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Inclusiveness quotes by Sadhguru

Top 10 inclusiveness Quotes

If you know how to touch the core of a human being, everyone is willing to do the best for you
Spiritual growth is about being all-inclusive
If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.
When you become free from the meanness of the mind, an indiscriminate sense of love and inclusion arises
Life is inclusive. Only your mind is exclusive
You do not have to depend on the compassion of others. The whole world can live under the umbrella of your compassion
The only way you can be successful is by including people. Anyway you are doing it - unwillingly; being conscious means to do it willingly
Unless you start seeking the wellbeing of everybody, you will die frustrated
Passion is focused on one thing - therefore it burns out at some point. Compassion is all-inclusive - it has so much fuel to burn that it does not die out
It is the business of every human being, according to your intelligence, understanding, and situation, to do the best you can for yourself and everyone around you

Life + Inclusiveness quotes

Life Quotes
By domination you will not know life, only by inclusion you will know life
"What can I get, What can I get" is a sure way not to live, from what you GET you can only make a living, it is only by what you GIVE that you make a Life
There is no such thing as right and wrong in life. The question is, are your actions appropriate and inclusive.
The most effective way of touching lives around you is to break your own barriers
If you want to realize your life to the fullest, first and foremost is, you should never shrink yourself into thinking “This is mine and this is not mine.” If you expand within yourself to include the whole world, then everything is yours.
If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.
Life is inclusive. Only your mind is exclusive
Life is naturally all-embracing. The problems of whom you can embrace and whom you can't are only psychological problems. Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, the life in you has no problem
If you want to have a larger slice of life, the best way is to include everything as a part of yourself, for a moment, if you have included something as a part of yourself, it has always been a bigger experience.
Anything that leads to inclusiveness, anything that leads to help you to experience life in a larger way than the way it is, is Yoga
What we need is inclusive human beings, that every one of us will do whatever is within our capability - whatever is possible, we will do for the wellbeing of all life around us
If there is no inclusiveness, there is no organic unity to life. This lack of organic unity causes endless suffering
Unsustainable living inspired by imperialistic conquest mode needs to make way for an all-inclusive vision. Life upon this planet or the universe is not Human centric
Inclusiveness is not an ideology or philosophy - it is the way of life. It is the nature of the existence.
Inclusiveness is not just the fundamental nature of the spiritual process, but the very basis and goal of life itself.
Spiritual processes need not be taught as a philosophy or a belief system. They can be imparted as simple methods which will naturally lead to a more inclusive way of experiencing life.

Love + Inclusiveness quotes

Love Quotes
Love as many think is not just an emotion, but a rail that guides our thought and emotion from the barrenness of exclusion to the harvest of inclusive existence. Love is not just a bond but a balloon that buoys you to the borders of boundlessness
When you realize that, you consciously try to include. When you consciously become an inclusive process, if you sit here, if you experience everything as yourself then we say you are a yogi, this is a successful love affair
Let us create an absolutely selfish world. That means what I want for myself, I want for everyone in the world.
Love is a longing to include someone as a part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion
When you become free from the meanness of the mind, an indiscriminate sense of love and inclusion arises
Love is a process of inclusion. Once I include you as a part of me, I will be to you just the way I am to myself
If you know how to touch the core of a human being, everyone is willing to do the best for you
Every word you utter, every action you take in your life, is it for everyone’s well-being, or is it just about you? Just fix this one thing
The beauty of motherhood is in inclusion. She saw you as a part of herself. It is the willingness to include another life as a part of yourself. It is that beauty we are trying to celebrate with the mother's day, not reproduction
Don't teach inclusion it the name of love, embracing the world, this and that; inclusion just means this - that who you are is not limited to the absolute boundary of your physicality. It is a little more
Anywhere when a human being holds something else higher than his own personal well-being suddenly that space is powerful and fantastic to be in, and that’s how it is being here
It’s time we have a living humanity that our heart beats for everything, our heart bleeds for everything and we will do the best we can do.
Whatever you do, just check - is it for the wellbeing of others, or is about you? If it is about you, you shouldn't do it.
For most people Love is the biggest experience they have in their lives because it is a moment of inclusion, on the level of their emotion they include, that is what has made them feel it is such a profound experience

Short + Inclusiveness quotes

Short Quotes
It is time to conquer the world with inclusiveness and generosity, not with wars and brutal power.
It is not the opulence of the structure but the inclusiveness of the people which makes a home
Don't try to manage the other person - you see how to include the other person
If you allow your humanity to flow, you will not do anything that would cause damage to somebody.
Spiritual growth is about being all-inclusive
Unless you start seeking the wellbeing of everybody, you will die frustrated
Only when you are truly joyful, can you genuinely reach out to other people
Passion can choose. Compassion cannot choose – it includes everyone and everything
The beauty of motherhood is not in reproduction. The beauty of motherhood is in inclusion.
The only way you can be successful is by inclusiveness
Wellbeing is possible only when there is a deep sense of inclusiveness with everything around you
If you want to know people, you can only know them by inclusion, not by elimination.
Ambition is conquest, vision is inclusiveness
Purity comes only with inclusiveness, not with exclusiveness
If individuals do not experience inclusiveness, they end up creating very exclusive processes
Inclusiveness is the fundamental solution to everything
Once you are conscious, you are inclusive. Once you are inclusive, you are a solution
The only true way to be alone is, you include everything as a part of yourself.
If you think something or someone is against you, you lost your yoga, you lost your inclusiveness
Ecological sustenance and the Inclusive nature of spiritual process are inseparable.
An environmentalist means he must be the most inclusive person possible

All inclusiveness Quotes

If there is no sense of inclusiveness in individual human beings, there is no way that the systems they create, or actions they perform, will lead to inclusiveness.
Education is about expanding the horizons of human experience and becoming inclusive. Only in a state of inclusiveness can the empowerment of education become a bounty all of us may cherish.
If your gentleness and loving nature are coming out of your inclusiveness, it is fantastic. But if it is a formula that you have learned to get what you want, it doesn't mean anything.
The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include
Devotion is the power of inclusion, intellect is the power of dissection. Devotion is inclusion, intellect is exclusion
It doesn't matter what you want to do, if you include people, you have a tremendous edge that nobody else can have
“Good” people have caused maximum harm in the world. We don't need “good” people. We need joyful and sensible people
Integrity is about Inclusiveness. Integrity is not a bunch of principles or morals but about being sensitive to all concerned life around
Integrity, insight and inclusiveness, are the three essential qualities of leadership
No one likes to be managed. But everyone longs to be included
When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful.
Businesses need to stop looking at the world as a market. Once you see that what you call markets are people, your approach is bound to be more inclusive and sustainable
Inclusiveness is the nature of life. It is not about trying to change yourself - it is about realizing the nature of existence
Inclusiveness is not a thought or emotion - it means your energy is willing to reverberate with anything in existence
The body is individual. The mind is individual. Consciousness cannot be individual – it can only be inclusive
Power should not be given to people who have no sense of inclusiveness
See how you can be of maximum use to the people around you - then you will naturally act appropriately.
The enormous potential of youth can be unleashed for the wellbeing of the world, and it would have a tremendous impact, if only we make our youth inspired, inclusive, and insightful.
Good intentions have messed up the planet for long enough. What we need is a willingness to move from personal ambition to a larger vision, from a narrow understanding of well-being to a more inclusive one
What you exhale the trees are inhaling, what the tree exhales you are inhaling. One half of your breathing apparatus is hanging out there, actually. If you see this, do I have to tell you “Next time you’re walking by the tree, don’t pluck the leaf and go, don’t cut the tree,” do I have to tell you? There is no need to tell you this
Inclusiveness means making sure that every human being on this planet has an active role to play in the economic process
We want to impart an education that is highly inclusive so that as you grow, you include the whole world as yourself and live, and that is spirituality.
Without bringing in the dimension of spirituality that brings an experience of all-inclusiveness in individuals, modern technology will surely bring destruction, not just to humanity, but to the planet itself
It is not biology, but the intensity of inclusiveness which makes motherhood beautiful
If we bring a sense of inclusiveness among world leaders who are in positions of responsibility & power, then the world would be full of solutions, not problems
The most important thing today is to make human beings rise to a sense of inclusiveness beyond gender, race, religion, and nationhood
This is the kind of education we’re getting. The more educated you become, the less inclusive you become.
Spirituality is about living in an all-inclusive way and experiencing everything as a part of yourself. Knowing and experiencing life as life, not as individual personalities.
The very nature of the intellect is to put things apart. By putting things apart you can know the utility of what it is. If I analyze this person I can learn how to make use of her but I will not know her. Only if I completely include her I will know her, there is no other way.
If you knew the pain of a tree, an animal, or anything in existence as you know the pain of your body, you would keep everything well.
A human being is longing to be something more than what they are right now. If this finds a simple basic physical expression, we call this sexuality. Sexuality means just this – physically you’re trying to make something which is not you, a part of yourself. For a few moments you may succeed
The word yoga means union or cohesiveness between what is limited and unlimited, what is physical and what’s non-physical.
Creating a Conscious Planet is possible only by raising human consciousness. Important for all and leaders in particular, whose decisions affect millions of lives, to embrace Conscious & Inclusive leadership
Spiritual movements can play a large role in addressing economic disparity in a manner that is humane and acceptable to all, because any genuine spiritual process at its core is about inculcating inclusiveness in a big way
The word yoga means union or cohesiveness between what is limited and unlimited, what is physical and what’s non-physical.
Desire is always personal whereas Vision is all-inclusive. Desire leads to incremental changes & improvements whereas Vision can transform the whole situation. It's time businesses move from individualistic desires to an all-inclusive Vision
Devotion is an all-inclusive process. Devotion is about dissolving yourself, using another entity as an agent (for dissolution)
Inclusiveness is a more intelligent way to exist, because that is how the whole existence is functioning
We are inclusive not by choice, but by the nature of our existence. We exist here only by constant transaction with everything around us. Yoga is a scientific method to experience this inclusiveness
What you think is myself is actually just the soil that you’re walking upon. So inclusiveness is not something that you have to do. Inclusiveness is the nature of existence. You just have to become conscious of it.
There is your body and my body, your mind and my mind - but there is only one inclusive consciousness
Survival cannot happen without inclusiveness. Blossoming of the human being definitely cannot happen without inclusiveness.
Spiritual process means inclusiveness. We are talking about environment because we’re looking at life in pieces. Otherwise, if you live here in an inclusive way, environment is a natural part of it.
The all-inclusive, egalitarian vision of Karl Marx is an idea closest to the spiritual process, but obsolete for socio-economic realities of our times. What’s needed is willful, not forced Communism
Inclusive Economics means empowering the whole of humanity to participate in a robust all-inclusive economic process
Intellect is penetration. Devotion is inclusion. Devotion is deeper dimension of intelligence
When people & organizations with a sense of inclusiveness are empowered with necessary resources, the resultant action is guaranteed to be in the well-being of all & the planet. It is for this reason, historically, that spirituality and philanthropy went hand in hand
To involve marginal populations in economic process, it is extremely important that there is an inclusive leadership.
If you act out of your humanity, you will always be inclusive, and you will always do the right thing
May the religions of the world strive for an inclusive and harmonious world.
We must structure our lives and our societies in such a way that every kind of human being has a role to play
Economic activity is truly successful only when all the 7.4 billion people in the world are involved and benefiting in some way
If the youth of the world stands up for raising inclusive consciousness, we can address every problem on the planet.
Technology has made us superhuman in capability. Without the necessary inclusiveness, this can be disastrous