Commandments means you
Commandments means you're trying to fix your life, consciousness means you want to liberate your life

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se is the way forward. : Life, action, consciousness Quote If you are in a state of reaction, anyone or anything can take charge of your life. Conscious response is the way forward.

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ife - that is freedom : Freedom, Life, Relationship Quote Having expectations of others means you are trying to fix their lives. Don't do that. Fix your own life - that is freedom

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ife. : Life Quote When you are not for anything or against anything, just an extremist, you will be a great piece of life.


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sness. : Freedom, Compulsion, consciousness Quote Renunciation essentially means you are working towards your freedom, from compulsiveness to consciousness.

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 : Life, Short, experience Quote The more conclusions you have, the less you experience life.

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 : Short, being human, consciousness, possibility Quote Being human means having the possibility to consciously shape yourself.

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