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Compassion quotes by Sadhguru

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Every society needs individuals who go on planting mango trees without thinking whether they would get to eat the fruit or not
It is the business of every human being, according to your intelligence, understanding, and situation, to do the best you can for yourself and everyone around you
You do not have to depend on the compassion of others. The whole world can live under the umbrella of your compassion
Compassion is the least entangling, the most liberating emotion that you can have
Passion is focused on one thing - therefore it burns out at some point. Compassion is all-inclusive - it has so much fuel to burn that it does not die out
Unless you are oblivious to your own suffering, you have no right to be oblivious to other people's suffering.
When someone is not eating properly, I cannot talk spirituality to them or teach them meditation, because when a man is hungry, talking to him about meditation and spirituality is obscene. It is vulgar
If our humanity is functional, when someone is suffering, we spontaneously feel that we ought to do something about it. No one has to teach this to us
Why does your compassion only go out to human beings, and not to other creatures as well? Do you think that they are lesser forms of life than you? If so, you're too identified with your own form
It takes a deep sense of commitment and compassion to nurse the sick. To make others' physical & mental wellbeing your priority is a different kind of Devotion.

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Empathy, Compassion, Love are consequences of a human being being in a certain way, you nurture the root, fruit will happen. Fruit is a consequence.
The same pleasantness if it hits a higher pitch, we call it pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant, we call it peacefulness. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it joyfulness. If your emotions become pleasant, we call it Love. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it compassion. If your very life energy if you make it pleasant, we call it ecstasy
You think that you can change the world, or that you have the capacity to move yourself only with anger. Why? Why can't you move with love? Why can't you move with compassion?
What you need is not compassion but acceptance and respect.
Someone who is differently abled does not need your compassion or kindness – they just need acceptance
Only those who keep the garbage of their minds aside are truly capable of love and compassion.
I don't see compassion as a quality. Life itself is compassion
No one can achieve wellbeing through someone else’s suffering.
Passion can choose. Compassion cannot choose – it includes everyone and everything
In every society, it is necessary that there are at least a handful of people whose passion in life is beyond their own wellbeing.
If you function in the world without being concerned about what is happening to life around you – that is being criminal
Compassion is one dimension of emotion which is liberating, which does not get entangled with anything or anybody
This is the highest level of compassion, that you don’t even want the worms to go untouched by this (consecrated spiritual) energy, thus making the whole geography into a spiritual process
If you leave out compassion, what is left? You can only be an animal.
Joy is also your karma; misery is also you karma. Isn't it wonderful, your life is your business & nobody’s business? You can make whatever you want out of it. There cannot be more compassion for someone as small as you. In this creation, You are a tiny speck, to you this much freedom has been given, that you can shape your life the way you want it
When suffering comes to people, some attain maturity because of it. They cultivate qualities like love and compassion within themselves. They will grow into better human beings. But some other people become filled with hatred, anger, and a needless feeling of guilt. They make themselves miserable and become bitter and negative.
No matter who you worship or where you are born, human compassion and kindness trumps all. This is the power of consciousness
Compassion is not condescending kindness. It is a passionate engagement with everything around you
Always do the best you can for whoever is around you, because tomorrow, either they may be gone, or you may be gone.
Propelled by rage, we substitute one injustice for another. Propelled by compassion, we do what is needed.
If you knew the pain of a tree, an animal, or anything in existence as you know the pain of your body, you would keep everything well.
Compassion is not that which is bereft of passion, it's a larger dimension of passion
Love can solve problems, compassion can solve problems, and above all, sense can solve problems
True compassion is not about giving or taking. True compassion is just doing what is needed
A fetus is the most helpless life. One must treat it with utmost compassion. Beyond a certain time period, there must be a norm as to how it needs to be treated. This is not about for or against. We need a humane and practical position.
Shri Ram is an icon in this culture, who has inspired millions of people across generations towards righteousness, truthfulness, and being just and compassionate to each other.
May your life happen out of your own clarity and ability, not by chance or out of the compassion and kindness of others.
If suppose a million people die tomorrow in this world, “it’s all for the good, you know, population control.” The dastardly humanity which does this are usually passed off as very good human beings. You won’t say that if it happens to you, You won’t say that if it happens to somebody who is near and dear to you. It happens to somebody population control
When you are passionate about everything, when your passion has become all encompassing, then you are compassionate