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Life quotes by Sadhguru

Top 10 Life Quotes

Success means you are living your life to your full potential
People say, ‘I want to forget.’ If you forget you will once again do the same idiotic things all over again. Never ever forget. The more unpleasant your life has been, the more you should never forget. If you forget you will do the same stupid things all over again
If you want to succeed, you must learn to harness your physical body and your mind to the fullest possible way.
If you love somebody it’s a fickle happening because no human being will happen a hundred percent the way you want them. Every human being on this planet is going to disappoint you believe me not because they’ll do something wrong because nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectation you have of them. It’s simply not possible. Partially but never entirely
Once you have a child it’s a twenty year project. That is if they do well, if they don’t do well it’s a lifelong project
Education, above all, is to know the joy of wondering about life, not having ready-made answers for everything, ready-made answers are religion
If your humanity flowers, what is needed will anyway happen, you don't have to think of doing 'good things'. Like if a flower blossoms, you don't have to tell it shoot the fragrance in the air; it will anyway happen, nobody can stop it
If you live your life burning for the highest possibility, in that burning itself, there is liberation
If you are conscious that you are mortal, would have time to crib? would you have time to fight with somebody? would you have time to do some rubbish with your life? If you are conscious that you are mortal, you would do nothing other than what is absolutely need for you & everybody around you
When you resist change, you resist the fundamental process of life & invariably you'll invite all kinds of suffering

Love + Life quotes

Love Quotes
By domination you will not know life, only by inclusion you will know life
If you love somebody it’s a fickle happening because no human being will happen a hundred percent the way you want them. Every human being on this planet is going to disappoint you believe me not because they’ll do something wrong because nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectation you have of them. It’s simply not possible. Partially but never entirely
If tears of love, joy, and ecstasy have not washed your cheeks, you are yet to taste life.
If you have the right kind of eyes, everything is absolutely beautiful.
If there is no love in your heart, you are anyway an adulteress. For convenience and comfort if you have given yourself to any aspect of life, not necessarily a man or a woman for that matter. Without love in your heart, if you have given yourself to any aspect of life you are an adulterer
If you really have love for life around you, you will always see how to be at your best to everything around you. If you have care and concern for life around you, every moment you must be in the best possible way
The nature of feminine is all embracing, not all conquering. By conquest you will never have it, by embrace you will have it.
Throw yourself into your love affair and die into it. Something will happen. Something worthwhile will happen if you’re willing to die into the process, not just anything – whether it’s your work or your life or your love or whatever, if you do not know how to throw your entire self into it, you will never know the taste of what it is
If you want to receive, you have to give. This is not a marketplace rule. This is the way of life
My whole life is devoted to every human being, every creature on the planet. Devotion is just a deeper love affair.
Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do
Using people and loving things. This is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love
Yoga is a huge love affair. It is a process of including every form and dimension of life.
We need to create a society where our values are more spread out to all aspects of life. Music, art, love, care, all these things are as important as economics.
If you want to explore the deepest dimensions of life playfully, you need a heart full of love, a joyful mind, and a vibrant body
You need to know when to use logic and when not. All the beautiful things in life look stupid if you logically analyze them
There is no such thing as conditional love or unconditional love. There is either love or no love. Either you know love in your life or you know a mutual benefit scheme

Death + Life quotes

Death Quotes
If you are going to make people around you joyful and relieved only when you die, that’s not a good way to live.
If you are conscious that you are mortal, would have time to crib? would you have time to fight with somebody? would you have time to do some rubbish with your life? If you are conscious that you are mortal, you would do nothing other than what is absolutely need for you & everybody around you
There is no such a thing as Death, Death is a fiction of the unaware, there is just Life, Life and Life moving from one dimension to another
Death is not a negative thing, death is the only thing that has added value to your life. If you were here forever, you would be unbearable
Birth and death are just passages, not of life but of time.
Unless you embrace death, you cannot live, if you try to avoid death, all that will happen to you is that you will end up avoiding life.
Life & death can be handled gracefully. If you remind yourself all the time that, "I am mortal, I'm mortal, I'm mortal, I'm mortal", you will see, mind will uncomplicate itself
You are an undertaker. Your business is with the dead. All the time your life is about what is over. Everything that you are is about what is already over. So because you are an undertaker you will live in a certain jumpy condition.
Every day, every moment if you remind yourself this is a brief life, "I'm mortal, one day I will end." just do this for 2 days & see, you will become something truly fantastic within yourself
A whole lot of people are carrying grave faces as if they are practicing the final posture. Time we work towards life, not death. Because when it comes to death, everybody is a Natural Star.
If you seek security in life, unknowingly you seek death. The only truly secure place is your grave
Your life is ticking away. It's time to focus on what is truly worthwhile.
What you call as “myself” is just a pop-up on this planet and it will pop out one day
At the end of your life it's only about what you have created. Whatever you have gathered, you can't take it with you
The dead can be preserved, life cannot be preserved, it has to be expended as intensely as possible
An absolutely inevitable aspect of life is Death, but it still remains largely unaddressed within oneself in most Humans. It is the natural consequence of Death that makes life sparkle brightly. We are alive just for a while but Dead for a very long time
If we cannot celebrate death as we celebrate birth, we do not know life.
Only a person who is willing to die can live totally
The unfortunate reality is that most people will know peace only with death- "Rest in Peace". It is time we do something about it in life
It is only when you become aware of death that you want to know what life is about. Once you come to terms with death and you are conscious that you will die, you will want to make every moment of your life as beautiful as possible.
However dear something may be to you, including your own body and life, you must know how to let it go gracefully when the time comes.
Death is the only certainty in life. If you lived your life well, death is not at all a bad thing

Inspirational + Life quotes

Inspirational Quotes
Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose door is blown away. Too busy gold-plating the cage to soar to their ultimate possibility.
If you try to give up something, it will rule your mind. But, if you find something deeper in life, the less significant will just fall off
Because somebody is going to throw stones at us, should we remain without fruit in our life? That would be a tragedy
The Creator did not make a mistake with you - the mistake is all yours. You are a fantastic piece of life, but you have silly ideas about life.
‘more’ is not what you’re looking for. ‘All’ is what you’re looking for. If you want ‘more’, you can conquer it. If you want ‘all’, can you conquer it? Can you earn it? If you want ‘all’, what should you do about it? If you look at that, you’ll naturally turn spiritual
Anyway, life makes you do all kinds of circus, juggling, and acrobatics. If you are well prepared, you can do it joyfully
Life has a certain pace. You should be joyfully in a hurry but never impatient
When you came into this world, you came without a single investment. So whatever happens in your life, anyway you are in profit.
If you are constantly facing new situations, it means you are living a life of growth and great possibilities.
If you want to have deep insights into life, no one’s opinion about you should mean anything to you
If you maintain equanimity, you will see that every event that happens in your life will take you a step forward
It is not the length but the strength of one's life that matters.
If you are deeply involved with even the simplest aspects of your life, you will see every aspect of your life is spectacular.
You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you.
Being spiritual does not mean being dead serious. If you allow life to happen within you exuberantly, unbridled, you will touch the spirit.
In any sphere of life if you do not know involvement and intensity you will not get anywhere
If you allow experiences of the past to overshadow your future, you are ensuring there is no future in your life, just recycling the past

Funny + Life quotes

Funny Quotes
Our presence here is just for a short period of time. We do not have to shorten it by fighting each other
Once you have a child it’s a twenty year project. That is if they do well, if they don’t do well it’s a lifelong project
Whether I keep you half alive or you keep yourself half alive, whichever way- it's torture
Is there some aspect of life that human beings are not suffering? If they are poor they suffer their poverty. You make them affluent they suffer that. If they are uneducated they suffer that. If you make them educated they suffer that. If they are unmarried they suffer that. You get them married.. If they don’t have children they suffer that. If they have..
A Bishop once visited a Yogi & asked him 'What is Life?', the Yogi closed his eyes became very blissful & said 'Life is like the fragrance of Jasmine on the spring breeze', the Bishop said 'No, No, our pope has said life is like a thorn, we must renounce it', Yogi smiled & said 'Well, that's his Life'
If you jump off a tall building You will see it will be very blissful till you hit the ground, ignorance is bliss till you get smashed. In that small period it's wonderful
If you get a headache, go for a foot surgery - then the foot will be aching more than the head - kind of fixed (this is how some people are handling situations)
You would be naturally, one hundred percent pleasant within yourself if you make yourself the way you want yourself to be. Without doing that, you had no business to get married, if you ask me. At least one life could have been saved
[About Cloning] There is a pleasurable way of creating children, I don’t see why you’re wasting billions of dollars in a laboratory. I am only talking about when still women are able to bear children. it doesn’t matter what you call it, you’re just producing a human body which is alive - means the life process is there with all the ingredients
Do not try to conduct the life process itself with willpower because you will become a long successful face. Ulcer in your stomach, success in your bag, face so long nobody wants to see it or your chin will be scraping on the Hyderabad roads. Not good
People say love is in the air, no. Because you are feeling very pleasant in your emotions, suddenly air feels vibrant. It always been, you missed it all your life, now you’re beginning to feel it.
The most important thing that’s happening to you right now is life itself, not the fancy thoughts you have, not the emotions you have, not financial arrangements, nor family or whatever rubbish you have built around you- these are accessories to life, these are all frills. Frills are so much you’re missing the skirt, that’s the whole problem with you
There is no one moment of ease, simply. These structured societies where you have house mortgage which is for thirty years, a car mortgage which is for ten years, an education loan which is twenty two years - you got a life term. You’re doing your time in an open prison.
Only miserable people will have a long life, because if you are miserable you will always feel life is too long that you will want to cut it short.
If all the insects on the planet die, life on this planet has a little more than twenty years before everything disappears. If the worms on this planet die tomorrow morning., the life upon this planet has only eight years left. But if you and I disappear, the planet will flourish
I appreciate the Enterprise in the idea of heaven. It's the best start-up ever! But unfortunately, it has denied human beings the possibility of experiencing Life in its full depth & dimension
Most people have not paid any attention to life because they're busy conquering the world
Time is a very relative experience in individual subjective experiences; if you are joyful if you live 100 years it feels like a few moments, it is gone; only miserable people will have a long life.

Truth + Life quotes

Truth Quotes
When sounds are in tune, they become music. Out of tune, they become noise. It is the same with you. When all aspects of you are in tune, you become music. Out of tune, you become noise
The most significant aspect of your life is that you're alive right now. Everything else is secondary and incidental
No matter where you get in your life, you will see there is one more thing to do.
People may think this is extreme, but, You must go and volunteer in hospital wards where people die and you must see, it's very important, only then you become sensitive to life, life becomes super valuable because you know it is limited
If you had come here like any other creature on this planet, stomach full - life would be settled. But once you come here as a human being, life does not end with survival. Actually, for a human being, life begins only after survival is fulfilled.
If you keep pushing the line between sanity & insanity, if you go mad & come back, if you go mad & you come back, one day you are not able to come back, that's all
If you’re in communion with truth, your associations will be just associations, not attachments. You will know involvement in life, but you will not know entanglement in your life, not because it's right or wrong, with brakes on if you try to go somewhere, you will burn yourself up and then you think life is a miserable thing.
The frills of life have become larger than life itself. Life is entirely missed; if you touch life within you, then it’s an explosion of energy
For most people life means their job, life means the new house, the car that they bought, their wife, their husband, their children. No! Life is what’s throbbing within, not even your body, not your mind, not your thought, not your emotion. What is right now throbbing within you is life. Only because this is ON everything else seems to be meaningful
Children are not your property; they do not belong to you. Just see how to enjoy, nurture, and support them.
When you say positive thinking, in a way you are trying to escape reality. You only want to look at one side of life while missing out the other. You may ignore the other, but the other will not ignore you.
Universal laws cannot be imposed. They are there. If you are in tune, things are smooth. If not, there will be friction
The life within you is not there to serve your body, mind or emotion . The body, mind and emotion are there to serve life
The quality of your life is not determined by the clothes you wear, the educational qualifications you carry, the family background you come from or the bank balances you hold. Rather, the quality of your life depends upon how peaceful and joyous you are within yourself
I want you to see life bare, as it is; and the bare is not ugly. The bare is very beautiful. The bare is very tremendous.
I’m not trying to give answers. I want you to deepen your questions in such a way that truth becomes the only authority in your life.

Short + Life quotes

Short Quotes
If you are too full of yourself, life has to knead you. There is no other treatment.
What is Destiny? That's a simple escape from all the nonsense you have done to your life.
Success means you are living your life to your full potential
Anything beyond survival will not enter your life unless you strive for it, what is needed for survival opens up naturally
What you pursue, you will never forget. What is imposed upon you will never be useful in your life.
How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is
Fear arises simply because you are not living with life – you are living in your mind
Enormous potential and possibilities are destroyed in your life by the fear of suffering
What is ticking away is not the clock. What is ticking away is our life.
If you had everything you could ever dream of, what would you want? If you do not invest that much thought into your life, that means you are super short-sighted
If you are a little playful with life, every moment is a celebration.
Your being will not go uninfluenced if one can simply be
If you want to know the value of life just know that it’s a brief happening.
This moment, how joyful you are within yourself determines the quality of your life
Life is involvement. Where there is no involvement, there is no life.
Without a sense of abandon, you will never walk full stride in your life.
Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with life
If your work is not your life, please don't do it
You being a pleasant piece of life is one hundred percent in your hands, if you take charge of it
The most effective way of touching lives around you is to break your own barriers
There is no need to do what others are doing. You must do what truly matters to you
In a state of absolute acceptance, life within shall happen in great proportions
Only in misery is life too long – in joy too brief
If you operate out of the straitjacket of logic, you remain a clown in the circus of life
The essence of life is exuberance.

Philosophy + Life quotes

Philosophy Quotes
Never look up to anyone - never look down on anyone. When you see all the way they are, you shall navigate life effectively
The most beautiful moments in your life have happened to you only when you kept your logic aside a little bit.
The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is
Make yourself in such a way that you are always looking at how to make someone else's life beautiful
This piece of life is a complete entity by itself. Why is it feeling incomplete? And why is it trying to fulfill itself by making a partnership with another piece of life? Fundamental reason is that we have not explored this life in its full depth and dimension
A spiritual process means just that - that the outside situations need not drive you, the outside situations do not mold you.
In my experience I am the richest person on the planet. Maybe I don’t have a bank balance but I own the whole cosmos within myself in my experience. I have the richest experience of life and this is important
If you cannot embrace everything the way it is, if you accept some and reject others, you will only have morality, no spirituality
Do not just think about making money – think about living well. The most important aspect of living well is doing what you truly care for
Allowing a slogan to define our life is a not a sensible way to live. Nobody should identify with any slogan, regardless of what the slogan is.
You may be wonderful, but you are not loyal to your wonderfulness. If you remain wonderful no matter what life does to you, you are on the way to Enlightenment.
Life is not about pushing your way through. Life is about allowing life to push through you.
Life within you should happen like a huge explosion, but outside it is fully controlled. That is how it should be.
You have wrapped life in all kinds of philosophies, in your ideas, in your emotions, in (all) things that you created, that you neither see the beauty of it nor the pain of it.
People started this philosophy, 'Thank God its Friday!' If you are not enjoying what you are doing five days a week, then why are you doing it? It's a very brief life
What will be worthwhile for you today and after fifty years, however small or big – invest your life into that.
If you value your life, should you not try to understand the source of life?

Wisdom + Life quotes

Wisdom Quotes
An intelligent person is constantly hesitating with life, with every step he wonders whether what he is doing is okay or not, but a fool is absolutely confident.
People say, ‘I want to forget.’ If you forget you will once again do the same idiotic things all over again. Never ever forget. The more unpleasant your life has been, the more you should never forget. If you forget you will do the same stupid things all over again
If you try to break a diamond with a hammer its a lot of effort, UV light can make diamond disappear into thin air (it is very important to use the right kind of tools) just bring the right kind of awareness into your life (it will bring transformation)
If you become a full-fledged life, everything that you do will be useful for everybody around you and everything around you. Instead of becoming a full-fledged life you are trying to pretend with duty, with morality, with ethic and all kinds of things. You’re trying to imitate life, you are trying to imitate a good life; it's not going to work.
Whether misery happens within you or joy happens within you, it only comes from within you, if joy is coming from within you, why can’t you have it coming all the time?
If you do not know how to address the most serious aspects of life lightly, life will sit heavy upon your heart
There is a certain time to grow and there is a certain time to live. If you live too early, you will not grow and if you don’t grow, the scale and scope of your life will be very limited. That should not happen to you
Look at everything as an infant does – absorbing everything, not judging anything, not labeling anyone
The experience of life should mature you. It is your choice to transform a memory into a wound or wisdom
You are a piece of life. This is not young, this is not old; this has to mature into something bigger
If you feel life is superficial, it means you are living superficially. You just have to go a little deeper into life
What to do or not to do in life is not a question of morality or ethics - it is a question of consequences
Life is naturally all-embracing. The problems of whom you can embrace and whom you can't are only psychological problems. Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, the life in you has no problem
The filthier the situations you live in, the wiser and more beautiful you can become if you are willing & if your intelligence is functioning; if you are not reacting, but responding to life consciously. If you are reacting to filth, you will become filth
Whatever action you perform in your life, there is a consequence to it. There is no such thing as you must perform only this type of action and you must not perform another type of action. You can do anything. But you must be in a state to accept the consequences joyously.
The most important thing in life is balance. If there is no balance, your own body and mind will work against you
The more things hurt you early on your life, the wiser you should have become. But unfortunately most people become wounded, mostly because they just need an excuse to turn their own intelligence against themselves, that's all.
Purity does not mean digressing from the life process. Purity means you have become the life process.
Wisdom fundamentally means conducting your life the way it works. Without clarity, there is no wisdom

Success + Life quotes

Success Quotes
If you want to succeed, you must learn to harness your physical body and your mind to the fullest possible way.
People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life are suffering their success. If you suffer your failure, it is okay, if you start suffering your success, that is the real tragedy of life.
You should not be aspiring for success; it's a miserable way to structure your life. You will simply cause pain & suffering to yourself & everybody, because your idea of success is sitting on top of somebody's head, that everybody should be below you, This is sickness not success. Don't ever think of success, make this (self) into a full-fledged being
People should recognize you're a success. You should not be thinking how to be successful; that's a very wrong way to approach life.
Success comes when an individual functions at his full potential, which is possible only when the dimension of inner well-being is explored.
What is generally considered as failure deepens your experience of life far more than what you consider as success
It doesn't matter who you are, life doesn't work for you unless you do the right things.. people who believed they are good people are always wondering why it's not working for them and why it's working for someone else, whoever does the rights, for him it works, the existence is not judgemental.
First thing in every body’s life, no matter what you’re planning to do, is to enhance this life, then to act in the world. If you act in the world before you enhance this life, you will see if you succeed you shall suffer, if you fail you will suffer.
Whatever your goal in life, unless you develop a great urgency, what could be near will be far away.
Just because you got what you wanted, that does not mean you have achieved something in your life
I'm destined to die as a big failure, I know I will die a failure, but a blissful failure because whether I succeed or fail does not decide the quality of my life

Happiness + Life quotes

Happiness Quotes
Being fit for life means- hardness in the body, sharpness in your mind & softness in your heart.
How you are, should never be determined by how somebody else is. Once you allow that, you will remain a slave to somebody all your life because they will decide whether you'll be happy or unhappy.
In terms of Life, Happiness means that your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens. Depression means your life energy has become low & staid.
When the need to be special is gone, that is when you are unique. Significance of life is in its uniqueness
External pleasantness needs cooperation from many people. It’s not just yours. There are other stakeholders who may want to make it nasty for you. It needs many people’s cooperation but inner pleasantness is one hundred percent yours. But why have you not strived for it?
There is nobody who has not been happy, Everybody has been happy, the problem is that they have not been able to maintain it
The greatest fulfillment in life is to do something which is much larger than yourself.
If with every single act that you do, you create what you care for, then whatever you get or do not get, your life is beautiful.
The quality of your life does not depend on your clothes, car, or home, but on how peaceful and joyful you are
If you are doing your best and enjoy doing your best, what's the problem with life? How many rupees or dollars you have in your pocket won't make any difference.
Our pursuit of the comforts is so vigorous that the very life of the planet is being threatened. Yet, it cannot be said that we are any happier than our forefathers. This is because people are trying to create an outwardly perfect life. But the quality of our lives is based upon our interiority.
Everything that you do in your life is in pursuit of happiness.
We are thinking of happiness like it’s some kind of a commodity or some kind of an attainment. No. When your life comes to ease, when you come to ease, happiness is a natural consequence

Change + Life quotes

Change Quotes
When you resist change, you resist the fundamental process of life & invariably you'll invite all kinds of suffering
If your doctor told you that you are going to die tomorrow, that you can't live for more then 24 hours, you will see you will transform yourself so rapidly; minute to minute you will change. So don't wait for your doctor to tell you something horrible (change by yourself)
The events around you may not be determined by you, but how your experience of life on this planet is 100 percent determined by you if you take charge of it, if you let it loose, just about anybody will take charge of it
Transformation means just this - that who you are is not determined by other people's opinions or other people's presence. You are like this - whether somebody is there or somebody is not there, this is the way you are - this is transformation
It’s time.. If we are concerned about life it’s time that we are one hundred percent straight, at least with ourselves. Otherwise, neither yourself nor your life situations will ever get fixed, simply complaining and going on. Life will be a lifelong complaint for a whole lot of people because they don’t want to address it, they want to beat around it.
Whatever the hell you are right now, it’s yours. Either you must have the courage to change it or you must learn to settle into it. You must either have the courage to change it or you must learn to settle into it, one of these things you must do. Simply endless complaint for the rest of your life is no good
Your life & the experience of your life is entirely your making, if this one thing doesn't sink into you absolutely (you won't change), the moment you see it, you have the ability to change
We have to be alive to it every moment and as the context changes, what we do has to change. Morality and mortality are not very different.
You have entangled yourself in such a way, even if the most significant things happen you can't change the direction of your life, If the greatest things came your way, you cannot change the direction of your life. This is a slave’s life
Being on your toes is the best way to be.. means you have a life that is happening. You don't have a stagnant life
If you resist change, you resist life
What has to change in your life is not the content of your life. What needs to change is the context of your life
Every moment, something new should happen in your life. Something old should fall away. You must renounce something old and something new should happen to you.

Spirituality + Life quotes

Spirituality Quotes
Life does not mean party. Life means that you're doing the right things with this (self/ body), so that this gradually evolves to a higher and higher space.
Spirituality is not some nonsense up there, it is about becoming available to life process in its fullest scope, not just physical, not just mental. This is spirituality
What we are referring to as spiritual is a deeper dimension of who we are that is longing to expand, because life wants to find its ultimate nature, longing to expand is not just spiritual, this is life
In a short period of time, what you need for your lifetime you create in terms of money and then do what is significant for your life, rather than running after a tool which was just created to simplify transactions.
To stand firmly on the ground & still reach out & touch the sky, is the essence of the spiritual process
To plunge into the core of life is the only sacredness there is. To live superficially is the only sin.
Unfortunately, most people, especially spiritual ones, are making simple things complex. My life is about making complex things simple because only by making things as simple as possible, they become accessible
Live your materialistic life like today's the last day. Live your spiritual life like you are eternal
To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about. That does not mean being lethargic and lax
Spirituality isn't about going to a jungle. It's about living a full-fledged life. You want the full cake, not a cut.
You don't have to do anything, you don't have to think anything, you don't have to feel anything to be complete. You are complete by yourself
Life is intensity. Life within you does not slacken even for a moment. What slackens is your mind & your emotion- sometimes on, sometimes off. Watch the breath, does it ever slacken? If it slackens, it means death, When I go on telling you in so many ways to be intense, I am just talking about you becoming like life
There is no life's calling, but life is calling - both from within and without. Only when you truly respond to the call of life will you know life in its entirety.
Everybody has a lifestyle, but they don’t have a life. Spirituality means you have a life which is throbbing and roaring within you
Being on the spiritual path is not about becoming a constipated life but to have an unbridled involvement with everything & every life around
There is no need to balance spirituality and materialism, because there are no two such things. Its just you.

Experience + Life quotes

Experience Quotes
Spirituality: Right now your awareness is limited to a small aspect of your life. The whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are, so that before you go, you know life, you experience life in its totality, to live totally. To live and to live totally, that's spirituality
Unless you begin to perceive life in larger and larger doses, there is really no experience of life, just mind playing over and over, same record. Yoga means breaking this cycle
It is pain that becomes the most profound experience of most human life. Not joy, not love, not ecstasy – it’s the pain.
The real wealth of life is- How joyful you are, how wonderful is your experience of life? Joy is not a goal by itself, but it's a necessary ambiance for life, if you don't set this one ambiance, whatever you have is just going waste
There is no need to do any duty in this world because the duty will bring boredom to everybody and burdensome-ness to you. If you are in an inclusive state of experience, every opportunity you get to do something is wonderful for you. To the limits you will do whatever you can do. Is it your duty? It is not your duty, it is your life
People are thinking they can enjoy something. NO. If you are joyful everything is a pleasant exerience
Once you are trapped in your mental framework, there’s no space to experience life in its full glory
You can deepen your experience of life only if you are wide open to everything, without identifying yourself with anything
Looking good is not important. Is life a great experience for you or not? This is what is important. This shift in values must happen
Meditation means to know life beyond the sphere of the physical; to know and experience life not just at the surface but at the source
If you go on thinking about life, there will be no life left in you. The only way is to live it, to experience it, and to enhance your perception of life
If you want to have a larger slice of life, the best way is to include everything as a part of yourself, for a moment, if you have included something as a part of yourself, it has always been a bigger experience.
Anything that leads to inclusiveness, anything that leads to help you to experience life in a larger way than the way it is, is Yoga
Spirituality: If your experience of life transcends the physical, and something other than the physical is happening, then we can say you are spiritual
Those who get the rhythm right, in their experience, life is wonderful. Those who do not get the rhythm right, in their experience, life is misery. They feel crushed by everything around them.
You come into this world with nothing and you go empty-handed. The wealth of life lies in how you allow its experiences to enrich you
Fundamentally why you have come here as life is you want to experience Life. (Only) Question is how profoundly

All Life Quotes

Don't try to give up smoking, just bring awareness into your life, to every aspect of your life and you will see everything that is not necessary will simply fall by the wayside. If you try to give it up, you will only struggle
Whether it’s education, marriage, work, career, business, whatever – all these things are extra fittings to our lives to make it better. You would want to add something which makes you more beautiful. But people cling to these add-ons so badly that the burden of carrying extra fittings all over the place becomes painful everything seems exploitative
Do not try to build your life on ethics, morality or values. Bring clarity of perception into your life. Learn to see everything just the way it is
Human Life truly begins only when survival is taken care of. For all other animals, life ends with survival
You should not get married because everybody is getting married. You should not get a job because everybody is getting one. You should not go to school because everybody is going to school. You should go to wherever you go with a specific purpose as to what you want out of it.. it should be about enhancing your life
If you have no agenda of your own, life will work according to its agenda. Your personal agenda is taking you further and further away from that
You are suffering every aspect of life, it does not mean there is something wrong with life, it just means you are only half alive to life; only one part of you is alive, the other part is yet to become alive. Being half alive is always torturous. It doesn’t matter where you are, in what kind of situation you are, if you are half alive it is torturous
Unfortunately today we are enslaving life to serve social structures. No. Social structures must be made in such a way that they will serve life, an individual life, not social life
What you do on the outside is not LIFE; it is activity. Life is within you. How this feels and functions right now is most important
True miracle of life is not in u doing something, but in realizing that life is already a big miracle
Devotion means you must become devoid of yourself. If that is not possible, at least you should reduce this heap. If you reduce this heap of garbage suddenly you see life explodes in ways that you have not imagined possible
Suppose, you had none of the compulsions, what would you like to do with life, that’s what you should do. You should not decide your life and the course of your life based on immediate compulsions. You decide in your life, if you do this for hundred years and look back, after hundred years if you look back, is it still worthwhile? You do that.
If you shift from unwillingness to willingness, from inertia to effervescence, your life will be joyful and effortless.
Living an exuberant life is only possible when you are able to dance upon the uncertainties of life.
The only & the worst crime you can commit in this life is- You did not explore the full depth and potential of your life
Nobody in the world happens your way, at least this one person must happen your way, isn't it? But right now, even this person is not happening your way (That's the problem)
The basic purpose of life and the basic purpose of education is to enhance one's boundaries of perception. I don't want the children to just survive after ten years of schooling. They must blossom and flower wherever they go.
As a life we have a right to nourish ourselves, but we don't have a right to wantonly take another life just for pleasure
The most beautiful moments in life are moments when one is expressing one's joy, not when one is seeking it. The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being
There is nothing else to do here except live. The only choice you have is to either live superficially or in a profound manner.
Whatever crisis is happening in your life, don't make a crisis out of yourself.
The most responsible way to live is that you are playful with life.
You must decide whether you have come here to experience life or to avoid life.
If you don't invest your life in what you really care for, your life will be wasted. You will not fly - you will just drag yourself through life.
The only way you can taste life is with involvement
Life itself is reason enough to celebrate
Most of the time you are just thinking about life, not living life
If you want to find out the purpose of life, you need to look beyond the limitations of body and mind
Life knows no failure. Failure exists only for those who are always comparing themselves with others
Establishing the logical without becoming cruel, being open to the mystical without being fanciful is what makes life beautiful
Life is fluid, ever evolving. The more dynamic you are, the more happens in your life, all the time.
If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It's time you made your choice.
Only if you have no fear of suffering will you dare to walk your life full stride
If you stop your mental muddle, life is bliss.
Absolute passion towards the Divine. Compassion towards all life. Dispassion towards yourself.
No matter what kind of situations life places you in, who you are remains the same - that's dignity
The more conclusions you have, the less you experience life.
Most people are ego-sensitive, not life-sensitive
You have been dead for a very long time, you are just alive for a very brief time, please don't spend that time just making a living, please make a Life out of it.
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
Having expectations of others means you are trying to fix their lives. Don't do that. Fix your own life - that is freedom
A life of excess is not a good life. Excess of anything leads to perversion and depression
Being human means being capable of looking at every life form with a sense of tenderness
Everyone of you must decide what is your idea of well-being, once you are assured of your physical and social well-being, from there on you must do something that genuinely matters, otherwise it is a wasted Life
There is no life's calling, but life is calling
Most people think, “this is work”, “that is life”. That means a large part of your life is not life
The need for meaning is only of the mind. Life has no need for meaning. You are alive - that's beautiful, and that's it.
There is no better insight into someone's teaching than looking at the way he lives
Life is neither a gift nor a punishment. It is just a phenomenon that you need to learn to ride
If you are unable to see things as they are, you can never handle life the way it should be handled
The only way to know life is if you get to the other side of the mirror.
Life should not happen in a trickle. It should happen like a flood in you all the time - a roaring flood
Time is not a commodity that comes and goes - it just goes. Time is life. We cannot afford to squander it.
What is the meaning of life? It is too great a phenomenon to fit into any meaning.
Celebration should not be limited to a particular occasion. Your whole life, your very existence should become a celebration
If you want to realize your life to the fullest, first and foremost is, you should never shrink yourself into thinking “This is mine and this is not mine.” If you expand within yourself to include the whole world, then everything is yours.
"All Shall Pass", The clock tic tocks, My life away, relentless And ruthless..
If you become aware of how many living beings are giving their lives to sustain yours, you will eat with enormous gratitude.
Commandments means you're trying to fix your life, consciousness means you want to liberate your life
Trying to become boundless through the physical is like counting 1,2,3,4,5.. and hoping one day you will say infinite. We can not handle the boundless through the limitations of the physical, your perception has to go beyond the physical, only then the non-physical enters your life.
Once your life is a conscious process, being blissful is natural, moving towards liberation is inevitable.
Life is not about being better than someone else. It is about allowing yourself to grow to your fullest potential.
All that is needed to open the doors of life is that you do not think too much of yourself
The most beautiful moments in your life were moments when you were not thinking about anything. You were just living.
"What can I get, What can I get" is a sure way not to live, from what you GET you can only make a living, it is only by what you GIVE that you make a Life
Just desire the highest in life. Direct all your passion towards that.
Joy is not a goal by itself. Joy is a condition that opens you up for life. It opens you up to perceive and know life
You are going about life as if whatever you are doing is the be-all and end-all of life. The moment you pay a little attention, you understand “This is not it.”
God is not a reality in your life; it is just a belief. What kind of God you believe in is just what kind of social situations you have been brought up in
Any sensitive human being is bound to be wounded when he knows only the dualities of life; when he does not know the other dimension.
If at all there is any struggle in your life, it is because you identify yourself with the limited aspects of yourself.
Only one who is constantly aware of his mortal nature will be a true lord of his life. Others can never live totally
"What cannot be measured does not count," is the most idiotic thing you can do to your life. You will reduce a fantastic, fabulous life process into just a simple piece of mechanism.
Suffering happens essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process
The whole struggle with one's life is we are always trying to pick out what is beautiful and what is not, what is good and what is bad.
In challenging times, it is important that above all, we have balance within ourselves
For most human beings, the simple process of life has turned into hell. This is simply because they are just trying to live life without drinking from it
To be involved and not entangled is something that is essential for people to be effective in life
What you need to manage is your energies because life is a certain amount of energy, it is not limitless, but it can be enhanced. If you function at one level of energy what you do in 10 years; if you function at a different level of energy, the same thing you can do in one year.
In a Democracy, we have the right to protest for sure, but we do not have the right to disrupt even one citizen's life.
If you are exuberant, joyful, and wonderful, your immune system will function much better than when you are worried. Wholeness of Life Is Health
The life in you is not looking for meaning; it needs exuberance of experience.
Every child does have the necessary intelligence to live his life fully. You just create an atmosphere for him to grow into his intelligence, rather than imposing your nonsense upon him.
You want to live your life through your children. This is a sure way to destroy children. This is a definite way to destroy children.
Life is not always a straight line; you have to do many things to keep it going. If you forsake your understanding, your capability will be lost. Whether it's a question of personal relationships or professional management, in both places you need understanding; otherwise, you won't have fruitful relationships.
Whatever you have today, the things around you, even your own body- you borrowed everything from this earth. You can use it, you can enjoy it, but when you have to leave, you have to leave it and go. So nothing really belongs to you. Fundamentally, the only thing that you can really give is yourself.
Fear is always of losing something. You can only lose limited aspects of life; you can never lose its ultimate nature. Fear occurs because you are attached to your limitations; otherwise, there is no fear.
Somebody becomes spiritual because he has developed a certain openness about life. He has no conclusions about anything. He is willing to look at everything.
Every seeker looks for ways of getting beneath the surface of life as it appears, and to experience life as it is. Different people call this quest by different names: searching for god, longing for personal fulfillment, seeking enlightenment, or seeking meaning.
A thought cannot know life. An emotion cannot know life. An ego cannot know life. Only life can know life. If you stop being a bundle of thoughts, opinions and emotions, and just exist here as life - just throbbing pulsating life - knowing life is just natural.
You either insulate yourself from other people's pain or you insulate yourself from the very joy of life. Both could be alive in you at the same time... if you looked at life just the way it is, not distorting it according to your emotions, your identifications
Fundamentally, life is management.
Be a little more happy, a little more loving - life would be more beautiful.
The science of yoga is just this: learning to harness and direct your energies in the right way so that 'who you are' finds its ultimate expression. If you do not allow this energy which you call as life to find its expression, it naturally tries to find its way out in violent ways
There is a psychological reality in your head, and there is an existential reality which is Life. Most people are mistaking psychological reality to be existential, your thought and emotion has become more significant than the cosmos
Time moves at the same pace for everybody, (but) there is "energy" that you call "life", this you can pitch it at different levels.
As long as you separate yourself from life around you, you cannot reverberate with existence
Awareness means grasping life just the way it is, without contamination by mental projections
The very purpose of life is to reach the highest possible flowering. Meditation is the nourishment for flowering
Life is inclusive. Only your mind is exclusive
Life is not a question of use. It is magnificent, just the way it is
If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.
When your intelligence is entangled with social identifications, it is not in line with the life within you. That is the source of Misery
The physical is like the peel of a fruit; it has no purpose of its own. This body means something to us only because of the life within
Education should be about enhancing your horizons, about having a larger vision of life. But generally, just the reverse is happening
The intellect is useful for survival. But when you do not know where you should use it and where not, it separates you from the very life process
Boredom occurs when you have neither attention nor involvement with life around you but just lost in your own thoughts
Feminine is not weak; it is just fulfilling a different aspect of life
Human problems are not of life - human problems are just of the mind.
If your humanity is in full flow, you will reach out to life around you. This is not morality - this is the nature of being human
It is the pain of not knowing which drive human beings to really know life. Otherwise, they only try to know those things that assist their survival
The science and technology of how this life functions and what we can do with it, is what we refer to as yoga
Whether god or somebody else loves you does not make a difference for you. If you are loving, it makes your life very sweet
The conclusions that you make in your mind can seriously impede your ability to experience life
Joy is not an achievement. It should be the natural ambiance of your life.
If you learn to just sit here and reverberate as a piece of life, that is the ultimate ecstasy
If every moment of your life, no matter what the nature of your work or your life situations, you can remain playful and exuberant, that means you are liberated
Life is neither suffering nor is it joy - you can make it whatever you want.
Because you attach so much value to your own thought and your emotion, you cannot see life the way it is
If you allow life to happen to you in its utmost possibility, enlightenment is a natural flowering
If you realize how fragile your life is and how at any moment it could be turned upside down, you will walk very gently on this planet
This living being that you are is the greatest scripture. Everything that you need to know about life is written into this one
Yoga is the science and technology to know the essential nature of how this life is created and how it can be taken to its ultimate possibility.
Spirituality means to crank up your life to the highest pitch of intensity
Devotion as an act is vulgar. Devotion as a way of life is wonderful. If you are a great devotee, it is ugly. If you are devout, it is beautiful.
Making conclusions about life is a sure way to deny yourself the possibility of a human being transforming himself into the Divine
Do not wait for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle in life is life itself
Life has no particular purpose. It is a purpose unto itself
The very purpose of life is to experience life in its fullest depth and dimension
Being young or old is not just of age, it’s not a question of when you were born. Are you an exuberant life or have you become half alive?
It doesn't matter who did what, what is happening within you, your experience of your life is entirely your making- this is your Karma
If you’re constantly creating a nasty chemistry within you, how is life within you supposed to understand you’re seeking well-being? How? It's just unfair. Life within you thinks, 'He likes ailments,' and gives it to you.
Once you're corrupted by thought you have no sense of life, simply your own psychological process is more important than the whole cosmic dimension of the existence.
If you want to know the intricacy of life in its full depth and dimension – not somehow you lived and died – you want to know it all. If such a longing comes then it needs attention to everything
Now, all your vehicles are on self start, isn't it? But what is most vital to your life, your peacefulness, your joyfulness, your love, your blissfulness, everything is on push start right now. I am talking about upgrading technologies, Isn’t it important that your joy, your love, your blissfulness is on self start?
Diwali: The most important thing is that light arises within you. Light essentially signifies clarity, if there is no clarity, if you do not seeing things clearly in every possible way, if you do not perceive life with utmost clarity, every simple situation becomes entanglement, with only clarity are you liberated
If you lock yourself from inside or outside, it’s the same thing. As long as you don't open the door there is no difference whether somebody locked you from outside or you locked yourself from inside. Anyway you are imprisoned, If somebody locked you from outside, you can at least complain & scream. You locked yourself from inside, you can only be depressed
If you have the fear that you could become bitter, you will only take baby steps in your life. If you know, ‘No matter what happens this is how I am, it does not matter what happens to me in this world, this is how I will be,’ if this assurance you have, only then you will take full strides into the world, otherwise you will always take hesitating strides in
We have made economics the most important aspect of human societies, economics has a place in our life for sure, but it is not the be all of life. Feminine doesn't belong to that dimension. If aesthetics of life was dominant in a society, if aesthetics was as important as economics, Feminine would be naturally exuberantly alive & manifest in the society
It’s important we understand that if we make this (oneself) piece of life a pleasant piece of life, this is the fundamental thing – if you do this, after that you decide whether you need marriage, you don’t need marriage, you need children, you don’t need children, all these things you decide later. When this is miserable, you have no business to multiply it
If life does not overwhelm you, what are you doing here? Are you here dodging life? If you look at any aspect of life, if you touch anything, genuinely touch anything, you will always be overwhelmed. Life is about being overwhelmed, not about avoiding being overwhelmed and becoming constipated
The nature of life is such that if you unblock and allow it to flow, life is a beautiful experience. If you hold back, it becomes misery
There is no such thing as right and wrong in life. The question is, are your actions appropriate and inclusive.
Mukti means liberation. Liberation means essentially to become free from yourself – because you are the only nuisance in your life
If you are not identified with the accumulations of body and mind, you will become still. And that is all it takes to meditate
When you become significant as a life, it doesn't matter what you do, whatever you do will be worthwhile.
Tantra is about the mechanics of life, understanding this machine so perfectly that you can completely dismantle it and put it back.
My work as a guru is just to give you a taste of that ultimate, so that your life goes into a tizzy, and you go crazy, and you want to go for it. You have had a taste, now you can’t stop.
Renunciation: Somebody is out to climb Mount Everest, He prepares for years & years. And then he is in the harshest of climate, denying himself every pleasure of life that normally people want to have, he denies himself all that to climb the mountain. Is he denying himself? Or is he making another possibility which you can never imagine real in his life?
Meditativeness means to become in such a way that you are not the source of the problem. Wherever you are, you’re a solution, you’re not a problem.
Your business is just to become receptive to the bounty of life; to know life in its fullest way. If you’re willing to be blissful, joyful, do something worthwhile about yourself
People are capable of suffering just about anything- this is the nature of the intellect. Once you’re into the intellect, this is how life is. If you’re below the intellect, you won’t suffer so much. if you’re above the intellect, you’re a Buddha. If you’re below the intellect, maybe we can call you Buddhu
Yesterday you loved somebody, with that memory you’re living today. Yesterday you disliked somebody, with that memory you’re living today. So you’re trying to live that which is over. If you try to live that which is over, that which ‘is’ will bypass you.
If you find full expression through any particular activity, it may also leave you somewhat transformed. If you cook with all your heart, some transformation may happen. If you sing with all your heart, some transformation may happen.
The moment unwillingness comes, even if the most beautiful thing is happening to you, it feels like you are being buggered by life. You are unwilling, but we will push you into heaven - you will suffer.
Don't think in terms of weeks and months and years and decades or lifetimes, think in terms of moments because life is in moments.
If there was a conscious choice about how to keep your life energies right now, definitely you would have kept yourself absolutely joyful and ecstatic. Only because a large part of you is happening unconsciously, other things which you do not want are happening within you.
Renunciation: Somebody chose to do something that they saw as better, as a higher possibility for them, somebody who is at a lower level of life thinks they have renounced. Nobody renounced anything
Whatever the effort human being is making, whether he goes to the temple, goes to the bar, wants to go to heaven, takes the drugs; the whole effort is to make life something more than what it is now, something will happen only when your perception is enhanced, not otherwise
Anything in life, if you are doing it compulsively it becomes ugly, if you are doing it consciously, it can be made beautiful, everything can be turned into an ugly mess if you do it compulsively.
Health does not mean that just the medical parameters are okay. Health means you must feel a certain sense of wholeness. when you wake up in the morning, you are more alive than you are when you went to bed, you feel ten years younger than the time when you went to bed. If you feel like that, that means you are healthy
We have spread the (wrong) idea that stress is a part of your life. Stress is not a part of your life, stress is not because of your job, stress is simply because you do not know how to manage your own system.
For all the other beings, everything in their life is set, Once you are born as a human, your life is in your hands, Nature has left that responsibility to us
People don't want to live well, they want to live better than their neighbor, bigger than their neighbor, because of that money becomes important, if they just want to live, money would be a small part of their lives
Every life on this planet, how great it becomes or how puny it becomes is not dependent upon whether it's good or bad. It is dependent upon how much nurture it finds from outside and from within.
Once right and wrong comes, you will create a very prejudiced world. We never looked at it right and wrong. We always saw it in terms of every life has to find full expression. For that it needs nurture. How well you nurture it, that’s how well it becomes.
Anger is not sitting somewhere and you go hit it, you become angry, when you become angry it is unpleasant, in fact science proves that you actually poison your system by being angry. It is happening only because your mind is not taking instructions from you, you have not done anything to control your faculties under control, life is happening by accident
If this belongs to me and that doesn’t belong to me, I will look at this one way, I will look at that another way. If nothing belongs to me, I look at everything the same way. The beauty of life is that you do not belong to anything.
You cannot admit that 'I do not know' because you have not realized the immensity of 'I do not know.' 'I do not know' is the biggest thing that can happen to you in your life
Life is neither cool nor hot, it is you who can make it either cool or hot. If you get this, everything is cool
In our lives if we do not do what we cannot do, that's not a problem. But in our lives if we do not do what we can do, we are a disastrous life
The same forces allow one person to rise and soar, the same forces allow another person to get crushed, simply depends on whether he found rhythm of life or not
Empathy, Compassion, Love are consequences of a human being being in a certain way, you nurture the root, fruit will happen. Fruit is a consequence.
Most of the times unfortunately, most people's minds are working against them
What you know is not the problem in your life. The more you know, the better it is, Knowledge is not causing problem. You're identified with what you know, that is what is causing the problem.
Just bring little liveliness and playfulness into little activity you do, you will see it will make a big difference
Why Krishna is such a huge factor in the cultural ethos of this country is, this is a man who romped through his life no matter what was happening, he went through it like a dance, joyfully, blissfully, lovingly.
Trying to fix the human societies with morality will only bring more and more deception, it kills life in so many different ways. Why are we trying to fix life with morality? Essentially because we have never bothered to stir up humanity.
Everything is a stepping stone for your ultimate well-being if you have set the larger goal. Every situation that you get into you are getting so identified and caught up with it, now it feels like it's better to end your life.
When you are not for anything or against anything, just an extremist, you will be a great piece of life.
Habit means fixed realities where you don’t have to think. No, don’t try to automatize your life. That is not efficiency. That is the efficiency of the machine. This one is supposed to function intelligently and consciously
People who are bursting with life do not need a purpose to live. Life is a purpose unto itself.
I’m not racing with anyone, but definitely going at full throttle, in every aspect of my life
The knife of intellect is a powerful tool of survival, but not to know life in its totality. Unfortunately, humanity is trying to know life using the intellect which is like trying to stitch with a knife
If you realize your life is 100% your responsibility, there is no room for being resentful towards anyone
Allowing this life to flower into its fullest possibility is what life is about, is what yoga is about, is what spiritual process is about
We are the only creature on the planet which has the freedom to shape its own life. It's this freedom which human beings are suffering. If one is suffering bondages then it's not a problem. If one is suffering freedom then it's a disaster
Education and spiritual process should not be in the hands of prejudiced minds. Prejudice means not seeing life the way it is
To be a full-fledged human being is to respond to every life around you to the best of your ability.
The secret of life is to see everything with a non-serious eye, but to be absolutely involved. It’s like a game.
Once you live a compulsive life, you are living the life of a slave
Putting the wellbeing of others above your own creates a different kind of strength, a strength that will carry you through life and beyond.
The more and more you identify yourself with certain limited qualities in life, you become a strong personality
The greatest aspect of life is that it has no meaning. Every life is just longing to reach its fullest possibility
Let your long-term goal be for the life within you - not for your thoughts, not for your emotions, not for society. If your goals based on the life within you, it will be good for everyone, because everyone is just a life.
Immortality is a very immature idea, everything that is not physical is always immortal if your experience of life transcends the limitations, you are already immortal.
No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you
If life is throbbing within you, you are not willing to live within any limitation or any compulsion
When you go about checking out life from bits and pieces of information and knowledge that you have, you will obviously come to wrong conclusions.
The life within you cannot be unpleasant. Unpleasantness is created in the mind
There is security in repetitive life patterns, but there are no possibilities, no growth
Don’t seek a Guru. Just seek a solution for your life – a Guru will happen
That which binds you in life can also free you. The door that imprisons you is also the door to liberation.
How effective you are in life is essentially determined by your level of clarity and balance
In every society, it is necessary that there are at least a handful of people whose passion in life is beyond their own wellbeing.
Liberation is not my Idea; it is the fundamental longing in every form of life.
There is no such thing as good habits and bad habits. Habit means living life without awareness
The only and only purpose of life is for this piece of life to find its ultimate possibility
Are you here to experience life or to think about it?
Do whatever you want in your life, but tomorrow, when you have to face the consequences, you should not cry and complain. If you can accept this joyously, you can do anything.
How many things in your life are such that you held it, and now you cannot loosen the grip?
If instead of working up your desires, you enhance your capabilities, you will walk through this life effortlessly, gracefully, doing very well.
You are creating a whole range of illusions for yourself. Life should disillusion you
The essence of sport is to bring playfulness into one’s life because without playfulness, there is no celebration
Things that you have never imagined should enter your life. Only then will your life be truly enriched
Learning to live joyfully with things you do not like is a huge lesson in life.
You want to go to the moon but you are on a horse back, someone tells you "get yourself a new whip and you will make it", you may kill the horse but you won't make it. (Trying to find an expression for the non-physical longing through physical means doesn't help)
Living better is not about digging up the planet and heaping it on your head
Whatever things you gather in your life should not determine who you are
Volunteering means to become willing, or, in other words, to become an absolute YES to life
Life is beautiful only when it is in balance.
There is no profoundness to your life unless you realize the mortal nature of who you are
If you learn to see things just the way they are, you will know how to navigate
The level of perception that you have determines the quality of your life.
The problem is not with life. The problem is you have not taken charge of your mind
When we say, life is maya, it does not mean that life does not exist; its just that you do not perceive it the way it is.
The only thing that should overwhelm you is the magnificence of life itself.
Spirituality is not a disability – it is a phenomenal empowerment of life.
The idea of building relationships is that it's of support on all levels of life. In emotion, profession, domestic situation, companionship, in arranging & organizing our lives, two people - two brains & two bodies - can do better than one person.
Yoga means looking at the mechanics of life, how it is made, how it functions, and what we can do with it
Time: The stars are the same, twinkling in the dark sky, the cold breeze threatening to get colder as it is at this time around. the crickets chirp just the same. But all claim it is a new year though. All hoping for something to go bang. but time rolls on quiet and relentless crushing life, under its weightless wheel. An effective mill with ruthless will
If you want to really know higher dimensions of life, there needs to be a constant sense of peacefulness and joyfulness within you
This is the age of expression without perception. To know life, you need perception
Do what really matters to you in life. Whatever it is, it should be worthy of you
If you look at creation the way it is, it is explosively beautiful. You do not have to add any frills to it – neither to your own life nor to anything else.
Every life is a possibility. If you want to keep that possibility open, never ever form an opinion of any sort on anyone
All limitations are only in your psychological framework, not in the existential framework of life.
If you are in a state of offering, life happens differently.
Life is just a slice of time. If one values life, one has to do everything at the right time
Stop making life a problem
Everyone has dreams, but how many are willing to stake their life to fulfill that dream?
Devotion is a place where you do not exist; life just flows through you as a certain sweetness and beauty.
Who you are is your making. Once you understand this, at least you must make yourself to your own liking
I don't see compassion as a quality. Life itself is compassion
The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.
The virtues of fear are too many to list, It can even render you short of breath, and short of everything that is life.
Unfortunately, for most people peace has become the highest goal in life. Such people will only Rest In Peace. We need to understand that peace is the most fundamental requirement, not the highest goal
Life is within you, throbbing all the time, whether you are awake or asleep
Devotion is not a deal. If you become free from this calculation: "What will I get?", then you are a devotee. You will live a blessed life. Grace will come in a cascade, not in drops.
Virtue is not about practicing a certain morality; the greatest virtue is that you are in tune with life, you have become life
When your experience of life goes beyond the physical, when another dimension becomes a living experience for you, there is no more fear
Life becomes profound only when there is devotion towards something
Once in a way, something may go wrong in your life. But if your mind and your energies are focused on beating yourself up, it will become a series of disasters
You never play a game to lose, you always play a game to win, but if you lose, it is all right with you. If you maintain this fundamental with every aspect of life, you are a sport
As a parent be sincere enough to admit you don't know anything about life
It is emotions that make your life flow. They only become a problem when they go out of control.
You did not create life, so you have no business to take it either - whether it is yours or someone else's
Emotion is the juice of life. When out of control, it becomes madness.
If humanity has to live for a long time, you have to think like the earth, act like the earth and be the earth, because that is what you are
As a person, you will always feel incomplete. As a being, as life, you are always complete
When life processes are happening well, that is health. If at all we have created anything, it is ill-health
This is the secret of life: to be non-serious but absolutely involved. The best way to approach Navratri is in a spirit of celebration
You are either listening to your thought process or to the thought process of someone else. You are never listening to the life process
If you want something beyond survival to become a reality in your life, a certain attention and striving is needed
Gratitude is not something you have to express. If you are filled with gratitude for all the things that contribute to your life, it will melt your very being
You should not decide your life and the course of your life based on immediate compulsions.
See how to go ahead in life. Constantly looking at the rear view mirror will make you crash
Your experience of life does not depend on who or what is around you but on how you are
In the very nature of things, life can never get perfect - there is always room for improvement.
Life is rooted in reality - not in your thoughts and emotions.
Spiritual process means your life is not driven by your physical nature. Life’s intrinsic intelligence needs to find expression