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Longing quotes by Sadhguru

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Every seeker looks for ways of getting beneath the surface of life as it appears, and to experience life as it is. Different people call this quest by different names: searching for god, longing for personal fulfillment, seeking enlightenment, or seeking meaning.
Every human being unconsciously is longing to expand in a limitless way. So every human being unconsciously is looking for a boundless nature or a limitless possibility
Education isn't about molding children the way you think they should be, but organizing the natural longing to know
You want to go to the moon but you are on a horse back, someone tells you "get yourself a new whip and you will make it", you may kill the horse but you won't make it. (Trying to find an expression for the non-physical longing through physical means doesn't help)
Poetry is language beyond logic. For love and longings poetry is must.
Liberation is not my Idea; it is the fundamental longing in every form of life.
No transcendence will happen unless you are truly, truly longing for it.
The duality is always trying to meet, what was one has manifested itself as two. Now there is a longing to become one all the time.
If survival is all you are seeking then sense organs are sufficient instruments, but now you are longing to know something beyond the physical, you are longing to know the very nature of your life, the very origin of your life, now sense perception is not good enough, there are other dimensions of perception which have not been turned on from within you
Spirituality is a longing. Only when your longing is cranked up to peak intensity, knowing becomes a possibility

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Only when you realize you are mortal, the longing to know that which is beyond will arise
The very basis of your spiritual longing is just this: you want to experience everything as yourself
The longing to be something more is always there. You can either conduct it consciously or unconsciously
Love is not a suffering. If you have love for someone or something, when they are with you, you can enjoy their presence, and when they are not with you, you can enjoy their absence. What you are doing in the name of love is just longing to become one with somebody
This life is always longing to become exuberant and joyful, but your mind, emotion and even your body are sometimes going in opposite directions
Human nature is longing to be something more than what it is right now, if you address this consciously, this is yoga.
The longing to know, the longing to learn has to be brushed up within the child, not just feeding him with an enormous amount of information and expecting him to pass, pass, pass.
To transcend from one dimension to another, you need a certain level of longing
The very nature of life is such – every life – whether it’s an earthworm or a grasshopper or this tree or this blade of grass, just anything, it’s only longing is to find its full potential. And that’s all it should be – that human being should find their full potential as a life.
The instinct of self-preservation is constantly striving to build walls of protection around yourself, and the longing to become boundless is constantly striving to push you beyond the boundaries in which you exist.
The secret of success is that the force of self-preservation and the longing to become boundless become one, Unless these two things become one, you do not have enough energy to break the limitations of the present dimension
A human being is longing to be something more than what they are right now. If this finds a simple basic physical expression, we call this sexuality. Sexuality means just this – physically you’re trying to make something which is not you, a part of yourself. For a few moments you may succeed
Today you have a desire to fulfill this. If that happens, you want the next one & the next & the next one. If you carefully look at your desiring process itself, you will see you’re not willing to settle for anything limited, There is something within you which doesn’t like boundaries. There is something within you which is longing for the ultimate
What you call as sex is the duality trying to meet, and in the process of the duality meeting there & also certain functions that nature wants you to fulfill, like survival and procreation of the species. Duality is always trying to meet, because what was one has manifested itself as two, no there is longing to become one all the time
These two energies which we call male & female in humans are always trying to come together, at the same time except for this longing to be together, there is nothing common between them. they are lovers and enemies at the same time. This is going on constantly because they are opposites, they attract each other, but there is nothing common between them
One who has a longing to grow has to ensure to be receptive to Grace
The longing within every human being to be boundless is not created by you. It is just life longing for itself
In every human being there is a longing to expand beyond physical limitations
Spirituality is not an academic process. It has to be an experiential longing to know
The book doesn’t teach anything but makes one look at things beyond the present level of experience so that a huge longing to seek arises within. Nurturing this longing is the best way to make use of the book.
Don’t worry about who is your guru. You just see how to intensify your longing, your seeking.
The longing to know a dimension beyond the physical is intensifying. The Yogic tools for transformation have become more relevant than ever before
There is something within you which doesn't like boundaries, there is something within you that is constantly longing to be boundless
All sadhana is essentially aimed towards expanding the limitations, breaking the boundaries of one's energy. When your energies are longing to become boundless, in your thought and emotion if you are identified with limited things around you, then you will create an unnecessary tussle
Once you make the mistake of identifying yourself with something limited, the instinct of self-preservation wins hands down over the longing to become boundless
As human intellect matures and societies become affluent, human longing for a deeper experience of life will intensify and turning inward will be the only way out
Depending upon your longings, depending upon your tendencies, nature gives you an appropriate body.
The moment a child becomes reasonably conscious, the first thing that you must put into a child’s mind is, your life is about mukti, about liberation. Everything else is secondary because the only thing that you’re truly longing for is to expand in a limitless way. There is something within you which can’t stand boundaries.