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Possibility quotes by Sadhguru

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Youth means wide-open possibilities. I think every human being should stay that way all their lives - constantly seeking and exploring.
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
Being human means having the possibility to consciously shape yourself.
Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible
The greatest aspect of life is that it has no meaning. Every life is just longing to reach its fullest possibility
Those who try to avoid uncertainty only end up avoiding possibilities.
Youth without purpose is a dangerous possibility, always
Love is a longing to include someone as a part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion
Renunciation: Somebody is out to climb Mount Everest, He prepares for years & years. And then he is in the harshest of climate, denying himself every pleasure of life that normally people want to have, he denies himself all that to climb the mountain. Is he denying himself? Or is he making another possibility which you can never imagine real in his life?
If you are constantly facing new situations, it means you are living a life of growth and great possibilities.

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Inspirational Quotes
Contentment is a poor substitute for joy. It means you have given up on the possibility of living joyfully
Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose door is blown away. Too busy gold-plating the cage to soar to their ultimate possibility.
There is a distance between possibility and reality. Do you have the courage and commitment to walk this distance?
Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible
If you are constantly facing new situations, it means you are living a life of growth and great possibilities.
Those who try to avoid uncertainty only end up avoiding possibilities.
All possibilities are problems when they are not realized.
You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you.
A possibility, when not harnessed, becomes a problem in your experience
There is no such thing as having achieved your fullest potential. As a human being, you are a limitless possibility
If you are content with who you are right now, you are not aware who you could be if you were willing to strive.
Do not wait for things to happen – make them happen
Do not settle for a limited experience of life. Where there is a limitation, there is a possibility of breaking it.
Every uncertainty is a tremendous possibility. What needs to be fixed is not uncertainty but one's interiority to handle it
If only we can stir up what's happening in individual hearts, peace is definitely a possibility.
When it comes to outside realities, all of us are differently capable, what you can do somebody else can not do, what someone else can do you can not do, this is how it is, but when it comes to inner possibilities, all of us are equally capable. you are not any less capable than a Buddha or a Jesus

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Life Quotes
If you want to succeed, you must learn to harness your physical body and your mind to the fullest possible way.
If you live your life burning for the highest possibility, in that burning itself, there is liberation
Renunciation: Somebody chose to do something that they saw as better, as a higher possibility for them, somebody who is at a lower level of life thinks they have renounced. Nobody renounced anything
You cannot admit that 'I do not know' because you have not realized the immensity of 'I do not know.' 'I do not know' is the biggest thing that can happen to you in your life
Every life on this planet, how great it becomes or how puny it becomes is not dependent upon whether it's good or bad. It is dependent upon how much nurture it finds from outside and from within.
Renunciation: Somebody is out to climb Mount Everest, He prepares for years & years. And then he is in the harshest of climate, denying himself every pleasure of life that normally people want to have, he denies himself all that to climb the mountain. Is he denying himself? Or is he making another possibility which you can never imagine real in his life?
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
The greatest aspect of life is that it has no meaning. Every life is just longing to reach its fullest possibility
Making conclusions about life is a sure way to deny yourself the possibility of a human being transforming himself into the Divine
Yoga is the science and technology to know the essential nature of how this life is created and how it can be taken to its ultimate possibility.
If you allow life to happen to you in its utmost possibility, enlightenment is a natural flowering
Every life is a possibility. If you want to keep that possibility open, never ever form an opinion of any sort on anyone
There is security in repetitive life patterns, but there are no possibilities, no growth
The only and only purpose of life is for this piece of life to find its ultimate possibility
Every moment of your life, within you life should be an absolute explosion. Outside of you it is properly controlled. When it's like this you will get to use your body, mind, emotion to its fullest extent. Things that you never thought you're capable of, suddenly you start doing
Logically examine your love affair and see, it’ll be the most stupid thing you can do, really. Maybe it's the most beautiful thing in your life but logically dissect your love affair and look at it, it is the most idiotic thing you can do. The logical dimension of life and the experiential possibility of who you are-are diametrically opposite.
People who think only good things should happen to them are unfit for life. If you do not know how to go through harsh situations joyfully, you will avoid all possibilities
If new possibilities need to happen in your life, and above all, if human genius has to unfold, it is important that we create not an ambitious world, but a joyful and involved one
There is no such thing as having attained enough. Life is an endless possibility
Once you experience boundlessness, the possibilities in your life also become boundless.
Karma is like old recordings that keep replaying. Yoga means to make life not just a replay but a profound possibility and experience
Let life happen in ways that you have not imagined possible. Allow that which is beyond your imagination to happen to you
Right now memory is a problem because it’s playing up all the time. Yesterday’s love, yesterday’s dislike, everything is determined who you are today. It will not allow you to experience what is today, it will not allow you any possibility of life, it will just keep on… you’re like a broken record, just going on the same thing
A human being has the opportunity that when we are alive we can be absolutely useful & contributory to life around us & similarly we can be even after life is up. Organ donation is such a possibility that if we can make a difference for another life even after our life is over, it’s a great possibility that human being should make use of
If you face situations that you do not know how to deal with, there are many possibilities. That's when you can really explore life

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Short Quotes
With firm likes and dislikes, you shut your doors to the many possibilities of life
What is human is only one end fixed, the other end wide open, in terms of human consciousness
Youth without purpose is a dangerous possibility, always
Being human means having the possibility to consciously shape yourself.
The purpose of spiritual science is to awaken human beings to their ultimate possibility
Yoga establishes the possibility to engineer oneself through the inner science.
The essence of being human is the possibility to move from compulsiveness to consciousness.
Ignorance is boundless. What you are yet to know is a limitless possibility
Once you learn to function at the highest possible level, everything will become a play
What is human is not an established state. It is a possibility.
Knowledge is a very limited thing, but ignorance is a limitless possibility
Youth simply means life in the making. They are fluid & therefore they are a huge possibility
Youth is a time of tremendous energy. You should look at the possibilities, not the problems
Children are very close to a spiritual possibility if only they are not meddled with
It is only because there is conflict within you, there is a possibility of conflict outside of you
Spirituality is about realizing your peak possibility
Meditation is a possibility to awaken new dimensions within you.
'I do not know' is not a negative state of mind. Every discovery has come from this realization
A Guru is not a person but a possibility
This possibility of bringing balance to the system first of all is the fundamental nature of yoga
In turning inward, life opens up dimensions and possibilities unknown
Being exuberant, balanced, and equanimous gears you up for the highest possibility of life
The mind has no quality of its own - it is just a possibility.
I want every human being on the planet to blossom into a divine possibility

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People are suffering their thoughts immensely, because they do not know how to keep it pleasant, nothing has been done towards it. So, what is a possibility always becomes a problem if you do not explore it in the right perspective.
Without coming to terms with the limitations and possibilities of who you are, you can't take the next step
It doesn't matter who you are right now, how miserable you are right now, how disturbed you are right now. If you pay enough attention to your interiority, being blissful is a possibility for every human being.
If you see 'I do not know' the longing to know will arise within you, if the longing arises, the seeking arises, if the seeking arises, the possibility of knowing exists
Education is not about loading a child with information. It is not oriented towards anything. It is just to develop the body and mind to the highest possible capability and allowing the system to rise to its highest possible peak.
If the process of dividing life into proper compartments doesn’t mean much to you anymore, you want to know the timelessness of life, the boundless nature of what this is, then you need to be little bit set on fire. nice logic or petty emotions won’t do it. They don't magnify the possibility of moving from a limited state of ignorance to an unlimited state
Every human being unconsciously is longing to expand in a limitless way. So every human being unconsciously is looking for a boundless nature or a limitless possibility
Enlightenment: if you cultivate the system - your body, mind, emotion and energy to its peak possibility then an absolutely wonderful flower blossoms within you. Not something that you did. You just waited with the right kind of conditions and it happened
Only in consciously embracing both life and death, will you become alive to incredible possibilities of life that you are
What is human is not a fixed state, it is a possibility, if this possibility has to be made use of, there is a whole system of understanding that needs to happen, understanding the mechanics of how this whole system of human being works, this mechanics, this technology, this science is called Yoga
Your opinions are a wall, not only for others but also for yourself. A closed mind means closed possibilities
Every human being is capable of spiritual greatness, it is just that they are identifying with their limitations, they are not identifying with the possibility of the immensity of being human
Everything that happens in the material world is essentially a certain kind of wave. If you are a good sailor, every wave is a possibility.
You should make running your family into Yoga, going to your office into Yoga, your business into yoga, your very process of breathing and every step you take into Yoga. It is not about doing any one particular activity which is Yoga, you make every aspect of your life as a stepping stone for a higher possibility, that is the essence of Yoga.
Being human is super if only you learn to use your humanity & this human mechanism as a possibility, not as a barrier
To progress on the path, you should only be concerned about where you go, not where you came from
Human is not a resource. Human being are a tremendous possibility. If we approach human beings as resource, then we will never unfold their innate genius
Every possibility becomes a problem for those who do not explore the possibility in its right perspective
Marriage is not about compatibility, companionship, or extracting happiness. It is an opportunity to achieve a union that will open up a greater possibility
The work of a Guru is essentially, not to bring morality to you but to bring spirituality to you. The difference is just this – one is an imposition, another is a natural blossoming -to see that this human nature reaches its ultimate possibility.
Human potential is distorted because people are in competition. Right now, people believe that you will not propel yourself to your fullest if you are not in competition, which is a very false idea… a very, very false idea.
What we need to understand is between a possibility and a reality there is a distance. Do you have the courage, the commitment and the conviction to walk the distance? That’s always the question
I appreciate the Enterprise in the idea of heaven. It's the best start-up ever! But unfortunately, it has denied human beings the possibility of experiencing Life in its full depth & dimension
Spirituality is not about being super-human, this is about realizing that being human is super. It’s extraordinary because lot of people have denied themselves the possibility of knowing the immensity of being human.
The biggest advantage, the biggest challenge, the biggest possibility that we humans have in our lives is we are capable of realizing who we are
If you’re a joyful, ecstatic person life is always brief, if you live to be 100 it’s still very brief. For what possibilities a human being carries, for the immensity of what a human being is – it’s too brief a life. If you’re given 200 years, still brief, it'll be over before you explore a few dimensions of life, Only miserable people have a very long life
For your innate qualities and possibilities to find expression, it needs a highway of willingness, not the cage of unwillingness
Developing your perception to a dimension beyond physical is what is needed. That is when you will produce human beings who look like gods. They’re not gods; they’re full-fledged human beings. Because others have not strived to do that to themselves, when they look at somebody who has flowered they think they are gods
Spirituality is a longing. Only when your longing is cranked up to peak intensity, knowing becomes a possibility
The possibility of being human itself is rare and special, The possibility of being human and to become spiritually aware is even more special
The yogic system is not a philosophy, ideology, religion, or even a teaching. It is just the user’s manual for the human mechanism to function at its highest possible level.
Whatever the situation, you can turn it into a great possibility if only you are willing to look at it with openness.
The significance of equinox is - on this day the masculine & the feminine is it an even keel. In the yogic tradition this day is seen as a day when one has the best possibility of transcending the limitations & the compulsions of one’s physical longings. The possibility of Transcending the lustful compulsions within the human body is at its best on this day
What is human is not defined nor described, for every other creature on this planet nature drew 2 lines; within that they have to play their game. For a human being only the bottom line is drawn there is no top line. But socially people are trying to draw top line for themselves. It’s a limitless possibility & this is what is freaking human beings right now
Tradition is not repetition. It means using the wisdom and experience of previous generations for your growth and new possibilities
The essence of Inner Engineering is to engineer yourself in such a way that every moment of your life is a new possibility
As a human being, you have the possibility to evolve phenomenally, or you can remain stagnant. It is in your hands.
Youth is most open to new possibilities. If they become more conscious, humanity will have a bright future.
I don't want a possibility to remain a possibility. I want it to become a reality. If everybody is committed, it is not far away at all.
Boats are built to sail the oceans, not to be parked in the docks. In safety there is comfort, but no possibility
Uncertainties that technologies will bring, should be celebrated, not feared because they will bring immense possibilities
Every breath you take, you are getting closer to the grave. But every breath you take, you can also get closer to your liberation
Only if the younger generation does things that the parents never imagined possible, can a society evolve
Confusion is better than stupid conclusions. In confusion, there is still a possibility. In stupid conclusion, there is no possibility
Whatever happens to you, you can either treat it as a curse and suffer it or see it as a blessing and make use of it
Technologies for inner wellbeing are key today because as our outer possibilities increase, our inner vacuum becomes more apparent.
If you become a little more conscious, the breath will naturally come into your awareness. If you stay with it, the breath could become an access to a larger possibility.
For those seeking opportunity, uncertainty is the best time. Those who have a vision will make it a possibility
New, challenging situations are possibilities, not problems. A problem would be if nothing new happens to you
In animal nature and in other forms of life that you see around you, there is not much possibility. The possibility is to just survive, procreate, carry on with life, and die one day. Because there is not much possibility, there is not much misery either
As a human being, you come with the whole range of inner possibilities - from the deepest hell to the highest states. It is up to you
Our country is on a threshold of great possibilities. We have a tendency to celebrate the possibility itself. Unless we have the courage & commitment to walk the distance, we will become hallucinatory about the possibility
You can use yoga to get rid of your backache or improve your focus and peace of mind - or you can use it as a ladder to the Divine
The very privilege of being human is that you are a natural seeker, you can't stop at any point. Whatever you do is not enough, it leaves you as a continuous seeker, that's what makes a human being special, that's what makes human life a possibility
Nothing in life is a problem – everything is a possibility
Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want. That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility
If something is subtler, it has more possibilities. The grosser something is, the more limited it is
Though business is oriented towards profit, it is a possibility to break all boundaries and create a different level of consciousness in the world – if only the business leaders of the future are more conscious.
Before you die, whatever is the peak possibility for this life should happen.
If you expect that everything around you should be good before you can be peaceful, that means you are saying peace is impossible
Everything that we’re doing here in this culture is essentially towards Mukthi, that there is a possibility of transcending all limitations and getting there. There has never been a more revolutionary idea on this planet. That you can transcend the very limitation… the very dimension in which you exist.
Tonight when you go to bed and you want to sleep, just see if you can maintain an awareness of the final moment of transition from wakefulness to sleep, do that and see, if you can manage that, phenomenal things happen in your life, things you never imagined possible will become a reality
The ultimate possibility that we refer to as Shiva is very alive and accessible, and it has always been
For one who is seeing this life as a stepping stone for a larger possibility, for him there is no failure
Ambition is just an exaggeration of the existing. Vision, as the word suggests, is about a new possibility
Human destiny is in human hands; how we handle it, that's what it will become. If we handle it sensibly definitely there is going to be a wonderful tomorrow, if we handle it foolishly definitely there is going to be a terrible tomorrow
Denying human beings the possibility to fulfill their natural longing to become boundless is a true violation of human rights.
If you want to create a beautiful world, people in positions of responsibility and power should know a certain sense of joyfulness and peacefulness
Kashi is not just a dwelling place; it was created as a mechanism to go beyond all limitations, a mechanism to unite the individual human being to the limitless cosmic possibility