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Humanity quotes by Sadhguru

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If you overflow with humanity, divinity has to descend
People have put their humanity to sleep and trying to behave like human beings with morality and it's not working because everybody will come up with his own morality. And your kind of morality and another person’s kind of morality is at war all the time. What is right and wrong, if you open this debate you will end up with a fight
So morality is just that it's the first step towards insanity. You just have to stretch it; if you stretch it, you will go there
If your humanity is in full flow, you will reach out to life around you. This is not morality - this is the nature of being human
One third of the food produced in the world gets wasted, while one in nine people don’t have enough to eat. This is not a failure of agriculture – it is a failure of the human heart
All predictions are an insult to humanity, that means there is no value for what a human being is.
To be miserable is a horrible crime against yourself and against humanity. You only spread who you are
Youth is humanity in the making. If something is in the works, the more attention you pay to it, the better the product will be
Youth means wide-open possibilities. I think every human being should stay that way all their lives - constantly seeking and exploring.
When there is so much wealth in the world, poverty is a crime against humanity.

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If your humanity flowers, what is needed will anyway happen, you don't have to think of doing 'good things'. Like if a flower blossoms, you don't have to tell it shoot the fragrance in the air; it will anyway happen, nobody can stop it
Empathy, Compassion, Love are consequences of a human being being in a certain way, you nurture the root, fruit will happen. Fruit is a consequence.
Trying to fix the human societies with morality will only bring more and more deception, it kills life in so many different ways. Why are we trying to fix life with morality? Essentially because we have never bothered to stir up humanity.
Using people and loving things. This is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love
If your humanity is in full flow, you will reach out to life around you. This is not morality - this is the nature of being human
You got into a car, you don’t know what these three pedals are, just kick any one of them whenever you feel like it, you know, what a jerky driver you will be? That’s what has happened to human beings. It is not that people do not know peace, health, love, joy, they know all these things but it’s jerky; it’s not sustainable
If humanity has to live for a long time, you have to think like the earth, act like the earth and be the earth, because that is what you are
Unless some magic of life doesn’t touch you either in the form of love or in the form of something within you. If something doesn’t sparkle within you definitely there is a question whether I should live or not, And we are taking humanity in that direction with this overload of information. Information is not knowing, information is just garbage collection
Generally, the next generation is better than the previous generation, but today we are coming to a place where we could be producing a next generation which is less than us, once that happens we have done something very negative against the fundamental life process
The way human beings are consuming food is costing all other life forms on the planet immensely. Conscious consumption is an important and urgent step towards a sustainable future
It is not economy versus ecology. Economy and ecology need to go hand in hand. Ecologically sensitive Economics have to be crafted
Our idea of human importance has to change. We are just another life form on the planet
For human life to flourish, all other life forms on the planet also need to flourish
This is the whole problem with life – everybody is propounding their own concepts, their own philosophies, their own ideologies all the time. Why is it that nobody is willing to look at life the way it is? Because somewhere human beings are too enamored with their own logic, with their own intellect.
Environment doesn't need our protection; if human beings want to live well, then it is paramount that we take care of the environment & all life forms upon it.

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If your humanity overflows, divinity will come in search of you.
If someone is hurting and it does not hurt you at all, that means you have forsaken your humanity.
All predictions are an insult to humanity, that means there is no value for what a human being is.
When there is so much wealth in the world, poverty is a crime against humanity.
If you allow your humanity to flow, you will not do anything that would cause damage to somebody.
If you overflow with humanity, divinity has to descend
When you are angry, your humanity is lost
Work is worthwhile only if it touches lives
The biggest issue with human beings is they do not know how to handle their thoughts and emotions.
Just keep your humanity in full force. What has to happen what you can do will anyway happen
Yoga must reach every person on earth, so that they have complete control of their inner wellbeing.
All ecological problems are rooted in irresponsible growth of human population
Human lust for power and wealth drives them beyond their humanity
When mortality confronts you in a big way, that is when you become fully alive - unfortunate
The feminine will truly be empowered only if the whole of humanity is empowered by balance
It is time to approach human wellbeing in a scientifically verifiable, logically correct way.
Shaping our humanity is not the exclusive privilege of just one sex.
For the wellbeing of humanity, the feminine and the masculine have to play an equal role
It is when a crisis hits you that 'what kind of a human being you are' becomes most valuable
This idea that everybody must have children has to go

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Too many human beings are crippled either with fear or with guilt. This crippling of Humanity is passing off as Religion
Nature has evolved us to a higher level of intelligence and awareness, but we are refusing to accept the promotion
Morality has become important in society because people have forsaken their humanity. Morality is a poor substitute for Humanity
If you function with your humanity, not fixing your actions but only looking for a consequence, that is best for everybody, whatever is needed you will do and that's how it should be
When everybody’s striving to live joyfully, if you are walking on the street infecting people with misery with a miserable face it must be on the penal code, You are working against humanity. If you walk on the street with a miserable face you are actually sabotaging the fundamental aspiration of human beings
Intelligence is the biggest blessing that a human being has, but right now it has become a curse upon humanity simply because the human being is not coming out as a well-coordinated being. He's dislocated the human being within himself. This intelligence is dangerous
Reaching out to another human being need not happen because you have taken a vow 'I am going to do it' keep your humanity active anyway it will happen
If you live on the surface, you have to act like how somebody else says is a good way to be. There is no good way to be. There is a human way to be. If you overflow with your humanity, divinity has to descend, it has no choice
Technology has made humanity into real giants. We are hugely empowered. Now, how we walk is very important. Otherwise, we will uproot everything.
We are the only creature on the planet which has the freedom to shape its own life. It's this freedom which human beings are suffering. If one is suffering bondages then it's not a problem. If one is suffering freedom then it's a disaster
Nations must have the courage, and the religions of the world must have the sense to see that increasing the population is going to be a disaster for all of us - for every creature on the planet, not just for humanity.
The way we are treating half the humanity on the planet, it looks like we are hell's angels... we have left a large part of the human population in physical pain. Pain of hunger, disease, and injury.
People are identified with their nations, their religions, and their communities, but not with their humanity. If people were identified with their humanity, we could always sit down and talk, and finish these issues between us
Mind is a fantastic Gift to humanity, but what a horrible thing people have made out of it
If you lose your humanity just because someone is doing something stupid in the world, have you done any good to yourself or the world that you live in?
We are producing enough food enough for 17 Billion people, but we are only 7 Billion people, but close to half the population is starved, not because resource is lacking, simply because consciousness is lacking, we are still thinking 'YOU vs ME', we are not thinking 'WE'
If you stir up this dimension we call humanity, if somebody is feeling human, he doesn't need morality, he will be fine the way he is
Freedom is a Benediction if you are aware, Freedom is a curse if you are unaware. Humanity is suffering the Freedom, not Bondage, there is a way out of Bondage, there is no way out of Freedom.
If our humanity is functional, when someone is suffering, we spontaneously feel that we ought to do something about it. No one has to teach this to us
A criminal is also concerned about human well-being, but his idea of humanity is just himself. Somebody's idea of humanity is him and his family; somebody else's idea of humanity is him and his country; somebody else's includes the whole world. Everybody is concerned about human well-being in different proportions.
A human being never realizes the nature of who he or she is unless mortality is hanging in their face
Whether one manufactures a safety pin, a computer or a spaceship, or teaches people how to meditate, there is only one business in the world - human wellbeing
The greatest contribution that you can do to all around you is, Make yourself into a wonderful Human Being
It is time we work towards creating a world where every human being can blossom and be like a flower, bursting with love and ecstasy.
My integrity is not of Morality but of my Humanity. In thought, emotion and action if you include well-being of all, do whatever you want
There are no disasters in nature, we are the only disaster on this planet, if we fix that one thing, everything is going to be okay
Technology is a great facilitator. It can never be against us if it's in the right hands. So what we need to train is the hands that use it, not tame the technology. Let the technology go unbridled. It’s we human beings who have to know how much of what to do
Human is not a resource. Human being are a tremendous possibility. If we approach human beings as resource, then we will never unfold their innate genius
We don’t take care of what happens within an individual human being, so we try to police the society. It is in some way you are turning the whole world into a prison. Everything is heavily policed as so-called civilization happens, terribly policed.
Being human is super if only you learn to use your humanity & this human mechanism as a possibility, not as a barrier
If you look at the world today, lies are mainstream - truth is a fringe phenomenon. Time to reverse this for Human fulfillment
We are trying to replace humanity and human intelligence with morality and ethic, which is a very wrong way to conduct humanity
Science & Mysticism are converging lines. When the necessary intelligence arises in humanity, the two will merge
I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and humiliating that a human being has to be brought up. You bring up cattle, okay? You don’t bring up a human being. A human being is supposed to blossom by his own nature. That is why he’s on the top of the pile, at least on this planet, in the evolutionary scale
When a person suffers, it is natural for another person to be sensitive to his suffering. This much sensitivity and this much humanity exists in everyone. But we have put our sensitivity and our humanity out of action
Of many crimes that humans can perpetrate upon each other, the worst of all crimes is Heaven, the very idea that there is a better place than this. To destroy heavens and make this planet a Paradise is Mission One. Let's make it happen
Whatever every human being is doing, whether it is pursuing money, pleasure, or God, he is only seeking his own wellbeing. Spirituality only expands this innate urge - to include the whole of humanity within oneself. This is the only way that human wellbeing can happen.
Without bringing in the dimension of spirituality that brings an experience of all-inclusiveness in individuals, modern technology will surely bring destruction, not just to humanity, but to the planet itself
When suffering happens in large doses around us, it's a test to see if our humanity is active or frozen
The worst crime against humanity is if human beings live here without realizing the full immensity of who they are
In pursuit of well-being, humanity has shifted from looking up to looking out. But true well-being will happen only if we turn inward
One big thing that needs to happen with the youth and with everybody, is that their identification with humanity should not be limited to just themselves and that it includes a larger society and the larger world around them; this is missing in education today. The modern education is constantly training people only to think about themselves & nothing else
Most of humanity has not experienced the existential. They are experiencing the psychological and physiological.
It’s time we have a living humanity that our heart beats for everything, our heart bleeds for everything and we will do the best we can do.
With morality, you will become crooked. With humanity, your heart will naturally beat for everything in existence
That must happen - a day when we break away from the national shackles and just become one humanity
Feminine is the finer aspect of being human, in respecting and nurturing feminine is the welbeing of humanity.
Economic development without spiritual evolution of humanity means we will have everything yet we will have nothing.
Many so called philosophers and phony wise men have tried to make humanity settle down, they have tried to teach all kinds of pacifist philosophies, to tell them "what you have is more than enough, be content, be settled" but not one human being on the planet has ever settled, because the very nature of human being always wants something more
The reason why the humanity is walking so blatantly upon this planet is they are not aware of their mortality
Youth have enormous potential. If we can inspire them to identify with humanity as a whole, the impact on the world will be tremendous
As long as we are divided in the name of religion, race, caste, gender and nationality, there can be no true success for humanity.
Society should not determine the nature of human consciousness. Human consciousness should determine the nature of society
Artificial intelligence & robots doing most work on earth is the golden age of consciousness. This is the time, human beings can focus on consciousness. Everything that human beings are doing right now by gathering data, analyzing & processing will become irrelevant
If you want a great nation, you must do something to produce great human beings. There is no other way.
We are not seeing humanity as a future possibility, we’re just seeing it as a regressive way, of something that we can extend into future of our own - a footprint. Those who want to leave footprints will never fly
The most destructive human idea has been that all creatures on the planet have been created to serve human beings. This has been the basis of all ecological destruction
Eating consciously and sensibly is one of the most important steps that humanity needs to take to avert ecological disasters and to reverse the ill-effects of Climate Change
A society that fails to treat the Girl-Child as an honored privilege will fail to blossom. There is no complete picture of Humanity without equal opportunities and participation
If 90% of humanity goes into chemical consumption consciously or unconsciously, if they consume a lot of it, the next generation that we produce will be of a lesser quality than who we are that's a crime against humanity
When heavens collapse, humans try to find it here, but if you don't show them any way to find a heaven within themselves, they will turn to alcohol or some kind of drugs, they are trying to build their own little heaven
I would like to see every child grows up like that, not to grow up as a cog in a large monstrous machine we have created, but, every individual blossoms as an individual human being
Right now, most human beings are not conscious enough, their intelligence is not conscious enough even to preserve themselves. It’s only pain which is keeping them in one piece; otherwise they would cut themselves into pieces & do all kinds of crazy things with their body. Only pain is saving them, not their intelligence
If you want to love one human being, it costs life. To love the whole humanity, it doesn’t cost anything. It’s even better to love God because it’s always easy to love somebody who is not here now
Everything that we learn to do, we don’t have to do. This is the source of destruction on this planet. Everything we are capable of doing we must do because we are still juvenile. As a humanity we’ve not matured in our minds.
As young men, I want you to open your eyes and look at the world. Right now, please see what is the most needed thing in the world. You don’t do some fanciful thing that you like to do. You must do what’s most needed. Simply look at it - what is it that the humanity needs most? What is it that the world needs most today?
If future generations have to live well, we have to conduct our lives consciously. Conducting our life consciously, one major part of it is right now, because you can’t expand the planet, you have to decrease the population, there is no other way. Either you do it or nature will do it. When nature does it, it's not going to be nice
We have hospitals, we have schools, we have toilets, we have this, we have that, but we don't have enough infrastructure for the actual well being, the inner well being of a human being.
For the very first time, int he history of humanity, we have the necessary resource, we have the necessary capability, we have the necessary technology to address every human problem on the planet, the only thing missing is consciousness
If your humanity is constipated and you’re trying to be good and good, good is not going to work. Good is not good
Slowly with the aid of science and technology we are becoming like giants; if you were just an ant, it was okay how you walk, you can crawl up on anybody, it's alright. Once you become a giant you better walk carefully, isn't it? Extremely carefully; otherwise every step will be a disaster
The fundamental problem is that we think about water only when we run out of it. No resource is an assured one unless we manage it well
When we have three times more food than we actually need and still thirty percent are hungry, it is just a human failure, not an agricultural failure.
For the health of the economy, we compromise the health of human beings. It is time we let consciousness guide our lives
New edition of leaves and the fallen clouds that envelop freshly minted leaves has become a process so beautiful, that it makes Human Hearts go into a Spring Burst of love and longing for the source of all this
Technology & artificial intelligence are not a problem; compulsiveness is the problem. Only solution to compulsiveness is Consciousness. If human beings live more consciously then technology will make our times the best ever the humanity has seen
Technology is a wonderful enabler and an empowerment. Whether it turns into a curse or a boon only depends upon the hands who handle it. Transforming the human hands to function for everybody's wellbeing is the challenge
Isn't commerce just a stepping stone for human well-being? In the name of commerce if we forget human well-being then we will miss the whole point
It is very important that everyone understands economic activity is towards our well-being. It is not a goal by itself
If you want to produce great human beings, we have to facilitate and structure methods and systems where human beings are not curtailed
Conflict is as old as humanity. It has always been there, but we have not looked for an enduring solution. We have always looked at how we could patch it up. If two groups of people fight, they organize a peace meet and patch up the issue and carry on, only to see it flare up again in some other form
For the first time in the history of Humanity our survival process is better organized than ever. Our ability to communicate is like never before. If we want to arise human consciousness this is the time
A time has come when humanity has to scale down its outside grandeur substantially if they want to live for a long time. If we as a species, if we as a race have to exist on this planet for long enough, you cannot curb human aspirations in terms of wanting to do great things - so it’s very important that we start rolling out grand plans for the interiority
The reason why humanity is ill is simply that they do not know how to be still. If only human beings knew how to be still - not dead and still but absolutely still with great intensity - you would see all violence would simply evaporate from the planet
Unfortunately this has been the way of the humanity when they feel helpless they bow down, when they feel little powerful they step on your head. There is nothing new about it in this world.
The greatest problem that humanity is facing & suffering is that they’re so absolutely involved & enamored & overwhelmed with their own psychological drama that they’re completely missing the magic of creation
If we want to transform the world, if you want to raise human consciousness there has never been a better time, this is the best time
Human intelligence and awareness has come to a place where it cannot limit itself to the ambit of survival.
This fatal disease (Cancer) has caused some of the most painful lives & deaths on the planet, leaving a significant part of humanity crippled & distraught. May Cancer prevention be given equal importance
Physical science has no answer for life, Science and technology can only bring comfort and convenience to your life, they can't solve your life situations, they do not solve any problem of humanity.
We cannot cap human activity because that will amount to capping human aspirations. We can only cap human population - the only solution for a sustainable planet.
Possibilities of going beyond limited identities is much bigger today than ever before because technology has made geographies porous. It's time individuals identify with nations because that's the largest piece of humanity we can address right now
As a generation of people, we have taken the largest bite off the planet compared to any other generation in the history of humanity.
Only because people have not realized the immensity of being human, they think they have to be led by some other force.
If you act out of your humanity, you will always be inclusive, and you will always do the right thing
The elephant in the room is human population because we cannot control human aspirations; we can only control human population. For this, we are instituting an award to honor men & women who consciously choose not to procreate.
There are very wonderful people around you, but once in a while they like to go crazy for a few minutes. If you don't understand that, you will lose them.
Once a human being becomes more aware of his own nature, he begins to experience love, blissfulness and ecstasy
Yoga is a technology. It has nothing to do with your religiosity; it has something to do with your humanity
As dominance of religions, nationality and businesses become irrelevant in coming decades, human intelligence & potential will unleash & find full expression
Commerce has taken precedence over humanity. Commerce is not about serving humanity; humanity is serving commerce
Nowhere else on the planet, no culture, at any time in the history of humanity, has looked at human mechanism with as much profoundness as we have looked at it here. If you destroy this knowledge, if it is not a living knowledge, it is only with a few people, it is no good. We have to live it.
If every human being becomes a solution by himself, then we don't have to go about solving problems
Never before has a generation of people been this comfortable or had the kind of conveniences we know today. In spite of that, people are not any happier. They are getting more and more desperate. Humanity is experiencing psychological ailments like never before simply because people are not happy.
Human population has multiplied irresponsibly in the last hundred years. Where there is no space, there is more friction.
If individual wellbeing has to happen, we need to attend to individual people. If each individual begins to experience himself as a human being, if he allows his humanity to flower within himself, there will be peaceful human beings and a peaceful world. So our interest should become people
In the making of a human being, the society, the nation & the world at large, a teacher has a very significant role
It's time that tools of transformation are in the hands of every individual. Not in the hands of organisations, gurus or scriptures but in the hands of every individual. As all problems on the planet are of human origin, it's individual human beings that need to be addressed
If suppose a million people die tomorrow in this world, “it’s all for the good, you know, population control.” The dastardly humanity which does this are usually passed off as very good human beings. You won’t say that if it happens to you, You won’t say that if it happens to somebody who is near and dear to you. It happens to somebody population control
If we take care of what happens within an individual human being, you don’t have to bother about what happens in the society
Technological advancements & innovations have hit the ceiling. Time to upgrade the human being through technologies for well-being
Humanity is yet to become alive. Human nature is yet to become alive. People are just centered in their egos, not in their original nature.
A nation is important because you expand the scope of your passion, involvement, and concern beyond your own likes and dislikes. A nation is the largest piece of humanity that you are able to be committed to right now
One generation of human beings & their activities have put the most important creatures of the planet on the verge of extinction. This is a silent & the gravest threat unfolding before us
If you allowed your humanity to function rather than disability to function, then there is no misery in disability