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The only reason why you cause suffering to yourself and to anyone around you is because you are unaware
Once you come to an unwavering state of awareness where you identify with nothing but the core of your being, liberation cannot be denied to you
Awareness means grasping life just the way it is, without contamination by mental projections
You must be conscious that you are mortal, mortal means you have limited time and energy. If you are always conscious about this, how would you organize your time and energy? you decide it
Don't live here as a slave to anything, whatever it might be. Instead, learn to live consciously. Whether it is coffee, or cigarettes, or God
There is enough ecological awareness for cosmetic appeal, but not enough awareness and movement in the world for a solution. This has to change
Nature has evolved us to a higher level of intelligence and awareness, but we are refusing to accept the promotion
Fundamentally, the only thing that you can really give is yourself. You could simply sit here, close your eyes, and give yourself to the world. It is possible, but the level of awareness is not there in most human beings. They need action to give themselves towards something
Democracy is an active sport; it’s not a spectator’s sport. You can’t sit back and say ‘Let somebody do democracy.’ Democracy means you are the boss, you can’t sleep on it, you have to be active to everything around you. If you do not bring that consciousness in people, that awareness and activism in people, it’ll not work.
Habit means fixed realities where you don’t have to think. No, don’t try to automatize your life. That is not efficiency. That is the efficiency of the machine. This one is supposed to function intelligently and consciously

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Don't try to give up smoking, just bring awareness into your life, to every aspect of your life and you will see everything that is not necessary will simply fall by the wayside. If you try to give it up, you will only struggle
Nobody in the world happens your way, at least this one person must happen your way, isn't it? But right now, even this person is not happening your way (That's the problem)
If you try to break a diamond with a hammer its a lot of effort, UV light can make diamond disappear into thin air (it is very important to use the right kind of tools) just bring the right kind of awareness into your life (it will bring transformation)
Anything in life, if you are doing it compulsively it becomes ugly, if you are doing it consciously, it can be made beautiful, everything can be turned into an ugly mess if you do it compulsively.
Spirituality: Right now your awareness is limited to a small aspect of your life. The whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are, so that before you go, you know life, you experience life in its totality, to live totally. To live and to live totally, that's spirituality
Yesterday you loved somebody, with that memory you’re living today. Yesterday you disliked somebody, with that memory you’re living today. So you’re trying to live that which is over. If you try to live that which is over, that which ‘is’ will bypass you.
Habit means fixed realities where you don’t have to think. No, don’t try to automatize your life. That is not efficiency. That is the efficiency of the machine. This one is supposed to function intelligently and consciously
Awareness means grasping life just the way it is, without contamination by mental projections
There is no such thing as good habits and bad habits. Habit means living life without awareness
Every moment of your life, within you life should be an absolute explosion. Outside of you it is properly controlled. When it's like this you will get to use your body, mind, emotion to its fullest extent. Things that you never thought you're capable of, suddenly you start doing
Awareness is purely life. What level of intensity your life is functioning, that is the level of awareness you are.
If you are not conscious, you can only see three feet in front of you, then it’s all real. If you can see the whole circle of your life, suddenly it becomes like a circus. Once you realize this circus, you don’t want to go through this circus again and again. you want to do something about it.
If you heighten the awareness continuously, a point will come where it's no more about survival; something that is not needed for your survival will also come into your awareness. That which is not needed for your survival is bound to be a dimension beyond the physical. So when that comes into your living experience of life, you’re ON
Essentially in your experience of life, awareness is aliveness. How aware you are is how alive you are.
With awareness, you will know the meaning of life. With abandon, you will know the magic of life
How you experienced today within yourself is definitely in your hands. It is not decided by what superstitions you believe in. It simply depends on how sensibly, intelligently, and with how much awareness you walk and look at life within and around you.
If you live a life of awareness and seeking, from birth to divinity is a journey of homecoming.
Awareness is not of the mind or the body - it is the nature of life.
Everything that occurs in your life can enrich you, if only you handle it with a certain sense of awareness

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There is no insurance for love. It takes awareness to keep it alive
I am conscious of every moment that passes by, and I know how many more moments are there – they are not limitless, but limited. I want you to count your own, how many more you have.
A mundane life goes from womb to tomb. A life of awareness leads to liberation from the very process of Life and Death
Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built.
I never understood why Fear is a qualification. Awareness is a qualification, alertness is a qualification, knowledge is a qualification.
The whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are
A situation is neither positive nor negative.. Every situation demands a different kind of response. Just be aware.
Stop trying to live by slogans. You must live out of your awareness and intelligence, not out of a slogan
The reason why the humanity is walking so blatantly upon this planet is they are not aware of their mortality
It is only in the awareness of the inevitable nature of Death that you will bite deeper into the fruit of life
To be in company is sweet. To be alone is absolute
Between a human being & monkey the genetic difference is very small. But with awareness you can make it a world of difference
Mental alertness is not awareness. Mental alertness only enhances your survival instincts. It does not take you towards liberation
If you take attention away from body & mind and just keep yourself alert, something else comes into your perception
Before you go to sleep, keep aside everything that you have accumulated, including your body and mind. If you sleep with this awareness every day, one day, you may wake up enlightened
The essence of spirituality is to be constantly aware of the oneness of all, at the same time to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual.
When you do things habitually, it seems easier, but there is no awareness, no growth
If you become a little more conscious, the breath will naturally come into your awareness. If you stay with it, the breath could become an access to a larger possibility.
Karma functions through certain tendencies. But with some awareness and focus, you can push it in a different direction.
As life is, death is. The awareness of this fact allows you to live life fully and intensely.
I'm immortal because I don't exist... In awareness, you are immortal, only in the unawareness that you are mortal
Right now your body, mind, energies, emotion are functioning with certain limited voltage. You crank up the voltage, suddenly you start seeing so many things which were not in your experience till that moment. To put it very simply, to put it technically, you need to turn up your voltage
You don’t work on your awareness or your consciousness or your spiritual growth, you just work upon your voltage. You keep your energies up as much as possible and when energies are up you tend to get entangled with something
People are always mistaking mental alertness for awareness. Mental alertness will enhance your ability to survive better. You can survive better with mental alertness but that is not awareness.
If you are aware in a certain way, you can activate the human system in such a way that if you sit here it is an enormous pleasure
Any convenience that we create for ourselves- be it money, a car, or any technology that we created for our convenience, out of our unawareness we get enslaved to it.
When we have so much power in our hands, it is very, very important, that we have an inner sense, an awareness of life and that we experience life and everyone as part of ourselves. Otherwise, we can create a calamity for ourselves and the world around us - which right now we are doing to some extent.
Have you noticed this? You steadily keep up your practice, how your awareness is; you give it up and slowly voltage is going down. If voltage goes down, the light becomes dim. If light becomes dim, you see very few things. The voltage is really high, light becomes really bright and you see everything. This is awareness.
Your energy and your awareness are directly connected. If your energies are intense, your awareness naturally grows and sharpens
Without the necessary energy, being aware is extremely difficult. That’s why sadhana – to stir up the energy
Human intelligence and awareness has come to a place where it cannot limit itself to the ambit of survival.
What you call as “myself” is a certain awareness. Only because you're aware, you exist
Everything is spiritual if you are aware. Everything is material if you are not aware
In a way, all sadhana is aimed at heightening your energy, your awareness, and your presence
Being alive to everything in existence is your only business.
If you can maintain your awareness in the moment of transition from the physical to the beyond, you can attain (liberation)
Karma is not your enemy. Your unawareness of what is what, is your enemy. Karma is the memory of life
Tonight when you go to bed and you want to sleep, just see if you can maintain an awareness of the final moment of transition from wakefulness to sleep, do that and see, if you can manage that, phenomenal things happen in your life, things you never imagined possible will become a reality
Those who are constantly aware of the mortal and fragile nature of existence, they do not want to miss a single moment. They will naturally be aware. They cannot take anything for granted. They will live very purposefully
“I am not the body, I am not the mind” should happen in a very subtle way to bring the breath into your awareness
If you use your awareness to cut through your body, you can clearly see even the beginning of creation. Everything that ever happened is there.
The spiritual process is one way of ensuring that people have the necessary awareness to make the right choices.