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If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.
Modern education is purely informative - there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, no human being raises beyond the limitations in which he lives. It's only when he's inspired that a human being wants to go beyond the limitations in which he exists right now
Prayer means you are trying to tell God what to do. Meditation means you understand your limitations and shut up
Prayer means you are trying to talk to God. Meditation means you are willing to listen to God
When meditation makes you realize that you have so many limitations of your own and they are all created by you
What's wrong in being limited? Nothing wrong, it is just limited that is all
You are the working of this magnificent creation and the source of creation, but you build a shell and think you are a nut.
If at all there is any struggle in your life, it is because you identify yourself with the limited aspects of yourself.
Even though all the sense organs seem like an access to freedom and pleasure, they are in fact, limiting
Spirituality means that you are seeking tools to go beyond the limitations of the five sense perceptions and experience something more than the physical.

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The more and more you identify yourself with certain limited qualities in life, you become a strong personality
If you want to find out the purpose of life, you need to look beyond the limitations of body and mind
If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.
If at all there is any struggle in your life, it is because you identify yourself with the limited aspects of yourself.
When your experience of life has transcended the limitations of the sense perception then you would be known as a mystic
Life wants to be something more, all the time. How much more? Limitlessly more
If life is throbbing within you, you are not willing to live within any limitation or any compulsion
All limitations are only in your psychological framework, not in the existential framework of life.
When you go about checking out life from bits and pieces of information and knowledge that you have, you will obviously come to wrong conclusions.
You have a very minor role in the existence - not just in the making of the existence, in your own life. Even if something as simple as breath or heartbeat is left in your hand, you will be a complete mess within a minute
Life is Magic. Now that you got trapped in the limitations of your logic, you are not experiencing the Magic
There is gravity and there is grace, you are only available to gravity as long your experience of life is limited to the physicality of who you are. If your experience of life transcends the limitations of the physical then you become available to grace, suddenly you function like magic

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Be it nationality, religion, or brand of clothes - people identify themselves with just about anything. In trying to bring stability to their lives, they only celebrate their limitations. That is not the way of life
Volunteering is a way of obliterating all limitations within you, to become absolutely willing. No spiritual process will happen to any human being unless he becomes willing. The basic essence of a spiritual process is to become willing, to become a 100% "yes" to life
People are always referring to human as a limitation, as a compulsion, not as a liberation, what you call as ‘myself’ for most human beings is a bundle of compulsions, that they can only be like this, they can only do this, they can only do that. Unfortunately they are beginning to decorate their limitations
Once a person raises beyond certain limitations of his consciousness, every thought of his becomes the will of God itself
Yoga as a process, yoga as a method, yoga as a technology, yoga as a science is essentially to break the limitations of a certain concretization that happens, which we call as personality - to evolve from being a person to a presence.
Every human being unconsciously is longing to expand in a limitless way. So every human being unconsciously is looking for a boundless nature or a limitless possibility
Every human being is capable of spiritual greatness, it is just that they are identifying with their limitations, they are not identifying with the possibility of the immensity of being human
In enshrining your bondages and limitations as values, you become available to Karmic slavery
Yoga: The word yoga means to become one, seeking oneness beyond all the body, emotion limitations
If you do what you like with 100% involvement, what you don’t like, you must do with 200% involvement. That’s breaking limitations
All evil comes from people whose idea of wellbeing only includes themselves, their own family, community, race, religion, or nation
Only when your activity is exuberant, will you keep crossing limits. Sport is exuberant activity, so crossing limits becomes natural.
All dissatisfaction, all bitterness, all negativity comes out of our own limitations, not because of the situation
Wherever you may be, whatever you may be, if you are willing to strive, you can evolve yourself beyond the limitations of nature
Is ambition right or wrong? It’s neither right nor wrong, it’s just very limited because what ambition can you have - whatever you know right now may be multiplied by ten is your ambition
For your innate qualities and possibilities to find expression, it needs a highway of willingness, not the cage of unwillingness
Once you let your past decide how you experience the present, you have destroyed your future
Those getting empowered with high quality education must first ensure their identity is universal. Limited identity is the basis of all tyranny
Whether you call it science, spiritual process, inquiry or quest - essentially, human intelligence wants to transcend its present limitations and liberate itself from the fetters in which we exist right now
When it comes to subjective dimensions of life, if you are not willing to step beyond the limitations of your logic then nothing ever will happen
Do not bother about mukti, only concern yourself about your limitations, and see how to release them
The physical and mundane has to be handled logically. What is beyond cannot be handled within the limitations of logic
The secret of success is that the force of self-preservation and the longing to become boundless become one, Unless these two things become one, you do not have enough energy to break the limitations of the present dimension
Devotion means you have seen the limitations of who you are and you have seen the boundlessness of what it is (Existence)
The very nature of a human being is such that he does not like limitations. He is always looking at what is the next thing, and if that happens - the next thing. A human being is not thinking of more - he is thinking of all
Unless your experience goes beyond the limitations of your body and mind, fear is natural
When there is nothing to compare as this is divine & this is something else, you not recognize it, if divine is everywhere how will you recognize it, how will you experience it? within the limitations of the five sense organs there is no possibility
To evolve as a human being is to become aware of one's limitations; to strive, with intense passion, towards the transcendence for which we all have the potential
For one to go beyond his limitations, even to strive, the compulsion should go, the compulsiveness should go.
One big lapse that is happening today in the world is that our educational systems have become 100% informative, there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, no human being raises beyond the limitations in which he lives
Do not settle for a limited experience of life. Where there is a limitation, there is a possibility of breaking it.
Once you experience yourself beyond your physical and mental limitations, there is no such thing as fear.
Your ability to love, to reach out, and to experience life is limitless. The limitation is only of Action of body and mind.
All the entertainment in the world is just to avoid facing how limited we are. It's time we realize this
In every human being there is a longing to expand beyond physical limitations
The spiritual process is a transition from limited Ambition to limitless Vision. The first step towards this is to start identifying with one’s ignorance, with things that one does not know
Irritation, anger, hate, and rage are just progressions. If you feel the mildest sense of irritation, that’s what you need to work on
If you are willing to strive, there is a way to go beyond all the limitations that are considered human.
Whether it is drink, drugs, or other risky things – too many lives have been wasted in misguided efforts to break our limitations.
Conflict is a consequence of harboring a “limited identity” of ourselves, which creates a confrontational outlook.
Do not think about enlightenment - look at your limitations and how to go beyond them. That's the way to progress.
From an existential perspective, both “self” and “esteem” are a problem. Both are limited, fragile and insecure
On the yogic path drugs are a taboo, not because of moral correctness, but because of the limitation that they are
Mahatma means a great Being. One becomes a great being only when the one rises above the limitations of Body, Mind, family, culture and functions as a life beyond all identities. This determines, are you a Human creature or a Human Being.
It is your right to be joyful, peaceful & free within yourself from your own limitations
The boundless dimension of existence is denied to those who remain within the limitations of logic.
Physically, psychologically, emotionally, and energy-wise, you must break your limitations. That is when your perception expands.
The intelligence of ignorance is a much bigger possibility than accumulation of knowledge, because knowledge is always limited, but ignorance is limitless
Body is a tremendous possibility, but still a tremendous limitation
Nothing outside of us is a barrier. It is the way we hold it, the way we carry the outside within ourselves is the barrier.
No matter how many books you have read, how much knowledge you have gathered - compared to creation, it is too limited.
Being with a Master is never comfortable because he will break all your limitations and ideologies
All sadhana is essentially aimed towards expanding the limitations, breaking the boundaries of one's energy. When your energies are longing to become boundless, in your thought and emotion if you are identified with limited things around you, then you will create an unnecessary tussle
Sport is one of the simplest & most effective ways of making human beings function beyond their limitations. May all make Sports an integral part of life
Look at your little finger, the little hair on your finger, the spot on your skin, do you know anything absolutely
Everything that we’re doing here in this culture is essentially towards Mukthi, that there is a possibility of transcending all limitations and getting there. There has never been a more revolutionary idea on this planet. That you can transcend the very limitation… the very dimension in which you exist.
When we are not inspired, we tend to function only within the limitations in which we are placed. Only when we are inspired, we go beyond and do things that human beings wouldn't normally do. Only then, society surges ahead and does something worthwhile