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Every social group is built on identifications. The basis of spiritual process is to learn to live without an identity
What you know is not the problem in your life. The more you know, the better it is, Knowledge is not causing problem. You're identified with what you know, that is what is causing the problem.
As long as you experience yourself as a limited entity, you are bound to feel threatened.
If your mind is pegged down to limited things you are unnecessarily creating a tension in the system. It's like you tied up your boat & you are rowing it hard, it's good exercise, but you're not going anywhere. If you untie the rope, even if you don't row, you will move slowly with the pace of the river
When you identify yourself with an ideology or a belief system; slowly your brain is turning into a concrete block. Calcification is happening, that’s why we call you a bonehead; How efficiently it happens depends on the efficiency of the preacher or the teacher. If he is very efficient, you will be a solid block where nothing goes in, nothing goes out
Once you come to an unwavering state of awareness where you identify with nothing but the core of your being, liberation cannot be denied to you
People are identified with their nations, their religions, and their communities, but not with their humanity. If people were identified with their humanity, we could always sit down and talk, and finish these issues between us
Essentially, yoga means dissolving your identity
The conflict is just this; you got identified with things that you are not. You are identified with many things that you are not.
Those getting empowered with high quality education must first ensure their identity is universal. Limited identity is the basis of all tyranny

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The moment you’re identified with your thought, you’re a lost case because you've fallen out of Creation, you’ve fallen out of reality. From reality you’ve fallen into your own illusory rubbish. So once you fall into your own nonsense you’re free to drive yourself crazy whichever way you want.
Following a role model means trying to be something other than who you are. In this effort, your natural qualities will be lost.
Your very existence is selfish because everything that happens, happens only through the self. There is no other way. So if you keep this just as it is, it is capable of reflecting the whole cosmos for you. If you muck it up, it doesn’t even show you what's right in front of you.
Yoga means union. Union means beyond cultural,national and individual identities
If intelligence does not tie itself down with identity, every human being is capable of realizing nature of life
The more you identify with your mind, the further away you are from yourself.
Intellect is essentially an instrument to protect the identity that you have taken on.
If you are not identified with your own body, you will never be identified with anybody or anything
The problem is just this that people have taken identities like this – somebody is an environmentalist, somebody is a politician, somebody is a spiritual person. I feel what we need is inclusive human beings
The spiritual process is a transition from limited Ambition to limitless Vision. The first step towards this is to start identifying with one’s ignorance, with things that one does not know
Conflict is a consequence of harboring a “limited identity” of ourselves, which creates a confrontational outlook.
Meditation is a way to help you drop your identity and experience true peace
Whatever you identify with, that completely distorts your perception of life.
Through your work, activity and many other things, see how to lose yourself, not how to establish yourself.
I am neither East nor West, I am Inward. Inward is not a direction but a Dimension
Forget about meditation, most people cannot sleep. This is because they are so horribly identified with things they are not.
Your thoughts are not yours, your emotions are not yours. These are all things that you picked up from outside and identified yourself with
You cannot fix the past, but you can create a distance with it. That is how the yogic system approaches it
Anyone who does sadhana intensely will see, slowly, as the energies move upward, the identification with the body recedes
People's brains have become calcified, because they are identified with things that they are not. They have gotten identified with some religious belief or an ideology or national identity or whatever. For all this, what’s the solution? Solution is only evolution
Even today “Mine” is more important than what is right, our identification with the physical body is so strong, we are unable to think beyond our biological identity.
The more and more you get identified with your physical body, the more and more insecure you become, because this body is never safe, next moment anything can happen, once your identification is limited to the physical body then insecurity is the natural way
Physical body means a bondage, because in this vast existence this little body is a separate entity, if you are identified only with this little body, then there is a sense of insecurity there's a sense of feeling lost
When you say, ‘I’m this kind of person,’ what you’re saying is, ‘This is the kind of compulsions that I identify myself with, so I am this kind of a person.’
You're too full of yourself. If you reduce that, how can you not feel? You will have to feel. If you are not too full of yourself, if you sit here it will constantly reverberate within you
Whatever you see, you’re getting attached to it. Whatever you see, you’re getting identified with it. If you identify yourself with anything that is not you, obviously you’re not moving from untruth to truth, you’re moving from truth to untruth, from reality to hallucinatory process. In this, one will not evolve, one will just entangle
What is you is spread all over the place (because of identification with everything you possess). When you are spread all over the place naturally wherever you move it gets entangled somewhere
If you sit here as a piece of life, you instantly know that there is nothing in the existence with which you’re not connected essential dimension of spiritual process is that you dis-identify yourself with all the false identities you’ve taken on and to learn to sit here just as a piece of life.
There's constant friction and conflict because you are identified with so many things that you are not.
The moment you identify yourself with something that you are not. Your mind will not stop for a moment, you do whatever you want.
The same people who are together today, the moment they identify with their religions, suddenly they separate. Tomorrow they are burning each other's homes. Ten minutes ago, they did not even think about such a thing. The moment they get identified to some religious group, they are willing to fight.
Once you are identified with things that you are not you are hallucinatory in nature, And all the conflict is coming simply because you are not in touch with reality; you are hallucinatory. Your thoughts, your emotions are all coming from certain identifications.
Violence against those of different linguistic or regional identity within the nation is of grave danger to the future possibilities of Bharat
People should have a strong sense of belonging, identity and pride about the nation.
Once you have a limited identity, everything in you builds walls (of self preservation), there is no other way.
Hindu is a geographical identity. If elephant in Africa is African, earthworm in this land is Hindu
Somebody becomes very intellectually active, he becomes identified with his intellectual process, the need for sex recedes in that man, somebody who is physically identified with his body in him the needs are very heavy, it's always so, where you are identified it is through that everything functions in you
People are identified with their creed, religion, and nationality. But the most fundamental identity is that you are a piece of this planet. The very body that you carry is a piece of this planet and half your lungs are hanging out there on the tree
Indian classical music has never been just for entertainment. It is a way of evolving an individual human being into a universal entity