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Yoga quotes by Sadhguru

Top 10 yoga Quotes

The yogic system is about keeping a distance from the past. The fundamental understanding is you cannot fix the past
Yoga is a huge love affair. It is a process of including every form and dimension of life.
Changing your attitude is pretense - you cannot keep it up forever. The yogic system is about fundamental transformation – that is what ultimately counts
Yoga is about enhancing the interiority of who you are (the outside has to be conducted as it needs to be conducted)
Yoga is not about going to heaven. It is about making a heaven out of yourself.
Yoga is an absolutely scientific approach to the inner dimensions of a human being. Yoga is the science for the future.
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
Using yoga just as a therapy is like using an airplane as a bus
Success is not in a particular conclusion achieved but in the joyful and ceaseless striving for what you truly care for
Whatever physical activity you do – if you do it with involvement and joy, you are a karma yogi

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Short Quotes
Even if you practice Yoga for all the wrong reasons, if you do it right, it still works
If you stand on the garbage heap of your mind, your feet will never touch the ground.
Yoga means to unite the limited with the unlimited
The very Peak of playfulness is also an expression of the ultimate possibilities of Yoga
It is important to understand that though yoga is Indian in origin, it is universal in appeal
Whatever physical activity you do – if you do it with involvement and joy, you are a karma yogi
Yoga is not about going to heaven. It is about making a heaven out of yourself.
All human experience has a chemical basis. Yoga is about making a great chemical soup of yourself
Any method to heighten the presence of that which is the source of creation within you, is yoga
Yoga essentially means finding the keys to the nature of the existence
Essentially, yoga means dissolving your identity
Yoga is a method to turn inward and access that dimension which is the source of who you are
Yoga is the path towards being boundless
Yoga means- to know oneness of the creation by experience
Yoga: The word yoga means to become one, seeking oneness beyond all the body, emotion limitations
Yoga is the user manual for this gadget called human body
Yoga is mirror to look at ourselves from within
Yoga establishes the possibility to engineer oneself through the inner science.
Yoga is not a sedative but an invigorating force.
The basis of yoga is this: to be absolutely intense and relaxed at the same time
Establish yourself in yoga – then act. Beautiful things will come out of it.
When you handle body, breath, mind and your being consciously - that is yoga
The whole aspect of yoga is to make you receptive (to the existence)
Yoga means... if you sit here, the whole existence becomes you, not even yours, it becomes you
The whole system of yoga is just this - just getting the geometry of this human system right

Life + Yoga quotes

Life Quotes
If you want to succeed, you must learn to harness your physical body and your mind to the fullest possible way.
If you find full expression through any particular activity, it may also leave you somewhat transformed. If you cook with all your heart, some transformation may happen. If you sing with all your heart, some transformation may happen.
Unless you begin to perceive life in larger and larger doses, there is really no experience of life, just mind playing over and over, same record. Yoga means breaking this cycle
If you want to know the intricacy of life in its full depth and dimension – not somehow you lived and died – you want to know it all. If such a longing comes then it needs attention to everything
When you become significant as a life, it doesn't matter what you do, whatever you do will be worthwhile.
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
Yoga is a huge love affair. It is a process of including every form and dimension of life.
The science and technology of how this life functions and what we can do with it, is what we refer to as yoga
Yoga is the science and technology to know the essential nature of how this life is created and how it can be taken to its ultimate possibility.
Anything that leads to inclusiveness, anything that leads to help you to experience life in a larger way than the way it is, is Yoga
The science of yoga is just this: learning to harness and direct your energies in the right way so that 'who you are' finds its ultimate expression. If you do not allow this energy which you call as life to find its expression, it naturally tries to find its way out in violent ways
Yoga is a tool to find ultimate expression to life. Every human being must explore and know this
Yoga means looking at the mechanics of life, how it is made, how it functions, and what we can do with it
Yoga Brings clarity to Life, not confusion
Morning you get up; you want to do your yoga but everyday there's something more important to do than yoga. Look back in your life. What great things have you done which are so important? This means, you do not hold human transformation as a very crucial thing.
When we say a spiritual process or yoga, what we are looking at is how to become a full-fledged life process, not a half life process. Just the body is alive, that’s not good enough. Everything in you should be aflame, only then you will see whether something is happening or nothing is happening, it's worth being here. If you sit here, it's worth being here
You don’t have to become a huge piece of life to reflect the cosmos within you - just an alignment.
If every aspect of your life becomes a process of growth, then you are in yoga
If you open up your body, mind, and emotions, your life will be pretty good. If you open up your energy system, it will become magical.
Yoga is about attaining to absolute Balance, piercing Clarity, and an inexhaustible Exuberance. With this, you are immensely fit for life.
Yoga is not just about living better. It is about exploring the very source of life.
Yoga is the journey from just surviving to becoming an ecstatic being. This is the aspiration of life itself.
Yoga is about rising to a new level of balance and competence in all aspects of life.
Karma is like old recordings that keep replaying. Yoga means to make life not just a replay but a profound possibility and experience
Yoga means finding an appropriate vehicle to find full expression to life.

Spiritual Science + Yoga quotes

Spiritual Science Quotes
Keep your spine erect and it will do wonders for you
The spine is referred to as "Meru dhanda" or the axis of the universe
The yogic system is a subtle manipulation of your system to allow it to rise to a different level.
Yoga means union, and “union” means that this is a science of how to obliterate the boundaries of your individuality & become a larger life than what you are right now. Either you can live here as a constipated life or an exuberant one
Sahasrar is not a physical space. It has a presence in the geography of the body, but it does not represent a physical space. Because of this, there is no path
Only if you sit with your spine erect, your organs will be in the maximum possible comfort.
Shambhavi Mahamudra, is not really an initiation – it is more like a consecration. We are consecrating living people.
My work is to remove the cultural frills from the yogic system and deliver it as an absolute science and technology for wellbeing
Yoga is a technology. If you learn to use it, it works - no matter where you come from or what you believe in or do not believe in
Yoga is a subjective science. Trying to deliver it objectively, is like having a stillbirth
The science of yoga is not just about health or competence, it is about consuming the cosmos.
As there are physical sciences to create external wellbeing, yoga is the science for inner wellbeing. Yoga has nothing to do with any particular religion; it is a science for inner wellbeing.
Zen handles spirituality as an Art; Yoga, as a Science. One who is evolved appreciates art, but all can enjoy fruits of science
Yoga is technologies for wellbeing. If you learn to use it, it will work for you.
When you practice yoga, sandhya kalas - sunrise, noon & evening time - are conducive & add to the benefits of yoga.
Yoga is the science for human wellbeing. Time to offer it beyond cultural trappings.
The science of Yoga is the panacea for all that ails humanity. The many dimensions of Yoga can be the basis of creating inclusive, joyful & exuberant human beings
In yoga we see a human being as five sheaths or five layers of bodies. These are known as Annamaya kosha(food body), Manomaya kosha(mind body), Pranamaya kosha(Life-Energy body), Vigyanamaya kosha(Science body) & Anandamaya kosha(Bliss body)

All yoga Quotes

Yoga means to be in perfect tune. Your body, mind and spirit and the existence are in absolute harmony
In yoga, we always describe the mind as a mirror. A mirror is useful to you only if it is clean and plain
The word yoga means union. Yoga is not a religion. We looked at the Universe and saw union
Yoga is a technology where without external input, you create a chemistry of blissfulness within you
Using yoga just for health, is not wrong, but it is a crime, because if explored in its full depth and dimensions, it can take you to places which you have never imagined. It is a way of approaching the Creator through the Creation. It can be a ladder to the divine.
The yogic science is of utmost importance now, like never before, because today we have tremendous power in our hands. With modern science and technology
Peace, Happiness, misery, anxiety, suffering, anger, and hatred have a certain chemical basis within you. There are simple methods with which one can create the right kind of chemistry within oneself. If you are willing to invest just a few minutes a day in your inner wellbeing, being peaceful & happy within yourself becomes natural.
Yoga is not something one does; it is the medium of one becoming the crucible of self-transformation. It is not a practice, but a certain way to be.
If you make your mind listen to you and behave as you want it to behave, no matter what happens to you, no matter what the external situation may be, no matter what the physical condition may be, you shall of course keep your mind happy. You have to acquire this skill
Shiva is the destroyer, but he is also the very basis of creation. He is the most beautiful and he is the most ugly. He is the most wonderful and he is the most terrible. Shiva's personality has been created like this because, if you can accept this one man, you will accept the whole creation the way it is. It is a tool, it is a device
Once you are rooted in the non-dual and play with the dual, the dual has no impact upon you. You can play with it and enjoy it whichever way you like, but it doesn't take a toll on you.
If 'inclusion' finds a physical expression then we call it sexuality, if it finds an emotional expression then we call it Love, if it gets a psychological expression then it gets labeled as ambition, conquest. If it finds a conscious experience then we call it Yoga
Today in the United States, Yoga means you must look like a leftover noodle
There is every kind of Yoga. There is no activity in the world which human beings can perform which is not Yoga, if it is done in the right sense, it will become Yoga.
Any teaching will not transform you as long as you are deeply attached to your body. Yoga is towards reducing this attachment
Yoga is a methodology to explore the nature of the creation
Yoga predates religion; beyond religious divide, yoga is the science of well-being.
Yoga means experiencing everything as a part of yourself
Essentially any form is a limited space. So, yoga means to unite that which is limited with that which is unlimited
Without these four things (your head, your heart, your hands and your energy) getting together within you, unless all of it reaches its peak it(liberation) will not happen
In the whole system of yoga – there are no concepts, there’re no philosophies, there’re no ideologies, there’re no belief systems – only methods to enhance your perception because only what you perceive is real, rest is all made up in your head. You are living in a psychological reality, not in an existential reality.
What is human is not a fixed state, it is a possibility, if this possibility has to be made use of, there is a whole system of understanding that needs to happen, understanding the mechanics of how this whole system of human being works, this mechanics, this technology, this science is called Yoga
A lot of people believe Yoga started in California, I met someone who seriously believed it was Madonna who started Yoga
The longing to become one finds expression in many ways, when you are young & your intelligence is hijacked by hormones physical sex is the way, when you are middle aged where your intelligence is hijacked by emotions then love is the way, when you transcend all these then you seek union at a much higher lever, then we say it is Yoga
You don’t have to do any great yoga of twisting yourself upside down and all that. Simple things; if you breathe right and keep your body in a certain level of balance, you will see there is no need to have any kind of ailments.
Krishna went through the maximum amount of Drama, but untouched, because he was first established in Yoga
Constantly a human being is longing to be something more than what hey are right now. the thing is you want to include something which is not a part of you as yourself, that is the whole effort, if it happens on the emotional level, we call it Love affair. If you do it consciously, we call Yoga
Unfortunately, if you utter the word Yoga, people think you have to be in some impossible posture, Yoga is not about postures, it is just a minuscule aspect of it, Yoga means in your experience everything has become one. The Word Yoga means Union
Yoga as a process, yoga as a method, yoga as a technology, yoga as a science is essentially to break the limitations of a certain concretization that happens, which we call as personality - to evolve from being a person to a presence.
If you’re a "person" that means you have made a shell out of yourself. You formed a shell – within that shell only you can operate. If you break the shell, you will no more be a person but simply a presence, as life is, as God is, just a presence.
If you act without establishing yourself in Yoga, then your action will become an entanglement, it doesn't matter what you are doing,
Yoga makes old people young in terms of energy & rejuvenation; and young people old in terms of thought & wisdom
Sadhana is towards creating a sense of inner fulfillment, where there is no need to lean on anyone or anything
All the human misery that is happening on this planet, where is the manufacturing unit? In Shanghai? NO, in your mind. Every kind of misery is manufacturing in the mind, it should be manufacturing bliss for you, ecstasy for you. It is manufacturing misery because it has no stable platform
The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to establish a body that is less susceptible to outside influences - a stable platform to build on
A ball can change the world. It's not about the ball nor kicking nor the cup. It's sheer intensity of involvement. Knowing this in life is yoga.
If you use any kind of situation or action towards your liberation, then you are in yoga. Otherwise you are only entangling yourself in karma
Your problem is just this- you have an intelligence for which you don't have a stable enough platform and that's why yoga, to create a stable platform so that your intelligence works for you
If you could simply sit here and be absolutely blissed out, you would not smoke, drink or pop anything, because there is more chemistry within the system than you can get from any of these.
What you think as "myself" is just a psychological boundary that you have set up, yoga means consciously obliterating the boundaries of your individuality. If you experience everything around you as "myself" this is yoga
If you use your intelligence to reach towards the ultimate nature, we call it JnanaYoga (Yoga of intelligence), if you use your emotions we call it Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of devotion & Love), if you use your physical body we call it Karma Yoga (yoga of action), if you transform your inner energies we call it KriyaYoga
You should make running your family into Yoga, going to your office into Yoga, your business into yoga, your very process of breathing and every step you take into Yoga. It is not about doing any one particular activity which is Yoga, you make every aspect of your life as a stepping stone for a higher possibility, that is the essence of Yoga.
Yoga essentially means developing an eye which is not contaminated by memory, which simply sees. It does not see things the way your memory perverts it. It simply sees everything the way it is
The yogic symbolism of the ultimate is a flower because on the path of yoga, God is seen as an ultimate flowering.
Having the sense to do what you can, standing aside in what you cannot do, and being alert and present, are the essence of yoga
Yoga is the oldest of technologies for human wellbeing. Yoga is not a tradition of the past but a solution for the future, as approaching human well-being in a scientific manner is only possible now
You want to know the union of the existence, you want to know the oneness of what it is, not believing in it. If you can experience everything around like your 5 fingers, then we say you are in Yoga
You would have seen that sometimes there is a yogi or sometimes a woman who has taken off her head or his head, placed it in their hand and walking. Have you seen this picture? This is the basic tantric imagery about dismantling this life and taking your own head in your own hand and being able to again put back everything. This is symbolic
The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means - not up, not out, but in. The only way out is in
Only what you perceive, you know - the rest is all imagination. Yoga is the science of enhancing perception
Don’t try to be a yogi by teaching yoga. You become a yogi and then if people are interested, teach; otherwise close your eyes and sit.
Yoga: there are no concepts, philosophies, ideologies or belief systems.. only methods to enhance your perception
Yoga is about living strong, not just eating vegetables, twisting yourself out, or closing your eyes.
If you drink a glass of wine it just gets you a little buzz, and tomorrow morning, you get a headache and the works. Yogis are not willing to settle for that. With yoga, they can be totally drunk all the time, but one hundred percent stable and alert
It is only by enhancing your perception, you can enhance the dimensions of your life - that is yoga
Yoga does not mean just standing on your head or holding your breath. It means taking charge of your life
Human nature is longing to be something more than what it is right now, if you address this consciously, this is yoga.
Yoga always tries to transform the body, because if the body transforms, the mind will mature by itself.
Most human beings are jumpy about everything because they are living with the dead. If you live with yesterday, you are living with the dead
When the physical boundaries of your body do not determine the nature of your experience - that is yoga.
Yoga means union. That is, you begin to experience the existence as yourself.
In yoga we are looking at the body as a fantastic instrument which can become a receptacle of the Divine
Yoga is an indiscriminate love affair of union and inclusion of the animate and inanimate
Yoga is the science of creating an inner climate. You don't have to believe anything or follow anyone
Chakras have more than one dimension to them. One dimension is their physical existence, but they also have a spiritual dimension. This means that they can be completely transformed.
The best thing you can do for your family, your children, society, and the world around you is to enhance yourself.
Yoga, a heritage of the past and technologies of wellbeing for future.
Living in a profound state of empathy is yoga.
The word yoga means union or cohesiveness between what is limited and unlimited, what is physical and what’s non-physical.
Yoga means- Not just about twisting your body, not about standing on your head, not about holding your breath, all these things a circus artist can do better than most Yogis
Yoga is about shifting your investments from your body, mind, and emotions to your being - from imagination to reality
Don't walk the path of yoga. Whatever the path, you must carry yoga with you. It'll light up your path
(In Yoga) We look at the mind as having sixteen parts. Just one of these should focus on survival and success. The remaining fifteen should focus on inner consciousness
If you are crawling through your work, that is karma. If you are dancing through your work, that is karma yoga.
It is best that when you do your yoga, you don't seek anything, you just do it.
Yoga is a technology, just have to learn to use it.
On the yogic path drugs are a taboo, not because of moral correctness, but because of the limitation that they are
Yoga is the highest level of empowerment. You determine the nature of your experience and destiny
Yoga ultimately means to obliterate all your boundaries and know freedom
Life really begins only when energies enter into Sushumna. You attain to a new kind of balance, an inner balance where whatever happens outside, there is a certain space within you that never gets disturbed and cannot be touched by outside situations
Being in a state of yoga means to be steeped in nameless ecstasies.
When you experience the whole existence as a part of you, when you can become pregnant with the whole creation - that is yoga
Yoga means making your energies so intense and exuberant that you experience the whole universe as a part of yourself.
Yoga means union. Union means beyond cultural,national and individual identities
Your life energies do not know right and wrong. As far as your energies are concerned, there is only life, and life alone
Taking the very source of wellbeing in your hands is yoga
The roots of the Divine are entrenched in this body. If you nurture the roots, how can you avoid the flowering ?
Yoga is an outcome of profound observation of human mechanism
Yoga is a doorway to cosmic exuberance
When what is you and me has merged beyond physical boundaries, we are in yoga
The whole effort of yogic practices and meditation is to move to a higher level of vibrancy and awareness. You can make yourself in such a way that in your presence, people become peaceful and joyful.
Yoga is a tool to establish pleasantness of experience and wellbeing within oneself. What the yogis have experienced from ancient times is now being established through modern science
Surgeons should become yogis. They should have such a level of coherence with everything around them, not just the patient, with the whole atmosphere; because everything that we are made whether it's the heart or the brain or liver, kidney -all manufactured from inside.
Yoga means you learn to erase the boundaries of your physicality.
YOGA doesn’t just change the way we see things, it transforms the person
The process of yoga is to see how to go beyond the mind. Only when you are beyond the content of the mind can you really be yourself.
Yoga is not just about twisting and turning. Yoga means to exist in union with the rest of creation.
The science of yoga is not just about health and fitness. It is an ultimate solution for every aspect of human existence
Yoga is not an exercise form, it has other dimensions to it, teaching it as a compulsory process in the school has its limitations. It may reduce yoga into a gymnastic process, which will be a crime to do that
Hatha Yoga is about aligning your system to the cosmic geometry. A way to become an extension of cosmic reverb.
By injecting life energy, you can make a physical form into a divine force. That's the science of creating deities and yantras
Yoga has lived for over 15,000 years without any enforcement, because of its sheer efficacy
You are who you are, only because of what you have perceived, Perception means you must be like an antenna (rightly poised). The whole system of yoga is just this. You learn to hold your body right.
You have to insure your joy first and then get into activity.
Yoga deepens, broadens, and strengthens the visionary power of the mind. It opens the door of that realm of sensing beyond the five senses
Yoga is not just an exercise system. Yoga is the science of obliterating the boundaries of individuality to know the universality of one's existence
Yoga must reach every person on earth, so that they have complete control of their inner wellbeing.
Every particle in your body is communicating with the entire cosmos. Yoga is about experiencing that.
Hatha Yoga is the science of using the body and postures to experience union of all polarities
In yoga, you never chase an experience – you only prepare for it
Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame
Yoga, the mechanics of human wellbeing. The greatest exposition of the ancient Hindu sages
If you do a yoga that does not change the patterns of energy within you, I would say, don’t waste your time on it.
Thought process is the most surface element of your mind. I think because of European thought, we have given too much significance to the thought. In the yogic science, we do not attach any importance to what you are thinking about or feeling right now. Whatever is in the surface of your mind keeps rolling. That is not of any consequence.
The very fundamental of Shoonya meditation is just that: you are not needed
Yoga: If you're seeking finds a conscious expression then we call it a spiritual process, if it is looked at as a science then we say it's yoga
The tools of self-transformation, the tools of being able to manage your own well-being from within should not be in the hands of an institution or a guru, it must be in the hands of every human being, that is when you will see a better world
The word yoga means union or cohesiveness between what is limited and unlimited, what is physical and what’s non-physical.
You set yourself into the process of yoga because you don't want to be this kind or that kind - that you will be the kind that you're required to be in a particular moment
Yoga is not an expression of who you are; it's about determining as to who you are. It's about determining as to what you want to be, changing the very fundamentals of one's existence
You cannot fix the past, but you can create a distance with it. That is how the yogic system approaches it
You cannot control outside all the time. To some extent we can take care but you cannot control that absolutely. But what you’re doing from within, if you’re willing one hundred percent you can take it into your hands.
"Biology is not our destiny" is the fundamental of yoga
Yoga is the technology of upgrading, activating, and refining your inner energies for the highest possibilities
The very way you breathe, sit, stand, eat, walk, work – everything can become yoga. You can use any process of life to transcend your limitations
As philosophies & belief systems fail the test of human logic & intellect, the longing to know something beyond the Physical will rise & Yogic tools of transformation will become very important
The science of yoga offers us a way to harness the intellect without being enslaved by it.
Yoga is a way to produce a chemistry of blissfulness. Once you are blissful by your own nature, you can deal with outside situations effortlessly
One aspect of yoga is to take all those things which are involuntary, into our conscious or voluntary action
Yoga means union. To be in a state of yoga means to be complete within yourself.
If you learn to use this body as an instrument, it is the most fantastic and powerful instrument on the planet. Yoga is towards realizing this
The yogic system is not a philosophy, ideology, religion, or even a teaching. It is just the user’s manual for the human mechanism to function at its highest possible level.
The technology around you is phenomenally upgrading itself every few months or years. It’s time you upgrade yourself. Enhancement of this life needs to happen. This is what Inner Engineering or yoga means: you focus on enhancing this life
Yoga literally means union, to obliterate the boundaries of individuality. Once you obliterate the basic number – one, that is me – million, billion or zillion means nothing, everything is a zero. This is Shiva, or “that which is not.”
Everybody is some kind of a prisoner of their own making. Some, unfortunately by the state, but the rest have limited themselves because they have drawn their own imaginary boundaries. Yoga is a science of obliterating boundaries
Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ Yoga is a method to Experience the Within
If you make your life energies phenomenally exuberant, you will see this sensory body can become as large as the existence itself, you will experience the whole existence as a part of yourself, that is when we say you are in Yoga.
We've gotten identified with the thoughts that we generate, with the emotions that we create, not understanding it's our prerogative to create the kind of thought we want, the kind of emotion we want
Yoga means, on one level to break the cycle of life. What is a circle right now, we want to open it up and make it a straight line. Because if you are going in circles, You’re not going anywhere. It just gives you an impression that you’re going somewhere but you’re not really going anywhere
Yoga takes care of the system in such a way that it will not allow you to eat more than needed
Yoga means breaking the cyclical process of life and making it a straight line.
When we have so much power in our hands, it is very, very important, that we have an inner sense, an awareness of life and that we experience life and everyone as part of ourselves. Otherwise, we can create a calamity for ourselves and the world around us - which right now we are doing to some extent.
Yoga itself is not an exercise form. It is a much subtler dimension. It is a technology through which a dimension beyond the physical becomes a living reality within you. Yoga is that which renders you to a higher possibility in your life
Yoga is not a form of treatment. Yoga is a way of balancing your inner energies
With yoga, not only your body should become flexible - your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become flexible.
Yoga involves using your own body weight to do exercises.. as effective in building the body as any weight training is.
Yoga transforms and liberates human beings so that they can reach the unbounded state
If you are aware in a certain way, you can activate the human system in such a way that if you sit here it is an enormous pleasure
By consciously breathing in a particular way, the very way you think, feel, understand and experience life can be changed.
If you think something or someone is against you, you lost your yoga, you lost your inclusiveness
Yoga is not an expression, it is a method, it is a means, it’s a technology through which you can change the shape of who you are; literally also, otherwise also. You can change the very shape of who you really are right now, that can be transformed
Yoga and meditation is that dimension of science which focuses on creating the right kind of interior so that you can live a joyous and peaceful life.
The science of yoga is the technology to make ourselves into a zero.
Yoga means seeing that Creator and creation are one
Yoga and meditation are simple ways to turn your attention inward and begin to experience how this source of creation is functioning from within you.
Bringing a balance between the Ida and Pingala will make you effective in the world; this will allow you to handle life aspects well
Vast reserves of unmanifest energies exist in a latent form not only in every human being but also in every atom of the universe. This energy is referred to as Kundalini, symbolized as a coiled serpent lying at the base of the spine. The object of the yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy.
Before looking at how the world should be, you should look at how you should be within yourself.
Medicine is only looking at how to kill the cancer cells, while the yogic systems look at how to improve the healthy cells, so that they can take care of cancer by themselves before it even develops
The word yoga means union. That means you consciously obliterate the boundaries of individuality and reverberate with the rest of the cosmos.
Where is the time for yoga? You have time to eat, you have time to gossip, you have time to work, you have time to take care of everything, but you have no time to take care of yourself.
If your perception has to evolve and enhance itself, the most important thing is that your energy has to evolve and enhance itself. The whole process of yoga is to evolve and refine your energies in such a way that your perception is enhanced and the third eye opens
The essential reverberation in the human being is generated from the spine. The subtler it gets, the further it goes
The most basic form of yoga to this day is the cleansing of the five elements, known as bhuta shuddhi.
You can use yoga to get rid of your backache or improve your focus and peace of mind - or you can use it as a ladder to the Divine
With the practice of yoga, your body and mind will be kept at their highest possible peak
Yoga is a technology through which a dimension beyond the physical becomes a living reality within you
One of the fundamentals of hatha yoga is to change the definition of what is tough
If you recognize that the work that you are doing is important, first thing is you must work upon yourself
Indian classical music has never been just a form of entertainment, nor is it just about bringing pleasantness to one’s emotions. It is an outcrop of Naada Yoga: a way of using sounds to activate and evolve the human system to its ultimate possibility.
Yoga is the science and technology which allows the human mechanism to function at its ultimate possibility, to use this mechanism as a stepping stone to go beyond the limitations of the physical, to know life in its full depth and potential
Instead of just doing yoga as an exercise you can better swim or play tennis or something. Yoga is not an exercise. It's a very subtle practice
You know and want Joy, but.. to kick that butt you need a yogi
There is no such thing as ancient yoga or modern yoga. Yoga is about the human mechanism. It is relevant for all times.
If you consciously hold an asana, it can alter the way you think, feel, and experience life. This is what hatha yoga can do
To be in yoga is the destination, but somewhere along the way, the process itself got named as yoga
Antiquity of yoga is over 15k years. Yoga has lived and flourished out of sheer efficacy and not enforcement.
Your capability and talent are a manifestation of your energy. Yoga is a way to gain mastery over this energy
Yoga means union. It is the method that allows an individual piece of life to yoke itself to the cosmic
The longing to know a dimension beyond the physical is intensifying. The Yogic tools for transformation have become more relevant than ever before
A bird drinks nectar from a flower, a cloud sheds itself upon the earth, you dance yourself into ecstasy – it is all yoga
Yoga is a technology. It has nothing to do with your religiosity; it has something to do with your humanity
Yogis refuse to settle for petty pleasures of wine & drugs. Yoga makes you totally drunk & yet fully alert so you can enjoy it.
People think that yoga means that you’re not interested in life. I’m doing everything possible to change this perception.
As human intellect evolves, people will look to yoga as a solution for every dimension of life
Hatha yoga is not body-bending business. It is about taking charge of the way you think, feel, and perceive life
This possibility of bringing balance to the system first of all is the fundamental nature of yoga
As external technologies are going through the ceiling, inner technologies are a must - yoga
Knowing life beyond your physical existence is yoga
If you understand the geometry of this body, just learn to sit right, everything that you wish to perceive in the Existence can be perceived
Yoga obliterates boundaries between the individual and the universal
Individual wellbeing should be in the hands of the individual. Yoga a perfect tool for this
You’re anyway seeking ultimate in unconscious ways. If you seek in unconscious ways, you will always remain frustrated and the chances of finding it are remote. It’s better to seek what you want in a conscious way, in a focused way
India delivered yoga, it is time the world adopts yoga.
Yoga needs to be practiced in a very subtle, gentle way, not in a forceful muscle building way
If yoga is Hindu, gravity must be Christian
The quality and quantity of your harvest is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of your striving
In sleep there is union or yoga, but unconscious. If you can sleep consciously then you are in YOGA
We are inclusive not by choice, but by the nature of our existence. We exist here only by constant transaction with everything around us. Yoga is a scientific method to experience this inclusiveness
The technology of yoga is rooted in what is called as Bhutashuddhi, that is cleansing the five elements.
Yoga is about plugging into an uninterrupted source of power.
Depending upon how you are, or how each individual is, accordingly yoga is calibrated
Hatha Yoga should not be taught as an exercise form but as a live process; then asanas will lead to ecstatic states
As proud as we are of yoga being of Indian origin, we must gift it to the world
In yoga, when we say health, we don't look at the body; we don't look at the mind; we only look at the way the energy is. If your energy body is in proper balance and full flow, your physical body and mental body will be in perfect health.
Technological advancements & innovations have hit the ceiling. Time to upgrade the human being through technologies for well-being
In a woman generally the emotional dimension is more dominant than other dimensions, it's good to make use of that. Why give up an advantage and take up a handicapped position? It's better to make use of the advantages she has.
We have to see what kind of a tool we require to be in contact with the Creator within us and how to remain in contact with it. If we establish that contact, then there is no need for us to pray
Yoga itself is not an exercise form. It is a much subtler dimension
The science of yoga does not demand any kind of trust in a philosophy or a person. No belief or faith is needed, and it works. This is one system that has been practiced for thousands of years, and in terms of physical health, mental health, and spiritual wellbeing of a person - it works. In this sense - in many ways - the future of the world is in yoga
Yoga means to breach the barrier of physical creation and touch the boundless nature of source of creation
The science of using the body to hasten your evolutionary process is hatha yoga.
The four limbs of the nation - executive, judiciary, military, civil services - must be limbered up and agile. They need appropriate yoga.
The word “kundalini” generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential
In yoga, big experiences only serve a single purpose - to keep you on the path
Using yoga just for health - it's not wrong, but it's a crime because it can be a ladder to the divine.
To set up a space within you beyond your limited identifications is yoga.
Of the many offerings that Mother India has made to the world, Yoga is one of its proudest offerings.
Yoga is a technology to move to the ultimate possibility within you.
There is a chemical basis to human experience, no question about it. There is a way to take charge of this
In yoga, depression is handled at the level of body, mind, and energies. Vibrant and balanced, you will naturally be blissful
Yogasana means you are transforming your body and mind into a possibility, not a barrier in your life.
The spiritual process and the technology of yoga predates all religion.
Thrishul symbolizes the three fundamental aspects of life. This can be called Pingala, Ida, Sushumna or man, woman & divine. These are the three basic nadis- the left, the right & the central - in the energy body of the human system
Can yoga also cure cancer? I would not say it is a cure, but it can definitely enhance the immune system and the body's balance and vibrancy as a whole. To what extent is subject to various realities
Whatever yoga can or cannot do about cancer, we can definitely improve an individual's mental condition in a significant way. It may make a big change in their physiological situation also.
Yoga: We want human beings to start their journey with the body but move towards their inner nature.
Asanas are a very preparatory step, but unfortunately they are being propagated as the whole of yoga
You can use this yoga just to get rid of your backache if you want, or you can use this yoga to get better mental focus and little peace of mind and happiness in your life or you can use this yoga, as a way of climbing up to the highest possibility within yourself
It is not that whatever kind of cancer you have will go away if you do yoga. That is not true, but at the same time, if your system is properly activated by practicing yoga, the cancerous cells will not find a weak point where they can grow and become a disease.
In the yogic lore, we never saw him as God. We see him as 'Adiyogi' that is the first yogi. Because he never introduced himself, we gave him a name. We said he is 'Adiyogi', because he is the first yogi we saw. He never bothered to introduce himself, he is that kind.
Yoga offers powerful tools for self-transformation
Making yoga part of children's growing up will go a long way in building stable individual and in turn a nation
There is a dimension of intelligence within you that is free, unsullied by memory. In yoga, we call this chitta.
Only if you clean your energy system of karmic imprint, can you change your destiny. This is why yogic kriyas are important
Yoga has always been relevant & an integral part of the fighting forces of our nation. The most profound wisdom & teachings of Yoga were made on battlefields. Yoga is more important & relevant for the forces than ever before
If you want to live strong, you need to be in touch with the five elements constantly.
Yoga is India's gift to the world. If individual human beings transform themselves, the world will be transformed.
A kriya is not about driving you in some direction – it is about getting into proper alignment with everything
The quality, the intensity, and the volume of ojas makes the difference between one human being and another.