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Existence quotes by Sadhguru

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If you are just a repetition of the past, there is really no purpose to your existence here
Yoga means to be in perfect tune. Your body, mind and spirit and the existence are in absolute harmony
With firm likes and dislikes, you shut your doors to the rest of existence
In spirituality, when we say growth, we are talking about becoming smaller; not just smaller - non existent
Meditation essentially means the individual person is not doing his own thing. He is just there. Once you are simply there, you become aware of the larger dimension of the existence that is always in action
Whenever a nasty thing happens, it's Mr. Ego. Mr Ego is a non-existent person. You cannot fix a non-existent person
As long as you separate yourself from life around you, you cannot reverberate with existence
Wonder does not necessarily come from innocence. modern science has done phenomenal amount of exploration.. as you explore, as you know, the wonder will increase because you realize the nature of the existence, then wonder will just explode.
If you know how to bring clarity to your mind, you will see the whole existence is open.
The more you realize the smallness of your existence, the larger will become your presence

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If your logic doesn't fit into it there's a problem with your head, not with the Existence.
With firm likes and dislikes, you shut your doors to the rest of existence
If you know how to bring clarity to your mind, you will see the whole existence is open.
The whole aspect of yoga is to make you receptive (to the existence)
Yoga means... if you sit here, the whole existence becomes you, not even yours, it becomes you
Nothing is accidental here. The whole physical existence is happening between cause and consequence
The purpose of existence is to exist. It is too fantastic to be stymied by meanings of any sort
The boundless dimension of existence is denied to those who remain within the limitations of logic.
You can be socially smart but existentially stupid.
Environment is the womb of our existence. Either we get this now or only on our passing
Those who are not calculating, who are living with passion, know the bliss of existence
All movement in existence is on the surface. The real thing is always still
Anything in this existence will yield to you only if you pay substantial attention to it
Once you go beyond the compulsive, cyclical nature of existence, life becomes spectacular
Light comes and goes. Darkness is always – it is the basis of existence.
Sadhana is not about getting somewhere – it is about getting in tune with existence
What you call as “myself” is a certain awareness. Only because you're aware, you exist
Being alive to everything in existence is your only business.
It is not my ideology that we should constantly evolve and transform. It is the way of existence.
Meditation is a means to realize the beauty of your existence
What can happen on the other side is way bigger that what can happen within the physicality.
If you carry the right kind of atmosphere, the existence will respond to you in a wonderful way
Everything in existence is in dynamic motion. Either move with it or rise above it
What you think of yourself and what the world thinks of you is only socially relevant. It has no existential relevance.
Everything in existence is the same energy, manifesting itself in a million different ways.

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Life Quotes
Once you're corrupted by thought you have no sense of life, simply your own psychological process is more important than the whole cosmic dimension of the existence.
As long as you separate yourself from life around you, you cannot reverberate with existence
There is a psychological reality in your head, and there is an existential reality which is Life. Most people are mistaking psychological reality to be existential, your thought and emotion has become more significant than the cosmos
It doesn't matter who you are, life doesn't work for you unless you do the right things.. people who believed they are good people are always wondering why it's not working for them and why it's working for someone else, whoever does the rights, for him it works, the existence is not judgemental.
If we just wipe out your memory from all levels- mind, body.. there will be no such thing as a person anywhere. If there is no person there is just life. Then, if you sit here just as a piece of life you will throb as life. If you throb as life you will instantly experience that life is happening in tandem with the whole Existence, it cannot exist separately
When I say masculine & feminine, I'm not talking about male & female, I'm talking about those two aspects without which our life will not be beautiful. If you are not looking at life as dominance, if you are looking at life as integration, cooperation & oneness then without these 2 dimensions there is no existence
All limitations are only in your psychological framework, not in the existential framework of life.
Right now, our whole perception of Life is limited to the physical nature of existence, Physical is like the peel of the fruit, it has no purpose of its own
If you sit here as a piece of life, you instantly know that there is nothing in the existence with which you’re not connected essential dimension of spiritual process is that you dis-identify yourself with all the false identities you’ve taken on and to learn to sit here just as a piece of life.
You have a very minor role in the existence - not just in the making of the existence, in your own life. Even if something as simple as breath or heartbeat is left in your hand, you will be a complete mess within a minute
Creation is not human centric. All life upon the planet has the same right of existence
Life is an absolute balance. Existence is an absolute balance between masculine and feminine
Life is happening in unison with the whole existence. Only your personality is happening in exclusion.
Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, life in you has no problem. What your enemy exhales, you inhale. Your friend's exhalation does not feel any better than your enemy's. The problem is only psychological. Existentially, there is no problem
If you make your life energies phenomenally exuberant, you will see this sensory body can become as large as the existence itself, you will experience the whole existence as a part of yourself, that is when we say you are in Yoga.
Feminine is a powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or ‘Shakti,’ there would be nothing in existence
If you know this piece of life (self) in its absolute nature, by inference you know almost everything that’s worth knowing.
The feminine is the most powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or “Shakti,” there would be nothing in existence

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Meditation is essentially to move towards the stillness, to become like the core of existence. It is not that you have to strive to become like that. If you learn to penetrate, it is like that. It is not something that you do, because doing is movement. It is something that you fall back into
Right and wrong are social concepts. They have no existential relevance.
The easiest thing in the existence is self-realization. It is just that you are willing & unwilling at the same time
The moment you pay substantial attention to what you call "myself," there is nothing that will not yield to you in the existence, because, that which you refer to as the source of creation is functioning within you.
You are always thinking of life as a relationship... you don't have a relationship, you just have an existence, the relationship happened because of your needs
Do not get into this trap of intellectualizing the Existence. Do you know what is Existence? Does anybody know what is Existence?
By asking "whether it is the Creator's mistake that so many people are suffering", you're trying to insulate yourself against other people's suffering, there is something in you that is connected to everything in the existence. If you make that active in whichever way possible, that something in you won't let you keep quiet.
Nothing in existence is ever repeated - no two blades of grass are the same. Everything is fresh and unique - only the mind is in constant repetition
All that moves will exhaust itself. Only that which is still, is for always. Meditation is essentially to move towards that stillness, to become like the core of existence
The whole dimension of spirituality is to melt and become one with existence, not to stand out like a sore thumb
What you call as cosmic will is not will as you know it, as human will, as your mind’s will. Cosmic will is not like a decision. It is just there. It is because of cosmic will, we have taken on this form. It is because of cosmic will, the planet is going around the sun. These are not as human thoughts are; This is just the quality of the nature.
Existence does not fit into your logic. It’s not logically correct. It’s not logically correct, but it’s fantastic. That means your logic is too limited
Your role in the existence is so small.. how can you be the hero? When you have a two-bit role if you think you are a hero you're making a serious mistake
Your very existence is selfish because everything that happens, happens only through the self. There is no other way. So if you keep this just as it is, it is capable of reflecting the whole cosmos for you. If you muck it up, it doesn’t even show you what's right in front of you.
The core of existence neither needs agreement nor disagreement. You can only dissolve into it.
When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful.
Once you make one thing bigger than the other, one thing small, one thing big, one thing high, one thing low, one thing divine, one thing filthy, then you missed the whole point of existence
You want to know the union of the existence, you want to know the oneness of what it is, not believing in it. If you can experience everything around like your 5 fingers, then we say you are in Yoga
If anything happens that you think should not happen, you will suffer. You want the whole existence to happen the way you think it should, it will never be so
Everything comes from the same source. You come to absolute ease only if you experience yourself as a part of existence, not as a separate individual.
Inclusiveness is not a thought or emotion - it means your energy is willing to reverberate with anything in existence
You don't know the beginning, the end, or the middle of the existence. Your ignorance is perfect. But you spoil it by thinking you know something.
No matter what kind of intellect you have, it is never enough to grasp the nature of existence
Everything comes from nothingness and goes back to nothingness. Nothingness is the basis of existence
A yogi is one who has experienced union with the whole of existence. What Adiyogi represents, therefore, is knowing, not knowledge
Spirituality is not an extraterrestrial thing - it is the essence of human existence
When you experience the whole existence as a part of you, when you can become pregnant with the whole creation - that is yoga
The Sun came up in the morning, did it choose on whom the sunlight should fall and on whom it shouldn't? The breeze is blowing, does it choose who should benefit from it and who should not? The way of the existence is such that it doesn't choose
We may know how to use or conduct a few thing, but we really do not know the nature of the existence
Mysticism is not a technology for enlightenment. Mysticism is pure science - an exploration of existence
Inclusiveness is the nature of life. It is not about trying to change yourself - it is about realizing the nature of existence
The depth of what we refer to as devotion is such that even if God is not existent, it can bring it into existence
Existence is not divided. Everything is happening as one phenomenal process.
From an existential perspective, both “self” and “esteem” are a problem. Both are limited, fragile and insecure
The highest force in existence is consciousness, and you are that.
Life has not put any bondage upon you. Bondage is all your making. Existence has left you free, absolutely free.
Ayudha Pooja means every implement that we are using whether it's industry, agriculture or whatever we're using, you approach that respectfully because unless you approach everything with a certain sense of reverence, with a deep sense of involvement there is no yield.
Human system is capable of perceiving the whole cosmos, just like an antenna if you hold it in the right position it can just grasp everything in the existence, it is just that we are doing all kinds of things with it.
You’re using substances other than yourself to create a sense of self. There is nothing in the Existence which will substitute the self, because the only way, the only and only way you can experience anything for that matter is through the self, there is no other way
This idea that there is one god sitting up there, one big human being, of course a man not a woman, sitting up there and controlling the whole universe and whatever, and this has all come because they think the existence is human centric. We have never seen it that way. We know we are just a small speck in the universe
Devotion means you have seen the limitations of who you are and you have seen the boundlessness of what it is (Existence)
People who think they are Good, are too full of themselves. Just understand your place in the existence, you are just a speck of dust in the existence, suppose you disappear tomorrow morning, everything will be fine in the world.
Stretch this intellect to its limit, you will clearly realize with this you can survive, with this you can look smart in a tea party, with this you can make money, with this you can find a job, but with this you cannot grasp the Existence
Devotion means you allow the Existence to flow through you, you allow the Grace of the Existence to flow through you. Intellect means you will divide everything into a million pieces and you believe you have understood.
Don't teach inclusion it the name of love, embracing the world, this and that; inclusion just means this - that who you are is not limited to the absolute boundary of your physicality. It is a little more
No movement in the existence is perpetual. Certain things may be on for a long time but never perpetual. All that moves is bound to exhaust itself, but that which is still is for always
All that moves will anyway be brought to a stop, but that which is still is for always
It's in being in touch with reality in every possible way that one will know, not by thinking up nonsense which may pass in a tea party; existentially it will not pass
You are trying to perceive something which is beyond physical through sense perception, such a thing can not happen. You want to measure the depth of the ocean with a foot scale, you will obviously come with wrong conclusions
When we say Grace, we are not looking at a certain kind. We’re looking at that which is the basis of everything. when there is so much that you do not know, everything is still happening great, obviously it’s not an accident. whatever is making all this happen –that energy, that force, we call it 'Grace'.
Turning inward naturally brings realization that our existence and the outside world are not different
Only when you are in absolute tune with existence, you know it the way it is. Otherwise you know it the way your mind interprets it.
When we say, the existence is maya, we do not deny its presence. We only say it is not the way you think it is
There is oneness in existence and uniqueness in all beings. The essence of spirituality is to recognize and enjoy this
If you pay sufficient attention, everything in existence is magnificent, everything is a doorway to the Divine.
Belief is of social significance, to some extent of psychological significance – but existentially, it means nothing.
If you have to contain the existence within you even for a moment as an experience, you have to be that nothingness. Only nothingness can hold everything. Something can never hold everything
Yoga is not just an exercise system. Yoga is the science of obliterating the boundaries of individuality to know the universality of one's existence
When there is nothing to compare as this is divine & this is something else, you not recognize it, if divine is everywhere how will you recognize it, how will you experience it? within the limitations of the five sense organs there is no possibility
The existence happens in 2 different dimensions, one is the non-dual oneness of the existence, and the many manifestations of the dual. All the manifestations that you see in the creation are rooted in duality, because there is two, there are many
Once you lose perceptive as to who you are and what is your space and status in this existence, you are a sickness by nature
When you take your own thoughts and emotions seriously, you disengage yourself from the rest of existence.
The physical is only a small aspect of existence. In this cosmos, not even 1% is physical - the rest is non-physical.
The basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos is vast nothingness. The galaxies are just a small happening - a sprinkling. The rest is all vast empty space, which is referred to as Shiva. That is the womb from which everything is born, and that is the oblivion into which everything is sucked back
When everything in existence is happening through an organic and intelligent design, is it possible that your life alone is happening accidentally?
Inclusiveness is a more intelligent way to exist, because that is how the whole existence is functioning
Every human being is equally capable of knowing the source of its existence, of knowing the nature of existence
The physical dimension) in existence is definitely a trap because it limits you. What could have been boundless gets limited. In that context, the physical creation is a trap. When you are in it, enjoy it, but at the same time you are constantly looking for a way to get out of it
Mysticism is a perceptional enquiry of experiencing that which is existentially true. Intellectual enquiry is a psychological exercise, could be unrelated to the existential
Modern societies are trying to limit the whole existence to the physical. The physical is only a base, not the real thing
Existence is not making a judgment about who is good or bad. It is only social situations that try to judge people
This is the nature of existence – if you do the right things, the right things will happen to you
In the Indian subcontinent, feminine worship endured because these powerful feminine energy forms were tools that open up a window into the existence, a whole new dimension, an enhanced level of capability and competence
The cultures that venerated the Goddess knew that there is much in existence that can never be understood. One can experience, explore and celebrate its beauty, but never understand it
We are inclusive not by choice, but by the nature of our existence. We exist here only by constant transaction with everything around us. Yoga is a scientific method to experience this inclusiveness
You cannot live here without trusting existence. If you trust consciously, lovingly, that’s devotion
It is only when you touch that boundlessness you have a taste of freedom. Till then your very existence is relevant only because you are bouncing off something (relationships, friendships, belongings)
If you see things clearly, knowing that the whole universe is one, the way it is -not because somebody says so, because you see so -everything will change. If you see the reality of the existence the way it is, not the way you think it is right now, everything about you and your relationship with the existence will change.
If you’re truly disillusioned, absolutely, you will always be available to Grace. If you have no illusions of your own, you will wonder about everything. How can you not wonder about everything, about your very existence? If you have no conclusions in your mind about anything, simply here, you will be soaked in Grace.
I was painting a farm in Mysore, it takes time to paint like it is usually done, so what I did is- dip, hold it and just walk smearing the wall, initially the smear was thick, as it went, it became lighter & lighter & became really subtle, I looked at it & burst into tears, that was one great moment of realization for me, all creation is like this
Sense organs can perceive only if there is something to compare with. The moment you perceive through sense organs, you have already divided the existence
Once you truly realize that you don't know the nature of your own existence & larger existence, you will naturally seek, longing to know is naturally sprouting in your heart, so you are trying to settle that with concrete belief system, that is not our way
Adiyogi made a dimensional change in the way people perceive and understand the existence and the source of creation. And he made himself a bridge between a simple piece of creation and the source of creation.
A fundamental flaw in human nature is we try to enshrine our differences without being aware of the essential unity of existence
If everything you do is result-oriented, your very existence becomes purely functional
Existence is one whole process. You are not a separate entity.
To manage a human being, you don't need a divine word- what we refer to as the divine is the basis of our existence.
You cannot grasp the source of existence, but you can merge with it. That is the nature of devotion
Is your existence not magical? you don't know where this cosmos begins where it ends, in the middle of nowhere, in this tiny blob of mud which you call as planet Earth, you and me sitting here on a round planet & the damn thing is spinning and we're talking all this, is this not magic?
Everything in existence has its own sound - the wind, the water, the earth, the sky, and all the celestial objects
Those who are constantly aware of the mortal and fragile nature of existence, they do not want to miss a single moment. They will naturally be aware. They cannot take anything for granted. They will live very purposefully
Faith is just a deep falling back into the existence - you as a person have fallen apart
The mind remembers only certain things. The body remembers everything. The information it carries goes back to the beginning of existence.
The whole existence is a vibration, and so is your thought. If you generate a powerful thought and let it out, it will manifest itself
The Pingala and Ida represent the basic duality in existence. It is this duality which we traditionally personify as Shiva and Shakti. You can simply call it masculine and feminine, or it can be the logical and the intuitive aspect of you. It is based on this that life is created. Without these two dualities, life wouldn't exist as it does right now
The dimension of Shiva is the canvas on which everything in existence is painted
Shiva means "that which is not." Nothingness is the basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos
It is silence and nothingness that rule the existence, sound and forms are a small happening
There are incredible things that one can do within himself, which can easily keep a human being busy for a lifetime, if you do such incredible things, at least you will not have the problem of planning one more lifetime, because if you do such incredible things, then existence will see that you have to cease, you’re too much
If the whole existence goes according to your will, where should I go? Some things happen your way, some things happen my way.
Your demand is that existence should happen according to your will, it will not happen that way
The microcosm and the macrocosm are made the same way. If you know this piece of life (self), you will know everything in the universe because that's how it is made