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Anything in life, if you are doing it compulsively it becomes ugly, if you are doing it consciously, it can be made beautiful, everything can be turned into an ugly mess if you do it compulsively.
A rat race is for rats. As a human being, you can consciously create what you want, without being driven by social compulsions
Our Parents (generations) also wore torn clothes, but out of compulsion, now (youth) by choice
When you are compulsive, naturally you will step over many people.
If you remain a compulsive creature, you cannot call yourself a full-fledged human being, only when you are able to do everything by choice can you call yourself a human being
People are always referring to human as a limitation, as a compulsion, not as a liberation, what you call as ‘myself’ for most human beings is a bundle of compulsions, that they can only be like this, they can only do this, they can only do that. Unfortunately they are beginning to decorate their limitations
Whether you are compulsive about food, an activity, or people - it is not a question of right or wrong, but one of bondage or freedom
The essence of being human is the possibility to move from compulsiveness to consciousness.
It is not at moments of compulsion what you see, it is in moments of utter clarity, what you see is what really matters with life;if one wants to move ahead
If life is throbbing within you, you are not willing to live within any limitation or any compulsion

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Compulsiveness is what we need to handle. Technology is a tremendous enabler – no one should complain about it
The best way to become spiritual is to consciously evolve to a point where you are not compulsorily reactive anymore
A large percentage of what is happening in the mind is just mental diarrhea – running compulsively, all the time
You should not decide your life and the course of your life based on immediate compulsions.
Compulsiveness is like darkness – you cannot fight with it. You have to turn on the light of consciousness.
For one to go beyond his limitations, even to strive, the compulsion should go, the compulsiveness should go.
When you say, ‘I’m this kind of person,’ what you’re saying is, ‘This is the kind of compulsions that I identify myself with, so I am this kind of a person.’
The more identified you are with your sexuality, the more compulsive you will become
Do not make life decisions based on immediate compulsions. Looking back after many years, it should still be a worthwhile choice
When you are in different states of compulsiveness, if you make decisions, you will be endlessly lost.
Karma yoga does not mean service. It means transcending the compulsiveness of action
We need not be scared of the influence of other cultures. The only problem is currently, there is compulsive imitation.
If there were no compulsions within you, you would not deviate from the path of the Divine
Life is pretty simple. Birth is not in your hands; you’re just born and you have to just die one day, really. Is anybody else making anything else compulsory for you? Is anything else compulsory? Birth is compulsory, death is compulsory – in between whatever the hell you want
Brahmacharya, on one level, fundamentally means to move from being a compulsive human being to a conscious one.
To move from compulsiveness to choice is evolutionary. But to move from choice to choice-less-ness is revolutionary.
Look clearly and deeply – beyond all compulsions of your body and mind – what it is that you really want to do, and just do it.
Compulsion means something else rules you, but one thing that human being values most is freedom
Depression is a kind of agony. If you have become agony and not ecstasy, it is because a large part of your life energy is happening compulsively, not consciously. It is happening as a reaction to external situations.
Why is it that everybody has to go to school? I do not believe in this compulsory education thing at all. Why is it that everybody has to go to school? We have to make a law. By the time you are eighteen, everybody must be tested, you must have some skill, otherwise you must join the army or do something
There should be neither a compulsion to break the rules of the past, nor to do things the way they were done in the past
Technology & artificial intelligence are not a problem; compulsiveness is the problem. Only solution to compulsiveness is Consciousness. If human beings live more consciously then technology will make our times the best ever the humanity has seen
We have to bring this into our youth, children and adults, that we do not conduct life compulsively. How we breathe, eat, walk or sit must be done in a conscious way.
For compulsiveness, there is only one cure – consciousness. There is simply no other way
A situation becomes stressful only when you compulsively react to it.
Once you go beyond the compulsive, cyclical nature of existence, life becomes spectacular
The time has come to move from religion to responsibility. From compulsiveness to consciousness is the path of true spirituality. And from a committed vote to a considered vote is the path of true democracy
Using spiritual process to fulfill sexual compulsions is reprehensible and irresponsible
Compulsions will suddenly come back if you just break the sadhana, because nature is not going to release you so simply. You have to work at it and work at it and work at it
You must learn to be happy with your compulsion. If you are not happy with it, now you have two problems - compulsion and unhappiness! At least if you have one problem, it is easier to deal with it.