamentally address our soil, water & agriculture problems.
We are using our water resources to the fullest. In case of 2 or 3 consecutive bad Monsoons there shall be a human calamity and, in turn, civil strife that will be tragic.
Integrity of the Nation is not only in strengthening its sovereignty. To FREE INDIA of water crisis and soil distress is of paramount importance too. Let us make it happen
Organic content in India’s soil has become so weak that soil's ability to hold water is gone. The only way to hold monsoon water is by increasing vegetation & organic content in the soil.
River interlinking must be evaluated on the basis of scientific, environmental merit and long-term sustainability, not on the basis of emotions & immediate needs
River Narmada has been an integral part of the glorious spiritual tradition of Bharat. If we are oblivious to her plight today, then we are declaring that we don’t care about our rich heritage & future of our children.
Narmada, the bedrock of central India's spiritual ethos, is one of the most severely depleted rivers of the nation. Time to restore her to full glory for future generations.
Water levels in India's major river basins reaching a new low of the decade is a silent disaster in the making. A grave threat to agriculture, livestock & well-being of future generations. Their revitalization must become top priority
India is staring at an alarming crisis as forests & vegetation in 18 out of 24 major river basins are on the brink of drying
Simple but immediate measures to revitalize India's rivers are must. All experts in field must contribute
The true wealth of our nation is in water reserves in which thrives one of the world’s richest biodiversity

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Culture so gentle Under mass of time did crumble In an effort for eternal mantle They made every step a Temple
This is a nation where a large population will give up everything a person normally aspires for - all pleasures of life, all comforts, all rights - to simply live in pursuit of what is ultimately right
The long-cherished cultural heritage of Bharat is just a consequence of the deep-rooted spiritual work that has gone in this land for several millennia. Conservation of this work is paramount.
The beauty of India was that it was a land of seekers. This nature of seeking kept us away from conflict.
India is the only culture that did not make God supreme. Here, liberation - you becoming free from your bondage - is the supreme goal. God is just a stepping stone. You can either use it or skip over it.
If you take away the cultural fabric, there is nothing to hold this country as one nation
Before occupation, education was embedded in India's culture. time to build on intellectual capital
Unique facet about Indian culture is that it was crafted to support & nurture every human being's ultimate aspiration
Healing balm either for earth or soul bound to come from India. It is in its very nature.
In ancient times, India did not exist as one country. Its people were not of the same religion, race or language. But still, a sense of unity existed throughout the land because of the common spiritual ethos that the people carried in them
People always looked east when they thought of living well. This culture has always had this power, but the culture has fallen. But one must understand, this happens to all cultures. There will be peaks and there will be downtrends. If we as a generation have any sense, we have to pull it up. It does not happen free of cost, everyone has to work for it
The role of the arts in creating a conducive ambiance for the spiritual pursuit has always been central in this culture. It is not accidental that the most powerfully consecrated temples were also vibrant centers of dance and music
This is the fundamental of this nation, that we always focused on finding the tala, not trying to change the raga of life
Indian culture is the most complex and colorful culture on the planet. The way people look, their language, their food, their way of dressing, and their music and dance - everything changes every fifty or hundred kilometers in this country

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Temple is like a body, it is to energize the system, Temple is not a place of worship. Temple is not a place where you make appeals to God. This is not a place where you lead a prayer.
I speak across the planet to all kinds of people, highest level of academics, scientists, tribal women, rural people, all kinds - I always find, traveling around the world, I always find the basic general intellect in India is way higher than most places on the planet. But it has no expression
People from outside recognized us as one nation because they all believed in something, This nation has never been a nation of believers, we have been a nation of seekers, spiritual process has been the main thing. Here people are not believing in God, they are seeking Mukti or Liberation
Either you must have the wisdom to kill the enmity. If there is no room for that wisdom, unfortunately it will naturally translate into killing the enemy. Acting decisively for the larger well-being of a nation has to happen
Need of the hour - Education that will transform, not education to transport our children elsewhere
Cleanliness is the cornerstone for India's global reach.
Our idea of education is entirely English unfortunately. Everybody is going to the university. For what? We have to live in this universe, not in a university
Tantra does not mean unbridled promiscuity. Today, the word tantra evokes all kinds of nasty things in people’s minds because most of the information that you know about tantra is rebound from the American shores. Even in India if you go into any bookstore, most of the books on tantra are written by American authors
This is the only religion-less culture, godless culture. This may be little scary for people because we have thirty three million gods and goddesses in this country. we did not create enough gods and goddesses because of Western influence we started feeling ashamed of gods and goddesses
Largely these (consecrated temple) structures, this phenomenal work that was done in the northern part of the India was wiped out because the northern part of the country saw invasions after invasions and the first thing that they went for is this, because they knew if they break this, people’s minds will be broken, their spirit will be broken
Large parts of India was like this at one time, that the whole geography of the place was created like a living body. They established these bodies, like how in the human body the energy centers are, many kings sponsored these great adventures of turning their whole kingdom into a spiritual body, so that man, woman, child nobody escapes the spiritual process
Self preservation is the biggest thing when you are walking on the street. Now you go to Tapovan, you are going with a certain reverence, a certain openness that makes it a possibility. This is the basis of, the whole basis of creating temples in India
There has never been a religion in this country. What you call as Hindu is a geographical identity. Anybody who is born in the land of Indus is a Hindu. You can believe in God & be a Hindu; you can disbelieve in God & be a Hindu. Five people in your house can worship 5 different types of gods & still be okay with each other. This is not allowed anywhere else
What we call as India is a profound sense of life. It seems to be messy & chaotic, but it is not so. There is a very profound sense of order
If you want to make a nation out of India, it’s important we get the fundamental ethos that we are a land of seekers. If this seeking is not deepened, if there is no spiritual process in us there is no reason why we should be together, we look different, eat different, dress different, speak different languages- there is no reason for us to be together
Never in this culture did we fight on religious basis because we did not know what is religion till the outside religions came. You could do your God, I could do my God, everybody could do their own God and no problem. Only when people said, ‘This is the God,’ there is a fight
Nowhere else on this planet have single generations of people risen to such glorious heights of knowing as this culture has known, but all that got fractured in the last few hundred years, because of invasions and displacement of people and so many things
One of the biggest problems in India is the country is still in God's hands, this is the biggest problem. Unless you take it into your hands it'll never happen the way we want it
In Mumbai weather, tying it up, putting a jacket & walking is hell! There is no way you can exist in this weather with those clothes, it’s madness! But everybody’s doing it because somebody else has been doing it & they have told us only if you do like this, it's civilized, if you do it your way, you’re not civilized.
The reason why the spiritual sciences, especially in this country which was so rich in the mystical traditions, has become so ridiculous is, people tried to do it anywhere and everywhere, without necessary committed atmospheres.
If you want to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of revitalizing rural India, the most fundamental need is to bring back richness to our soil with leaves from the trees and animal waste
If India speaks in one voice, I don’t think any political party, any govt, whoever gets elected in the next 25 yrs, are going to forget that
Ayudha Pooja means every implement that we are using whether it's industry, agriculture or whatever we're using, you approach that respectfully because unless you approach everything with a certain sense of reverence, with a deep sense of involvement there is no yield.
Experiential learning through digital means is need of the hour to make education more interesting and palatable for millions of India’s underprivileged children
India is not a land of belief in an ultimate entity, but of homogeneity. This culture understood that Life springs from every corner of the universe, not from one source
There is no culture of Health today – only medical care. Bringing in a culture of Health should be Mission #1 for individuals and the Nation.
The essence of India is that it's a land of seekers which understood the intelligence of ignorance. In seeking there is no conflict. Only in believing there is conflict
Flooding does not mean excess rain; it is just lack of tree cover that has made soil unable to hold and direct water towards aquifers
This culture that we refer to as Bharat has all the tools needed to create a world where there is an inward movement, which will allow every human being to blossom to their fullest possibility, without impeding upon any other life
If we bring this one thing, that the highest aspect in the world is seeking the truth and liberation, you will naturally have the fragrance of this culture everywhere. It is a natural consequence of this seeking
Mathematics, Metallurgy and Medicine are Bharat's greatest contributions in making of the World's Civilizations. The power of this nation has been not of conquest or capture but to Captivate with human Genius
Bharat mastered the craft of story telling because the most profound & immense experiences of life, which spawned in this land, were always transmitted orally
India has the latitudinal spread, climatic variety & an intrinsic knowledge of agriculture in over 60% population to become bread basket of the world
In this culture we taught you right from ancient times, your life is your karma. This means, your life is your making. What comes our way is not in our hands but what we make out of it is one-hundred percent in our hands.
India will become a GREAT sporting nation when sport is made an integral part of our education system. May we transform our ways of education from an oppressive system to a playful process
A temple is not a destination. A temple is only a doorway
The only sustainable way to hold water on the land in a tropical country is by putting enough vegetation on the land. If the soil is rich with organic matter from plant & animal waste, it will recharge ground and river water
Am not an expert on copper smelting but I know India has immense use for copper. If we don't produce our own, of course we will buy from China. Ecological violations can be addressed legally. Lynching large businesses is economic suicide
Cauvery Calling is not about some river in South India. Everyone who consumes water must join this movement to demonstrate to the tropical world that our soil & rivers can be revitalized by taking appropriate & timely action
It’s time subsistence farming is transformed into productive & ecologically sensitive agricultural activity for the nation. Water-guzzling crops should be grown only in water abundant regions. This will ensure wellbeing of soil, water & agriculture
It is time agriculture becomes a prime and lucrative activity in the country. If you do not make it a very lucrative process, in the next 25 years, we will lose our ability to grow food in this country.
Yoga has lived for over 15,000 years without any enforcement, because of its sheer efficacy
Bharat has to become the global soft power. We have the wisdom & knowledge that can steer the world to well-being
Our idea of love is to stuff the people with as much food as we can
Here we were always interested in how the human being is. We are not so concerned about how the outside arrangement is. Because if the self is fixed, you can sit on a rock and be ecstatic. If the self not fixed, you can sit in a palace and be utterly miserable.
We have to educate our children to show that we have done tremendous things. Just two hundred and fifty years ago we were the largest economy. Whole of Europe was thirsting to come to India and even, you know wherever they went, they called people Indians.
When we said it’s your karma, we are saying it is one hundred percent your making, everything that you are and that means you have to create your own life. this has kept people free of resentment and anger and hatred. That’s why India is incapable of a revolution
[About changing our name from Bharat to India] Whenever somebody occupies a nation, the first thing they will do is change your name. This is the technology of dominance, this is the technology of enslaving.
One important thing that India needs to do is to simplify the laws in a way that everybody understands it. Right now, it’s so complex and ambiguous, nobody really knows what it is. And because there is so much ambiguity, it creates so much grey areas which breeds corruption endlessly.
Let us all strive to lift our Beloved Republic beyond distinctions of caste, creed, race, or religion. Let us create a Bharat all of us will be proud of. Bharat should be in our breath
It is a very unfair thing to say Indians will work only if they leave the nation, it’s not true. Here they are working, constantly uphill. There they are working on a level field. That’s a big difference. The success is coming because of the level playing field, not because here they were lazy and there they are working hard. That’s not true.
This nation stood out in the world, right from ancient times, because there was no any belief system, everybody is a seeker. Because everybody is a seeker, he explored, human-intelligence overflowed at one time in this nation and did wonderful things. And that phenomenal USP that we have, we’re destroying it today in competition
We are not rootless but people who occupied us for so long somehow managed to bring a certain sense of shame about our roots which has to go.
We are a completely amoral country. It is the most beautiful way to live because morality means persecution, morality means right and wrong. I am right and you are wrong of course
It's all right where people wear imported watches, imported clothes, but they shouldn't import their brains and hearts from somewhere else
You don't bow down to one thing and not the other thing, you bow down to everything, everything has an element of the source of creation
In the Indian culture if you look at a tree you bow down, you look at an animal, rock, cow you bow down, you look at God you bow down, you look at a man/ woman/ child you do the same thing, because you recognize the hand of divine is in everything, every atom cannot function without source of creation throbbing in it
In Kashi they manufactured 33 Million Gods & Goddesses, in the form of an elephant, in the form of a snake, in the form of a cow, in the form of a dog, every kind, just to make you understand every life has its place, there is no life happening here without the hand of creator actively involved in it.
After being under some kind of invasion for over 1100 years, this is the only massive population which has kept its original roots alive - not in an archival way but in a living way
We just took democracy from the British and we think if they just put their vote and get their fingers dirty once in five years, everything is settled. No, we have not educated people. We are still a feudalistic society acting to be democratic
Our goal is not heaven, our goal is not some absolute up there, our goal is Truth & Freedom, there is no philosophy here, there is no ideology here, here we are in a constant mode of seeking
This idea that there is one god sitting up there, one big human being, of course a man not a woman, sitting up there and controlling the whole universe and whatever, and this has all come because they think the existence is human centric. We have never seen it that way. We know we are just a small speck in the universe
Sanathan means eternal, timeless. Dharma does not mean religion; Dharma means law. So they were talking about eternal laws which govern life and how we can be in tune with it.
If Mahatma Gandhi's children did not go to school, it is not a shame for Mahatma Gandhi. It is a shame for all of us as a nation that we did not take care of the children of a man who gave his life for the nation
Our education system evolved when industrialization was happening. The English did it to create job training. If we want to imitate what they did, why send them out? They would have done a better job
The most fundamental strength of the Indian nation is that we are a land of seekers
People don't understand what powers India. It's powered by itself, it's just like a whirlwind but you must be able to direct it in the direction that you want it to go.
We are too exuberant. It's a very beautiful way to exist on one level but if we do not organize, if do not focus this natural exuberance of the people, a certain intelligence which is free-willing intelligence, you will have a very chaotic situation which seems to be going somewhere but not going anywhere. It's like whirlwind making its own rounds.
India is a tremendous opportunity, a possibility. This is something that anybody who looks at this nation closely enough can clearly see here, rest of the world clearly sees that, that this is a nation of tremendous possibility.
India is a very organic chaos, and that is its strength.
Hindustan describes the geography, Bharat describes the culture. I think a time has come where our identity has to be cultural. Because culture is inclusive
If I go anywhere even in India, you know, because they think if you wear Indian clothes, you're archaic. You have to be in Western clothes to be modern
Democracy will be a functional democracy, only when you go and vote and you don’t know who your wife voted for, who your husband voted for and you don’t want to know. Only if you have this kind of integrity, democracy will work
Suppose you want to become a political leader don’t try to build a road, build a dam, do this, do that, no; gather one hundred of your fans and block a highway, make our lives miserable, you will become a leader
Still, our identifications with our religions, our caste, our creed, our family is more predominant than the identity of the nation.
Democracy in India is still in an evolutionary state, needs lot more evolution and nobody has done to educate people as to what is democracy
That India is home to the finest pace attackers in the world calls for as much celebration as India's historic win on Australian soil.
Violence against those of different linguistic or regional identity within the nation is of grave danger to the future possibilities of Bharat
The Vijayadashami or Dussehra festival is of a tremendous cultural significance for all who live in this land – irrespective of their caste, creed or religion – and should be celebrated with gaiety and love
Security forces when given free hand may act on terror sources outside the country to an extent. But what about those who give financial & physical support, media & social media space to anti-India forces? Ending divisive forces within is your call Mr Prime Minister
Indian temple is not a place of prayer. A public battery charging place is what a temple is (it is intended to energize the being).
I want India to be a country of wellbeing, where our standards of wellbeing are different from just a vulgar sense of wealth and conquest.
Rama, very representative of profound perception & wisdom of this culture. The value of life not judged by one’s accumulations but by the depth of freedom or mukti, one achieves
Over 50% of our population is below 25 years of age, transforming our demographic wealth into a dividend rather than a disaster is crucial. We can either Skill India or kill India
Indian classical music has never been just a form of entertainment, nor is it just about bringing pleasantness to one’s emotions. It is an outcrop of Naada Yoga: a way of using sounds to activate and evolve the human system to its ultimate possibility.
Denuded forests cannot be restored to old glory through imported species & mono culture. While natural forests must be preserved, it’s paramount to increase forest cover of India by bringing back native species for revitalization of our soil & rivers
The people of India today have this tremendous possibility, responsibility, and privilege in front of them. India is capable of bringing a new level of success into the world, a new paradigm of what it means to be successful in terms of creating human wellbeing. We have the necessary inner technologies and the wisdom to make this happen
Our country is on a threshold of great possibilities. We have a tendency to celebrate the possibility itself. Unless we have the courage & commitment to walk the distance, we will become hallucinatory about the possibility
Bringing corporate experience into governance is a positive and is much needed for India to become a Major Economy in the world
The activism you see is a hangover from the pre-independence era. We need to become a business nation. Only by increasing the size of the economy, will we bring wellbeing to our populations
It's time we come of age as a nation. Let's make a clear statement that 'freebies for votes' is not the way. We want long-term solutions for the well-being of all
To surge, it is very important to know what went wrong in the past; to make sure such things don't happen to us once again. Lack of historical perspective could be an impediment in India's surging.
When you go to an Indian temple, it is just to behold an energy form. You want to take an imprint of the Divine within yourself
Vote Wisely and Responsibly as Governments are not our fate or god given; they are made by Us. Let Democracy Dance to the wishes and tune of Bharatvasi
Swachh Bharat is not just the Prime Minister's movement. It's a movement of every Indian. It's a crucial step for India to move ahead and truly prosper. One simple way through which we can show our love for life around us is by creating Swachh Bharat
If you have the brains and the guts to do something, there is so much to be done in this world, and particularly in India
We want India to be super, not a superpower. India should be able to feed its population well & become the guiding light for human wellbeing & inner transformation
Producing full-fledged human beings has been the nature in India. Before it goes away, we have to capitalize on it
Most Indians are unaware of the depth of mysticism & spiritual process that has happened & continues to happen in India
In this culture, you not only have the freedom to choose your god, but to create the sort of god that you can relate to.
When it comes to integrity, there is a serious amount of work to be done in this country - not only on politicians.
India is like a kaleidoscope - it is a conscious chaos
The only thing we have is people. If you have this population educated, focused balanced and inspired we are a very good nation
I think India as a society is changing more rapidly than any other society on the planet right now
Bharat has to become the global soft power. We have the wisdom & knowledge that can steer the world to wellbeing
It is painful to see corruption eating into all aspects of our beloved Bharath
Half the population in this country is hungry. Corruption cannot be overlooked. Harshest possible law against corruption is the need of the hour
Always this land has been a land of seekers, never a land of believers
Indian classical music comes from a deep understanding of the human system. It activates the human energy system and leads to a higher level of consciousness
This conundrum that we call as “India” today is a very organic and conscious mess. Everything seems to be wrong, yet everything manages to happen
Nurturing the remnants of thousands of years of spiritual work that has been done in this land is one of the best gifts we can offer to future generations.
The large number of India’s youth can either become a tremendous possibility or a disaster. It’s time we nurture & prepare them towards a great possibility
India’s heritage is unique in that it was designed to assist both inner and outer wellbeing. Let’s ensure our heritage is not a past to be preserved, but a present that we live and a future that we craft
India has been the most vibrant and colorful culture upon the earth for many millennia. Let us make it prosperous once again, as it is not just a Nation but a treasure to the world
Democracy will become a living reality for the nation only if each Indian rejects feudalistic ways of thinking & living and brings democracy in every aspect of life
India can empower humanity to an extent where each human being realizes that destiny & future are not pre-determined. Everything can be determined consciously
Indian Tech industry must strive to move from reaping the benefits of inexpensive human resource to creating opportunities which have long-term implications.
At a time when India is at the cusp of becoming the largest data consumer in the world, it’s important that this empowerment is directed towards human well-being
Forgive we must, but may we never forget the cruelty unleashed upon the people of Bharat by oppressive colonial forces.
This is a land which clearly understood, God is our making. That’s the reason why in this culture, God is not the goal – mukti is the goal, liberation is the goal
Without a sense of conquest, we became a very vibrant economy. This is a very unique achievement which we need to bring back to this world
If we have to transform rural India into a place worth living in, a key aspect is to make agriculture a lucrative process.
India’s future is in the hands of this generation. Let’s strive to create a law-abiding Nation that values and respects all life in equal measure.
We have the potential, we have the intellect, we have the capability, and the world is looking up to us to show the way in many ways
The top three priority for the government & the nation should be Economy, Ecology & Education, in that order of priority. Economy & Ecology must function enhancing each other, not against each other.
Most intricate, Exquisite and Sophisticated dance forms evolved in India. A land where Gods, Seers and Sages also dancing sort. May your life be a Dance of Ecstasy
Shri Ram is an icon in this culture, who has inspired millions of people across generations towards righteousness, truthfulness, and being just and compassionate to each other.
Agroforestry will not only solve the nation’s soil, water & climate problems, but also reduce import dependency on wood & wood-based products.
If you try to do anything in this country they want to stop it. You want to build a dam, there’s a protest, you want a nuclear project, there’s protest, thermal project - protest, windmill - protest; but everybody wants everything
We should never identify people who stop something in this country as leaders. This must be done by all the citizens. Whoever stops something in this nation should never, ever be our leader. Whoever makes things happen in this country; he must be the leader
In this culture, we never aspired for heaven. We always said the highest is liberation. Mukti is the goal.
The moment we vote for our religion, or caste or creed or even family, if you vote, there is no democracy anymore. There is only feudalism
One thing we have to do is re-write a more responsible history of what has happened in this land for a long time. Not in the last three thousand years, not in the fourteen hundred years. What people in this land have done for a long time has to be brought back
Bharat, the land of playfulness & sport has become joyless because its agrarian communities are burdened with debts of weak soil & water scarcity. Only way to make Bharat a playful nation is by making agriculture a lucrative economic activity
"Cauvery Calling" will fulfill Mahatma’s dream of making rural India thrive & become a phenomenal economic force. Enriching our soil & revitalizing our water resources is the only way forward. Let’s make it happen
One of the core objectives of "Cauvery Calling" is to establish a national Timber Board which will reduce India’s import dependence on Timber & Timber products & significantly boost our agrarian economy
With the necessary technology, simple space, even a piece of stone can be made into divine exuberance. This is the phenomenon of consecration.
To enhance Indian economy & the lives of millions of people who are deprived of opportunities for centuries, stability is needed, but speed of growth is paramount & most urgent need of the hour
(when invaders came to change us) There was no one papacy, one focused place where all the knowledge is centered. It was just happening decentralized, completely decentralized. So, it’s because of this you still have some India left
Leave the meaning of it, the sound is existential and it has a power. Bharat has power, this power has to reverberate through everybody's hearts in this country.
We are different people, but we are fine together. That is the nature of this country. That is what has to be encouraged. You don’t try to teach everybody Hindi. You don’t try to teach everybody Tamil. I speak Tamil, you speak this thing, you eat paratha, I eat idli, it doesn’t matter, we have no issues.
The greatness of this nation is in pursuit and accomplishment of spiritual dimensions. It is this spiritual thread which is holding the country together – this longing to know. If you hack it, then you cannot maintain the sovereign of this country, believe me
It’s time timber is treated not as forest produce, but as agricultural produce. This will not only reduce India’s import dependency on timber but will help preserve our forests, water & biodiversity
If you want to produce generations of enhanced human beings, you need consecrated spaces, otherwise only by accident or by personal dint somebody may become something, you won’t produce a generation of beautiful people.
To save our biodiversity, commercial exploitation of India’s forests should become history. The only way to do this is by bringing back tree cover on agriculture land
In the Indian subcontinent, feminine worship endured because these powerful feminine energy forms were tools that open up a window into the existence, a whole new dimension, an enhanced level of capability and competence
Without transforming India’s agriculture, which utilizes over 80% of the nation's water, we cannot fundamentally address the water problems of India
In India we have a culture where by choice people name themselves as slaves. You know Ramdas, Krishnadas, this das, that das what is this? They’re openly saying “I’m a slave, I’m a doormat, I want to be a doormat.” They are not saying, “I’m afraid I’ll be used as a doormat.” They’re saying, “I want to be doormat”
Words means it’s a psychological pattern. Sound means it’s an existential pattern. So this is why a music without words is very significant, and most of the Indian music is largely sound. Here and there some words, but largely sound because sound is an existential structure.
Not everybody went to every temple at one time. There were some temples which were for general wellbeing, where everybody went. But for specific purposes, people went only to their Kula Daivam. Even today remnants of that are there
Temples in India, were built as a very deep science. They were not created for worship.
Floods and droughts are not two different problems; it is just one problem – our inability to hold water that comes down in the form of monsoon rains. The only way to address this is by increasing vegetation cover.
There are various things to India as a nation. We are a unique concoction, Compared to any other country, we are a magnificent chaos. Don’t miss the word ‘magnificent’. We are a magnificent chaos.
If one doesn't know the power of consciousness, the next best thing is to know the intricacy of this profound culture that we call Bharat.
Colonizers did not succeed entirely here (in India), because the spiritual process was very strong, the ethos of spirituality
Once you truly realize that you don't know the nature of your own existence & larger existence, you will naturally seek, longing to know is naturally sprouting in your heart, so you are trying to settle that with concrete belief system, that is not our way
Ramayana & its characters are not mythology, but our Itihaas. Itihaas, in this culture, was narrated through its characters which still live in hearts & minds of Bharat - a subjective way of narrating history, because this culture is not about objectification.
We will flourish in the future, only if we understand this, that our life is entirely our making, that is what Karma means
Nobody gave us a commandment, in this culture even when the so called divine entities came, we only asked questions, because we are a land of seekers, we are not a land of believers
The word 'secular' is not meaningful to our country, we are just a wide open culture, in our own family five different people are practicing 5 different things, worshiping five different Gods
Sanskrit alphabet comes from a certain understanding of creation itself, Sanskrit language is not a made-up language for the sake of communication. It is a language that people deducted from the existence. In many ways the sounds that you utter, and the forms that you use these sounds to refer to, are connected
Economy does not mean stock market. Economy does not mean foreign cars coming into India. Economy does not mean you wear better clothes or this and that. Improving economy means there will be no hungry children in the country
When I was young I hated classical music, I was into western music, the moment I started meditating, the classical music suddenly became music for me, I wanted to listen to it
A large part of India’s land which was one of the world’s most fertile, is on the verge of becoming desert. 40% of India’s soil will become uncultivable in 25 years unless we take positive action now
Of the many offerings that Mother India has made to the world, Yoga is one of its proudest offerings.
Only in bringing high quality education to the rural scape (can we unfold) the true strength of India.
Education in volume & quality is the only solution for Bharat of Billion
I do not want India to be a great power. I do not want any country to be a great power. Rather than being a great power, I want every country to be a powerhouse of wellbeing for everyone who lives there.
India everywhere! It's not in one place, one principle or ideology. It's simply everywhere because it's like nature
Our aspiration should be to become a sensible, gentle nation, which is for wellbeing for itself and, as far as possible, wellbeing for everyone in the world. India should aspire to make every nation meditative
You build 10 ceilings, you will not be a leader in this country, you just block one, or you break one, instantly (you are a leader)
Everything that we’re doing here in this culture is essentially towards Mukthi, that there is a possibility of transcending all limitations and getting there. There has never been a more revolutionary idea on this planet. That you can transcend the very limitation… the very dimension in which you exist.
The culture was created understanding, the phenomenal complexity of life, but the instruments and the institutions, which were to transmit this from generation to generation, got seriously disturbed in the last 1800 years, because of invasions and things like that
This is the only culture, which is very very clear that the way you are is not God’s doing. The way you are is your doing. Creation is not your doing, but the way you are, the way you’re experiencing life, what you are attracting, what you’re getting into is one hundred percent your doing. It is your karma.
You want our Soldiers stand & die on our borders when you are unwilling to stand for 52 sec
Nowhere else on the planet, no culture, at any time in the history of humanity, has looked at human mechanism with as much profoundness as we have looked at it here. If you destroy this knowledge, if it is not a living knowledge, it is only with a few people, it is no good. We have to live it.
Essentially, water is not the problem. The problem is deteriorating quality of soil. If soil is not organically rich then it cannot hold water. Revitalizing India's soil is paramount to ensure a green & water-abundant future of our children.
This is the oldest nation on the planet. It defies what people think is a nation today
Manasarovar is a phenomena that defies human logic. There are not many things I can say about it. I think every human being who is interested in the nature of life; in the nature of life beyond us; in the nature of intelligence beyond us - must make a visit to this place because here it clearly defies our logic and intelligence
World runs on sentiments, don't create negative sentiment in the country
In India people have always been taught that 'Life is your making' because of that people understood that these things are not raining upon you from somewhere, here we knew it is our karma and we must do something to change it
We always held what is right above our own wellbeing. Everyone in the world thought this was crazy but no one knew how to deal with it.
If you don't build pride, how do you build a nation? We have a certain sense of shame about our roots.
We are too much genius with very little organization
What kept us together longer than any other nation on the planet is essentially that we have always been a land of seekers - seekers of truth and liberation. In this seeking, we found oneness. When we look for sameness, we try to become a land of believers.
In the east, there was no such thing as religion. This is the only religion-less culture, God-less culture
The glory of India's past is rooted in its spiritual possibilities and accomplishments.
Kashmiri pandit situation is a lesson that India cannot afford to forget
Spirituality beyond sectarian religions, spirituality which is a natural outcome of human longing to know - it is only in reinstating this fundamental quest and longing to know, realize and liberate, that individual human beings will have the strength to seek and endure the challenges of building a great nation.
The beauty of this nation is, it is resilient. If you just create a conducive atmosphere, people will do incredible things.
Bharat, true name of the nation. Bharat reverberates in every heart.
They say Kailash is the center of the universe. Not in geographical terms, but in terms of mystical knowledge it definitely is.
To have political system & spiritual process fused as one: this is what Krishna wanted to achieve
Power does not mean, “Will we have the biggest army in the world?” Power means everyone looks at you for guidance in the world. If they want to live well, they look at you for guidance - this is power. This culture has always had this power
Indian cities have to get smarter to make them livable and to attract global business
The spiritual process in the Indian subcontinent never taught you about being loving, compassionate, kind or anything like that. These are not even considered spiritual - these are social aspects
If you have this population educated, focused, balanced and inspired we are a miracle. If you leave them uneducated, unfocused, uninspired, unskilled, we are the biggest disaster waiting.
It's time to remember that an election has been fought to uphold one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Both victor and vanquished should work to usher in an ethos that befits the refined & inclusive culture to which we are heir
After centuries of invasions and subjugation, now the criminal assault of stealing sacred objects from India is unacceptable. Urgent action need of the hour
India is in such a stage of economic development where we need solid businesses that last many years and will build teams, possibilities and experiences.
Dance of Democracy is on. All should participate. Remember you are choosing your Representative to administer your beloved Nation. They are not your Masters but mandated to serve, choose diligently. Access credible information and exercise your franchise responsibly
To lynch means to mete out punishment without due process. not just sticks & stones but also tools of social media are instruments of lynching. i have no animosity for those of you who are at it. please let us focus on building this nation instead of being one against another
The gunpowder of the British defeated the obsolete Indian sword & systematically destroyed the textile industry. Time #Indians revert from Greenwich Meantime to the nation's profound sense of aesthetics & heritage.
It’s paramount that the people of our nation, where the most profound system of fitness & wellbeing originated in the form of Yoga, become fit on all levels of life
The Kumbh or this science of making use of the confluence of rivers at certain latitudes came because of keen observation of how life and the different forces around us function.
Religion is becoming a numbers game and another disguise for politics. If this is encouraged or even allowed, there will be organised and unnatural attempts to change the demographic complexion of the nation
We are destroying our soil and water resources at such a rate that within the next two decades, we will be unable to feed our population or quench their thirst
The uniqueness of Bharat is rooted deeply in its diversities. Our Mother Languages are a wonderful expression of this diversity. May we cherish & preserve our native languages
On this day, Ganesha got a new head & became super brilliant. He became Vigneshwara, the Unstoppable. Let our intelligence work for our wellbeing
We are using 5600 liters of water to grow one kilogram of rice. The same thing is produced in China using just 350 liters of water. 84% of the nation's river water is used for agriculture. That's not the way to do it.
As a nation, we can handle all other uncertainties, but if we run out of water and the ability to generate food for our population, we will have a serious calamity on our hands
National boundaries should have been settled in 1947 when India attained independence. But, unfortunately, we are still sitting with a Line of Control which is always out of control. Time to settle it for good
There's a confusion in the country about what's India & what's not India. In my view, anything & everything coming in the way of integrating the nation, must be removed.
Our Nationalism needs to be a calibrated emotion. When half the population is yet to be well nourished, we need it in a strong mode. When the nation raises in well-being we could relax our Nationalistic fervor.
In India, we have been tilling the same land for over 12000 years. But in the last generation, the soil quality has become so poor. The only way to preserve soil is to bring back trees and animals on the farm land.
Enough is Enough. Too much blood and resources wasted. Time to ordinance repeal of Article 370 and integrate the Nation. ITS TIME HAS COME
Sankranti or Pongal is in celebration of all that makes our life – the land, animals, air, water, and people. Rejoice
Srinivasa Ramanujan, a mathematical genius and India's pride. He unlocked the doorway to the universe through his mathematical theorems that continue to amaze and intrigue the world even today
Brave lives of our forces wasted. The source of these dastardly attacks must be dealt with firmly and decisively. Lack of decisiveness is costing the Nation dear
Even today, the nation has not broken down completely, simply because of that deep in-built cultural organization. With all the surface disharmony, there is something deeper which is holding things together
The vast Kaveri basin that spreads over three states and a union territory is a major lifeline for Southern India. Today Kaveri is choked, suffocated and barely surviving in most parts. Revitalisation of Kaveri is critical
Unfortunately, those who have never climbed a hill or a mountain in their lives, drew lines upon map as borders of this nation. This has made it extremely difficult for armed forces to guard these borders which are not supported by natural features of terrain
Heartening to see India slowly overcoming the curse of subjugation & discrimination against the female. For an equitable world, there must be equal proportion of masculine, feminine. Without the feminine, men will wonder “Why do we exist?"
The sacred land of India has nourished the lives of countless Siddhas, seers, sages, and enlightened beings.
Kashmir is not the problem of just the Kashmiris; it is the problem of Republic of India. It’s paramount to fix ambiguity about our sovereignty at the earliest.
To believe that what has not happened so far, cannot happen now, is foolish. It's time that every Indian knows what is India and what is not India.
Gaining mastery over the body, mind & energy will make a world of difference for our forces. A soldier should be a master of himself.
Clearly defining geographical boundaries, revitalizing soil & rivers, reforming education system and saving the indigenous weaves are the most important things that the nation should focus on, for wellbeing of present & future generations
Once you elect a government, you must give them five years to manifest something of significance. Only then can the nation move forward.
In their very structure and ethos, Indian classical music and dance are designed to create a spiritual possibility
Unfortunately, a large part of world history is like a bunch of old newspapers transformed into history books. In this culture, history was never about chronological documentation of facts, but a living guide to life
Mahavir Jayanti is a day to remember a phenomenal being who epitomized austerity, nonviolence & compassion for all life forms. Continues to remain a massive inspiration for millennia
India has always been known as the spiritual capital of the world, simply because no other culture has looked at the inner sciences with as much depth and understanding as this culture has.
Heartening to see the Ganga River Dolphin, India's National Aquatic Animal, is recovering. It's time we stop seeing our rivers as resources to exploit. They are the source of life, not just for us, but for variety of life forms
"Kargil Vijay Divas" is a reminder of the commitment, valor & sacrifices of our brave soldiers who laid down their lives in the service of the nation. I bow to them. May every Indian recognize & value the immense sacrifice they have made
India, one of the world’s most fertile lands & biodiverse regions, is on the verge of losing its richest heritage.
India probably has a bigger responsibility in creating teachers who can do something for inner wellbeing.
The pain of 26/11 is fresh in the Nation's memory. We bow down to all the lives lost that night. Our gratitude to the Forces for keeping the borders and streets of this Nation safe
For a large agrarian country like India, soil & water are the most precious wealth. Killing soil is like killing the Nation. "Cauvery Calling" is an economic plan for farmers & an ecological plan for the nation
Indian classical music has never been just for entertainment. It is a way of evolving an individual human being into a universal entity
The phonetic range that is there in Indian languages is such, it stimulates every aspect of who you are.
May the youth of the nation become conscious consumers & say no to single-use plastic. India has the opportunity to set an example that citizen & policy actions can curb the menace of single-use plastic
Yoga is India's gift to the world. If individual human beings transform themselves, the world will be transformed.
Large-scale community Micro-Irrigation projects are the balm that the water situation in India needs. This will both economically and socially uplift rural India
B R Ambedkar's dream of Social Democracy is still unrealized. Time that privileges of pedigree are replaced with Individual Dignity.
The multi-religious gathering & their devotional offerings to the Dhyanalinga is a reminder that Bharat is essentially a godless nation. A land of seekers, not believers where Liberation is the highest goal
Hindu is a geographical identity, or at the most a cultural one – not a religion. There is no set of beliefs that everyone has to adhere to.
One of the biggest problems in the country right now is the depletion of the water resources and soil.
The beauty of India’s economic success is that it’s people driven
After violent invasions for many centuries, Bharat has been breathing fresh air of stability & safety for 70 years, thanks to our armed forces
There is no connect with the rivers today. 80% of urban youth have never seen one. They think water comes from a tap
Horticulture- a wealth unexplored. India has the highest variety of fruit , exploiting this is a solution for nutrition and farmer well-being. Cold chains and value addition need of hour
[On Ayodhya Ram Janma Bhoomi Verdict] Nation seeking solutions for the problems we have. Let no one seek problems in solutions that arise. United, Secular India needs to move ahead. Let us make it happen
In the last 15 years the world’s ability to communicate across cultures & borders is so heavy & so unprecedented, nobody has ever been used to these kind of influences before. Never before this level of influence on our young people, no other generation has ever experienced this kind of onslaught from so many directions & the volume of influence is too big
Yoga has always been relevant & an integral part of the fighting forces of our nation. The most profound wisdom & teachings of Yoga were made on battlefields. Yoga is more important & relevant for the forces than ever before
It was Mahatma's wish that our villagers and farmers live well & the only way to ensure this is by ensuring our soil and land remain rich and fertile.
Today, you neither have enough buses, land, toilets, temples or even a sufficient piece of sky for 1.3 billion people. The only thing we can do is – are we going to adjust our population to the resource that we have?
If we transform our population into a trained, focused, balanced and inspired population, India will be a miracle
Cauvery is not our problem; Cauvery is source of our life. From now on, when we utter the word Cauvery, we should say Cauvery Tayi, not Cauvery problem
A broader & more diverse engagement with China & its people is very important for India and region's development
The impact that Mahatma Gandhi made through peaceful means is unique in human history. This was only possible through India’s spiritual fundamentals.
We are the most malnourished country. Let politics be for election times
While population of tigers & elephants is rising, loss of biodiversity due to declining population of insects, microbes is alarming. India's bee population has dropped sharply since 1970. Of 108 important crops, 90% need bees, animals for pollination
Banning onion exports & imposition of stock limits when farmers can benefit immensely from surge in demand, is regressive. Fiscal & policy measures that will benefit farmers is paramount & urgent
Navratri is dedicated to the feminine nature of the Divine. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are seen as three dimensions of the feminine, symbolic of the earth, the sun and the moon, or the qualities of tamas, rajas and sattva, respectively.
South India is slowly & silently turning into desert. Bringing back tree cover & animals on agriculture lands & increasing forest cover are paramount for increasing organic content in the soil & thereby saving the oldest agrarian culture on the planet.
India’s corporates should direct their CSR towards salvaging the farm distress by supporting agroforestry movement.
The Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya is a milestone. It means we are taking responsibility for the mess of the past, refusing to pass the buck to our children and grandchildren. Decisiveness is the hallmark in the making of a great nation
As it is important to have access to food and water, it is equally important for a human being to have access to a clean toilet to bring health, well-being and to establish human dignity. This becomes a very important dimension
Unfortunately, when forces are in action, somebody is stoning them, this is absolutely unacceptable. Just that idea that you can attack him is disturbing the foundation stones of India’s nationhood
If we don't do something about the inhumanly slow justice system in the country, then mob justice will become the norm which will not be good for the nation in the long-term
The depletion of rivers, water bodies & forest cover in the land of rising Sun, Arunachal Pradesh, is alarming.
Mahatma’s vision for India was to revitalize rural life. This is only possible by revitalizing soil and water. Mahatma Green India Mission is to unleash talents and possibilities of India