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Philosophy quotes by Sadhguru

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Prayer is essentially seeing that your presence here is very minuscule, you are just a speck of dust in this existence, tomorrow if you vanish a few people will cry.. rest of the existence will just go on fine without you
Misery is always self-created. Misery is caused by you, only by you, nobody else but you.
The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is
The mind is like a puzzle with too many pieces missing. Trying to make sense out of it makes no sense
You cannot rise in love, you cannot stand in love, you cannot fly in love, you have to fall. Something of you should fall, otherwise it will not work. You will not know it.
Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside.
One who is in constant journey learns to love and enjoy everything, but not pick up anything on the way.
Thought can come to you as simply gossip- It is harmless. Or as an ideology- now it's little strong, or as a philosophy- it's much stronger, the worst form is when it comes to you as the word of God, you cannot deny even the silliest thought. You have lost even the discriminatory process that you cannot even see this is stupid. It's stupid but it's holy
The most beautiful moments in your life have happened to you only when you kept your logic aside a little bit.
There is no such a thing as Death, Death is a fiction of the unaware, there is just Life, Life and Life moving from one dimension to another

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Short Quotes
Never try to destroy the enemy. Destroy the enmity
Only way out is in.
The most precious thing in life is life itself. Are you getting this now or only on your deathbed?
Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside.
Yoga means experiencing everything as a part of yourself
If you see someone doing something wrong, condemn the action, not the person
Do not like anyone, do not dislike anyone – just be with them
The more absent one’s personality becomes, the more powerful his presence becomes
If you think you are big, you become small. If you know you are nothing, you become limitless.
Teachings and philosophies cannot transform people - they can only inspire.
If you want joy, you have to turn inward, because that is where it is generated.
Spiritual process is not a philosophy – it is a method to live your life totally
One day, the earth will consume you. What you consume decides when you will be consumed.
Intimacy essentially means an absence of resistance.
What you save will never be your quality. What you dispense will be your quality
Only that which is physical can be experienced through the senses and anything that is beyond the realm of sense cannot be.

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Life Quotes
Never look up to anyone - never look down on anyone. When you see all the way they are, you shall navigate life effectively
The most beautiful moments in your life have happened to you only when you kept your logic aside a little bit.
The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is
Make yourself in such a way that you are always looking at how to make someone else's life beautiful
If there is no love in your heart, you are anyway an adulteress. For convenience and comfort if you have given yourself to any aspect of life, not necessarily a man or a woman for that matter. Without love in your heart, if you have given yourself to any aspect of life you are an adulterer
This piece of life is a complete entity by itself. Why is it feeling incomplete? And why is it trying to fulfill itself by making a partnership with another piece of life? Fundamental reason is that we have not explored this life in its full depth and dimension
A spiritual process means just that - that the outside situations need not drive you, the outside situations do not mold you.
In my experience I am the richest person on the planet. Maybe I don’t have a bank balance but I own the whole cosmos within myself in my experience. I have the richest experience of life and this is important
If you cannot embrace everything the way it is, if you accept some and reject others, you will only have morality, no spirituality
Do not just think about making money – think about living well. The most important aspect of living well is doing what you truly care for
Allowing a slogan to define our life is a not a sensible way to live. Nobody should identify with any slogan, regardless of what the slogan is.
You may be wonderful, but you are not loyal to your wonderfulness. If you remain wonderful no matter what life does to you, you are on the way to Enlightenment.
Life is not about pushing your way through. Life is about allowing life to push through you.
Life within you should happen like a huge explosion, but outside it is fully controlled. That is how it should be.
We need to create a society where our values are more spread out to all aspects of life. Music, art, love, care, all these things are as important as economics.
You have wrapped life in all kinds of philosophies, in your ideas, in your emotions, in (all) things that you created, that you neither see the beauty of it nor the pain of it.
First thing, you make something which is so simple & basic- right & wrong, then you want to find a philosophy to support the wrong, all these complications are unnecessary, if you just see the simplicity of what it is, it'll become a simple part of your life, if you make it complex it becomes an unnecessarily large part of your life
Everybody has a philosophy for whatever they're doing, for whatever nonsense that anybody is doing they have the support of a philosophy of their own, without a philosophy you cannot continue to do stupid things all your life, your intelligence will not allow you to do it
People started this philosophy, 'Thank God its Friday!' If you are not enjoying what you are doing five days a week, then why are you doing it? It's a very brief life
What will be worthwhile for you today and after fifty years, however small or big – invest your life into that.
If you value your life, should you not try to understand the source of life?
Logically examine your love affair and see, it’ll be the most stupid thing you can do, really. Maybe it's the most beautiful thing in your life but logically dissect your love affair and look at it, it is the most idiotic thing you can do. The logical dimension of life and the experiential possibility of who you are-are diametrically opposite.
It is not how much you do – how you do it is what makes life beautiful.
If something beautiful has to come out of a human being, the most important thing is a certain sense of abandon
This is the whole problem with life – everybody is propounding their own concepts, their own philosophies, their own ideologies all the time. Why is it that nobody is willing to look at life the way it is? Because somewhere human beings are too enamored with their own logic, with their own intellect.

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We love our children just the same even if they are exchanged in the hospital, so it is just your willingness to include somebody, it doesn't have to come from your body, if you are willing it is possible to love anybody
'What I Know, I know, what I do not know, I do not know', once you come to this sincerely, your knowing will constantly go on expanding on a daily basis, otherwise, the moment you believe, you are stagnant
For one moment if you forget that you are mortal, ignorance will sprout, if you forget for a long time, it will bear fruit.
If your doctor told you that you are going to die tomorrow, that you can't live for more then 24 hours, you will see you will transform yourself so rapidly; minute to minute you will change. So don't wait for your doctor to tell you something horrible (change by yourself)
If you want a plant to grow and blossom into beautiful fragrant flowers, you can think you are fighting the earth and getting flowers out of it. Or you can see it as a great love affair, that your involvement with the earth gives out such beauty and fragrance for you
When you came into this world, you came without a single investment. So whatever happens in your life, anyway you are in profit.
If you are not willing to be vulnerable, you are not willing to transform. Whatever does not transform is as good as dead.
'Tomorrow' never happened to anybody. But the idea of 'tomorrow' has robbed people of their lives.
If you stop identifying with things that you are not, your mind will become still. That's all it takes to meditate
Your personality is a fake representation of yourself. The more you invest in it, the more incomplete and insecure you feel
Life has a certain pace. You should be joyfully in a hurry but never impatient
Being spiritual does not mean being dead serious. If you allow life to happen within you exuberantly, unbridled, you will touch the spirit.
Unless there is involvement in what you do, and it means a lot to you, your work is just a waste of time and life for yourself and everybody else
The reminder of one's mortality has always been the fundamental force behind the human search for something beyond. If they never knew that they would die, nobody would seek spirituality.
If you are joyful and you have created joy for people around you, then you do not have to go to heaven because you are already there
If you lose your humanity just because someone is doing something stupid in the world, have you done any good to yourself or the world that you live in?
I know so many philosophies are being propounded just to support people's sexuality. I don't see why you need a philosophy to have sex, it's just biology. You don't need a philosophy
An intelligent person knows that he is a fool but a fool does not know that he is a fool
If you get God's stamp on your philosophy, you don't have to turn back and look, you can just go on doing the same stupid thing endlessly. The moment you get God's stamp on your philosophy you don't have to use your intelligence anymore, you don't have to wonder what nonsense you are doing with your life
If you mortgage your pleasantness to something outside of you, you being pleasant or unpleasant is only by chance.
We have to be alive to it every moment and as the context changes, what we do has to change. Morality and mortality are not very different.
In the whole system of yoga – there are no concepts, there’re no philosophies, there’re no ideologies, there’re no belief systems – only methods to enhance your perception because only what you perceive is real, rest is all made up in your head. You are living in a psychological reality, not in an existential reality.
It’s time.. If we are concerned about life it’s time that we are one hundred percent straight, at least with ourselves. Otherwise, neither yourself nor your life situations will ever get fixed, simply complaining and going on. Life will be a lifelong complaint for a whole lot of people because they don’t want to address it, they want to beat around it.
The essence of education is to enhance your perception in such a way that you are able to perceive a blade of grass being as important as the coconut tree, it is different, not less important
Transformation means just this - that who you are is not determined by other people's opinions or other people's presence. You are like this - whether somebody is there or somebody is not there, this is the way you are - this is transformation
You need to look at why you want a break from work. If you were doing something that you truly care about, would you want a break?
Even if you put all the philosophies on the planet together, they do not have the beauty of a single tree leaf, but still, it occupies people for a lifetime because it gives them the kind of explanations that they like to hear
You are working towards somebody else's idea of success, that is not a success, your success is you as a human being you found your full potential, that is your success
Is there anybody who is not a philosopher? everybody has a philosophy for whatever they're doing, just go to the drunkard on the street & ask him 'why are you drinking like this?' he has a solid philosophy as to why he's drinking, you stop a thief & ask him 'why are you a thief?' he's got a solid philosophy as to why he's a thief.
To generate untruth, you have to do a lot of things. For truth, there is nothing to do - anyway it is there.
It is not at moments of compulsion what you see, it is in moments of utter clarity, what you see is what really matters with life;if one wants to move ahead
What are you so afraid of? Live totally today and if you fall dead tomorrow out of exhaustion, it's okay
If your pleasantness is dependent upon what happens around you, the chances of you being pleasant all the time is remote, in the very nature of things it is not possible.
If you look at European philosophy in the last 100-150 years, if you read Dostoyevsky you will want to commit suicide. Brilliant, intellectually brilliant, but you will wonder why are you alive, because intellect is like that. If nothing beautiful ever touched (even small mundane things are tiring to keep going)
If what is happening in the world is not the way you want it, at least what is happening within you must be the way you want it.
Joys come and go like a pleasant breeze. It’s the miseries that stick in you like thorns – until you realize that it’s all your doing.
Envy can exist only if somebody else is there better than you. If you are here by yourself, envy cannot happen
If you have a philosophy, you can go on doing the same thing every day, not thinking about anything. Especially If you get God's stamp on your philosophy, you don't have to turn back and look, you can just go on doing the same stupid things endlessly
The beauty of spring is, the fruit is yet to come, but the flower is a promise and a possibility
Anybody coming up with any kind of philosophy is a sacrilege against creation. If you come here a thousand lifetimes & pay attention all 24 hours of the day, still you won't know a minuscule part of creation, Anybody thinking up their own nonsense is absolute sacrilege
Do not classify people as extrovert or introvert. Every human being has the right to be whichever way they want
As philosophies & belief systems fail the test of human logic & intellect, the longing to know something beyond the Physical will rise & Yogic tools of transformation will become very important
People who think they are Good, are too full of themselves. Just understand your place in the existence, you are just a speck of dust in the existence, suppose you disappear tomorrow morning, everything will be fine in the world.
Do not try to impose your thoughts and emotions, your philosophies, your belief systems upon your children. They have their own intelligence to find the way.
If nothing should push you around, you must become nothing, or you must become everything
If the value of who you are is only by what you have accumulated, you will begin to enjoy what others don’t have. That cannot be success. It is sickness
Any philosophy is a sacrilege against creation. It just gives people the kinds of explanations that they want to hear.
All that a human being is seeking is expansion, wherever you are, it feels constricted, you want to be little more, whatever you know best through that you are trying to find this expansion.
Only a fool will talk about what Truth is. One who knows will only talk around it, because you cannot talk about it.
If human beings did not exist, the planet would flourish. The question is not how useful we are but how beautifully we live
How in sync you are with people, things, or just the space around you will decide how smoothly you function in the world
Your ways of thinking and feeling, your likes and dislikes, your philosophies and ideologies all melt down when you fall in love
You cannot live here without trusting existence. If you trust consciously, lovingly, that’s devotion
The moment you realize the nature of the life process, the longing to become free from it is natural. If you have understood the fabric of life, the longing to go beyond that is very natural.
People are trying to teach you such philosophies: 'I am okay. You are okay. Everything is okay.' Initially, it all looks nice. But you will go insane after some time... If you do a cover-up job, it feels good; but after some time it will collapse
You should know how to keep your hands off the keyboard (of mind) and just punch what you want. Now unawares you don't even know where is what, you are pressing wrong buttons
Mysticism is not an esoteric idea or philosophy, but about perceiving the various dimensions and knowing the very mechanics of life. Seeing life just the way it is
If you do not pass in the eyes of the Creator, all the other distinctions that you may attain are just empty stuff, it will not stand by you When the time to shed this coil, when the time to put earth back into earth comes, it will not stand by you, for sure