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Education quotes by Sadhguru

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Today, we are teaching children to go after what's easy, not what they think is worthwhile
You go into your schoolhouse & tell them A+B=Z.. children will crawl under the table and disappear, well if earth is soft they will dig a tunnel and go away, that is why they fixed concrete floors, but you tell them a story they will burrow themselves from their homes and come and pop up and sit here
Education is not about passing an examination. Education is about learning
Your property, your education, your beliefs, everything will drop when you drop this body. The only thing that goes beyond this body is your awareness
Education does not mean getting a certificate. It means enhancing yourself.
Modern education is purely informative - there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, no human being raises beyond the limitations in which he lives. It's only when he's inspired that a human being wants to go beyond the limitations in which he exists right now
Learning per se is always liberating. What is frustrating is when it is imposed.
We must create schools in such a way that children want to go there.
Education is not just an accumulation of information but essentially about enhancing one’s ability to perceive
Education and spiritual process should not be in the hands of prejudiced minds. Prejudice means not seeing life the way it is

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Life Quotes
Education, above all, is to know the joy of wondering about life, not having ready-made answers for everything, ready-made answers are religion
Unfortunately today we are enslaving life to serve social structures. No. Social structures must be made in such a way that they will serve life, an individual life, not social life
The basic purpose of life and the basic purpose of education is to enhance one's boundaries of perception. I don't want the children to just survive after ten years of schooling. They must blossom and flower wherever they go.
Education and spiritual process should not be in the hands of prejudiced minds. Prejudice means not seeing life the way it is
Education should be about enhancing your horizons, about having a larger vision of life. But generally, just the reverse is happening
Education is telling you your life is not important, you have to serve this society. What is a society? It’s just an assembly of people. But no, people are not important, society is important. Where is the society? I don’t see any society anywhere. I see this man & this man & this woman & this woman. I see only individual human beings
In the larger scheme of things, as life, you becoming an accountant, you becoming an engineer, you becoming a doctor, whatever else, is not of great importance. In the real sense of term, as a piece of life, what is relevant to this life – your education system is nowhere near that
Our education systems are set in such a way that they are making it all logically correct and in terms of life it's all wrong
Children are fresh life. We need to transform our education systems from being extruder that turnout products to gardens that will allow this fresh life to blossom
Education essentially means expanding your horizons, that you are enlarging the scope of your life
Your education, your family, your home, and whatever else are just accessories. The most valuable thing in life is life itself.

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Children Quotes
Competition will make children determined and focused in one way, at the same time make them fearful of failure, fearful of being less than somebody else. Here you will see they don’t have that at all in them. Every one of them is a king by himself.
Learning is a natural human trait; when you learn something that you did not know, it should make you joyful. If learning is making people miserable, then we have not understood what learning is.
You are not sending your children to school because you want them to develop a thirst for knowing, irrespective of whether they are going to make money or not, isn't it? So you better change your attitudes about education.
If the thirst for knowledge is kindled in the child, you cannot stop him from learning, he is going to learn anyway. But instead of kindling that, you are suppressing it, beating it down with your idea of what education is; because your idea of education is social status and money.
Education is not about loading the child's mind with information, but about making the child's mind capable of razor-sharp perception, capable of knowing life in its full depth and dimension
You want your child to become a doctor. Not because doctors are needed in the world, not because you care so much to relieve the suffering that you want your child to dedicate himself as a doctor, but simply because you have a stupid idea in your head that in the social structure, a doctor or an engineer means some kind of prestige
The idea of a school is to cultivate a child in such a way that the child can grow to his or her full potential
Education is about enlarging your horizons. This is not about giving children ready-made answers as information
For integrity to flourish in society, we have to nurture it – within ourselves, in our children, in our education systems.
Need of the hour - Education that will transform, not education to transport our children elsewhere
Education isn't about molding children the way you think they should be, but organizing the natural longing to know
Learning is always a joyful process for any human being, unfortunately schooling is not a joyful process for most children
I would like to see every child grows up like that, not to grow up as a cog in a large monstrous machine we have created, but, every individual blossoms as an individual human being
Experiential learning through digital means is need of the hour to make education more interesting and palatable for millions of India’s underprivileged children
If we are interested in the future generations, the best people in the world must go into teaching. What a child needs is inspiration, not just information.
The longing to know, the longing to learn has to be brushed up within the child, not just feeding him with an enormous amount of information and expecting him to pass, pass, pass.
We have made children believe from a very early age that if you remember something you're smart, no no, a tape recorder can remember everything, this camera can remember everything, this doesn't mean it's intelligent
Education is the simplest ladder for millions of young children to climb out of hopeless economic & social conditions
You want your children to be enslaved to what you call economic well-being, so the teachers are just doing the job for you... That's not education.
If one travels through the countryside, there is a sea of young children clueless about what they want to do with themselves. Offering quality education is the only way to expand their horizon

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Education has to shift from survival to blossoming of the human being
When it comes to children, if you don't feed them with false information, that would be the greatest service you could do. Parent means somebody who does not bullshit
My only sadhana has been to remain uneducated
In the mode of competition, only one can win - all others are losers, It’s a horrible way to create a society.
We think acquiring some information is education. No, enhancing your perception is what is needed.
Learning per se is always liberating. What is frustrating is when it is imposed.
We must create schools in such a way that children want to go there.
Today, we are teaching children to go after what's easy, not what they think is worthwhile
Our concept of education has to go beyond manufacturing cogs for the economic engine
Child suicides due to pressures of education is tragic and alarming
The education system should be always an evolving process by itself.
The way our education system is structured, it will invariably lead to disturbed minds
We want children to grow up keeping their intelligence intact - not suppressive education
Investing in health and education will create a situation that all businesses will cherish

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None of your thoughts are really yours, Thought is something that you generate from implanted information, The way you think right now depends on the kind of family you were born in, parents you had, education, society, social background, religious background. These things are deciding how you think
The focus of education should not be on suppressive information but on kindling the thirst for knowledge
Education is about making the child grow with uncluttered intelligence. An intelligence that is not identified and entangled in religion, doctrine, or prejudice will naturally lead to the ultimate blossoming of the individual.
Education is not about information, it is about having an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way
The essence of education is to enhance your perception in such a way that you are able to perceive a blade of grass being as important as the coconut tree, it is different, not less important
Education is about expanding the horizons of human experience and becoming inclusive. Only in a state of inclusiveness can the empowerment of education become a bounty all of us may cherish.
The very purpose of educating people is to broaden their horizons, isn't it? But you tell me, as people are getting educated are they broadening their horizons or are they becoming very narrow?
People have not paid attention, they are just going by the information in their head, If you say Tree, they don't see a tree, Tree is just a word, Tiger is just a word, unfortunately we call it scholarship & education. Take that away & make your children experience more
Learning is not about earning but a way of flowering
Education is not about loading a child with information. It is not oriented towards anything. It is just to develop the body and mind to the highest possible capability and allowing the system to rise to its highest possible peak.
If the education process is such that there is no imposition of any kind of ideas or beliefs, a child will naturally look inward
Our education system was largely created just to provide clerks for Her Majesty’s service. There was no imagination behind it - obedience was the most important aspect
If you grasp something you did not know, it makes you joyful. Why is it being approached so painful?
Largely there’s no education in the world. There are ancillary units, supplying cogs to the main machine. Human beings are like fuel for a larger machine that we have created.
Information is useful, it's useful in a certain way, but it's not going to make your life. It'll earn your living.
Human potential is distorted because people are in competition. Right now, people believe that you will not propel yourself to your fullest if you are not in competition, which is a very false idea… a very, very false idea.
Our education systems are such, we have glorified our thought to such a place, first to bring that down itself will take time. To make them understand the stupidity of their thought, it will take a whole lot of time. It doesn’t matter if I have read the libraries of the world, still it is too limited
The fundamental goal of education is to enhance human perception; that is the only goal. But today education means they made an accountant out of you
Those getting empowered with high quality education must first ensure their identity is universal. Limited identity is the basis of all tyranny
There is no need to make spirituality a part of education. If you make education non-imposing and non-suppressive, people are naturally spiritual
Our focus should be on creating great human beings. For this, we need the right kind of education, an inspirational atmosphere, and above all, an inner strength in every individual, that they rise as great human beings
All education on the planet, if you ask me, is fascist, because it’s all about enslaving people to serve the needs of whatever a few people are thinking. They’re not even thinking straight, they don’t even know. They are also slaves of the same system.
Our education system evolved when industrialization was happening. The English did it to create job training. If we want to imitate what they did, why send them out? They would have done a better job
Our education is confusing people to make them believe that memory is intelligence, memory is not intelligence, memory is useful as data, but intelligence is a different dimension, we have gobbled this up that
We exploit everybody to our benefit & comfort. This attitude has been deeply set with the process of modern education
Why is it that everybody has to go to school? I do not believe in this compulsory education thing at all. Why is it that everybody has to go to school? We have to make a law. By the time you are eighteen, everybody must be tested, you must have some skill, otherwise you must join the army or do something
Our idea of education is entirely English unfortunately. Everybody is going to the university. For what? We have to live in this universe, not in a university
When you learn something new there is certain invigoration of energy within you, but that is not happening in the school simply because of the way it is delivered
We want to impart an education that is highly inclusive so that as you grow, you include the whole world as yourself and live, and that is spirituality.
Education should stimulate your brain, not dull your brain. Education should stimulate your intelligence, not take it off
Only if the teacher's role is to inspire people to learn, to create a thirst for knowledge and things like that, only then a teacher's role has something to give. If he's just trying to transmit information, the other means of transmission (audio/ video/ internet) are better than a human being
Education is basically about enlarging the horizons of human perceptions, but unfortunately today, slowly education has shifted into a mode where people believe it is about enforcing information
Let us not force torture of academic sort. Let us make education a joyful way of expanding a child's horizons
This is the kind of education we’re getting. The more educated you become, the less inclusive you become.
Teaching should not be a profession – it must be a passion. Only then can education move from imposition of facts to exploration of truth.
India will become a GREAT sporting nation when sport is made an integral part of our education system. May we transform our ways of education from an oppressive system to a playful process
Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and lives around them
We must evolve society for women to play a rightful role – not through quotas or reservation but through education and empowerment.
If you just want to remember something so that you can just repeat it in the exams, you are a cheat. You just want to remember for a day and say you have passed, then you have learned nothing, you have learned deception. Don't start your life with deception
Evolution of the teacher is the most important thing. This does not mean more tips and tricks. The teacher must blossom into a joyful, compassionate human being
If you get 99% you will end up in a medical college, if you get 90% you will end up in an engineering college. If you get 65%, your life will really open up, you can look around, what can I do with my Life.
Sport is a fundamental human requirement & right. Vivekananda rightly said that in kicking a ball one is closer to divine than in prayer. May sport be made a fundamental right in the country & integral part of the education system
Survival cannot happen without inclusiveness. Blossoming of the human being definitely cannot happen without inclusiveness.
The top three priority for the government & the nation should be Economy, Ecology & Education, in that order of priority. Economy & Ecology must function enhancing each other, not against each other.
Investment in health & education is need of the hour. Nation's future and wellbeing depends on this
Finding employable human resource will be a big challenge in coming years. Education is an investment for the future
Education systems must focus on cultivating all dimensions of intelligence. Mistaking intellect for intelligence is a serious error
Education in volume & quality is the only solution for Bharat of Billion
If you have this population educated, focused, balanced and inspired we are a miracle. If you leave them uneducated, unfocused, uninspired, unskilled, we are the biggest disaster waiting.
Only in bringing high quality education to the rural scape (can we unfold) the true strength of India.
The way education systems are structured, they are just about information. All of modern science and technology is about how to use every creature on the planet for our benefit
Initially, you use the planet, then the trees and plants, then the animals, then, of course, the human beings also. You use everybody to your comfort and well-being. That attitude has been deeply set with the process of modern education.
Just having a degree in education is not enough, may be it is a passport to a job, but not to success