Meditation means you don
Meditation means you don't have to grin every moment of your life. You learn to smile with your bones

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 : Life, Short, choice, joy Quote If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It's time you made your choice.

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 by you : meditation, limitation Quote Meditation makes you realize that you have too many limitations of your own and they are all created by you

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u are, you’re a solution, you’re not a problem. : Life, problems, meditation, solution Quote Meditativeness means to become in such a way that you are not the source of the problem. Wherever you are, you’re a solution, you’re not a problem.

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ifications dissolve. : meditation Quote Meditation means going back to one's original nature. When one is simply with this breath, all identifications dissolve.


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t at the surface but at the source : Life, experience, meditation, physicality Quote Meditation means to know life beyond the sphere of the physical; to know and experience life not just at the surface but at the source

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