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Mind quotes by Sadhguru

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If you do not want to make judgments, you have to bring a certain equanimity to your mind.
To create fear, you have to use excessive imagination- you are creating things that have not happened. What may happen, in your mind happens in 1000 different formats & most probably it never happens, 99% of the times it never happens. To not be in fear, you don’t have to do anything
You can use this mind as a ladder to the Divine, or you can use it to trap yourself into this little body and feel like a refugee on this planet
The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is
The mind is like a puzzle with too many pieces missing. Trying to make sense out of it makes no sense
We have made such a distinction between man and woman as if they are two separate species, no other creature on the planet has this kind of problem with their sex, as the humans have. When they have it in their bodies, they have it, but with humans it is on their minds all the time
When your mind is full of assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs, it has no penetration, it just repeats past impressions
This body and mind are just temporary happenings. Is the awareness of that not inspiration enough to long for something beyond?
All the suffering you go through is manufactured in your mind, isn't it so? If you distance yourself from the mind, can there be suffering in you? This is the end of suffering.
Everybody wants a solution. Solutions will not come without realizing the nature of the problem, nobody wants to look at the mechanics of how the mind functions. Once in a way something may work, that’s not the point. But those are accidental happenings. That is not a solution.

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The mind is a tool for exploration, not for drawing conclusions
If you stand on the garbage heap of your mind, your feet will never touch the ground.
You can use this mind either to create wellbeing or misery for yourself. Everyone has this choice.
If you do not want to make judgments, you have to bring a certain equanimity to your mind.
Your problem is just this - your body and your mind are not taking instructions from you, that's all.
A true hero is someone who has tamed these rutting elephants that you call “mind” and “ego”
Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in your mind
An idle mind is Divine's workshop. An Idler's mind is devil's workshop.
If you know how to bring clarity to your mind, you will see the whole existence is open.
If you tell your mind "Don't do this," that is all it will do.
All the suffering you have within you (mind) was created by you
Thinking is just a recycling of data that you have gathered in the past.
I do not understand why people want to control their minds. I want them to liberate their minds
External circumstances can only cause you physical pain. Suffering is created in your mind.
If you cannot bring harmony to your own mind, how can you bring harmony to the world?
Control means to confine something within certain limits. Don't control your mind - liberate it
When you handle body, breath, mind and your being consciously - that is yoga
'I am stressed out' means your mind is in a state of psychological friction within yourself
Faith can move mountains, but it freezes your mind
Sadhana means using your body and your mind not as a barrier in your life but as a bridge
From being an unnecessarily complicated mind, you have to become a being, which you are.
Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations
If you have no conclusions in your mind about anything, simply here, you will be soaked in Grace.
Mind is madness. Only when you go beyond the mind, will there be Meditation
The mind is society’s garbage bin. Everyone who passes by stuffs something into it.

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Life Quotes
Fear arises simply because you are not living with life – you are living in your mind
The mind is like a mirror. A concave mirror exaggerates. A convex mirror depreciates. A plain mirror shows you life the way it is
Unless you begin to perceive life in larger and larger doses, there is really no experience of life, just mind playing over and over, same record. Yoga means breaking this cycle
Most of the times unfortunately, most people's minds are working against them
Anger is not sitting somewhere and you go hit it, you become angry, when you become angry it is unpleasant, in fact science proves that you actually poison your system by being angry. It is happening only because your mind is not taking instructions from you, you have not done anything to control your faculties under control, life is happening by accident
For most people life means their job, life means the new house, the car that they bought, their wife, their husband, their children. No! Life is what’s throbbing within, not even your body, not your mind, not your thought, not your emotion. What is right now throbbing within you is life. Only because this is ON everything else seems to be meaningful
Once you are trapped in your mental framework, there’s no space to experience life in its full glory
If you stop your mental muddle, life is bliss.
Mental suffering essentially comes from a loss of perspective as to what life is all about.
The need for meaning is only of the mind. Life has no need for meaning. You are alive - that's beautiful, and that's it.
The life within you is not there to serve your body, mind or emotion . The body, mind and emotion are there to serve life
Human problems are not of life - human problems are just of the mind.
Life is inclusive. Only your mind is exclusive
Awareness means grasping life just the way it is, without contamination by mental projections
The conclusions that you make in your mind can seriously impede your ability to experience life
Today if something is going wrong you want to end your life; tomorrow morning something is going right you want to live; you want to have your third baby. You want to get married once again. If things are going little better tomorrow morning you will have plans. Everything looks bleak- you think of suicide, So this is just a game you are playing in your mind
If you want to explore the deepest dimensions of life playfully, you need a heart full of love, a joyful mind, and a vibrant body
Once in a way, something may go wrong in your life. But if your mind and your energies are focused on beating yourself up, it will become a series of disasters
The life within you cannot be unpleasant. Unpleasantness is created in the mind
The problem is not with life. The problem is you have not taken charge of your mind
Every moment of your life, within you life should be an absolute explosion. Outside of you it is properly controlled. When it's like this you will get to use your body, mind, emotion to its fullest extent. Things that you never thought you're capable of, suddenly you start doing
If you gain a little more mastery over your life energies, a little more mastery over your mind and body you will see you can become one hundred percent master of your destiny
One most important thing that people have not worked at is to enhance their perception. They’re trying to broaden their mind - that’s not the point; that will only make you socially successful, not truly successful. If you want to be truly successful, you must be able to see everything just the way it is, without distortions
It’s time to at least become a living being, don’t become anything else, just become a piece of life and you will see it’s complete, absolutely complete. If you sit here as a mind, always incomplete, eternally incomplete, it cannot be complete because that’s not its nature
Do not get into patterns of life. The little things you do every day, the way you think, feel, understand, and act – do it a little differently today. See how it feels.

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Emotion Quotes
Enlightenment: if you cultivate the system - your body, mind, emotion and energy to its peak possibility then an absolutely wonderful flower blossoms within you. Not something that you did. You just waited with the right kind of conditions and it happened
Spiritual process means life is happening in its fullest and most vibrant dimension - not just physically, mentally, and emotionally - on all levels
Pressure is not because of the job or the position that you have taken. Pressure and stress is happening because you do not know how to conduct your body, how to conduct your mind and how to conduct your emotions. This human mechanism, this is the most sophisticated gadget on the planet. Have you read the user’s manual? NO. That’s the whole problem
You think your thoughts and emotions are life? No! Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you are creating in your mind, it is your cinema. You must be able to end it somewhere. If you do not know how to put ‘the end’ then it’s going on endless cinema you’re going crazy.
Do you have a mind? Yes. Would you want it to be sharp or dull? Sharp. Why? because it works better that way, Similarly, if you have emotions, do you want to have sweet emotions or bitter emotions? Sweet emotions. It works better that way
Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you create in your mind. You must be able to direct it the way you wish
Don’t try to control your emotions or thoughts because the very nature of your mind is such that: “I don’t want to think about this person” means that’s the only person I’m going to think about
How you are in this moment, both mentally and emotionally, manifests in every action that you perform
Yoga is about shifting your investments from your body, mind, and emotions to your being - from imagination to reality
Blissfulness is a pleasant state of life energies that cannot be disturbed by physical, mental, or emotional factors.
If you organize your mind to a certain level, it in turn organizes your whole system - your body, emotions and energies get organized in that direction
To be able to sit still, working only on your body is not enough. You also have to settle your mind, emotions, and energy
With yoga, not only your body should become flexible - your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become flexible.
The fundamental thing for any human being is to have the right kind of body, mind, energy and emotion.
If you cultivate your body, mind, emotion and energy to a certain level of maturity, you become meditative
Pressure and stress is happening because you do not know how to conduct your body, mind, and emotions

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(On Soul Mates) Body needs a mate, understandable, mind needs a mate to some extent. The soul if it needs a mate, it's a lost soul
Education is not about loading a child with information. It is not oriented towards anything. It is just to develop the body and mind to the highest possible capability and allowing the system to rise to its highest possible peak.
A spider weaves a web for other things to be caught. But if you're that kind of a spider, you build a web in which you're caught, you're a stupid spider, isn't it? Most human beings are in that condition
Prejudice essentially arises in our minds because we are overly identified with something. If you’re too identified with being masculine you will have a masculine prejudice; if you’re too identified being feminine you will have a feminine prejudice.
Your opinions are a wall, not only for others but also for yourself. A closed mind means closed possibilities
If you stop identifying with things that you are not, your mind will become still. That's all it takes to meditate
Your mind is not doing what you say; you do whatever your mind says. That means you are a terrible manager.
When you exist here only as a body and a mind, suffering is inevitable. Meditation means to go beyond the limitations of your body and mind.
Only when you remind yourself of your death, you will turn spiritual. If you think of God, fantasies will come in your mind. No spirituality will come
Fear means you’re producing horror movies in your mind. Tch.. Nobody else is willing to watch. That’s bad for the producer, but you are producing them. So, you produce something else - produce a comedy, a love story..
In yoga, we always describe the mind as a mirror. A mirror is useful to you only if it is clean and plain
Only if you’re happy your body and mind will function at their best. If they function at their best, depending upon your individual competence and the situations around us, how they play out. Your success is not just about your competence, there’s also a situation. How all these things come together – that will lead to a certain level of success
Your body and mind function at their best only when you are in a certain state of peacefulness and joyfulness.
When you become free from the meanness of the mind, an indiscriminate sense of love and inclusion arises
What’s happening in your mind is your bloody dream. Now the problem with life is not that life is not happening the way you want it, even your dream is not happening the way you want it, that’s the problem
You’re looking at love as something that comes to you or you yield to the process of love, only because you appreciate a particular quality– a shape of somebody’s nose, their mind , thought, emotion, the way they speak, the way they do things. It is based on something that is acceptable to you. If they do something that isn't acceptable to you, love crumbles
The only and only reason why the mind is in a state of compulsive action instead of being in a conscious state of action is identification with false things, The moment you get identified with something that you are not, you cannot stop the mind.
The mind is an accumulation of the past. Once you transcend the mind, the past has no more power over you
Your fears, angers are the products of a mind that is not taken charge of. Your mind is capable of producing joy, your mind is capable of producing fear, anxiety, turmoil, tranquility, agony, ecstasy. It is producing things that you do not want, simply because you do not know how to handle it
Your mind, your body will work best, will find fullest expression, only when you are joyful and peaceful, and quiet within yourself
As human intellect becomes active, heavens are collapsing in people's minds. This is the time to move humanity from Religion to Responsibility. People must know the technology of how to be absolutely blissed out by their own nature. Yoga is that technology
Education is not about loading the child's mind with information, but about making the child's mind capable of razor-sharp perception, capable of knowing life in its full depth and dimension
Learning to live with the reality is the most important dimension. If you stop distorting things in your mind and just see everything the way it is, mukti is just one step away. You don’t have to do anything. Just time will mature you into another place.
The first thing to do when bringing up a child is not to touch your children, not to influence their minds with your distorted minds.
If your mind is pegged down to limited things you are unnecessarily creating a tension in the system. It's like you tied up your boat & you are rowing it hard, it's good exercise, but you're not going anywhere. If you untie the rope, even if you don't row, you will move slowly with the pace of the river
An uncomplicated mind is a great mind, it can do phenomenal things, it will not be a hurdle, it will be a way by itself.
Life & death can be handled gracefully. If you remind yourself all the time that, "I am mortal, I'm mortal, I'm mortal, I'm mortal", you will see, mind will uncomplicate itself
Mind is a fantastic Gift to humanity, but what a horrible thing people have made out of it
When you are a human being, the upper line is gone. But a bird which has been in a cage for a long time will not fly even if you open the door.It has forgotten that there's something called freedom, flying and living.
Renunciation is about transcending, not giving up something. Whatever you try to give up will rule your mind.
You must liberate your mind, not control it. It is acting crazy because it is entangled in petty things.
If you take away your wrong identifications (with things which you are not), then you will see that your mind is just like a mirror, not saying anything, just reflecting, that is how your mind should work.
Somewhere very deep in the psychological structure there is an idea that a woman is a commodity, if something doesn't have a mind of its own, that's a commodity. Just one more law is not going to really produce results Without taking away this deeply implanted idea
If your mind listens to you, you will have no suffering inside. The suffering will only be in your body. We can do something about the suffering in your body with medicine or other means
Joy is not to be sought outside - it is intrinsic. If you do not mess up your mind, you will naturally be joyful.
Even if there is no war, there is no peace in the human mind, there is a war being waged upon yourself within yourself, if that is taken off, there is peace.
Madness is always of the mind. If you are out of your mind, you will be perfectly sane for the first time.
Meditation is not something you do, if you handle the body, the mind, emotions and energy properly you become meditative, if you try to become meditative you go crazy
This too much talk about 'Peace' is a concoction of the disturbed minds, too many disturbed minds, so they are making up this whole business about peace.
Stress means unpleasantness. Why is your mind creating unpleasantness for you? Your mind is supposed to be working for you not against you. If it is working against you, we haven’t figured something about this mind. Something very fundamental we have misunderstood about the nature of the mind, how it functions and what we can do about it
When I first came to United States, one word I was hearing everywhere is, ‘stress management.’ I could not understand this because in my mind, we manage things which are precious to us - our family, our wealth, our business and whatever else which is valuable to us. Why would anybody want to manage stress, is something I couldn’t get for some time time
The same pleasantness if it hits a higher pitch, we call it pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant, we call it peacefulness. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it joyfulness. If your emotions become pleasant, we call it Love. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it compassion. If your very life energy if you make it pleasant, we call it ecstasy
A truly intelligent mind is neither influenced by memory nor deluded by imagination.
If you make your mind listen to you and behave as you want it to behave, no matter what happens to you, no matter what the external situation may be, no matter what the physical condition may be, you shall of course keep your mind happy. You have to acquire this skill
Your mind is going on with uncontrollable endless thoughts because you are identified with things that you are not. You are identified with too many things and you are trying to stop your mind, it is not going to happen in a million years, it can't happen
With the addiction, both the physicality and the mentality, both the body and the mind shrinks. The physical capabilities will shrink and the mental capabilities will shrink. So as a human being you are not enhanced, you are destroyed
Technology is a great facilitator. It can never be against us if it's in the right hands. So what we need to train is the hands that use it, not tame the technology. Let the technology go unbridled. It’s we human beings who have to know how much of what to do
Nothing in existence is ever repeated - no two blades of grass are the same. Everything is fresh and unique - only the mind is in constant repetition
Fear, anger, misery, frustration, depression and despair are all products of a mind that you have not taken charge of.
Only those who keep the garbage of their minds aside are truly capable of love and compassion.
A large percentage of what is happening in the mind is just mental diarrhea – running compulsively, all the time
Sex is a natural thing, it's physical, it's there in the body. But sexuality is something you invented, you created, it is psychological. There is no such thing, it is something created by you. Today it is sweeping the world, it is no more healthy, in so many ways it's become sick
One who is entangled in the physical & material can never know the face of the Divine, nor will Divine ever know him
What you call as cosmic will is not will as you know it, as human will, as your mind’s will. Cosmic will is not like a decision. It is just there. It is because of cosmic will, we have taken on this form. It is because of cosmic will, the planet is going around the sun. These are not as human thoughts are; This is just the quality of the nature.
Our psychological realities have become bigger than the cosmic reality. That is the big problem. It’s time you step out of the cinema that everybody is playing in their own minds
All the human misery that is happening on this planet, where is the manufacturing unit? In Shanghai? NO, in your mind. Every kind of misery is manufacturing in the mind, it should be manufacturing bliss for you, ecstasy for you. It is manufacturing misery because it has no stable platform
Wrong sense of intelligence has entered people's minds, they think if they make a problem out of every solution they're intelligent, no no, if you find solutions for every problem- that is intelligence
Your mind is working against you, simply because without understanding the fundamentals of what it is.
If we want some freedom to happen, if we want some transformation to happen we have to create a little space between you and your software (mind). If you’re too identified with it, you’re just lost in it, that’s all you’ve become. You have to create a little distance.
Once this mind starts working for you, once you are blissful by your own nature, there is no more fear of suffering, your mind will become a fantastic instrument of wellbeing
Suppose your right hand gets up and does funny things and smashes you, pokes your eyes , do you have an ailment or no? Yes, For sure you have. That’s exactly what your mind is doing, isn't it? It gets up, pops around, hurts you, pokes you, makes you cry, makes you suffer - do you have an ailment or no?
If your mind becomes more organized, these unnecessary words, these unnecessary actions, these unnecessary things will disappear. Once they go away, you have a lot of time.
Unless your experience goes beyond the limitations of your body and mind, fear is natural
Only when you are in absolute tune with existence, you know it the way it is. Otherwise you know it the way your mind interprets it.
If the human mind sits on a stable platform, it is the most miraculous thing. If it is off the platform, it can be torture
(In Yoga) We look at the mind as having sixteen parts. Just one of these should focus on survival and success. The remaining fifteen should focus on inner consciousness
If you want to understand the potential of the mind, you need to bring balance & stability so your mind is on firm ground.
Your mind is not to imagine things. It is to open doors that your imagination can never touch.
Speech is of the society. Words are of the mind. Sounds are of nature. The soundless is of the beyond.
Fear is not a product of life. Fear is a product of a hallucinatory mind.
Repetitiveness and dullness are intimately connected. Stuck in repetitive patterns, you lose your intelligence.
People who did not understand the nature of human mind brought morality into life
Your mind is not your own. It is a complex amalgamation of all kinds of influences. The more you are identified with it, the further away you are from yourself
The mind is not only memory - it is a window to consciousness. Memory is just the information you gathered
If you use your mind as a memory bank, the past will repeat itself in cycles.
When you keep your body and mind aside, when they don't bother you anymore, you have arrived.
The question of inferiority or superiority comes only in a prejudiced mind. It is just a question of two qualities.
You are too enamored with your own creation. That means you must be too full of yourself. That is the big problem
Your body can take a quantum leap, your energies can take a quantum leap, but the transformation of the mind is always incremental.
The mind and the inner nature cannot get hurt. It is only the ego that gets hurt
Whether it is your body, your mind or the world - the idea of keeping a distance from it is to have a better perspective of everything
People who logically examine their relationships cannot sustain them. Two bodies, two minds, two emotions can never fit perfectly.
One who is above his intellect, one who is no longer a part of his mind, is a Buddha
Only body, mind, and emotions need company - that is the nature of the limited. If you go deeper, the limitless needs no company.
Maintaining cleanliness of body & mind is the first thing to do. Without that, life, & particularly spiritual process, can be a battle
How comfortably you travel through life depends on how deeply you have grasped your body and your mind
Only if your body, mind, and emotions are focused in one direction, you will be at total ease
Yoga always tries to transform the body, because if the body transforms, the mind will mature by itself.
In sleep, your body should sleep, your mind should sleep, but you must be awake
Only when the human mind is in a mode of wanting to know, does it behave profoundly, does it behave responsibly
You must stabilize your body & your mind to such a point that if you close your eyes, the world should be obliterated
The way our education system is structured, it will invariably lead to disturbed minds
When you are constantly telling lies, after some time, it will leave your mind completely disoriented.
Don't try to liberate yourself from the world because world isn't the bondage. Your mind & body are the only 2 bondages
Mind is highly complex. Seeking a solution to the human predicament within the mind will be an endless endeavor.
Once you are identified with something that you are not, the mind is an express train that you cannot stop.
You see the world because it is reflected in your mind. But the mind never reflects the self.
The most significant dimension of being human is that you have a discerning mind. You can think through an issue and respond the way you want, no matter what your instincts say.
Physical suffering can be causing from outside, but 90% of human suffering is mental, it is caused from within ourselves, We are causing suffering to ourselves because we don't know what we are doing.
It’s very important children come in touch with some kind of spiritual process where a child is conscious before he gets hijacked by a hormones, he is conscious that there is something more to me than my body. This must become an established reality in his mind and his experience. Then he will handle the physical in a more graceful way
Suppose tomorrow you lost half your money and you’re feeling depressed and your mind says I want to die. Close your mouth, hold your nose closed for two minutes, your body says to hell with your money, I want to live. the most important thing that’s happening in your life right now is that you’re alive, nothing else
Thought process is the most surface element of your mind. I think because of European thought, we have given too much significance to the thought. In the yogic science, we do not attach any importance to what you are thinking about or feeling right now. Whatever is in the surface of your mind keeps rolling. That is not of any consequence.
Even now, for 98% of the population in Nepal, going to the temple and seeking their mukti is still the highest thing in their mind, which is largely lost in India. Mukti is not the highest thing in India; going to America is the highest thing.
Human minds are occupied with sex endlessly, one big reason why this has happened is somewhere in the past, especially the religions, especially in the west, religions went about denying a simple physical process to such an extent that they even made it ugly, they couldn't accept a simple biology of a human being
Logic is the mind’s baby, that cannot penetrate inward. It can give you lots of intellectual circus and keep you going, but it will not take you inward. Inward will not be touched by your logic
If you do not darken the cinema hall, if you light it up and play a nice cinema, it’s not going to work. You have to darken it. So is the cinema of your mind. Every thought is enlarged, playing out bigger than the cosmic space
Should I be loving? You don’t have to be loving. Just be pleasant in your body, pleasant in your mind, pleasant in your emotions, pleasant in your energies - you’ll be a wonderful being.
If two people get into an argument both the people think the other person is illogical, that means in their mind there is a certain logical pattern, however illogical somebody may seem to you, but in his mind, he has his own logical pattern
If you are sincere with yourself, whichever way you step into your mind, you cannot avoid the filth. Isn't that the reality?
In your journey of life if you eliminate just one thought from your mind - "What about me?", you are on the way to becoming a Mahatma.
Every thought, every reverberation you create on the level of the mind changes the chemistry in your body.
The body is individual. The mind is individual. Consciousness cannot be individual – it can only be inclusive
You don't know where the keyboard is, so you're punching all the wrong numbers, so all kinds of things are happening. All you have to do is you have to spend some time, you have to do certain sadhana to find out where the keyboard is for this fantastic computer that is loaded on your head
(If you are willing) You can make your mind into an instrument that takes you towards joy and ecstasy instead of suffering.
If you can't keep your mind peaceful, the question of keeping the world peaceful is just impossible. If people who talk about world peace are not able to remain peaceful for a single moment in a day, they are just a joke
If we are organized and focused human beings, we can do plenty in 24 hours of time. If you're disorganized and unfocused, you think there is no time. Most of you are not busy; you're just preoccupied
Yoga deepens, broadens, and strengthens the visionary power of the mind. It opens the door of that realm of sensing beyond the five senses
It is very, very important your body and your mind takes instructions from you, you and you alone and nobody but you
The suffering that is outside is enough. The suffering that is in your body is enough. Where is the need to create suffering in your mind too?
Meditation means our mind should behave according to our wishes. When your mind listens to you, then you will not create needless suffering, anxiety and fear.
One who is above his intellect is a Buddha. Once you’re above the intellectual process, suffering is finished in your life because all suffering is manufactured there in your logical mind. when you’re stuck in your intellect you’re a nonstop suffering human being. Wherever you’re put you have a way of creating some kind of suffering
If you say "I don't want something" only that will happen in your mind. If I say "Don't think about monkeys", only monkeys will come. Without understanding the fundamental nature of mind if you try to do something head on with it, you will go crazy
Human mind is the most sophisticated machine in the planet, If you are going at it somehow, without understanding the basics, it works only sometimes
People's minds are running away, most human beings are in such a state that their mind does not take instructions from them
The mind is there to perceive, not to cook up nonsense. It has to be like a mirror, showing you everything the way it is.
Once you sit here and your experience of life is such that... there is a little space between you and your body, between you and your mind, this is the end of suffering
Your intelligence is so deeply entangled with the social identifications that you have taken on that you are no longer working in line with the life within you. Instead, you are working against your own life - your mind, body, and emotion are working against the fundamental life force within you
Your mind being full or you being mindful is not the same as being conscious.
Your mind being full or you being mindful is not the same as being conscious.
The more you identify with your mind, the further away you are from yourself.
This mind is not about drawing conclusions – this is a tool for exploration
Meditation is the only way to freedom from stress as it is a dimension beyond the mind. All the stress and struggle are of the mind
Do you want to look good or feel good? How wonderful you feel within yourself is most important.
Most suffering is self-created. You can learn to make your body and your mind work for you, not against you.
Whether it is your body, your mind, or your life energies ‒ the more you use them, the better they get.
No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that makes it stressful.
Fear, anger, resentment, and stress are poisons you create in your mind. If you take charge of your mind, you can create a chemistry of blissfulness
If you don't mess with your mind, you will be dripping with ecstasy.
Your body and mind are just accumulations that you have gathered. What you accumulate can be yours, but it can never be you
The mind is a powerful instrument. A conscious, single-pointed thought will naturally manifest in the world
The process of yoga is to see how to go beyond the mind. Only when you are beyond the content of the mind can you really be yourself.
The most miraculous thing in this existence in terms of instruments is not the computer, car or spacecraft, but the human mind. This is the most miraculous instrument if only you could use it consciously
Your entire life is a Virtual Reality, because you are seeing it only the way it happens in your mind
Life is at ease. Only the mind can be at tension
Conflict in the world is an outer manifestation of the human mind. In bringing a sense of ease to human mind, we shall know the Power of Peace
My mind naturally found succor in poetry. As a child and a youth, the unstructured, untrained nature of my mind could never find a logical, proper, prose kind of expression. That is why poetry became such a great part of my life.
This accumulation of impressions and information that you have gathered is only useful for survival in the world. It has got nothing to do with who you are.
Most minds are incapable of living with intrigue. They come to a conclusion. Every intrigue that comes up, you try to answer it with your silly ideas. That is just a way of dodging life. With conclusions, you will close doors for yourself. There is so much that is unanswered.
Do not pay attention to anything. There is a way of heightening the level of attention that you are in right now. If you become far more attentive, everything is in your attention. If you try to pay attention to this and that, you will just lose your mind.
This life is always longing to become exuberant and joyful, but your mind, emotion and even your body are sometimes going in opposite directions
The more you become conscious of your actions, the more you gain control over what happens within you and, to a large extent, around you.
When players start playing to satisfy other people's expectations, their minds are stressed and their physical activity also becomes limited.
The essence of ignorance/ pain/ misery/ suffering is that you believe yourself to be something that you are not. This is the essence of the chattering mind
What you call 'the mind' is an accumulation of impressions
What you call “my mind” is not yours actually. You do not have a mind of your own, please look at it carefully. "Your mind" is just society's garbage bin. Anyone and everyone who passes by stuffs something into your head. You really have no choice about whom to receive from and whom not to receive from.
The moment you identify yourself with something that you are not. Your mind will not stop for a moment, you do whatever you want.
Trying to avoid worrying does not work... How can you not worry about the things that you are concerned about? The moment you tell yourself "don't worry, be happy," you obviously have a situation within you where your mind gets into a repetitive thought process beyond your control. That is worry
The problem with your mind is, every moment it is changing direction. If you want to travel somewhere and you keep changing your direction every two steps, the question of you reaching the destination is very remote, unless it happens by chance.
What your consciousness is intensely focused on is what will manifest in your life and in the world around you.
The human mind is like a cage with the door blown away.
When you are truly meditative, there is no time and space for you. Time and space are consequences of the mind
Mental illnesses are growing like never before because we are pulling out all the supports that people have
Yesterday lives only in your mind
If you want your body and brain to work well, the first thing is to become joyful by your own nature
If you want to be at ease, the most important thing is a vibrant body, an open mind, a loving heart, and intensity of energy in the system
Consciousness is not of the mind, but if consciousness is on, it clears the mind. It forcefully finds its expression through the mind and body, through every cell of your living being
If you gain a little more mastery over your mind, body, and life energies, you can become the master of your destiny.
Your body and your brain should not come in your way – they must work for you
Even if the world is not kind to us, at least our own mind should be kind to ourselves- so produce some nice movies (in your head)
Right now, somebody is telling you – you are not the body, you are not the mind, you gathered this body. Your mind is agreeing with it, but still, this is me, that’s you. Experientially it’s not true. If clarity comes into this experientially (life is transformed)
In human mind, there is perception, there is memory, there is imagination. People are not able to keep these things separate. That which does not exist, if it impedes into that which exists, you will miss that which exists.
When you are so much mind you need another mind to fix you. If you were not mind, you were all receptivity, then the dead and even the non-existent would help; even a rock would help you, just a blade of grass could be your guru. Yes. But that is if you are mindless
Devotion makes you hugely enhanced. Things that you never thought you could do, now you can do because there is no limitation on you. A devotee is also insane with ecstasy but he will never jump off a mountain, because his mind and his body is in full function because he is in such a state of pleasantness within himself
You should know how to keep your hands off the keyboard (of mind) and just punch what you want. Now unawares you don't even know where is what, you are pressing wrong buttons
If you stand on the summit of the garbage heap of one's mind, your feet will never touch the ground. If your feet never touch the ground, you will never know what this(life) is (about)
People who know how to complicate every simple situation, it is lot of hard work for nothing
If we cannot keep our minds peaceful, how can the world be peaceful? The world outside is a reflection of the human mind.
The problem with most logical minds is that when something intrigues you, you give a stupid explanation to it and kill it right there
The moment you transcend the limitations of your logical mind, there is no such thing as time and space
Giving and taking transactions of petty minds, Living is the only grandeur that will endure
How healthy and strong a body you have and how dynamic and sharp a mind, is what will take you through life
The mind has no quality of its own - it is just a possibility.
What you see as cosmos is a living mind - intelligent space
There is no confusion in the creation. Confusion is there only in your mind.
Do not waste your time trying to think what happens beyond death, because that is not the realm of your mind.
If you transcend the mind, you transcend the karmic bondage also, completely. You don't really have to work it out.
There is your body and my body, your mind and my mind - but there is only one inclusive consciousness
Unpleasantness is happening to you in the form of fear, anger, stress, anxiety.. because you basic faculties like- body, mind, energy, emotion are not taking instructions from you. They are doing their own thing, as if they don't belong to you
Awareness is not of the mind or the body - it is the nature of life.
Your logical mind is good enough to handle the mundane. If you want to enter the mystical, it is of no use.
Your whole life, your whole unconscious mind is written into your breath. If you just read your breath, your past, present, and future is written there, in the way you breathe
The mind remembers only certain things. The body remembers everything. The information it carries goes back to the beginning of existence.
Relative thing is a social factor again, it's a training, it depends on what kind of data has gone into your mind
You can make this mind into a miracle, or you can make this mind into a misery-manufacturing machine. So the misery in the form of anger, fear, you don't have to do anything about it; you just have to stop the production line, and start a different product
If you're sleeping for eight hours a day, that means one-third of your life you are sleeping it off, If your body and your mind are more energized and active your sleep quota will naturally come down.
Your suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because you're not rooted in reality, you're always rooted in your mind. Mind is one part- memory, another part- imagination. You're lost in your imagination, that's the basis of your fear.
When you’re mostly your own mind, you need guidance & guidance & guidance & guidance. If you are all receptivity you don’t even need a master, I’m telling you, because grace is all over. You don’t need a master, you don’t need a temple, you don’t need a meditation, you don’t need anything
When you're so full of mind, you need another mind, cleverer than your mind, constantly fixing you.
If you generate a thought in your mind consciously and if it is single-pointed, it will find its way in the world
Crisis is not nature of life. Crisis is the nature of some people's minds.
How well you can function essentially is determined by how well you can harness your body and mind
Chitta is the innermost core of the mind, which is your connection with what we are referring to as consciousness.
You can not process all perception of life through your logical mind, it doesn't work that way, logic will filter out so much of your life without which you cannot live
If you have mastery over your body about 15-20% of your destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your mind about 50-60% of your life and your destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your life energies 100% of your destiny will be in your hands.
Today, this day more people commit suicide in this world than all the wars, murders & accidents manage to kill. So more people are on self-help already than murderers, wars, bad drivers, everything put together. And if this level of information onslaught continues on human mind, this will definitely lead to youth wanting to terminate life
There is sadhana to take charge of your body, to take charge of your mind, to take charge of your energies, to take charge of everything that you are, rather than taking charge of it you are wishing for a nice product. It will not happen like that. Life has never worked like that, not for anybody
If you develop your mind to a certain level of organization, it, in turn, organizes the whole system. Your body, your emotion, your energies, everything gets organized in that direction. Once all these four dimensions of you are organized in one direction, anything that you wish happens without even lifting your little finger
70% of the illnesses on the planet, of all kinds, are self-created