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Lack of fire of life is slow suicide. I am always for speed and efficiency on all fronts of life.
Two ways to look at a birthday - “I'm getting old, time to slow down” or “time is running out, have to speed up.” I want to use the throttle not the brake. What about you?
[About seeing Yoga used a fix for physical problems] A man who knows what it means to fly will cry when he sees an Airplane with chopped out wings
I heard people talking about stress management, I couldn't get it. In my understanding, we only manage things that are precious to us, we manage our family, money, businesses.. it took me a while to understand that people have made a conclusion that stress is a part of their lives
I am neither modern nor ancient - just contemporary, as every Guru was. If one is not relevant for today, what is the point?
I started practicing yoga for all the wrong reasons but it still worked. This is the nature of the existence - if you do the right thing, right things will happen to you
People try handling issues outside but they themselves are an issue. I ensured I'm not an issue in my life or anyone else's
I'm completely drunk, all the time. Not on wine - on the Divine
I don't want a possibility to remain a possibility. I want it to become a reality. If everybody is committed, it is not far away at all.
If your ignorance doesn't make you suffer, then what's the use of me? It takes a lot to come out of the trap of ignorance

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Exuberance of life, Neither has age nor time, In savoring a slice of life, there is divine delight
Whatever temples and places may be there in the world - and I have been to many truly sacred places and seen many powerful beings - when I bow down to them I am genuine, but I bow down to them a little less than I would bow down to my Guru, always. When I bow down to Kailash, I bow down to it the same way I would bow down to my Guru
I am not interested in you seeking God. I am interested in you becoming godlike.
[About his Mission] I just want to live in a wonderful world, not with miserable people, so I'm trying to add some company
A conch shell has risen from the ocean, Will you heed my call to awaken? If for convenience you choose not to be shaken, Oceans will rise and you shall be forsaken
Mirrors cannot lie, Now, now don't you howl, Have the wisdom of the owl, He sees more - that is how.
I have never done any action for satisfaction. Everything I have done is an expression of my blissfulness and my love for what is around me.
My whole work is to empower people to go ahead, not follow me
You want to explore not the flesh of life – you want to get to the bones of life, then you must come (to Sadhguru).
The day my life was demolished to make me into the life
When I speak, I am not giving a teaching. I am only making people thirsty to know.
My only intention is that you blossom into a full-fledged life, because that's all life is about.
I’m here to serve life. I don’t have a mission of my own.
If you drop your nonsense, I can make you drip with ecstasy.
When the entire population of the world attains enlightenment, I'll retire and play golf every day
Everything is up for sale, In this crumbling dale, Not just the king of the jungle, Even the ancient crown did crumble
People think that yoga means that you’re not interested in life. I’m doing everything possible to change this perception.
People think “intimacy” means two bodies must be rubbing. Skin is the outermost cover of who you are. How can that be intimate? I hold relationships with people where my life energy reverberates with their life energy. That's really intimate.
Eighty years after I leave physically, I will still be around. That is to ensure that everyone who was in some way touched by me is cleaned up from the planet before I leave completely
My effort is to marry science and politics. Only then true action can take place
My work is not with Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or anyone else. My work is with human beings, wherever they are
The sacred wheel, Has lost its axle, You and me have to toil, Before we meet the soil
Life is very simple for me. What I know, I know perfectly well. What I do not know, I just do not know - I don't do any guess work.
My mother set the ambiance for me, without which I would not be what I am. Motherhood is not of biology but of unconditional Inclusion
I am not a devotee of Shiva. I never worshiped him. But he invaded me & became my life breath. There is no way I can shake him off
I barely belong to this world, but still I'm participating.
In the coming year, may you know the immense fulfillment of touching people’s lives in the deepest way. May you also know most profound moments of Stillness and Insight of the within
Most people are trying to make the simplest aspects of life mystical. My effort is to make even the mystical simple & available to all
My Poetry is not by intent but a natural consequence of the way I am. I am like a dry stick of logic with an effusion of flowering
For me, the biggest thing is living in crystal clarity. Clarity can be intoxicating
I’m not dedicated to your comfort. I’m dedicated to you breaking barriers within yourself
If you want to enjoy this life, I will teach you a way to be super intoxicated, at the same time super alert.
This life for me is an endeavor to help people experience and express their divinity. May you know the bliss of the divine.
I want India to be a country of wellbeing, where our standards of wellbeing are different from just a vulgar sense of wealth and conquest.
Every aspect of my life is soaked in Devotion. Devotion not for a God above, but for all that is around me
It is my wish and blessing that you should know the joy of being truly well, not just physical wellbeing, but to know and exude wellbeing in all dimensions of your existence.
Holding on to my breath only to bring the Grace, knowledge, energy and Enlightenment of Adiyogi to all
If I were a moral teacher, I would try to change you. Because I am a Guru, I do not try to change you.
I am not interested in a god that lives in heaven. If he is willing to live here, I am interested
Why simply wine? You can get drunk with the di-vine!
It would be good if every day before you eat, you sit in front of your food, take a minute's break and think of all the people who are not eating that day, and then eat
How much prejudice towards the very womb that bears us. Though there are claims of men being born without a father, There is no instance of a birth without a Mother. No society can Exist or Flourish without Empowering the Feminine
A world full of Love, Light, and laughter- its time has come. Let us make it happen
This life for me is an endeavor to help people to manifest their divinity. I want to see that every simple act you perform whether, at home, office, or street should become an expression of your unbounded nature.
It is the dream of every enlightened being that every human being and every other creature live in a consecrated space
I am not your destination, just an open doorway. A doorway to all that Adiyogi stands for – all his knowing and all the possibilities
If for one moment you genuinely sit with me, you shall not be reborn.
If you are willing, if you keep yourself as an open door, every moment of your life I will be with you
The only problem I have with people is they lack the needed intensity. If they were intense enough, this day, my work would be done.
I know the structure of human mind entirely, otherwise I won't be who I am.
If you truly want to celebrate my birth and yours, you should make this yoga a living reality in your life and in the lives of others
If you knew the true nature of your existence, you could play the drama of life whichever way you want
My work is to bring clarity. Once you clearly see that the whole universe is one, everything ...will change
Questioner: Are there ghosts? Sadhguru: You're a ghost with a body. Why are you so prejudiced against those who have lost their bodies
My whole life is about making the mystical simple.
I want every human being on the planet to blossom into a divine possibility
People are always looking for a "take away", there's nothing to take away, I will not give you any take away, if I give you take away you will either carry it on your head or you will reject it, both are no good
My biggest weakness is I love danger.
I am Who I am because I never identified myself with anything, be it whether family, society, religion, politics. Whatever was happening around me- I was involved with everything, but never really identified with anything
In my experience, there is no past, there is no future. Everything simply is.
When it comes to life, fundamental life, I am an absolute authoritarian
I don’t see individual human beings. I don’t see individual things. I see the same divinity everywhere.
Anyone who comes into the sphere of the Dhyanalinga cannot escape the sowing of the spiritual seed of liberation. This is my Guru’s dream and Grace. May you know the bliss of the Divine
When you go into a terrain which is unfamiliar to you, it’s best to go with someone who has already walked the terrain.
I am somebody who always avoided learning the Sanskrit language. Though I like the language very much and I know the depth of the language, I avoided learning it because the moment you learn Sanskrit, you will invariably end up reading the scriptures
Velliangiri's lap has been more than my mother's for many lives has kept me nurtured and above all focused upon my master's will.
It is my dream someday that the world, humanity, should live in consecrated spaces. Your home should be consecrated, your street Wherever you spend time, those spaces must be consecrated; Your evolution need not stick to Darwinian scale; you can simply leapfrog and go if you live in a consecrated space.